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Hawley writes: that he has received over ten letters recently; that he is proud of the American offensive and its effectiveness; that he has not had a bath in over two months and complains about the effects of not bathing for two months; and speaks about his lieutenant, who treats the men well.



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Sept. 30, 1918

Dear Mother –
I have a few minutes to spare and I’m trying to make use of it by writing. I received about ten letters from you and Mayme, also Ivan and Aunt Bess. I guess you see by the papers of the biggest drive in history is taking place. We are in the midst of it. We have taken several miles of Fritzie’s trenches and have got Fritzie still running. Our division ought to be able to have a good rest after we get out of this front because we have had about the hardest kind of ground to fight over and have been continuously fighting ever since we went into the line. The only rest we have had is when we are traveling. I haven’t had a bath in over two months and have had one clean pair of underwear and one pair of clean socks, so you can see it is great to be a soldier, but I don’t mind it now. I guess I can stand the cooties and whatever other hardships there are. When we came to this front we hiked thirty miles in one night with full packs. Believe me, I was tired. I suppose you and Father get very tired riding in the Ford that distance. Our Lieutenant just gave us a cigar a piece. He certainly looks after us boys just like a father. Well, I hope that I am home soon so that I can get a ride before Father gets it wore out. You will have to come down to New York and get me in the car, Tell Father that I don’t want any of my letters published in the papers, so I can write any for them. Let Corp. Stark write them, he has more time than Id have. If you saw the way I am writing this, you would wonder how I ever finished it. One minute I duck a shell and the next I have to scratch a cootie that is biting me. I received the second letter from Reverend Colburn but don’t get a chance to answer it. It is very good news and do like to receive them. I wish that I had more time that I could answer. You thank him for me when you see him. So, you didn’t like my picture, well we will try again as soon as I get a chance. Here is a clipping from one of the papers they sent me from Ansonia but would rather not have them published. I saw young Johnson a couple of days ago. He was on his way to the hospital. He got some gas. I don’t know how bad. You can send me cigarettes and candy, etc. through Macy’s or Wannamaker’s in New York to be forwarded to their store in Paris. Well, this is all for now. Best regards to everybody. I remain,
Your Son



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