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The Bert Hansen collection of medicine and public health in popular graphic art, 1850-2010

The collection comprises material collected by medical historian Bert Hansen to document depictions of medicine and public health presented to the general population of the United States from the mid-19th through early 21st centuries. Contents of the collection were produced between 1850 and 2010 and include complete and partial issues of periodical publications, prints, posters, film publicity materials, product brochures and promotional materials, calendars, and photocopies of related materials not included in the collection.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 67

Ira V. Hiscock collection, 1914-1987, bulk 1930-1973

The collection contains public health surveys by Hiscock and others; some correspondence; materials related to Hiscock's activities in Yale-in-China and the World Health Assembly; materials on Hiscock's awards; photographs and memorabilia on the dedication of the Ira V. Hiscock Library; and memorabilia that were to be assembled in scrapbooks, especially from the period after his retirement.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 45

Peter Parker collection, 1825-1947, bulk 1825-1884

Peter Parker graduated from Yale College in 1831 and from the Medical Institution of Yale College in 1834. Ordained as a Presbyterian minister in 1834, he sailed that year to China as the first Protestant medical missionary to that country. The papers relate to Parker's medical practice at the Canton Hospital and elsewhere, his missionary activities including his sermons, and his work for the U.S. Government as a diplomat to China. Most of the papers have been photographed at http://cushing.med.yale.edu/greenstone/collect/pppapers/ Use in conjunction with this finding aid.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 6

Stephen Henry Bronson collection, 1867-1870

The Stephen Henry Bronson collection includes autograph correspondence of Dr. Stephen Henry Bronson, while studying abroad in Europe, to his parents, dating from October 1867 to May 1870. There are also typescripts of the correspondence prepared by or for Elizabeth H. Thomson, a member of the faculty of the Department of History of medicine at Yale. One finds in Bronson's letters observations about medicine - in particular anatomy, and academic, civic, cultural and political life in France. There are many references to medicine in Connecticut and in the city of New Haven. The collection also contains a typescript of an article on Bronson by Elizabeth Harriet Thomson, titled "An American Student in Paris," as well as Thomson's notes.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 8

Gustaf E. Lindskog Papers, 1929-1987

Thoracic surgeon Gustaf Lindskog was a member of the Department of Surgery from 1933 until his retirement in 1971. He chaired the department from 1948 to 1966. The collection consists primarily of his reports as head of the Thoracic Surgery Service of New Haven Hospital, talks including history of surgery lectures given at Yale, medical illustrations, and reprints. The restricted boxes contain Lindskog's notes on his surgical operations on named patients.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 34

Stephen E. Malawista papers, 1957-2013

Stephen E. Malawista, M.D, was a member of the Department of Internal Medicine and Chair of the Section of Rheumatology at Yale. His research focused on the mechanisms of inflammation relevant to rheumatology. He was best known as the co-discoverer of Lyme disease. His papers include correspondence, section annual reports, correspondence and drafts on papers submitted for publication, grants and contracts, popular material on Lyme disease, presentations, published papers, and research notes.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 46

Tully Family Papers, 1667-1915

William Tully (1785-1859) was professor of materia medica and therapeutics at the Medical Institution of Yale College from 1824 to 1842. The collection contains a small amount of correspondence by or to Tully and limited material on Tully's medical career. One subseries concerns settling the estate of William Tully and finding funds to support his daughters Sarah and Elizabeth. The collection contains genealogies, original documents of the Tully family in Connecticut, and also documents related to ancestors of Tully's wife, Mary Potter Tully, particularly her father, the Rev. Elam Potter, and her stepfather, the Rev. Nehemiah Prudden. Photographs include daguerrotypes of Tully's children.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 40

Malcolm Bowers reprints and publications, 1961-2008, 2010

Malcolm Bowers, M.D. was the founding chief of the Research Unit at the Connecticut Mental Health Center, Chief of Psychiatry at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and was affiliated with the Yale School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry for more than forty years. His early research included a series of groundbreaking studies on hallucinogenic drug exposure and the emergence of psychotic disorders. Later research included an extensive series of studies on the role of monoamines in psychosis and affective disorders which advanced the understanding of the pathogenesis of psychiatric disorders and neuropharmacology of psychotropic drugs. The collection includes reprints and copies of his published journal articles.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 65

