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Leonard Leopold Mackall papers, 1919-1938

The papers consist of correspondence, clippings, booklets of Leonard L. Mackall. The bulk of the correspondence is with John F. Fulton.
Collection ID: MS 1325

William Hepburn Buckler papers, 1907-1937

The papers consist of correspondence, political reports, papers relating to the Paris Peace Conference, and printed materials of William H. Buckler, diplomat and archaeologist. The bulk of the papers relate to Buckler's work as a member of the American Commission to Negotiate Peace in Paris, 1918-1919, although there is material relating to his other diplomatic duties as well as his work as an archaeologist, especially the excavations at Sardis (1910-1914) and Anatolia (1922-1930)
Collection ID: MS 654

William Barrett Pease papers, 1877-1887

Correspondence and financial records of William Barrett Pease, son of a New Haven bookseller and Civil War veteran. Most of the letters are from members of his wife's family and relate to Pease's real estate holdings in Brooklyn. A letter (1879 Jul 3) from Samuel Chapman Armstrong, the founder of the Hampton Institute, offers Pease a position at the Institute.
Collection ID: MS 15

Kenya collection, 1901-2013

The collection consists of reports, printed material, and ephemera relating to the political, economic, and social conditions in Kenya. Also included are photographs.
Collection ID: MS 1523

Service Bureau, Yale University, records, 1911-1967

The records consist of correspondence, reports, contracts, inventories, budgets, printed material, ledgers, and building report books concerning the operations of the Yale Service Bureau.
Collection ID: RU 165

Health Systems Management Group, School of Organization and Management, Yale University, records, 1965-1979

The records consist of proposals, reports, correspondence, minutes, pictorial data, videotapes, audiotapes, and notes documenting the activities of the Health Systems Management Group of the Yale School of Organization and Management.
Collection ID: RU 757

Henchman S. Soule papers, 1839-1859

Correspondence, account books, business papers, and ships' records, relating to the many commercial concerns and shipping ventures Henchman S. Soule and his brothers conducted from New Haven, Connecticut, including world voyages and investments in California gold exploration.
Collection ID: MS 1110

John Bouton Lawrence papers, 1926-1946

The John Bouton Lawrence papers consist of unpublished prose and poetry written by Lawrence on such themes as ancient civilizations, religious feelings, and the moral condition of the contemporary world. The papers also include correspondence with various publishers, editors, and famous people to whom Lawrence sent his works.
Collection ID: MS 982

Smith-Nyman papers, 1929-1953, bulk 1929-1939

Reports, case studies, and background material used in research on a group of textile mills, primarily in the Southern United States, which had introduced the "textile stretch-out" or extended "labor system." Some of this research was sponsored by the Institute of Human Relations and was undertaken jointly with Richmond Carter Nyman.
Collection ID: MS 456

Russell Process company records, 1881-1901

Correspondence, legal and financial records of the Russell Process Company, a New York based company in the business of licensing patents for metallurgy, especially for extracting metals from ore. Many of the papers originated in the office of the secretary-treasurer, Talcott H. Russell, attorney in New Haven.
Collection ID: MS 1213

Thomas S. Bronson, Class of 1886, Sheffield Scientific School, photograph collection documenting life at Yale, 1900-1900

The materials consist of photographs of Yale and New Haven. Included in the collection are building, sports, circus, and beach scenes. Many of these photographs were used inThis Was Connecticut: Images of a Vanished World (1977).
Collection ID: RU 649

Anson Phelps Stokes family papers, 1761-1960, bulk 1892-1958

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, subject files, memorabilia, photographs, financial records, and other papers detailing the professional career and personal life of Anson Phelps Stokes and family members, including Olivia, Caroline and Helen Stokes. Papers relating to Anson Phelps Stokes document his work with prominent educators, reformers, religious leaders, businessmen, and politicians. Stokes's work on behalf of black education, social issues, and the Phelps-Stokes Fund are detailed. His religious activities, Yale University work, and family interests are also represented, as are Stokes's work on behalf of the Portsmouth Treaty of 1905 and the Yale-China Association. Papers relating to Helen Phelps Stokes include material relating to the Socialist Party and the National Civil Liberties Bureau.
Collection ID: MS 299

