Jasper McLevy


Jasper Mclevy was consistently nominated by the Socialist Party for Governor of Connecticut.  This newspaper ad asks citizens to consider McLevy in light of wiespread corruption in the Republican and Democrat Parties.  The ad accuses the two dominant parties of being "political twins acting for private plunder."

A Time Magazine article from 1947 illustrates McLevy's presence in the state politcal sphere:

"Until last week the U.S. had only two Socialist mayors. One of them, crusty old Jasper McLevy of Bridgeport, Conn., has been in office 14 years, looks a lead-pipe cinch for re-election to his eighth term in November. Last week, in nearby Norwalk, Irving C. Freese, 44, a McLevy protégé, became the nation's third Socialist mayor.

Citizens of Norwalk, who had long eyed the sound, honest McLevy administration, gave Socialist Freese a thumping total of 8,561 votes, the greatest plurality in the city's history. In the landslide, Socialist candidates bagged virtually every other office in the municipal government."

-From "The Third Socialist," Time, October 20, 1947. http://www.time.com/magazine/airticle/0.9171.804304.00.html