Bridgeport History Center Clippings files; FCI Danbury, 1938-1978

Danbury News-Times, Microfilm, summer 1938-1940.

Danbury Town Records; DRG 1; WCSU Archives.

Danbury City Records; DRG 2; WCSU Archives.

First Selectman's Report, 1934-1940, Town of Danbury (Danbury Town Records - WCSU Archives)

Truman Warner Papers. MS 026. WCSU Archives.

Danbury's Third Century Research Files. MS 058. WCSU Archives.

Library of Congress.  Image search - Bennet and Cummings.

Hathi Trust - Bureau of Prisons Reports,, thanks to Jennifer O'Brien at the Haas Library

Danbury Clerk's Office.  Grantor and Grantee lists

Dr. John Caruso

Mr. Daryl Dennis