Iser Steiman papers, 1943-1975, bulk 1943-1960

The papers consist primarily of letters between Iser Steiman and John F. Fulton from 1943 to Fulton's death in 1960. Both sides of the correspondence are available as Steiman kept copies of his own letters. Other correspondents include Madeline Stanton, Harriet Thomson, and Wiliam C. Gibson. Topics include avaiation medicine; Steiman's translations of Soviet Russian works on military medicine; and history of medicine. Also part of the collection is a copy of a typewritten autobiography by Steinman which traces his career up to his arrival at Yale in 1944.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 27
Collection ID: Ms Coll 54

Ashley W. Oughterson collection, 1943-1959

The collection includes a small amount of correspondence; a notebook including Oughterson's account of his travel to and first days in Japan in 1945; a form for examining those exposed to the atomic bomb; clippings and articles about Oughterson; obituaries including a lengthy memoir published separately by John F. Fulton and Eugene Davidson; photographs; and articles on military medicine and the atomic and H-bomb collected by Oughterson.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 51
Collection ID: Ms Coll 14

Medical illustrations for Harvey Cushing by Mildred Codding and others, 1912-1938

This collection contains illustrations (both early sketches and proofs) done for Harvey Cushing, as well as notes, correspondence, photographic reprints, and other materials relating to the production of Cushing and Eisenhardt's 1938 monograph Meningiomas. The majority of the illustrations were done by Mildred Codding, who was Cushing's illustrator from 1929 until his retirement in 1932. Several illustrations by others, including M. Warner, are also included in this collection.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 60

G. D. Hsiung papers, 1950-2006

G. D. (Edith) Hsiung was head of the Virology Laboratory at the Veterans Administration Medical Center, founder and director of the national Viral Reference Laboratory for the VA, and professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Yale. The collection includes correspondence, descriptions of her courses and special workshops, presentations, scrapbooks, photographs, reprints of articles, laboratory notebooks, and research manuscripts.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 48

Edward Clark Streeter collection, 1921-1948

Edward Clark Streeter, 1874-1947, was a graduate of Yale College in 1898 who practiced medicine in Chicago in the early part of his career. After his move to Boston in 1907, he became a book collector, a historian of medicine, and a friend and collaborator of Harvey Cushing on historical projects. When he moved to Stonington, Connecticut in 1928, he was appointed from 1939 to 1933 visiting professor of history of medicine at Yale. In 1941, he donated his collection of weights and measures and pharmaceutical objects to the Historical Library part of the new Yale Medical Library. He served as curator of these collections until his death in 1947. The Edward Clark Streeter collection contains correspondence with Harvey Cushing from Cushing's Boston period, and with John F. Fulton and Madeline Stanton representing the Historical Library, as well as biographical material collected by Stanton and Elizabeth Thomson for John Fulton after Streeter's death.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 25

William Helfand collection of medical ephemera, 1817-2007

The collection contains printed ephemera related to medicine and pharmacy either arranged in albums by William Helfand or donated in loose form. These include trade cards (some on marijuana and street drugs), postcards, advertisements in various formats for patent medicines and devices, advertisements for cancer cures, playing cards, cards of famous scientists and physicians, stock certificates for pharmaceutical companies, photographs of old pharmacies, pharmacy prescription envelopes, stereoscopic photographs, and more.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 8

Wallace Lyman Orcutt student notes from Yale University School of Medicine, 1908-1910

The notebooks contain Orcutt's notes from medical school courses including physiology courses by Russell Chittenden and Yandell Henderson, pathology, bacteriology, pharmacology, histology, therapeutics by Oliver T. Osborne, and clinics by George Blumer and Wilder Tileston. The histology notes contain illustrations colored in pencil. The bacteriology notes are in an illustrated notebook printed especially for the bacteriology course at Yale. The physiology notes contain tracings from a kymograph or similar device.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 22