General counsel, Yale University, records, 1952-2001

The records consist of correspondence, litigation files,research files, subject files, reports, court transcripts, and printed matterdetailing the work of the general counsel's office at Yale University.
Collection ID: RU 128

Walter Huber Meyer papers, 1912-1978

The papers consist of correspondence, reports, lecture notes, forest inventories, and research data, which document Walter Huber Meyer's study and teaching of forest valuation and mensuration and his work as a forestry consultant to the Crossett Company, the Fordyce Lumber Company, the J. Neils Lumber Company, and the Georgia-Pacific Company.
Collection ID: MS 1476

Morse College, Yale University, fellows records, 1961-2004

The materials consist of correspondence and files pertaining to Morse College fellows.
Collection ID: RU 1104

Frank Lyon Polk papers, 1883-1942

The papers consist of correpondence, letterbooks, documents, diaries, subject files and other materials documenting the personal life and professional career of Frank Lyon Polk. The bulk of the material relates to Polk's Department of State service and includes correspondence with political figures, letterpress copybooks (1915-1917), and diaries (1915-1920). Materials relating to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace and the League of Nations are also included.
Collection ID: MS 656

Art, architecture, and art history theses and projects, Yale University, 1915-2019

The materials consist of research papers, theses, and projects by students in art, art history, and architecture programs at Yale.
Collection ID: RU 259

Wood family papers, 1809-1934, bulk 1839-1868

Chiefly the letters of William Cowper Wood to his parents written from Washington, D.C. and Joliet, Illinois. Also included is a ledger (1809-1837) kept by his father, Joseph Wood, a judge in New Haven, Connecticut, miscellaneous family letters, and genealogical materials.
Collection ID: MS 1157

School of Nursing, Yale University, memorabilia, 1998-1998

The materials consist of design specifications and history of the Yale School of Nursing's ceremonial mace.
Collection ID: RU 849

David Andrew Hunter papers, 1942-1958

The papers consist of correspondence, topical files and photographs. Correspondence and topical files document David Hunter's attempts to prove that his post-war illnesses were service-related and to gain compensation. The photographs are of the Far East during World War II.
Collection ID: MS 1486

Luce Hall, Yale University, records documenting design and construction, 1991-1994

The records consist of photographs and a set of mylar drawings documenting the construction of Luce Hall at Yale.
Collection ID: RU 708

Charles W. Toth correspondence with Tram Combs, 1954-1963

Sixty-eight letters and postcards, most containing discussion on the publication of Combs' book, Pilgrim's Terrace: Poems, American, West Indian, published in Puerto Rico. The collection also includes sixteen pages of long galleys for Combs' book.
Collection ID: MS 2061

Andrew Keogh papers, 1898-1938

Chiefly memoranda, outlines, notes, bibliographies, newspaper clippings, and other materials relating to the courses in bibliography that Keogh taught at Yale University from 1924 to 1938. There is also a small amount of personal correspondence, 1898-1916.
Collection ID: MS 940

Ethiopia collection, 1867-2013

The collection consists of correspondence, journals, printed material, ephemera, and photographs relating to the history of Ethiopia and the current political and social conditions.
Collection ID: MS 1516

School of Forestry, Yale University, alumni records and records of the Yale Forest Club, 1900-2003

The records consist of financial records, minutes, and officers' books for the Yale Forest Club and School of Forestry alumni. Also included is a Yale School of Forestry register, 1900-1907. Also included are records and a videotape documenting the 2003 alumni weekend.
Collection ID: RU 45

Postcards documenting the German occupation of East Africa, 1917-1918

The collection consists of forty-eight black and white postcards from the Belgian Propoganda Ministry following the invasion of German East Africa in 1917. Although German forces in German East Africa were never defeated, the postcards show 'Occupied' German East Africa.
Collection ID: MS 1899

Alfred K. Merritt, registrar of Yale College, correspondence, 1895-1910

The records consist of the correspondence of Alfred K. Merritt as registrar of Yale College.
Collection ID: RU 213

John Cleaveland papers, 1786-1807

The papers consist of sermons by John Cleaveland (1722-1799) and his son, John Cleaveland (1750-1815). The elder John Cleaveland is responsible for fifty-two sermons, chiefly preached at Ipswich, Massachusetts (1793-1798) and the younger is represented by seventy-two sermons delivered at Stoneham and Wrentham, Massachusetts from 1786-1807.
Collection ID: MS 882

