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George Eliot and George Henry Lewes collection, 1834-1981

The collection includes correspondence by, to and about Eliot and Lewes. There are 4 journals, 1 diary, several notebooks with notes for a projected novel, quotes, poetry, and early school essays all belonging to George Eliot, accompanied by reviews and scripts of dramatizations of Daniel Deronda in the 1920s and 1970s. With 3 journals, 9 diaries, and notebooks with research notes belonging to George Henry Lewes, accompanied by miscellaneous writings, including several chapters of Problems of Life and Mind. There is also printed material, reviews, memorabilia, and photograph portraits of Eliot and Lewes as well as artwork by others. Principal correspondents include members of the Lewes family, Caroline and Charles Bray, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon, John Chapman, Anna Chalmers and J. W. Cross, Alexandre D'Albert-Durade, Frederic Harrison, Sara Sophia Hennell, Frances Lucy Evans Houghton, Maria Lewis, Edward Robert Bulwer Lytton, Herbert Spencer, and Anthony Trollope.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 963

James W. Forsyth papers, 1865-1932, bulk 1870-1898

The papers record the career of a nineteenth century military officer in the American West and, in particular, his service in the Wounded Knee campaign. Forsyth's correspondence documents his service as military secretary to General Sheridan and as an inspector for the military Department of the Missouri during the 1870s. The letters also trace his command in the Bannock War of 1878, his part in the Wounded Knee campaign and subsequent investigation, and his command of the Department of California. The collection contains military reports on the Wounded Knee affair, as well as printed and manuscript maps of the campaign. Forsyth's papers also contain documents relating to other nineteenth century military officers and some photographic portraits. There are some papers, mostly financial receipts, regarding his family and his in-laws, the Dennisons.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1404

Geraldine Page papers, 1865-1999

The papers include personal and professional correspondence, writings, scripts, photographs, legal and financial documents, production programs, personal memorabilia, artwork, audiovisual material, press clippings and other printed material documenting Page's personal life and career as a stage, film, and television actress. Correspondence with family members (including her parents and her husband, the actor Rip Torn), friends, and professional colleagues (including Cheryl Crawford, Elia Kazan, Sissy Spacek, and others), as well as fan mail dates from the 1920s through 1987. Scripts for stage, film, and television include annotated scripts for productions in which she performed as well as scripts sent to her and her husband for review, some accompanied by cover letters. Photographic material includes family portraits and candid photographs, head shots, and production photographs from Page's stage and film productions. Her work is further documented by press clippings and other printed material. Records relating to the production of the films Sweet Bird of Youth and Nasty Habits include contracts, casting call sheets, script pages, and photographs. Also included in the papers are records regarding her work with the Actors Studio and other organizations. The papers also include artwork by Page and others, and personal items including address books, date books, stationery, and articles of clothing.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 774

E. F. Benson papers, 1894-1929

The E. F. Benson Papers consist of writings, correspondence, and business and financial files, documenting Benson's fiction-writing career and spanning the years 1894 to 1929. Writings consist almost entirely of drafts, most corrected, of short stories by Benson, his novel Paul (1906), and an evidently unpublished and untitled novel written in 1906. Among the short stories are two of Benson's most celebrated "spook stories," "The Superannuation Department AD 1945" (1906) and "The Thing in the Hall" (1912). Other papers include correspondence, sales and royalty statements, contracts, bills, and receipts that document Benson's business dealings with his literary agency (the Authors' Syndicate, Ltd.) and various publishers.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 699

Frederick Knott papers, 1923-2003, bulk 1948-2003

The collection consists of material created and accumulated by Frederick Knott in the course of his activities as a playwright and screenwriter. Material includes drafts of scripts, production photographs, printed ephemera and audiovisual recordings. Writings include drafts of stage and film versions of Dial M for Murder, and photographs, contracts and other documentation of the film version directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Other material documents the writing and production of Wait Until Dark and Write Me a Murder. A small amount of student papers in Series III (Personal Papers) and writings dating from Knott's childhood document his early life.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 794

Samuel Anderson papers, 1813-1881

The papers, which chronicle Anderson's work on the North American Boundary Survey, contain Anderson's letters to his family, a diary from the survey, and other personal papers.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1292

Edward Meyer Kern and Richard H. Kern papers, 1795-1895, bulk 1850-1860

The papers contain journals, notebooks, drawings and maps, documents and correspondence which document the activities of Edward and Richard Kern in the West and the Pacific from 1845-1860. A journal and a notebook document Edward Kern's participation in Fremont's third expedition to California; and a journal, a logbook, drawings, two maps and a letter document Edward's participation in the Northern Pacific Exploring Expedition in 1853-1856. A scrapbook of unsigned preliminary sketches and drawings by either Edward or Richard Kern document the time spent by both in New Mexico, and feature drawings of New Mexico, Mexico, and Arizona. Five notebooks attributed to Richard contain similar preliminary sketches and drawings. The correspondence includes a letter from brother-in-law William B. Wolfe who describes Richard's death in the Gunnison Massacre in 1853.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2395

Overbrook Press records, 1918-1979, bulk 1934-1969

The Overbrook Press Records contain correspondence, office files, and production files documenting the operations and publications of the Overbrook Press. The records also hold small group of Frank Altschul's personal papers, a collection of printed material, mostly ephemera, published by peer presses, professional and private associations and clubs, and a group of type specimens from American and European typefounders. The Production Files form the most significant part of the records, and contain original and carbon typescripts, manuscripts, printed sources or copies of source text, designs and layout pages, dummies, proofs, and galleys; some files hold correspondence, published reviews, and final copies of the publications as well as original artwork, silkscreen stencils, bookbinding stamps, and a collection of paper samples. Correspondents include various authors and illustrators including T. M. Cleland, W. A. Dwiggins, William Einstein, Jean Hugo, Bruce Rogers, and Rudolph Ruzicka. Also present are the photoengravings used for printing illustrations and decorations in press publications. The latest item in the collection is an Overbrook Press tribute broadside which was printed by Altschul's nephew Charles Altschul at Yale University in 1979.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 961