Madeline Earle Stanton correspondence, 1915-1963, bulk 1927-1933

Madeline Stanton was secretary to Harvey Cushing at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston. She accompanied him to Yale in 1933, and after his death, she and John F. Fulton headed the Histiorical Library of the Yale Medical Library. The corresponence consists of letters and cards sent to Madeline Stanton by neurosurgical colleagues and former students of Harvey Cushing, by employees at the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and others. Major correspondents include Percival Bailey, Claude S. Beck, Hugh Cairns, Louise Eisenhardt, Eric Oldberg, and Paul Martin. The letters document aspects of Miss Stanton's role as Cushing's secretary and her private life.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 7

Helen Forbes collection on medical wives, 1947-1969

This collection documents some of Helen Forbes's activities as a medical faculty wife in the mid-twentieth century. Papers include lists of which faculty wives were responsible for daily student teas; account books and statistics on attendance at teas; newspaper clippings and other information on the annual Aesculapian Frolics; bylaws and a small amount of information and newspaper clippings on the activities of the Medical Dames/Wives; lists of married students; and a recetion for the retirement of Medical Dean Vernon Lippard in 1967 that Mrs. Forbes helped to organize. Among the items is a Yale Medical Wives Association certificate conferring the degree of P.H.T. (putting husband through) to wives of graduating medical students.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 31

Martha H. Roper Papers, 1925-2016

The papers are comprised of writings, correspondence, and research materials, including notes, data sets, and reference articles, related to Roper's work in epidemiology and global health. The collection also includes newspaper clippings, memoranda, and correspondence from Roper's career as an internist and medical director at Highland General Hospital. Course materials, professional trainings and certifications, and employment contracts are also represented in the collection.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 64

Theodore C. Ruch correspondence, 1932-1960

Theordore C. Ruch, physiologist and primatologist, received his Ph.D. at Yale in physiology in 1933. The collection contains both sides of the correspondence between Ruch and his mentor, John F. Fulton, as well as related correspondence to/from Ruch or Fulton and others. Subjects include the publishing of Ruch's Bibliographia primatologica in 1941, Ruch's work with Fulton on editions of William Henry Howell's Textbook of Physiology, and the organization of physiology at Washington University, where Ruch became department chairman, and at Yale. The collection also includes material on Fulton, including a report, committee work, and two photographs of empty animal cages in Fulton's Laboratory of Physiology.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 37

Yale University School of Medicine Miscellaneous Papers., 1810-1886, bulk 1863-1885

The collection contains papers of the Medical Institution of Yale College (Yale University School of Medicine) including correspondence, committee reports, financial reports, and memorials to the Yale Corporation, especially during the period when Charles A Linsdley served as Dean (1863-1885).
Collection ID: Ms Coll 4

Hall-Benedict Drug Company logbooks and ledgers, 1909-1980

The collection documents the business activities of the Hall-Benedict Drug Company, a pharmacy in New Haven, Connecticut, from 1909 to circa 1980. The collection contains prescription logbooks, financial ledgers in bound volumes and loose pages, customer account/address cards, and a newspaper article.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 66

Yale Medical Library opening and dedication, 1939-1942

Correspondence, printed materials, and clippings saved by Madeline Stanton, Secretary of the Historical Library, concerning the building, opening, and formal dedication of the Yale Medical Library on June 15, 1941.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 12

Society of Physiological Neurology Papers, 1937-1943

The Society of Physiological Neurology was was founded in 1937 as an outgrowth of the American Neurological Association. It held annual meetings from 1938 to 1942. The collection appears to be the archives of the Society and contains correspondence with members and others by the successive chairmen of the annual meeting committees; membership lists; drafts of programs; and attendance records.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 39

James Augustine Haran papers, 1890-1937

The papers include degrees from Trinity College, Dublin; certificates of hospital training; Haran's appointment as Medical Officer in the East Africa Protectorate; various reports on the plague in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, and the Gold Coast; his work during the war as Deputy Principal Medical Officer of the East African Protectorate; and other reports and correspondence. Of note are a map of Kisumu showing plague areas, and a broadside on the plague in the Gold Coast. The collection also contains a manuscript on St. Patrick written in 1937.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 59