Pierpont's Store records, 1820-1884

Sixty-four volumes of accounts, 1850-1884, of Pierpont's Store in North Haven, Connecticut. Also included are 161 loose papers: 13 of these were removed from the account books; the remaining 148, Sept. 1854-Sept. 1857, are mainly authorizations by various doctors for sale by Pierpont's Store of liquor for medicinal uses.
Collection ID: MS 399

Lefferts family papers, 1712-1936

Financial papers, deeds, legal documents, bills and receipts and other papers relating to the Lefferts and related families of New York. The papers include a group of documents concerning Aaron Burr's efforts in 1833-1834 to obtain a government pension. The papers also contain newspaper clippings covering the period 1830-1936.
Collection ID: MS 319

Office of Facilities, Yale University, records, 1868-1990

The records consist of project files of the Director of Facilities Construction Organization and requests for service documenting the activities of the Yale Office of Facilities.
Collection ID: RU 8

Connecticut Hall, Yale University, photographs, 1753-2000

The materials contain photographs, slides, and pictures of Connecticut Hall at Yale, which was known as South Middle College from 1882 to 1905. Included are photographs of the renovation work completed in 1953.
Collection ID: RU 700

W. Todd Furniss papers, 1990-1990

The W. Todd Furniss papers consist of two autobiographical volumes which describe the life of the Furniss family from 1927-1942.
Collection ID: MS 1598

Peter Megargee Brown papers, 1952-1988

The collection contains bound volumes of material relating to the professional and personal activities of Peter Megargee Brown, a lawyer and author.
Collection ID: MS 1782

Silvain van Praet papers, 1914-1918

Principally a manuscript diary kept in English in twelve school notebooks by Silvain van Praet, a member of the Ostend (Belgium) city government, from the day of the German occupation of Ostend (1914 October 14) until its liberation (1918 October 17). It was concealed in a hole in the wall of the Maison Communal. There is also a typescript copy of the manuscript (568 p.) and several related documents.
Collection ID: MS 1241

Yale course lectures collection, 1720-1989

The collection consists of notes on course lectures taken by Yale students and course notes and recorded lectures by Yale faculty.
Collection ID: RU 159

Henry Stevens papers, 1712-1879, bulk 1834-1879

Correspondence, chiefly concerning books and cataloguing; an essay on the Universal Postal Union; a portion of a speech; an eighteenth-century French manuscript; and memorabilia. Among Henry Stevens' correspondents are John R. Bartlett, Charles Deane, Charles Coffin Jewett, Henry Coit Kingsley, and J. Wingate Thornton.
Collection ID: MS 1117

Black Student Alliance at Yale records, 1971-1971

The records consist of position papers, minutes, a newsletter, and clippings documenting the Black Student Alliance at Yale.
Collection ID: RU 82

Marvin K. Lane, Class of 1937, Yale College, photograph collection documenting life at Yale University, 1937-1937

The material consists of photographs of Marvin Kenneth Lane (Yale 1937) documenting his graduation, Yale faculty, and a student demonstration in support of Jerome Davis, an associate professor in the Yale Divinity School who was allegedly dismissed for his political beliefs and activities.
Collection ID: RU 974

Norman Morrison Isham papers, 1848-1937

Correspondence, writings, architectural drawings, blueprints, photographs, and miscellanea relating to Isham's career as an architect, particularly in the restoration of old houses.
Collection ID: MS 1156

MASH (television program) scripts collection, 1971-1982

The collection consists of scripts written for the television program "M*A*S*H". These scripts are the final draft copies used by Loretta Swit Holahan, who portrayed the character Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan for the entire run of the television series.
Collection ID: MS 1404

Baldwin family papers, 1584-1977

The papers detail the personal lives and professional careers of several generations and family lines of the Baldwin family. The legal, political, and business activities of family members in Connecticut, New York, and elsewhere are documented. Major topics include: family, women, law, education, Connecticut and New York politics and government, New Haven, Connecticut, and Yale University.
Collection ID: MS 55

Abe Fortas papers, 1935-1983, bulk 1956-1982

The papers consist of Supreme Court materials, correspondence, writings, an unpublished typescript, "The Constitution and the Presidency," by former Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas. and photographs that document the various aspects of Abe Fortas's career as a law school professor, government official, lawyer in private practice, presidential advisor, patron and practitioner of the arts, public figure, and Supreme Court justice.
Collection ID: MS 858

