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Waterbury Hospital Papers, 1898-1996 and undated

The Waterbury Hospital Papers contain various documents regarding the history of Waterbury Hospital from the late 1800s through the early 2000s. Documents include photographs, records books, and hospital magazines. Photographs depict the children's ward, radiology center, operating room, and other medical procedures. Additionally, the collection contains information about the Waterbury Nursing School which was associated with the hospital. Items include a scrapbook kept by a nursing student in 1935 and an oral history interview with Ginger Golymbieski, a former student who then worked at the hospital. The interview details her schooling and practice as a nurse.
Collection ID: M.84

Prichard Family Papers, 1749-1920, circa 2017

This collection documents several generations of the Prichard family, who were from Waterbury, CT. Correspondence and ledgers highlight several of the family's businesses. Sarah and Katharine's interest and work in local history can be found in correspondence and professional writings. This collection is entirely paper based, but photographs of the family members can be accessed through the Mattatuck's Photograph Collection.
Collection ID: M.9

Waterbury Clock Company Collection, 1890-1999

This collection is an artifical collection compiled from various acquisitions by the Mattatuck Museum. The Waterbury Clock Company Collection contains bulletins, patents, price list catalogs, and Timex marketing folders spanning from the late 1800s to the late 1900s.
Collection ID: M.97

Waterbury Button Company Records, 1849-1935

The records of the Waterbury Button Company is largely composed of business documents including letters, bills, receipts, account information, patents, ledgers, etc. The collection also contains the personal papers of J. R. Smith, President; most related to Waterbury Country Club, of which he was founder.
Collection ID: M.2

John H. Barker Collection, 1944-1951 and undated

The John H. Barker Collection contains various photographs, advertisements, and documents detailing the artistic output of the industrial artists during the 1940s through the 1950s. Photographs include depictions of paintings of various Waterbury factories, including Anaconda Copper and American Brass Co., which were painted by John H. Baker. The collection also contains various advertisements for Anaconda and American brass that include artwork created by J.H. Barker. The collection also contains correspondence to J.H. Barker from Orton P. Camp and an announcement from Anaconda Vice President on the opening of the Ansonia Branch. The collection contains one folder of paintings of an undetermined factories from other artists, which were perhaps used as reference or research.
Collection ID: M.85

Medical and Scientific Collection, 1772-1938 and undated

The Medical and Scientific Collection contains various medical journals and personal documents regarding illness. Documents include various notebooks kept during medical school as well as during practice by several Waterbury doctors. Also included in the collection are city announcements on recent outbreaks of diseases such as Typhoid fever and on the effectiveness of the smallpox inoculation. Also represented are various personal accounts regarding illnesses such as whooping cough.
Collection ID: M.16

Plume and Atwood Manufacturing Company Records, 1874-1895 and 1909-1957

The records document the Plume and Atwood Company, which made sheet brass, wire, lamp parts, rivets, fasteners, and other small brass goods. The collection is largely of composed of correspondence to the Boston office. Ledgers are from the Waterbury office. Ephemera is included at the end of the collection dating through 1957. Additionally, the Lewis J Atwood obituary from 1909 is included in the collection.
Collection ID: M.1

Wade, White and Griggs Family Papers

This collection is centered around Elizabeth Wade White, but it also includes documents relating to other members of the Wade, White, and Griggs families. The collection is largely photographs and genealogical records, though there is a small portion of correspondence, newspaper clippings, travel diaries, and school records. The collection spans from 1870-1999.
Collection ID: M.94

Waterbury Jewish History Collection, 1919-1989

The Waterbury Jewish History Collection was donated Gary Broder. Broder was a Waterbury resident very interested in the Jewish history and community in the city. The collection contains various documents and books detailing the Jewish history in Waterbury. Included are photographs, articles, and appreciation certificates of Jewish war veterans, as well as a Proclamation from Mayor Bergen. The collection also includes books and photographs from the Western Connecticut Jewish community center. There are also Jewish publications represented in the collection, including The Chavurah and The Jewish Community Bulletin. There are also two autobiographical accounts from Samuel Chotzinoff and Martin Greenblatt. Lastly, there are many school records from Beth El and other religious schools in Waterbury.
Collection ID: M.79