Esquire correspondence concerning The question of Ezra Pound, 1957-1957

The collection consists of alphabetically arranged correspondence between readers of Esquire Magazine and the magazine's editors concerning an article by Richard Rovere on the question of Ezra Pound's possible release from his continuing incarceration in St. Elizabeth's Hospital for the Insane. Respondents include John Dos Passos, Robert Graves, Norman Mailer, Kenneth Rexroth, William Carlos Williams, and Richard Wilbur.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 180

Arthur Symons collection, 1893-1919

The collection contains letters by Symons to such correspondents as William Rose Benét, Joseph Conrad, and Grant Richards; essays by Symons; and a poem by Symons.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 305
Collection ID: WA MSS S-3417

Walker family papers, 1848-1917

The papers contain correspondence, business and legal papers, and family papers concerning the Walker and Reed families of Massachusetts and Nebraska.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1295

Hardie Gramatky papers, 1864-2014

The collection documents the life and career of illustrator, author, and painter, Hardie Gramatky (1907-1979). Materials in the collection include correspondence, photographs, personal papers, and materials related to Gramatky's career as a children's book author and illustrator.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 1567

Chester Himes papers, 1936-1980

The Chester Himes Papers consist of original manuscripts, correspondence, photographs and artwork that document his long career as a writer. The manuscripts offer insight into Himes's creative process and many of them also represent the original versions and original titles for works that were later altered for publication. The bulk of the correspondence reveals Himes's relationship with the publishers and editors of his books and also offers a glimpse into the author's thoughts on his own work. The photographs and artwork document Himes's life with his family, friends and colleagues.
Collection ID: JWJ MSS 42

Christina Rossetti collection, 1854-1882

Letters by Christina Rossetti to various parties, including William Bryant and Frederic James Shields. Included in a letter to William Edmonstoune Aytoun are manuscripts of six poems.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 267

Terry Tempest Williams papers, 1872-2015, bulk 1967-2015

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, including manuscripts and proofs, journals, notebooks, day books, research files, photographs, printed materials, awards, artwork, and audiovisual materials related to the life and work of Terry Tempest Williams.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2700

Kore Press Archive, 1994-2006

Production and organizational files, including correspondence, writings, minutes of board meetings, grant proposals, material concerning fundraising and other related papers.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 854

Solange Clésinger-Sand Papers, 1834-1952

Collection contains correspondence, writings, and other papers documenting the life and work of Solange Clésinger-Sand. Correspondence consists of letters to and from Clésinger-Sand and third-party letters between family and others. Notable correspondents include the following friends, family, and family friends: Éduoard Bourdet, Alphonse Guérin, Amélie Grille de Beuzelin, Maurice Sand, Charles Poncy, Samuel Rocheblave, and Jules Troubat. Writings by Clésinger-Sand include complete manuscripts for the early "Les roses et une fauvette..." (1834), "Histoirettes pour les toute petits," and a travelogue entitled "Une visite à Charon", in addition to a number of drafts for incomplete projects, including a play ("Sélim"), a theatrical adaptation of the novel L'Uscoque by George Sand, and a novel ("Thora"). Other materials include artwork, clippings, financial and legal records, notebooks, photographs, and papers relating to property ("Villa Malgrétout") purchased by Clésinger-Sand. Photographs include portraits of Clésinger-Sand, her husband, sculptor Jean Baptiste Clésinger, and others.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 755
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1188

James Reid Parker papers, 1879-1991, bulk 1930-1984

The collection documents the career of twentieth-century American writer James Reid Parker, including his collaboration with cartoonist Helen E. Hokinson and his trusteeship of her estate. It includes drafts and printed versions of Parker's writings for The New Yorker and Woman's Day, as well as correspondence documenting his professional work, and personal correspondence and papers documenting his family relationships, family history, and military service with the Publications Branch of the Military Intelligence Service during World War II. In addition to correspondence regarding Hokinson's estate, the collection includes approximately forty-five drawings by Hokinson, chiefly for The New Yorker.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 371

Hill papers, 1695-1709

Letters and documents concerning Hill's activities as ambassador to the Hague and envoy to the Savoy. Also includes letters from James Bateman regarding financial matters and political appointments; from James Cressett regarding Cressett's work as a diplomat; from George Dolman regarding the naval maneuvers of the frigate, Lyme, of which Dolman was captain; and from Richard Powys regarding the passing of Hill's bills at the Treasury.
Collection ID: OSB MSS 31

Herbert F. West collection of A. Hugh Fisher, 1860-1945, bulk 1901-1945

The Herbert F. West Collection of A. Hugh Fisher consists of correspondence, writings, clippings, tearsheets, and fine art sent to Herbert West by the artist Alfred Hugh Fisher between 1938 and 1945. It includes over 300 letters from Fisher to West, 1938-1945; autobiographical memoirs by Fisher; volumes of travel journals (in the form of letters to his colleague Halford Mackinder) covering Fisher's work with the Visual Instruction Committee of the British Colonial Office and recording his visits to Australia, Borneo, Canada, China, Fiji, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Japan, Malta, New Zealand, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Tasmania, and Tonga, 1907-1910; various articles, clippings, notes, manuscripts, and ephemera; and a selection of drawings, paintings, and prints by Fisher whose subjects include the home of writer Margaret Leigh, and portraits of his contemporaries Lascelles Abercrombie, Walter de la Mare, T. Sturge Moore, George W. Russell, and W. B. Yeats, among others. Also present is an etching by Hungarian printmaker Gyula (Julius) Komjati, whom Fisher visited in 1932. Although West and Fisher never met in person, their long-distance friendship gave the artist someone to whom he could entrust his work and legacy, a particularly important concern when British citizens were anticipating Germany's impending attack. In addition to describing daily life in wartime Britain, Fisher's letters to West provide further personal history and context for the material West was receiving.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 795