Leland Starnes, director of the Yale Dramatic Association, records, 1950-1968

The records consist primarily of the production files maintained by Leland Starnes as director of the Yale Dramatic Association (Yale Dramat). Included are prompt scripts, notes, photographs, cast lists, rehearsal schedules, sheet music, budgets, ground plans, stage designs (sketches), programs, posters, sound recordings, and newsclippings. Also included are a complete set of meeting minutes of the Yale Dramatic Association from 1960 to 1968 and a small amount of correspondence.
Collection ID: RU 958

John Trumbull papers, 1750-1961

The papers consist of correspondence, legal and financial records, and writings which document the artistic career, business ventures, and personal life of John Trumbull. The papers also include correspondence, diaries, and financial and legal records of other Trumbull family members and of related Huntington, Lanman, Silliman, and Wadsworth family members. Files of Theodore Sizer containing his research material and writings on John Trumbull are also in the papers.
Collection ID: MS 506

Sao Tome and Principe collection, 1980-2012

The collection consists of printed material relating to political and economic conditions in Sao Tome and Principe.
Collection ID: MS 1538

Clarence Powell Thorne papers, 1913-1957

Correspondence, typescripts, and printed matter relating to Clarence Powell Thorne's personal crusade for "Americanism" and the "American way."
Collection ID: MS 1119

Yale Diploma Collection, 1702-1950

The collection consists of diplomas awarded by Yale.
Collection ID: RU 150

Byron Rufus Newton papers, 1882-1938

Corrrespondence, writings, notes, printed materials, clippings, photographs, financial papers, and memorabilia of Byron R. Newton, journalist and official in the Democratic Party. The papers relate largely to Democratic Party politics from 1910-1933, though there is also material relating to the early history of aviation in this country. Correspondents of note include Newton D. Baker, Charles W. Fairbanks, William G. McAdoo, William F. McCombs, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, and Wilbur and Orville Wright.
Collection ID: MS 374

Benjamin Nutting lithograph of Yale College and the New Haven Green, 1833-1833

The monochromatic lithograph by Benjamin F. Nutting depicts Yale College and the three churches on the New Haven Green as viewed from the western edge of the Green (Church Street).
Collection ID: RU 854

Brocklehurst family papers, 1871-1945

The papers consist of correspondence, estate papers, maps and other materials which document the purchase and management of the Vergelegen estate near the Lydenburg goldfields, Northern Transvaal, by the Brocklehurst family. Charles Brocklehurst had purchased Vergelegen in 1882, amidst rumors of gold and silver discoveries. The papers provide evidence of "gold fever" in the Transvaal, as well as, surveying practices, land transactions, and estate management in the Transvaal in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Papers documenting the activities of the Transvaal Land Owners' Association, of which E. H. Brocklehurst was a member, and the acquisition of the Kameelfontein estate in the Nylstroom district of the South African Republic are also included.
Collection ID: MS 1569

Elizabeth Hudson papers, 1914-1950, bulk 1916-1919

The papers consist of four albums of photographs and autographs documenting Elizabeth Hudson's service as a nurse in American Military Hospital #1 in Paris during World War I. The albums contain pictures of French, Moroccan, and American wounded soldiers with written identifications by Hudson and comments by her patients. There are also scenes of battlefields, hospital staff, and of the victory parade in Paris in 1919.
Collection ID: MS 1464

Hugh Picken Brady papers, 1927-1967, bulk 1954-1967

The papers include material on the Yale School of Forestry and other Yale related interests and miscellaneous records relating to Hugh Picken Brady's lumbering activities, including the records of his own and other lumber companies. The papers relating to the Yale School of Forestry include correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, printed matter and memorabilia for the period 1954-1967.
Collection ID: MS 878

General Hospital Society of Connecticut records, 1826-1939

The records consist of minutes, chapter records, and account books documenting the operations of the General Hospital Society of Connecticut (later known as New Haven Hospital).
Collection ID: RU 473