Joan K. Jackson Diary on Stanley W. Jackson's Medical Training, 1948-1951

Joan K. Jackson, as a graduate student in sociology at McGill University, began a diary on the experiences and views of her husband Stanley K. Jackson and of his fellow students to their medical education at the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University. The diary covers Stanley W. Jackson's third and fourth years at McGill and a year of internship at the Royal Victoria Hospital.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 21

William Van Duyn Tobacco Advertisement Collection, 1898-2002

William Van Duyn, a former smoker, collected advertisements and news articles related to tobacco, especially to cigarette smoking. These include cigarette advertisements by company and brand; other forms of tobacco advertisements including billboards (photographs taken by Van Duyn), merchandise catalogs, and sponsorship of racing; and newspaper and magazine articles and ephemera related to the anti-smoking movement and tobacco regulation and litigation.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 20

New Haven Hospital and Grace-New Haven Community Hospital Collection, 1826-1976, bulk 1911-1947

This collection includes the Dean of the Yale School of Medicine's correspondence and copies of minutes and reports concerning New Haven Hospital, the New Haven Dispensary, and Grace-New Haven Community Hospital; broadsides and brochures concerning these institutions and Yale-New Haven Hospital;miscellaneous materials including historical accounts of the hospital; and newspaper clippings.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 43

Sheet music collection on medical themes, 1762-1989, bulk 1890-1940

Sheet music on medical themes including songs and piano compositions about medical providers, ailments, remedies, health for children, and advertisements for medical products. Much of the music was performed in music halls or as part of musicals, or later, performed on radio, television, and on records.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 5

Medical trade card collection, 1872-1958, bulk 1885-1910

This collection contains about a thousand chromolithograph advertising trade cards related to health, nutrition, and remedies, published from the late nineteenth to the early twentieth century. The majority of the trade cards were produced by the Liebig Extract of Meat Company, Antwerp, Brussels, founded in 1865. Other trade cards in the collection were distributed mostly by American patent medicine manufacturers.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 6

Kristaps J. Keggi Vietnam War service papers, 1918-2018, bulk 1965-1966

Kristaps J. Keggi was a graduate of Yale and Yale School of Medicine who served as a surgeon during the Vietnam War in 1965-1966. He later became Professor of Orthopaedics at Yale School of Medicine. The collection contains contemporary correspondence, photographs, patient records (restricted), drawings of wound management, later reminiscences, and later drawings and presentation on Keggi's role in deveoping the anterior approach to total hip replacement, 1977-2018.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 29

Miscellaneous letters collection, 1649-1961

Miscellaneous Letters Collection is a collection of hundreds of individual letters or small groups of letters, mostly by physicians and scientists, either donated to the Historical Library or purchased.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 49

Benjamin Lincoln Collection, 1816-1944, bulk 1819-1896

Benjamin Lincoln, physician, anatomist, and medical educator, taught anatomy and dissection at the University of Vermont. Papers include family correspondence, two journals of travel to New Orleans and to New Brunswick, circulars, publications in the Burlington Sentinel, ephemera, and photographs, letters, pamphlets, and ephmera by or related to members of the Lincoln family.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 33

Thomas L. Lentz collection on the history of cell biology and anatomy at Yale, 1899-2015

Thomas L. Lentz served as professor of cell biology and associate dean of admissions at Yale School of Medicine. The collection contains autobiographical material on Dr. Lentz, his histories of cell biology and of histology at Yale, and reprints of his articles. Also included are teaching materials for Lentz's laboratory course on histology, published materials related to the Department of Cell Biology, and photographs of faculty members and students.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 57

Ronald H. Fishbein collection on the Nathan Smith family, 1830-2005

The collection contains materials collected by Ronald H. Fishbein (1931-2015) related to Nathan Smith (1762-1829) and his family. Nathan Smith was a physician, teacher, and author, who founded the Dartmouth Medical School and co-founded the Yale School of Medicine. Materials in the collection include family history manuscripts, newspaper clippings, photographs, correspondence with Nathan Smith authors and biographers, and a typescript of an article by Fishbein.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 24

Robert J. T. Joy Student Notes from Yale School of Medicine, 1950-1954

Robert J. T. Joy graduated from Yale School of Medicine in 1954. The collection contains his student notes.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 18