Hanover royal music archive, 1651-1951, bulk 1770-1870

The Hanover Royal Music Archive consists of printed and manuscript music, printed books about music, and related materials assembled by Ernest Augustus, King of Hanover, and his successors. A significant component originated in England and concerns musical activity of several children of George III, circa 1770-1837, particularly Ernest Augustus, then Duke of Cumberland, and Princess Augusta, as well as Prince George of Cumberland, son of Ernest Augustus and later Georg V, King of Hanover. These materials moved to Hanover, apparently circa 1837 when Ernest Augustus succeeded William IV as King of Hanover. In Hanover, the collection was expanded by Ernest Augustus and Georg V, and much of the present content relates to music in the Hanoverian court through the mid-nineteenth century. While most materials date circa 1770-1870, a few items extend this span from the seventeenth through the mid-twentieth century.
Collection ID: OSB MSS 146

Ezra Pound miscellany, 1909-1973

The collection consists of letters and a few manuscripts by or related to Ezra Pound. Correspondents include Ubaldo degli Uberti; Ethel de Courcy Duncan; Robert Duncan; Gladys Hines; Lewis Maverick; Donald J. Paquette; Odon Por; and Louis Zukofsky. Manuscripts include holographs of "To Our Lady of Vicarious Atonement" and "What I Feel about Walt Whitman" by Pound and biographical notes on Pound by Lewis Maverick.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 182

Yale University Press records, 1919-1964

The records contain setting copies and proofs for works published by the press from 1919 through 1964 for many well-known twentieth century authors. Materials relating to multiple titles dating from the 1950s can be found, for example, for Gertrude Stein and Eugene O'Neill. Works can also be found for a number of authors affiliated with the University either as students or faculty. Many of the early titles in the collection were published as part of the Yale Series of Younger Poets. These authors include: Alfred Bellinger, the publisher John Chipman Farrar, John Hollander, Victor Starbuck, Viola Chittenden White, Amos Niven Wilder, and Wayland Wells Williams.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 552

Washington Irving collection, 1802-1972

The collection provides evidence of the personal and professional life of Washington Irving and dates from 1802 to 1966. The collection documents Irving's writing career, diplomatic work, and travels through Europe, and consists of correspondence, writings, personal papers, and printed material. Correspondents include: Thomas Aspinwall, Dmitrii Ivanovich Dolgorukii, Catherine Rodgers Irving Paris, Sarah Sanders Paris Storrow, and Moses Thomas. The collection includes journals belonging to Emily Foster with whom Irving was acquainted while living in Dresden. Documents relating to Irving's brothers can also be found in the collection; these include a manuscript notebook of John Treat Irving's "Simon Pure Papers" and Peter Irving's journals describing his travels in Europe. The collection contains an mezzotint portrait of Irving and engraved illustrations for his publications.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 769

Andrew Jackson Faulk papers, 1817-1896

The collection deals mainly with Andrew Faulk's official duties in Dakota Territory as governor and superintendent of Indian Affairs, and as clerk of the United States District Court. There are also family papers spanning most of his life.
Collection ID: WA MSS 195

Mina Kirstein Curtiss papers, 1917-1966

The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 14

George H. Bauer Jean Paul Sartre manuscript collection, 1945-1962

A collection of materials by Sartre acquired by George H. Bauer. The majority of the material consists of drafts for individual works in Sartre's series of novels collectively titled "Chemins de la liberté": a holograph and typescript draft of "La mort dans l'âme" and holograph draft pages of "La dernière chance", which contains a section titled "Drôle d'amitié" (which appeared in the journal, "Les Temps Modernes".) Also included are draft pages of essays on Jean Genet, Gjon Mili, a 1947 election, and other subjects, as well as a drawing titled "C'est mon amour aux Baux", and several letters: Fernando Gerassi to George H. Bauer (1962 Jul 28); a draft of a letter [by Sartre?] to an unidentified recipient; Les Éditions Nagel to Jean Cau (1949 Nov 16, on verso of a draft page); Comité français d'échanges avec L'Allemagne Nouvelle to Sartre (1948 Nov 20); and Les Éditions Nagel to Sartre (1948 Nov 16), these last two letters filed with the drafts of "La mort dansl'âme".
Collection ID: GEN MSS 505

Vardis Fisher Papers, 1870-1990, bulk 1917-1968

The Vardis Fisher papers document the personal and professional life of prolific Western novelist and author Vardis Fisher.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 555

United States presidents collection, 1778-1948

Letters, legal documents, and other material created or signed by United States presidents.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 271

Jacqueline de Jong papers, 1955-1983, bulk 1961-1969

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, printed materials, subject files, photographs and other papers relating to the life and work of Jacqueline de Jong from 1955 to 1983, with the bulk of the materials dating from the 1960s. It offers rich documentation of the European avant-garde of the period thanks to de Jong's connections with the Internationale situationniste (I.S.), Gruppe SPUR, and the Danish situationists. In particular, the production of de Jong's magazine The Situationist Times is extensively documented through voluminous correspondence with co-editors, contributors, and publishers, as well as through production materials such as article submissions, original maquettes, and distribution lists.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 832

Thomas W. Streeter collection of Texas manuscripts, 1787-1864

The collection consists of letters, land claims, court papers, financial documents, public documents, narrative descriptions, and histories, recording the early history and development of Texas, including the conflicts between Texan and Mexican officials that culminated in the Texas Revolution. Each part is arranged alphabetically by the author, item title, or subject. Accompanied by Streeter's catalogue of his collection in two notebooks.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-498-500

Sarah Ruhl papers, 1990-2017

The papers include writings, teaching files, and other materials documenting Ruhl's career as a playwright and essayist and teacher of poetry, playwriting, and modern drama.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1139

George Gordon Byron, Baron Byron collection, 1804-1927, bulk 1804-1822

The collection consists primarily of manuscripts and letters by George Gordon Byron, Baron Byron, including a manuscript of the Preface to Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and the manuscript of The Prisoner of Chillon; and letters to John Murray, Francis Hodgson, and Samuel Rogers. Other contents include several letters by Anne Isabella Milbanke, Baroness Byron; two notes by Catherine Byron, the poet's mother; and eighteen letters from Augusta Leigh to Francis Hodgson.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 892