Shoe Hardware Company Records, 1893-1919 and undated

The small collection contains various records of the Shoe Hardware Company from 1893-1919. The records include company advertisements, related advertisements from competing shoe buckle makers, samples of the company shoe buckle fasteners and ledgers. Of special interest is the Time Book ledger which details employee names, weekly hours, and pay.
Collection ID: M.82

Elsie Flink Papers, circa 1895, circa 1916-1996, 2020 and undated

The personal papers of Elsie Flink, Waterbury resident and personality. Flink worked at several local factories and was a member of St. John's Church. She participated in a study about radium poisoning since she was one of Waterbury's Radium Girls.
Collection ID: M.62

Ernest Roth Papers, 1911-1963 and undated

The Ernest Roth Papers document the artistic work of Ernest Roth. The collection includes: objects such as medals and print making brayers. The collection is largely paper based including: correspondence, articles detailing Roth's work and exhibits, as well as photographs of Ernest Roth. The collection also features a subseries on J. Andre Smith, friend of Ernest Roth. This subseries includes: correspondence to Elizabeth Roth, Christmas Cards with Etchings, and 2 books on Smith's artwork.
Collection ID: M.75

Waterbury Cemetery Collection, 1741-1945

The Waterbury Cemetery Collection contains documents and records detailing the history and interments of various cemeteries throughout Waterbury's history. The cemeteries represetned in the collection include Riverside, Calvary, and the no longer visible Grand Street Cemetery. The collection is largely composed of lists of internments - both original and copies. Katharine Prichard who was an active member of the Mattatuck Historical Society hand copied these records.Also represented throughout the collection is the Waterbury Cemetery Census from 1934 detailing every cemetery in Waterbury. Lastly, the collection also contains records regarding cemeteries from surrounding towns, like Watertown.
Collection ID: M.47

Phillip Kappel Papers, 1927-1981 and undated

The Phillip Kappel Papers contains various correspondence and artwork files documenting Kappel's career. The collection was donated by Elton Hall, who was a museum curator and close friend to Kappel and later head of the Kappel estate. Some of the correspondence includes letters to Phillip Kappel from various colleagues regarding his artwork and letters between Elton Hall and Phillip Kappel. Also, included are re-prints of Kappel's work, various photos of his art work, and exhibit announcements. The collection also contains many photographs of Kappel and his wife, as well as photographs of their home in New Milford, Connecticut. Lastly, the collection includes files from the Kappel estate.
Collection ID: M.40

Sacred Heart High School Records, 1922-2018

This collection documents Sacred Heart High School which was open from 1922-2021. Sacred Heart was founded in 1922 as a Catholic all girls school, but in 1938 became a co-ed school. Types of documents include: administrative files, yearbooks, scrapbooks, school newspapers, and photographs. These materials give the viewer an insight into the activities and values at this high school.
Collection ID: M.95

Bristol Company Records, 1894-1981 and undated

The Bristol Company Records document the founding of the Bristol Company and the various products produced by the company. Bristol produced industrial instruments: instruments to measure and record temperature, electricity, pressure, motion, time, flow, and humidity. Documents include Product Data Sheets, Catalogs, Photographs, Meeting Minutes, Newspaper Clippings. The museum also has a small collection of Bristol Instruments.
Collection ID: M.74

Rosalind Russell Collection, 1910-2007

The Rosalind Russell files include various personal and professional documents collected by Russell. The collection mainly is composed of photographs, depicting Russell's childhood as well as her professional career, such as headshots. The collection also includes movie posters from movies such as "Wonderful Town" and "Aunt Mame". Interesting to note is a folder on the various properties the Russell family owned throughout Waterbury.
Collection ID: M.89