Trigant Burrow papers, 1875-1984

The papers contain correspondence, memoranda, manuscripts and other papers on the professional career and personal life of psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Trigant Burrow. The papers document Burrow's group laboratory research, the activities of The Lifwynn Foundation, the research of important colleagues like Hans C. Syz and Charles Baker Thompson, and such subjects as doctor-patient and interpersonal relations. The papers include extensive family and personal correspondence, a complete set of Burrow's published writings, drafts of manuscripts, and copies of unpublished and unfinished writings. Major correspondents include Sherwood Anderson, Sigmund Freud, Carl G. Jung, Alfred Korzybski, D. H. Lawrence, Adolf Meyer, Sir Herbert Read, Clarence Shields, and Leo Stein.
Collection ID: MS 1370

Thomas Gilyard papers, 1808-1853

Diaries, a farm ledger, poems, hymns and correspondence. The diary entries cover the years 1828-1853 and are interspersed with copies of Gilyard family letters from England (1808-1818) together with fifty-five pages of recipes for dyes. Many of the diary entries concern the Methodist Church of which Gilyard was a trustee for some thirty years. The farm ledger (1835-1845) records farm activities and the sale of farm produce.
Collection ID: MS 241

Richard C. Frewen papers, 1900-1944

Two unpublished typescripts of Richard C. Frewen's speculation on the origin of the cosmos and of life.
Collection ID: MS 1019

Joseph Barrell papers, 1909-1920

Correspondence, the manuscript for "The Piedmont terraces of the Northern Appalachians" in various stages, notes and miscellaneous items on geology originating during Barrell's service as secretary of the geological faculty at Yale University. The correspondence largely relates to university matters, except for that with Henry H. Robinson which pertains to the article.
Collection ID: MS 778

Brian Kiss photographs of stained glass in the Sterling Memorial Library Nave, Yale University, 2014

The collection consists of digital photographs (eighty .tiff files) of close-up images of the stained glass medallion windows located in the Sterling Memorial Library Nave.
Collection ID: RU 1136

World War I collection, 1914-1983, bulk 1914-1919

An artificial collection of printed material, photographs, songs, reports, correspondence, diaries, and miscellanea of United States men, many with a Yale University connection, relating to World War I, 1914-1919.
Collection ID: MS 754

Leffingwell family papers, 1688-1954

Correspondence, diaries, legal and financial records and memorabilia by and about the descendants of Lieutenant Thomas Leffingwell, one of the founders of Norwich, Connecticut. The major groups of papers are those of Christopher Leffingwell (1734-1810), a merchant in Norwich and William Leffingwell (1765-1834), a stockbroker in New York and later a resident of New Haven. These groups contain papers on legal, financial and business transactions. Family correspondence during the Revolutionary War describes civilian life and medical treatment of the period. National politics are discussed all through the nineteenth century. Also of interest are travel diaries kept by Caroline Augusta Foote in Savannah in 1834 and by Frederica Russell Street during a grand tour of Europe, 1843-1847.
Collection ID: MS 320

Wolfgang W. Klemperer papers, 1900-1960

The papers consist of letters from various famous physicians.
Collection ID: MS 1298

Otto Frey papers, 1920-1964

Correspondence, speeches, personal and financial documents and papers related to Otto Frey's post as a member of the secretariat of the United Nations since 1945. Also included are a number of items of memorabilia, among them photographs, maps, clippings and printed matter.
Collection ID: MS 1330

Richard F. C. Hartley papers, 1816-1881

Correspondence and business papers of Captain Richard F. C. Hartley, shipping firm owner of Saco, Maine, mainly relating to voyages of the ships Messenger and Devonshire. Also included are Samuel Hartley's memo booklets for the sloop Packet of Saco, 1816-1838. An addition to the collection includes documents of ships owned by Richard Hartley involved in the guano trade between Peru and other countries.
Collection ID: MS 646

Yale University Athletic Association scrapbooks documenting boxing, 1920-1940

The materials consist of scrapbooks maintained by the Yale University Athletic Association (later known as the Department of Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation) documenting boxing at Yale.
Collection ID: RU 936

Gordon Auchincloss papers, 1914-1951

The papers consist of correspondence, a diary, memoranda, and printed material largely relating to Gordon Auchincloss's position as assistant counselor in the State Department, 1917, and to his position as secretary to Colonel E. M. House at the armistice negotiations and the Paris Peace Conference, with some material on personal affairs. The diary lists his daily activities between 1914 and 1920, including many summaries of conversations, and with a retrospective entry on his first meeting with Colonel House in 1909. The subject files include memoranda and printed matter on the Peace Conference, American foreign policy and other political matters.
Collection ID: MS 580