Georgiĭ Adamovich papers, 1926-1960

The Georgiĭ Adamovich Papers contain correspondence and printed works which provide information about Adamovich's literary life.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 92

Silvia Dobson papers, 1945-1992

Collection contains letters from American poet H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) to Silvia Dobson, letters from the British author Bryher to Silvia Dobson and her siblings Mervyn and Norah Dobson, as well as copies of several letters from Silvia to Bryher and letters from Kenneth Macpherson. Letters from H.D. document her life in Switzerland and London for nearly thirty years and include information about H.D.'s analysis with Sigmund Freud. Letters from Bryher document Bryher's life in Switzerland in the 1960's and 1970's, the Dobsons' lives in America, and Dobson's efforts to publish her work. Included among the correspondence are letters to H.D. from Norah, Mollie, and Mervyn Dobson, and Frances Gregg; and notes by Silvia H. Dobson. Included in the collection are typescripts of seven novels by Dobson: Feathers of Lead, Guests of Existence, Honor Bound or Shattering Mirror Images, The Hut of Laurel, The Kindhart Trap, Somebody and Nobody, and Spring Begins in Autumn. Also included is an untitled autobiography which describes her life as part of H. D.'s literary circle, her relief work during World War II, her relationship with H.D., her identity as a lesbian, and her later life living in America; and her untitled manuscript "Mirror for a Star, Star for a Mirror. H. D.'s letters to Silvia Dobson."
Collection ID: GEN MSS 409

Nathan Judson papers, 1837-1950, bulk 1880-1930

The papers document the business and personal life of Nathan Judson, his brother James B. Judson, and his nephews Wilber, Lowell, and Paul. Correspondence and financial records document the activity of the firms Judson, Wiley & Judson and Judson Brothers in late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century Michigan, and the Judson Brothers fruit growing business in Kinderhook, New York. Correspondence documents the buying and selling of Michigan real estate, mining investments in various western states and Mexico (including the Buck Eye Mining Company in Basin, Montana and the Sierra Mining Company in Ocampo, Chihuahua, Mexico), and the horticulture business in the Hudson Valley of New York State in the 1910s and 1920s. Other than correspondence, the collection includes fragmentary financial records (including bank records and cancelled checks) and real estate documents (including deeds and abstracts to holdings in Michigan).
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2695

Photographic Postcards of Kansas, 1901-1953

Collection of photographic postcards collected by Michael D. Heaston and created by professional, itinerant, and amateur photographers that document more than 600 cities, towns, and communities in Kansas, 1901-1953. Significant quantities of postcards exist for Concordia, Hutchinson, Larned, Wichita, and Winfield.
Collection ID: WA Photos 594

Thomas Mann collection, 1894-1990

The Thomas Mann Collection consists of manuscripts, letters, photographs, and printed materials relating to the life and work of Mann and his wife, Katia.
Collection ID: YCGL MSS 5

Harry Adams photographs, 1943-1985, bulk 1951-1985

Photographs prints created and collected by Harry Adams, 1943-1985, that chiefly document events, activities, and individuals related to the African American community in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of California and his career as a professional photographer as well as his work for African American newspapers including the California Eagle and Los Angeles Sentinel.
Collection ID: WA Photos 589

Ruth Pine Furniss papers, 1919-1960

The Papers contain writings and other papers of American author Ruth Pine Furniss. Furniss's writings drew on her struggle with mental illness and her exposure to various medical treatments. Her career as an author is documented in various material, including drafts, printed versions of her writings, contracts with publishers, and copyright records. Some of her poetry, short stories, and articles written in the 1920s, and largely published in magazines and newspapers, are in a scrapbook of clippings. Reception of Furniss's novels, including Gay, Snow, and The Layman Looks at Doctors, is documented in reviews gathered into two scrapbooks. The Papers also include a draft for The Dreamland Tree, an unpublished novel completed in 1952. The correspondence of Furniss's son, W. Todd Furniss, reveal his endeavor to have The Dreamland Tree published following his mother's death.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 431

Lester Blackwell Granger papers, 1936-1970

The collection consists of writings, notes, clippings, correspondence, and other papers, stemming from Lester Blackwell Granger's work as executive secretary of the National Urban League and his involvement in social work and civil rights issues. Writings consist of annotated and corrected typescript drafts and printed copies of speeches and addresses, autobiographical works, and social commentaries by Granger, as well as some fiction. Also found are papers relating to the National Urban League, a transcript of an interview with Granger, and an oil painting of Granger by Manet Harrison Fowler.
Collection ID: JWJ MSS 58

Lisbet Tellefsen papers, 1980-2008, bulk 1988-1994

The collection consists of material created and collected by Lisbet Tellefsen. Many of the materials center around the creation of Aché, which was first issued in 1989 as a journal and existed as a collective in the Bay Area until 1994. The rest of the materials generally relate to allied groups and other events that Tellefsen participated in and helped to organize, such as the National Black Gay and Lesbian Conference's Video Project.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 1431

James McCourt and Vincent Virga papers, 1941-2011

The collection consists of writings, journals, correspondence, printed material, photographs, audiovisual material, computer disks, and other papers documenting the literary careers and lives of James McCourt and Vincent Virga.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 845

George H. Seeley papers and photographs, 1900-1975, bulk 1900-1950

This collection consists chiefly of papers and photographs created and collected by George H. Seeley that document his photographic career, as well as his later life and family spanning from 1900 to 1975. The collection includes glass plate negatives used by Seeley to create his professional photographs. Photographic prints in the collection are predominantly work prints created by Seeley. There are also film negatives that document his later life and family, as well as the landscape around Stockbridge and at Cape Cod.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 459

Thomas W. Streeter Collection of Austin Family and Texas Revolution Papers, 1786-1942, bulk 1814-1858