Minnie Rogers Steele Papers, 1875-1941 and 2019; bulk 1924-1929

Minnie Rogers Steele was an artist who was born in Waterbury, CT in 1860. Between 1928 and 1929 she studied art in Paris under Andre Lhote who was known as the "academician cubist." The collection contains 21 letters from Steele during her stay in Paris, largely to her son Norman.
Collection ID: M.87

Great Brook Manufacturing Company Records, 1856-1911

This collection documents the founding of the collective which served the purpose of building and maintaining a dam and reservoir in Great Brook at Buck's Hill.
Collection ID: M.3

Waterbury Civil Rights Collection, 1963-1970 and 1978

This collection documents the 1968 State Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities public hearings in Waterbury. The commission was concerned with four areas: Housing, Education, Employment, and Police-Community Relations. The collection contains the 8 volumes of verbatim testimony, reports and responses, as well as contextual newspaper clippings in the 1960s and 1970s.
Collection ID: M.65

Mary Meli Genealogical Papers, 1847-1927 and undated

The collection contains various genealogical records collected and donated by Mary Meli. The collection is largely composed of general genealogical records about the Potter, Willard, and Currie family origins. This includes family photographs, Christmas cards, and a journal. Interesting to note is a family Bible and a pamphlet celebrating the Burlington Centennial.
Collection ID: M.83

Sando Bologna Papers, 1940-1955

Sando Bologna was a long-time time resident of Waterbury, CT and wrote for the local newspapers. The collection contains various documents published and collected by Sando Bologna. The collection is largely newspaper articles collected by Bologna pertaining to the second World War. In addition to the newspaper articles the collection also contains press releases from the America First Committee and correspondence from Sando Bologna to elected officials. In addition, the collection also contains articles written by Bologna for the Waterbury American. Interesting to note is the Waterbury American Service Edition articles.
Collection ID: M.36

Waterbury Regional Newspaper Collection, 1781-2022

The first newspaper published in Waterbury, CT was The American on December 14, 1844. Since 1844 Waterbury has had a variety of professional and amateur newspapers. This collection is composed of both professional and amateur newspapers. While the archive does not have a complete run of any one newspaper – the collection has focused on specific events and time periods: the Fire of 1902, the Flood of 1955, and the nineteenth century as examples. The newspaper collection offers an interesting glimpse into both national and local events from the 1840s until today. The collection will have additional accruals in the future.
Collection ID: M.30

Chase Brass and Copper Company Records, 1930-1981

The Chase Brass and Copper Records contains various professional documents regarding the Chase Brass and Copper Company. The collection is many composed of Company advertisements sent to customers and vendors detailing new products. Also represented are various employee bulletins, including Chase News, as well as photographs of company products and showrooms. The collection also contains various newspaper articles on company history. Interesting to note is a series of Chase Cartoons, as well as multiple bargaining contracts with the companies Union.
Collection ID: M.58

Waterbury Cancellations and Stamp Collection, 1862-1940 and undated

The Waterbury Cancellations and Stamp Collection contains cancellations created by John W. Hill of Waterbury, Connecticut in the mid 1800s. The collection contains original cancellations on envelopes as well as in a scrapbook on stamps. Hill's cancellations are unique in that he carved a wide variety of images to use as a stamp. The collection also contains Southern New England Telephone stamps, as well as revenue stamps. Interesting to note is a photograph of one of Hill's most famous cancellation about the Andrew Johnson impeachment.
Collection ID: M.57

Pearl Street Neighborhood House Collection, 1917-1971 and 1992-2002

The Pearl Street Neighborhood House Collection contains photocopies and original documents about the founding and activities of the Pearl Street Neighborhood House from the 1920s through the 1970s. The goals of the house were "to a work for the social and moral welfare of the colored people of Waterbury and their friends." Pearl Street Neighborhood House was an active center for the social and political life of African Americans in Waterbury.
Collection ID: M.91