Edward Maurice Cohart papers, 1936-1978

The papers consist of office files and course material which document Edward M. Cohart's career as professor of public health. There is extensive material for two major projects: the development of a Cancer Control Program at Yale and a research project of time studies of public health personnel. These papers form part of the Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection.
Collection ID: MS 1319

André Landín correspondence, 1936-1946

136 letters between Spanish Nationalist André Landín and his family members, 1936-1946. Letters document Landín's service in the Spanish Civil War, his time in the Spanish army, his service in Russia with the Azul Division, and his assignment to the Army Ministry after the war. The bulk of the correspondence is between Landín and his wife, Marichrista Landín.
Collection ID: MS 2081

William Louis Gaines papers, 1937-2004

The papers of William Louis Gaines contain correspondence, topical files, and journals. Journals comprise the great majority of the collection and cover almost his entire life. The journals, often over six hundred pages per year, provide comprehensive details about the organizations where Gaines was employed, analysis of current events, personal information, and much introspection.
Collection ID: MS 1858

Peter Starr papers, 1758-1829

Sermons of Peter Starr, together with the sermons of his predecessor in Kent (now Warren), Connecticut, Sylvanus Osborn, and of two relatives by marriage, John Keep and John Stevens. Three-fourths of the papers are by Peter Starr. During the Revolutionary War Starr shifted his loyalty, and the sermons provide biblical justification on both sides. John Keep was a chaplain during the war and a number of his camp sermons are in the collection.
Collection ID: MS 955

Class of 1955, Yale College, records, 1955-2003

The records consist of minutes, photographs, audio CD, and other records of the Yale College Class of 1955.
Collection ID: RU 324

Department of Athletics, Yale University, records documenting polo, 1926-2002

The records consist of the files of Daniel J. Wallace, Jr. as coach, scrapbooks, correspondence, and photographs documenting polo at Yale. Also included is a research paper on the sport by Alexandra Redding, Class of 2002.
Collection ID: RU 908

Benin collection, 1727-2010

The collection consists of a memoir, speeches, and printed material relating to the history of Benin and the current political and social conditions.
Collection ID: MS 1503

Erik Seeger papers, 1929-1933

The papers consist of correspondence from Erik Seeger to his parents in Denmark. The letters chronicle his daily activities, emphasizing his professional responsibilities which necessitated extensive travel in central Morocco to establish and service roadside pumping stations. Seeger describes his itineraries and customers, as well as local customs, festivals, political events, and the expatriate life. Approximately three hundred photographs of Moroccan people and sites complete the collection.
Collection ID: MS 1672

Yale University military and wartime activities photographs, 1898-1946

The materials consist of photographs of Army and Navy Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC and NROTC), Signal Corps, Yale Batteries, and Civil Affairs Training program activities at Yale during World War I and World War II. Includes images of drilling instruction, exercises, and artillery practice. There are a few photographs of Yale students during the Spanish-American War.
Collection ID: RU 750

William Callyhan Robinson papers, 1869-1881

The papers consist of the journals of William C. Robinson and his wife, Anna E. H. Robinson. Each volume records the daily thoughts and activities of the individuals while they lived and worked in New Haven, Connecticut. Both William and Anna Robinson were deeply religious and there is evidence of this throughout the journals.
Collection ID: MS 1441

Helen Coley Nauts papers, 1875-2000

The papers consist of patient files, correspondence, writings, subject files, and other materials documenting the careers of Helen Coley Nauts and her father, William Coley. The collection includes information regarding the use of "Coley toxins," a vaccine developed by Coley and promoted by Nauts, which has been used successfully in the treatment of cancer.
Collection ID: MS 1785

John R. Williams papers, 1966-1977

The papers consist of photocopies of correspondence, memoranda, clippings, printed material, transcripts of telephone conversations, and other declassified material from the national headquarters and New Haven, Connecticut office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, pertaining to the New Haven Chapter of the Black Panther Party. The papers document the investigation of the 1969 murder of Alex Rackley, the subsequent arrests of Bobby Seale and other party members, the surveillance of various demonstrations and protests, particularly those relating to May Day, 1970, and the 1971 trials of Seale and Erika Huggins.
Collection ID: MS 1398