Legal and financial documents, correspondence, and military records documenting the history of Texas and the Spanish Southwest. Included is manuscript material generated by the families of Moses and Stephen F. Austin during the settlement of Texas; military records pertaining to the Mier Expedition and the capture of San Antonio de Bexar during the Texas Revolution; and Thomas W. Streeter's research files on the history of Texas and the Spanish Southwest.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-3000

Robert Marsham-Townshend papers, 1853-1910

Letters and diaries belonging to Robert Marsham-Townshend containing descriptions of his travels around the world. Many of the letters are written to him, though there is a group of 22 letters written by him to a relative named Harriet, dated 1856-1864. Correspondents include Henry Alabaster, interpreter to the King in Siam; scientists W. S. Atkinson and Robert Stirling; George Ferguson Bowen, first governor of Queensland, Australia; in addition to numerous family members and other acquaintances. Stirling writes at length from the Sandwich Islands describing earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, a particular interest of Marsham-Townshend's. There are also fifteen letters from Youhannah El Karey, a missionary from Nablous, near Jaffa, Palestine. The 18 diaries span the dates 1853-1876, and carry descriptions of travel to Brazil, Egypt, Hong Kong, the Philippines, China, Japan, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, California, Australia, Indonesia, Siam, India, Persia, the Middle East, South Africa, Russia, and Europe. There is a great deal of geographic and volcanic observation, as well as descriptions of cities, cultures, and peoples encountered. Accompanied by a bound notebook with notes on volcanoes throughout the world, two passports for Marsham-Townshend to use in Persia, and three contracts and receipts for hiring mules and drivers in Persia.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 482

Kenneth Walter Cameron collection, 1753-1947

Collection includes: official seals of the United States, Canadian provinces, and the British Empire, primarily on letters from government officials laid into five scrapbooks; several magazines and an atlas of Canada; chart of Scottish clans and coats of arms; wax seals of Jersey (Channel Islands), Guernsey (Channel Islands), and Gambia Colony; collections of letters and autographs of literary, historical and church figures; zoology notebooks kept by Cameron while a student at West Virginia University; manuscript by Cameron entitled "The Channel Islands."
Collection ID: GEN MSS 337

Irina Odoevt︠s︡eva papers, 1931-1965

The papers consist of correspondence and drafts of writings of several Russian exiles.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 101
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 967

John Galsworthy collection, 1904-1931

Contains letters from Galsworthy to various people, including John Drinkwater, Henry Albert Phillips, and Geza Silberer; and writings of Galsworthy, including "The Silver Box" and "Strife."
Collection ID: GEN MSS 278

Rachel Field collection, 1917-1942

The collection consists of letters from Rachel Field to Ruth Stanley-Brown Feis and from Field to Prentiss Taylor. Also included in the collection are writings by Field, many with illustrations by Taylor, and original writings and drawings by Taylor.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 509

Matthew Jennett papers, 1883-2011, bulk 1940-1989

The Matthew Jennett papers contain subject files, sound recordings, and other material documenting the life and work of Matthew Jennett as editor of Pharos Books. The subject files feature correspondence, writings, and printed ephemera relating to publication projects with Pharos Books. There are files for authors, publishers, and designers, including Bob Cato, Franz Douskey, Peter Ganick (of Potes & Poets Press), Leslie Lee, and Jonathan Williams (of the Jargon Society), Patrick Leigh Fermor, among others. Files also contain examples of fine printing by small presses such as the Ives Street Press. Sound recordings collected by Jennett consist of nineteen 78 speed albums containing radio broadcasts dating from the 1940s. There are programs from the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the Columbia Workshop, including "Emma Lazarus," from the "Eternal Light Series" held at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, and "They Burned the Books," a radio drama written by Stephen Vincent Benét.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 231
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1251

Mary Foote papers, 1881-1981

The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, notes, drafts, and printed material documenting the life and work of Mary Foote, an American painter and disciple of Carl Gustav Jung. Foote's work to edit and distribute Jung's theories is documented by her notes, annotated drafts, and Multigraph editions of his seminars including "Dream Analysis," "The Interpretation of Visions," and "Psychological Analysis of Nietzsche's Zarathustra," among others, by correspondence with Jung and others in his circle, and by photographs. Printed versions of publications by and about Jung are also present, including an English translation of "Septem sermones ad mortuos" (privately printed: Edinburgh, 1925) and copies of the Eranos Jarbüch (Zurich), 1933-38. In addition to a portrait of Jung (oil on canvas), Foote's work as an artist is documented by reproductions of her paintings and by photographs of Foote in her studio and with other artists in Paris and in the United States, including Frederick MacMonnies, Janet Scudder, Ellen Emmet Rand, Leslie Emmet, Rosina Emmet Sherwood, Lydia Emmet, and Jane Emmet De Glehn. Her personal correspondence and photographs document her lifelong connection with the Emmet family, her friendships with Mabel Dodge Luhan and Robert Edmond Jones, and her relationships with her sister, brothers, nieces and nephews. Some material in the collection reflects later efforts of Foote's family to document her career, and research and writing about Frederick MacMonnies by Foote's great-nephew Edward J. ("Toby") Foote.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 607
Collection ID: GEN MSS 822

Phoenix Theatre records, 1932-1984, bulk 1953-1982

The Phoenix Theatre Records consist of production files, administrative and financial records, correspondence, photographs, music, audiovisual material, production programs and posters, and other materials that document the organization, administration, financial activities, and productions of the Phoenix Theatre from its creation in 1953 to the closing of the company in 1982.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 421

Carl Van Vechten Letters to Saul Mauriber, 1943-1965

The Carl Van Vechten Letters to Saul Mauriber date from April 1943 to December 1965, and include typed and manuscript notes, letters, greeting cards, postcards, and telegrams documenting their relationship over twenty years.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1144