Association of Internes and Medical Students. Harvey Cushing Chapter Records, 1946-1949

The Association of Internes and Medical Students (AIMS), which advocated for progressive causes such as national health insurance, was organized by medical school chapters. The Harvey Cushing Chapter was the Yale School of Medicine chapter. The collection contains correspondence, a report, and minutes of the chapter and material on national AIMS activities.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 19

John Collins Warren correspondence, 1812-1856

Most of the collection consists of autograph letters by prominent physicians and scientists in America and abroad to John Collins Warren, surgeon and naturalist. Two letters are by Warren.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 15

John J. Cushing Correspondence, 1853-1873, bulk 1853-1857

John J. Cushing was an early homeopathic physician in San Francisco. The collection consists of letters to his family.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 35

Robert Bogdan Disability Collection, 1820-2000, 1900-1940

The collection contains real photo postcards, commercial postcards, photographs, pamphlets and ephemera related to people with disabilities, mostly from the United States, collected by Professor Robert Bogdan, a pioneer in the teaching of disability studies.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 61

Medical college catalogs, introductory and valedictory addresses, and ephemera collection, 1807-1965

The collection contains published annual catalogs of American medical colleges, introductory addresses given by physicians at the beginning of the school year or at the beginning of specific courses, valedictory addresses given by prominent physicians at graduation ceremonies, and various ephemera. Some irregular medical institutions are represented, including homeopathic, eclectic, and osteopathic schools and some schools of dentistry. Catalogues and addresses of the Medical Institution of Yale College have been individually cataloged and few appear in this collection. Also many addresses have been individually cataloged and do not appear here.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 1

Comic book collection on medical themes, 1941-2013

The main body of this collection consists of issues of comic books from the 1940s containing "true" stories of medical heroism and biomedical progress. There are a smaller number of later comics containing history of medicine stories; comics with a public health message; comics advertising a "health" product, and some reference sources on comic books.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 7

James H. Etheridge and family collection, 1827-1937

James H. Etheridge was a gynecologist who became Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Rush Medical College. The collection contains biographical materials, correspondence of Etheridge, correspondence of Etheridge's wife's family (including the correspondence of Heman G. Powers, a Chicago businessman), Etheridge's writings, his patient records, ephemera from medical societies, photographs, and certificates and diplomas.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 62

Arnold Gesell and Colleagues Publications collection, 1922-1991, bulk 1930-1959

Arnold Gesell was head of the Psycho-Clinic and later of the Clinic of Child Development at the Yale School of Medicine from 1911 to 1948. Some of his former collaborators founded the Gesell Institute for Child Development in 1950 in New Haven to carry on his work. The collection contains non-book publications by Arnold Gesell and his collaborators as well as of some of the staff members of the Gesell Institute. Publications include not only reprints of professional articles, but also popular articles from newspapers, magazines, and newsletters of organizations; radio broadcasts; book reviews by Gesell; clippings of reviews of Gesell's books; and testimony for legislation. There are also some typescripts, possibly unpublished, and a small amount of manuscript material related to publications.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 41

Harry Gideon Wells papers, 1894-1943

Harry Gideon Wells, pathologist and immunologist, was born July 21, 1875 in New Haven, Connecticut and attended Hillhouse High School. He graduated from Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, in 1895. He was an authority on the chemical aspects of pathology and immunology. Collection materials include his autobiography, student notebooks, drafts and published writings, reunion books, and obituaries.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 23

Delta Omega, Epsilon Chapter (Yale University) records, 1928-1942

Records of the Epsilon Chapter (Yale University) of Delta Omega, an honorary public health society founded in 1924. Yale's chapter, established in 1925, was organized through the Department of Public Health.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 44

Patent medicine almanacs, 1843-1966

The collection contains almanacs issued annually by American and a few Canadian companies to promote the sale of their proprietary remedies. Of special note is a complete collection of Hostetter's Almanac from 1867 through 1910.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 3