James Alport Donovan, Jr. papers, 1891-1981

The papers consist of correspondence, memoranda, writings, printed matter, photographs, and personal material documenting Donovan's coursework in the Linguistics department at Yale (1937-1940), his career as a translator and special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (1941-1946), and in his various service positions in the Department of State (1946-1980). The bulk of the papers relates to his work for the State Department on various cultural exchange programs, particularly with Germany. As head of a project to write the history of the programs, Donovan arranged for oral history interviews with participants, and the papers include transcripts for interviews with Henry B. Ollendorf, David Trask, Jack Pfeiffer, Roberta Greene, and Mack Thompson. Also included are articles by Donovan (1953-1977), photographs showing him with State Department colleagues (1956-1971), and correspondence related to the Samuel Butler Newsletter (1978-1980). Daily journals and calendars document Donovan's personal affairs, interactions with family and acquaintances, hobbies, and professional activities from the 1930s to the 1970s.
Collection ID: MS 1249

Joseph Jeremiah Lawrence papers, 1833-1902

Chiefly ships' logs and accounts for nine ships on which Lawrence was master between 1842 and 1865. These were engaged in the trans-Atlantic and South American trade, and the log book for the ship Hindoo also contains passenger lists with place of birth and occupation for passengers from England to the United States. Also in the papers are family account books and financial papers (1868-1902).
Collection ID: MS 986

Yale-China Association records and memorabilia, 1877-1997

The material consists of photographs and slides, correspondence, diaries, maps, banners, Chinese language documents, memoirs, scrolls, and ephemera documenting activities and experiences from the Yale-China Association.
Collection ID: RU 235

Charles Nagel papers, 1877-1940

The papers include correspondence, letterbooks, scrapbooks, writings, topical files, photographs, and clippings which document the career of Charles Nagel. The papers highlight Nagel's legal practice and detail his role as counsel to Adolphus Busch and the Anheuser-Busch breweries. Files relating to Nagel's cabinet term include discussions of patronage appointments and efforts to win support for President Taft's re-election through the foreign language press, and his concerns as secretary of commerce and labor, including the 1910 census, the abolition of pelagic sealing, and fair enforcement of immigration laws. The papers reveal Nagel's love for German culture and his attempts to understand the events preceding World Wars I and II. Nagel's activities on behalf of German-Austrian relief efforts and German ethnic and cultural organizations are documented as is his involvement in the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Industrial Conference Board, and numerous St. Louis civic, educational, cultural, and charitable organizations. An addition to the papers includes correspondence from Nagel to his wife, Anne Shepley Nagel.
Collection ID: MS 364

Yale University long-range building plan, 1954-1957

The materials consist of notes, maps, letters, studies, and samples documenting the buildings and grounds of the Yale campus with regard to long range planning.
Collection ID: RU 556

Department of Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University, reference service records, 1907-2019

The records include research applications; correspondence; guides; donor files; registration forms; files of Thomas Rossiter Barnum; master microforms of the Stimson Papers index and catalog; call slips; ofice of origin request forms; reprographics order forms; and other files concerning reference activities of the Department of Manuscripts and Archives at Yale University Library. The records include the correspondence of the curator of Yale Memorabilia (1907-1933).
Collection ID: RU 506

Berkeley College, Yale University, records of the master, 1932-1990

The records consist of correspondence and administrative files documenting the students and activities of the master of Berkeley College, Yale University. Also included are Robert Triffin's records on the Yale Class of 1969 Legal Defense Fund.
Collection ID: RU 441

Bicentennial Schlock Collection, 1967-1977

A collection of objects and packaging for commercial products celebrating the United States Bicentennial in 1976. These items were assembled as a course project for Jesse Lemisch's American Studies class at SUNY/Buffalo in the spring of 1976 and exhibited in 1976 and 1977. Included in the collection are catalogues of the exhibitions as well as related correspondence and photographs.
Collection ID: MS 1262

Tyrolean documents collection, 1596-1794

Papers from two villages in the South Tyrol: Algund and Tramin. The papers from Algund relate to the parsonage and include inventories and various legal forms concerning the duties of the parson. The larger group of papers pertain to the administration of an imperial vineyard located near Tramin and contains lists of deliveries together with miscellaneous correspondence (1596-1720).
Collection ID: MS 513