Gold Hill Miners Union records, 1866-1925

The records, which document the corporate life of the Gold Hill Miners Union, contain the constitution and by-laws (1885), minutes of the union meetings (1883-1925), financial records (1866-1923), committee records (1885-1914), membership records (1881-1921), legal papers (1896-1923), and other union papers (1899-1922). The records are incomplete.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1313

Kenneth Roberts papers, 1906-1957, bulk 1937-1940

The Kenneth Roberts Papers contain research notes, handwritten and typescript manuscripts, galley proofs, page proofs, maps, book covers, dust jackets, publicity, book reviews, study outlines, correspondence, biographical sketches, obituaries, photographs, and bibliographical material documenting aspects of the life and career of the author of Northwest Passage.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 7

Norman Holmes Pearson Papers, 1839-1979, bulk 1930-1975

The Norman Holmes Pearson papers consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, photographs, and audiovisual material that document a broad range of Pearson's professional and personal activities, including his research on Nathaniel Hawthorn and Ezra Pound, his management of the literary estates of H.D. and Bryher, and his activity as a professor of English and American Studies at Yale University. Documentation relating to Pearson's service in the Office of Strategic Services is partially redacted.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 899

Watercolors and Pencil Drawings Related to the Utah Expedition, 1858-1859

Watercolors and pencil drawings created by Henry Sommer related to the United States Army Utah Expedition, including sites, persons, and other activities chiefly in the Kansas Territory and Utah Territory, 1858-1860. An identified site in the Kansas Territory consists of a view of a camp, probably near Fort Leavenworth. Identified sites in the Utah Territory include military camps at Camp Crosman, Camp Floyd (later known as Fort Crittenden), and Fort Bridger. Activities include views of American bison hunting and hare hunting as well as views of soldiers in camps. Includes an interior view of the quarters of Lewis Henry Little as well as an interior view of a Mormon family at their home.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-3861

Browning-Monclar collection, 1825-1965, bulk 1825-1850

The collection contains correspondence, dossiers, printed works, and other papers documenting the friendship between Robert Browning and Ripert-Monclar and the life and business career of Ripert-Monclar. Also included are twentieth century materials concerning efforts to publish the Browning-Monclar correspondence.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 84

Lamberto Pignotti papers, 1960-2016

The collection consists of writings, artwork, correspondence, printed material, photographs, and other papers documenting the life and work of Lamberto Pignotti. Writings include typescripts, notes, proofs, and biographical materials, as well as writings of others, notably artist manifestos relating to visual poetry. Artwork includes examples of visual poetry and collage. Correspondence includes letters, postcards, and telegrams from other Italian poets, artists, and organizations. Printed material includes clippings and exhibition catalogs, pamphlets and ephemera. Photographs consist of negatives and slides.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 1493

Felice Picano papers, 1970-1991

The papers contain Felice Picano's writings, journals and diaries, and correspondence with his publishers and his friends, including American author Andrew Holleran.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 761

Charles T. Davis papers, 1931-1980

The collection contains correspondence, research and teaching files, and personal papers documenting the life of American academic Charles T. Davis. Correspondents feature literary scholars and African-American artists, writers, and cultural figures, including Doris Alexander, Anthony Appiah, Amiri Baraka, Romare Bearden, John Blassingame, Michel Fabre, Leon Forrest, Athol Fugard, Henry Louis Gates, Leon Higginbotham, Ishmael Reed, Jean Toomer, and others. Correspondents also include colleagues and students. Research and Teaching Files contain files documenting Davis's professional activity as an academic at various institutions from the 1950s through 1970s. Research files include notes and subject files on 19th and 20th century writers and African-American history, literature, and culture. Teaching files include course and lecture notes, writings by Davis and others, and administrative files. Personal papers consists of various other materials, including family papers, audiovisual material, and military and academic records.
Collection ID: JWJ MSS 91

Adella Fowler Larkin correspondence, 1859-1895

The collection consists of letters sent to New England resident Adella Fowler Larkin by her family and friends during the second half of the nineteenth century. The letters are personal in nature and discuss people, fashion, news, events, health, and activities of the correspondents. Prominent in the collection are letters from her sister Myra Fowler McFarland, a teacher with the American Missionary Association working in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia before, during, and immediately after the Civil War, and letters from her stepbrother George B. Pratt, a newspaperman writing from Ohio and Wisconsin. Also present are nine installments of the "Milwaukee bad boy" stories by George W. Peck clipped from an unidentified newspaper, a valentine published by T. W. Strong, New York, and an advertising circular from Lucy Guild of Rupert, Vermont, promoting her Crystal Palace Chart for dressmaking.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 921

David Plowden photographs and papers, 1948-2011

This collection consists of photographs and papers that document the work of David Plowden as a photographer and author, 1948-2011. The photographic work in the collection records scenes from main streets and churches in small towns to barns and grain elevators in farmlands, as well as industrial cityscapes of cities like Chicago, Illinois, and New York City. The images also document railroads and their infrastructures, as well as bridges and canals throughout the United States and Canada, and maritime vessels, such as tugboats, steamboats, and ferries, which use the North American rivers, lakes, and harbors. A group of photographs also document sites related to Abraham Lincoln, which Plowden used in his work, Lincoln and His America (New York: Viking Press, 1970).
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2957

Lady St. Helier papers, 1847-1955

Letters received by Lady St. Helier and other members of her family, particularly her daughter, Dorothy Stewart Allhusen. The letters, from many notable authors, political figures, clergymen, and members of English and Scottish aristocratic families, mainly concern social engagements and personal news; several letters to Lord Jeune (later Baron St. Helier) concern political matters and legal cases. Correspondents include Sir Austen Chamberlain, Pearl May Teresa Richards Craigie, Kate Greenaway, Edith Wharton, and Sir Evelyn Wood.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 477

Letters to William Toynbee, 1870-1936

113 letters to William Toynbee from such correspondents as Helen Paterson Allingham, Edward Montagu Butler, Lewis Harcourt, Frederic Harrison, Alfred Milner, Elizabeth Robins, and Anne Douglas Sedgwick. There also two letters written by others to others about William Toynbee.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 299

