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Burnita S. Mathews Dies at 93; First Woman on U.S. Trial Courts.pdf
Newspaper article from the New York Times
Women in the Medical Profession.jpg
Newspaper article from the Hartford Daily Courant
Woman's Rights Convention.jpg
Newspaper article from the Hartford Daily Courant
prison brigade.jpg
Photograph of the large group of women protesting in Washington, D.C.
Newspaper: front page with picture.
Militants Freed at Wilson%27s Word.pdf
A newspaper article.
Women Parade and Rejoice at the End.jpg
A newspaper report of a successful women's suffrage parade.
Wilson May Plead Votes For Women.jpg
A newspaper article continuing from the front page.
Wilson shocked at Jailing Militants%2c May Advocate %27Votes For Women%27 as part of War Emergency Program.jpg
Front page of newspaper.
portrait of the Smith sisters
Front page of newspaper.
A typed letter to Governor Marcus H. Holcomb.
A typed letter from the executive secretary of Governor Marcus Holcomb of Connecticut.
A typed letter from suffragist Katharine Houghton Hepburn to Governor Marcus Holcomb of Connecticut.
A letter by Ex-Governor James H. Brady published in The American Suffragette.
19th_Amendment a1.jpg
Link to digital object
Picture from volume two, number five of the American Suffragette.
A handwritten letter from a Connecticut woman.
Four pages of newspaper article.
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