Howard M. Spiro Papers, 1918-2012, bulk 1960-2012

Howard Spiro was head of the Gastroenterology Unit or Section of the Department of Internal Medicine at Yale from 1955 until his retirement in 1999. He was co-founder and first Director of the Program for Humanities in Medicine. The collection contains typescripts of Spiro's talks and addresses; typescripts of essays, mostly related to issues in humanities in medicine; a manuscript autobiography; correspondence related to Yale; reprints of Spiros's articles, columns, and book reviews; and ten original medical illustrations related to gastroenterology that Spiro had collected.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 42

American Fund for French Wounded Collection, 1915-1918

The American Fund for French Wounded (AFFW), founded in 1915, by American women living abroad, was a women's relief agency to aid wounded soldiers in France in World War I. The materials in this collection originated from the Paris Depot of the organization and include correspondence, circulars, newsletters, and images.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 56

Edward Roth medical school notes and medical practice case books, 1878-1893

Edward Roth was a graduate of Bellevue Hospital Medical College in New York city in 1880 after the required attendance of two years. The collection consists of ten volumes, the first five of which are Roth's notes on medical school lectures and clinics from 1878-1880. The remaining five include four volumes documenting his clinical practice in New Haven, 1891-1893, and one volume with a few entries on practice in Massachusetts in late 1893.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 47

Coleman Brothers Collection, 1721-1910, bulk 1821-1868

The collection contains correspondence between Isaac Pearson Coleman and James Beakes Coleman, brothers who received medical degrees at the Medical Institution of Yale College (Yale School of Medicine) and who practiced medicine in and near Trenton, New Jersey; correspondence of the Coleman brothers with medical colleagues and with members of their families; letters, manuscripts, and legal documents pertaining to the extended Coleman family of New Jersey as well as the Saltar family; and portrait photographs of the extended Coleman family.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 36

Cancer "cures" collection, 1900-1954

Collection consists of pamphlets and books by individuals, private cancer hospitals, and other organizations promoting non-surgical cures for cancer. The American Medical Association claimed that any such cures were fakes. The promoters in turn criticized the AMA as the "medical trust." Most of the pamphlets contain patient testimonials. Approximate dates for items are based on the date of the most recent testimonials.
Collection ID: Pam Coll 10

Fulton-Wheatland Family Correspondence, 1921-1930, bulk 1923-1925

Lucia Pickering Wheatland married John Fulton, who was in Oxford on a Rhodes fellowship, in 1923. The collection contains correspondence from Lucia and John Fulton in Oxford to Lucia's parents, Richard and Mary Wheatland, in Massachusetts. John Fulton was named professor of physiology at Yale in 1929.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 38

George Alder Blumer correspondence, 1886-1951, bulk 1886-1896

These letters to George Alder Blumer are mainly about the American Medico-Psychological Association and the American Journal of Insanity, edited by Blumer. Several of the writers were, like Blumer, administrators of psychiatric hospitals in the United States and abroad.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 50

Averill A. Liebow Collection, 1945-1973, bulk 1945-1966

Averill A. Liebow, professor of pathology at Yale School of Medicine, was a member of the Joint Commission for the Investigation of the Effects of the Atomic Bomb in Japan organized by Col. Ashley W. Oughterson, on leave from Yale. Liebow spent four months in Hiroshima beginning in October 1945 and kept a diary. The collection contains photographs and documents from an exhibit on the Joint Commission and the medical effects of the bomb in Hiroshima that was prepared for the Medical Library in 1965 and then loaned for display in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1966.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 28

Marjorie Morse Crunden Papers, 1924-1942

Marjorie Morse Crunden, the daughter of a Baptist medical missionary in China, was educated in the United States, including at Yale School of Nursing. Correspondence includes letters from her parents; from her fiancé, Allan B. Crunden, a Yale medical student who transferred to Temple University School of Medicine; and from other friends and family. The collection also includes a five-year diary.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 53

Dryden P. Morse papers, 1942-1999

Dryden P. Morse was a heart surgeon who practiced in Philadelphia and then at Deborah Heart and Lung Center in New Jersey. A pioneer in the use of pacemakers, he was an expert on the technology of pacemakers and invented several improvements. The collection contains a small amount of correspondence, published articles and unpublished manuscripts, and information on his inventions and his interactions with pacemaker companies.
Collection ID: Ms Coll 58