J. D. McClatchy papers, 1900-2012

The collection consists of correspondence, writings, photographs, personal papers, printed material, audiovisual material, memorabilia, and artwork that document the life and work of author J. D. McClatchy from his youth to the 2010s. Correspondence is both personal and professional and includes letters from Anthony Hecht, James Merrill, Robert Penn Warren, and Richard Wilbur, among many other prominent figures of 20th and 21st century American literature, as well as correspondence relating to the publication of the Yale Review. Writings include drafts, proofs, and other material documenting the works of J. D. McClatchy, as well as journals and travel notebooks. Personal papers include documents, and diaries of Mary Jane McClatchy, mother of J. D. McClatchy.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 705

Cadell & Davies records, 1767-1831

Correspondence, promissory notes, receipts, and statements of account documenting the publishing and bookselling business of Cadell & Davies. The records include letters from contemporary authors and printers, as well as substantial correspondence with the poet and novelist Charlotte Turner Smith. Other correspondents include Edward Daniel Clarke, George Huntingford, William Magee, Edward Maltby, Isaac Milner, Charles Simeon, and Nathaniel Wraxall.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 510

Bernice Britton Fleckten papers, 1900-1938, bulk 1919-1930

The papers document social and family life in North Dakota and Saskatchewan in the early twentieth century. They consist primarily of Fleckten's personal correspondence with her father, with other family members, and with friends, as well as business correspondence, third-party correspondence addressed to her first and second husbands, financial and legal papers, receipts, and printed ephemera. Thirty-six letters from Judge Niederriter to Fleckten, spanning 1907-1928, document Niederriter's concern for his daughter and his interest in horticulture. His letters relay news about Kenmare, noting the sale of local property, town scandals including a suicide, his care of Kenmare parks, and social events with neighbors and friends. Fleckten's 19 letters to her father and his wife Malvina date between 1928 and 1929; the first five are written from Moose Jaw and apprise her father of monetary difficulties following Detlefson's departure. Letters written after Fleckten's divorce and return to North Dakota carry news of her personal life, including details of the accident and her hospitalization after she and Senator Fleckten were struck by a speeding driver in Bismark, North Dakota.The papers include 65 other letters, spanning from 1900 to 1937. These are primarily from Fleckten's female friends in Saskatchewan and North Dakota, relaying personal news, marriage and birth announcements, and opinions about local happenings. One letter includes a reference to North Dakota Ku Klux Klan leadership. Business correspondence documents Fleckten's struggles to pay off debts in Moose Jaw. Legal and financial papers include assessment notices and a 1917 insurance policy for a property in Neville, Saskatchewan. Printed ephemera in the collection includes a map of the 1925 Provincial Exhibition in Regina, Saskatchewan; a map of the "Willow Bunch Constituency"; a handbill for a public speech in Kenmare; and copies of Fleckten's Conciliation Court business card.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2566

George Plank papers, 1907-1965

The papers contain correspondence with artistic and literary friends, Plank art work, art work of others, writings of friends, and a small quantity of personal papers. Prominent correspondents include H. D., Sylvia Townsend Warner, and Patrick White.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 28

Collection of English drawings, 1701-1800

The following finding aid is a complete inventory of the contents of Osborn fc82.
Collection ID: OSBORN FC82

Western film lobby card and poster collection, 1916-1981

The collection consists primarily of lobby cards, posters, and promotional fliers, relating to western films made from 1916 to the 1980s. There are also some pressbooks and photographs in the collection. Represented within the collection are works by notable directors, such as John Ford, Howard Hawks, Allan Dwan, Henry King, Billy Wilder, Roman Polanski, William S. Hart, Sergio Leone, André de Toth, Nicholas Ray, Raoul Walsh, Anthony Mann, and Sam Peckinpah. Also represented are works featuring notable western stars, such as William S. Hart, William Boyd as Hopalong Cassidy, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, Buck Jones, and Harry Carey, among others. Highlights include original posters for Stagecoach (1939), directed by John Ford, and the original poster for the Italian release of Per qualche dollaro in più (For a Few Dollars More) (1965).
Collection ID: WA MSS S-2607

Hapgood family papers, 1829-2000, bulk 1900-1940

The Hapgood Family Papers contain correspondence; manuscripts of books, plays, poems, articles, book reviews, essays, and short stories; plus business papers, diaries, maps, photographs, subject files, writings of others, and miscellaneous papers which document the lives and careers of various members of the Hapgood family and to a lesser extent the Boyce family, most notably Hutchins Hapgood and Neith Boyce Hapgood.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 41

Marcel-Louis Baugniet collection, 1922-1936

The collection includes material designed by Baugniet including original drawings for advertisements and other ephemera, printed versions of advertisements and sheet music, posters and ephemera related to Baugniet's exhibitions, and a periodical featuring an article on his wife Akarova.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 900

James Merrill papers, 1944-2015

The collection consists of writings, correspondence, photographs, audiovisual material, artwork, printed material, computer disks and other papers by or relating to James Merrill and documenting aspects of his work as a poet and writer. Some of the material was created and accumulated by J. D. McClatchy, who served as executor of Merrill's estate and who co-edited several volumes of Merrill's works, including Collected Poems (2001), Collected Novels and Plays (2002), Collected Prose (2004), The Changing Light at Sandover (2006), and Selected Poems (2008).
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 580
Collection ID: GEN MSS 939

W. W. H. Davis papers, 1846-1896, bulk 1846-1864

The W. W. H. Davis Papers consist of correspondence, writings, journals, diaries, drawings, newspaper clippings, photographs, and memorabilia which document the life and career of W. W. H. Davis. The five scrapbooks chronicle Davis's participation in the Mexican War and Civil War, service in New Mexico, and his interest in Democratic party politics. The correspondence and memorabilia in the scrapbooks are arranged according to major themes. The autobiographical writings series contains essays on the Mexican War, and a memoir of the Mexican War. The personal papers include an extra-illustrated Life of John Davis, journals of trips west to Santa Fe, and a journal kept during the siege of Charleston in 1863-64.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1323
Collection ID: GEN MSS 1586