Franz B. Tuteur papers, 1940-1989

The papers consist of biographical material, correspondence, teaching files, and topical files documenting Franz Tuteur's career in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Yale University.
Collection ID: MS 1576

Franco-American Review papers, 1936-1938

Correspondence concerning editorial policy and financial matters of the Franco-American Review, a quarterly devoted to history, literature, and criticism, edited by American and French scholars and critics.
Collection ID: MS 1080

Trumbull College, Yale University, photographs, 1929-1962

The collection contains photographs and slides documenting the construction of Trumbull College at Yale, including interior and exterior views.
Collection ID: RU 609

Helen Heffron Roberts papers, 1870-1982

The papers include correspondence, research materials, notebooks, musical scores and transcripts, photographs, and writings documenting the career of Helen Heffron Roberts as an ethnomusicologist.
Collection ID: MS 1410

William Fowler Hopson papers, 1865-1941

Correspondence, genealogical material, account books, and miscellaneous papers of William F. Hopson. The collection contains papers related to his many club activities, including the Acorn Club of Connecticut, Grolier Club, and Rowfant Club of Cleveland.
Collection ID: MS 287

President's office, Yale University, records, 1718-2002

The records consist of correspondence, a notebook, and subject files documenting activities of academic units, development and alumni affairs, finance, legal affairs, and agencies and organizations affiliated with Yale University. The records span the administrations of several presidents of Yale University.
Collection ID: RU 834

Timothy Lester Woodruff family papers, 1776-1904

Family correspondence of John Woodruff and his son, Timothy Lester Woodruff. Included are several items documenting John Woodruff's career as a Congressman from Connecticut (1855-1857; 1859-1861) and his election on the American Party ticket. Also in the papers is a letter from Samuel Scott, an ancestor of the family, written while serving in the American Revolution.
Collection ID: MS 1229

Harvey Williams Cushing Papers in the Yale University Library, 1745-1965, bulk 1887-1939

The Harvey Williams Cushing Papers in the Yale University Library are composed of correspondence, subject files, writings, family papers, artifacts, and writings about Harvey Cushing. The papers document the personal life and professional career of a medical giant and pioneer neurosurgeon. They reveal Cushing as a doctor, teacher, soldier, administrator, bibliophile, and scientist, whose diverse achievements are important to the histories of the Harvard Medical School, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, and the Yale University Medical School and Library, as well as to the history of brain surgery. Harvey Williams Cushing was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 9, 1869. He was the youngest of ten children of Henry Kirke and Betsey Maria (Williams) Cushing. Medicine was a family tradition. His father was a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Western Reserve University. His brother, Edward Fitch, grandfather, and great-grandfather were also physicians. His grandfather, Erastus Cushing, had moved to Cleveland in 1835 from Massachusetts, where the family had become established some two hundred years earlier.
Collection ID: MS 160

Branford College, Yale University, records of the master, 1960-1973

The records consist of administrative files maintained by the master of Branford College, Yale University, including correspondence, memoranda, lists, reports, and topical files.
Collection ID: RU 831

George Levi Fox papers, 1874-1930

Outgoing letters, draft of a Ph.D. dissertation, a diary, clippings, printed matter, and miscellaneous papers. The outgoing letters consist of a letter book about George L. Fox's investments in Florida orange groves in the 1880s and a series of drafts of letters to various newspapers on Irish and English politics (1917-1925). The diary records his travels in England and Europe in 1921 and 1923.
Collection ID: MS 975

Branford College and Saybrook College, Yale University, photographs, 1932-1933

The materials consist of photographs documenting the construction of Branford College and Saybrook College at Yale.
Collection ID: RU 604

Mary Boykin Chesnut diaries collection, 1817-1886

The collection consists of photoduplicates of original Mary Chesnut manuscripts, from the South Caroliniana Library at the University of South Carolina and from private owners, collected by C. Vann Woodward for the preparation of his book, Mary Chesnut's Civil War.
Collection ID: MS 1263

Theodore Martindale Purdy photographs and papers, 1883-1931

This collection consists of photograph albums, maps, diaries and other materials documenting the worldwide travels of Theodore Martindale Purdy from 1883 to 1931.
Collection ID: MS 1994