Abraham Lincoln Fellows papers, 1873-1974

The papers contain correspondence, family papers, photographs, and subject files documenting the personal life and professional career of civil engineer Abraham Lincoln Fellows. Material related to William Torrence includes two albums labeled "Torrence's Views", holding pictures of the Gunnison River and presumably taken during the 1901 expedition.
Collection ID: WA MSS S-1296
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1082

Thomas McMahon correspondence, 1945-1968

The collection consists of letters to Thomas McMahon from various writers, poets, and editors, including Saul Bellow, Gertrude Buckman, Thornton Wilder and Robert Penn Warren. Letters date from circa 1945-1968 and include a small amount of letters from unidentified correspondents.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 410

Gianni Bertini papers, 1946-2010

The collection consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, posters, visual poetry, artwork, writings, audiovisual materials, and electronic media documenting the life and work of Gianni Bertini. Correspondence includes letters from artists, galleries, and others. Notable correspondents include P. A. Benoit, Jean-François Bory, Henri Chopin, Jacqueline de Jong, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Sarenco, and Serge Vandercam. Artwork includes examples of MEC-Art (mechanical artwork), paintings, and other works by Bertini, P. A. Benoit, Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Ben Vautier, and others.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 970

Jared French papers, 1921-1990

Collection contains correspondence, photographs, and other materials documenting the life and career of painter Jared French and a circle of friends and collaborators. Correspondence with individuals and cultural institutions, chiefly museums and galleries, document French's personal and professional affairs, with significant representation from members of the literary and artistic and gay male communities in New York during the middle decades of the twentieth century. In addition to large groups of letters from his wife Margaret (Hoening) French and painter Paul Cadmus, correspondents include Jack Dunphy, E. M. Forster, Edward Hopper, Lincoln Kirstein, George Platt Lynes, Bernard Perlin, George Tooker, Carl Van Vechten, Glenway Wescott, Monroe Wheeler, and Donald Windham.Photographs in the collection document French's personal relationships, interests in classical statuary and architecture, and artistic collaborations. Travel photographs depict statuary, architecture, and public scenes and events, with groups, travel companions, and friends. Some photographs appear to have been taken during the early 1950s in Europe, mostly in Italy (Florence). Others, depicting scenes in Europe, Vermont, New York City, and Coney Island, date from the 1920s through 1940s. People present include Jared and Margaret French, Paul Cadmus, E. M. Forster, Lincoln Kirstein, Osbert Sitwell, and others. Photographs from the "PaJaMa" collective formed by French with his wife and Cadmus, many of which were taken during the 1930s and 1940s on Fire Island, Provincetown, and Nantucket beaches, include George Tooker, Lincoln Kirstein, Truman Capote, George Platt Lynes, Donald Windham, Jack Dunphy, and Monroe Wheeler.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 732

T. S. Eliot collection, 1920-1972

Contains letters from T. S. Eliot to various individuals, drafts of writings by Eliot, and writings on Eliot by Helen Gardner. Portions of the collection are photocopies and photostats of material held by other repositories.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 523

Saul Steinberg correspondence to Aldo Buzzi, 1936-1999

The papers are comprised of autograph manuscript letters from American artist Saul Steinberg to his friend, writer and architect Aldo Buzzi from 1936 to 1999.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1135

Gary Soto papers, 1977-2003

The Gary Soto Papers contain writings, audiovisual material, and other papers that document the professional life of Gary Soto.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 640

Spencer Berger Collection on film, theater, and music, 1876-2000

The collection consists of material created and accumulated by Spencer Berger, stemming from his avocational interest in film, theater, and music, and from his particular research and collecting activities focused on actors John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, and Ethel Barrymore and musicians Ted Lewis and Leopold Stokowski. Material includes correspondence; photographs, including movie stills and autographed photographs of John Barrymore, Lionel Barrymore, Ethel Barrymore, and others; playbills, clippings, and other printed material; notes; scrapbooks; and other papers.
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 759

Samuel R. Delany papers, 1942-2015

The collection consists of writings, correspondence, personal papers, printed material, photographs, artwork, professional papers, audiovisual materials, electronic media, and other papers documenting the work and life of Samuel R. Delany. Writings include drafts, corrected proofs, and fragments of many of Delany's books, including The Einstein Intersection (New York : Ace Books, 1967), Dhalgren (New York : Bantam Books, 1975), and Phallos (Whitemore Lake : Bamberger Books, 2004). Correspondence includes both family and professional correspondence, as well as fan letters. Correspondents include Marilyn Hacker, Iva Hacker-Delany, Robert S. Bravard, Camilla Decarnin, Thomas M. Disch, and Joanna Russ.
Collection ID: JWJ MSS 184

George H. Bissell papers, 1855-1920, bulk 1855-1882

The papers consist of printed material, business records, and photographs that document the Bissell family and the foundations of the American petroleum industry in the 1850s. The collection is bound in seven volumes: two volumes of printed material relating to petroleum and other industries, three volumes of records of the Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company and the Adirondack Pulp Mills that document the creation and early growth of the companies, and two Bissell family photograph albums.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 788

Leonard S. Marcus papers, 1850-2015, bulk 1975-2015

The collection documents the work of Leonard S. Marcus, including the research, writing, and publication of books, articles, and other short works; work as contributing editor and children's literature reviewer at Parenting magazine; the curation of exhibitions at the New York Public Library and Eric Carle Museum for Picture Book Art; and trusteeship of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. The collection also contains Marcus's personal and professional correspondence and small amounts of photographs, publishing promotional materials, historic book and toy catalogs, posters, and other printed ephemera. Includes audio recordings and notes from Marcus's interviews with prominent children's literature authors, illustrators, and publishers, including Maurice Sendak, Judy Blume, and Madeleine L'Engle.
Collection ID: GEN MSS 1489
Collection ID: YCAL MSS 1201