Alexandra Darrow Collection, circa 1950-1984

Alexandra Darrow was a photographer who lived in Woodbury Connecticut in the mid-1900s. She and her father, Judson Darrow, ran a successful photography studio and specialized in photographing artist's work. The collection is largely composed of black and white photographs of Naum Gabo and his artwork and Clare Leighton and her artwork. In addition to the photographs there is a small amount of correspondence from and about Clare Leighton, as well as one small print by Leighton.
Collection ID: M.88

Brass Worker's History Project Collection, 1919-1983, circa 1995, and undated

The Brass Workers History Project was a group of historians and film makers who were interested in researching the experiences of Waterbury brass workers in the early 1980s. The project collected oral history interviews, original archival materials and copies of reference material. The project culminated in a documentary film called Brass Valley and a book with the same title. This project influenced the Mattatuck Museum's oral history projects and its history gallery.
Collection ID: M.33

Waterbury Farrel Foundry and Machine Company Collection, 1890-1962

The Waterbury Farrel Foundry and Machine Company made metal-working industrial machines.With the growing brass industry in Waterbury in the mid 1800s, there was a need for metal-working machinery and quicker repair services. This collection is largely composed of photographs and descriptions of the machines as well as product catalogs from the twentieth century.
Collection ID: M.96

Pocket Knife Manufacturing Collection, 2007-2015 and undated

The collection contains various records donated by Historian Mary Ellen Matise. The collection is largely research files that Matise collected over the years. The collection contains articles and resources collected on the documentation of pocketknife manufacturing through the 19th century. Also represented in the collection is Matise's research titled, "The American Pocketknife Industry in the 19th Century." Interesting to note is a video compiled by Matise on her research.
Collection ID: M.81

Waterbury Schools and Colleges Collection, 1741-2004, bulk 1890-1950

This artificial collection largely represents records of public and private schools in Waterbury, CT. In addition to materials about K-12 schools, there is also a small amount of material about the local universities. Document types include: newspaper clippings, yearbooks, programs, early tax records, curriculum, student newspapers, student publications, play bills, and academic brochures.
Collection ID: M.17

Waterbury Regional Map Collection, 1843-1942 and undated

The Waterbury Regional Map Collection is divided into 3 series or topics based on location: Waterbury; Connecticut; and Other. A large portion of the maps are rolled, and require advance notice for viewing. The collection contains several maps of Waterbury from 1852, 1909, and 1932 which show how much the landscape of Waterbury has changed. Of interest are the maps which "map" abstract concepts like time, or the celestial heavens.
Collection ID: M.46

Yves Tanguy Collection, 1938-1963, 1982 and undated

The Yves Tanguy Collection is composed of exhibition catalogs, exhibition announcements, publications featuring Tanguy's work, and photographs of Tanguy's artwork.
Collection ID: M.72

Reymond's Baking Company Records, 1920-2008 and undated

Reymond Baking Company was founded and operated in Waterbury by brothers Albert and Adolph Reymond and operated from 1910 through the 1980s through it's unclear when production stopped. The Reymond Baking Company Records include company advertisements and photographs of building additions, company storefronts, employees, and materials relating to Sunbeam bread. The collection also contains Miss Sunbeam advertisements and ephemera, including nail files, pin cushions, and handheld games. Interesting to note is a Little Miss Sunbeam costume.
Collection ID: M.76

Helen Leary Papers, 1929-1989

The Helen Leary Papers contains documents Leary kept over the years detailing her involvement in the East End Community and other local organizations. The collection contains scrapbooks created by Leary containing newspaper articles about East End Community Club's accomplishments as well as articles and pictures of the Genlot Girls' Bowling League. There are also programs and photographs of the Chase Girls' Choir, Chase Company newsletters, as well as newsletters from the East End Community Club. Interesting to note are two awards received by Leary, one plaque of appreciation from the East End Community Club and a 1st place trophy from the Connecticut State Bowling Tournament.
Collection ID: M.78

Cookbook Collection, 1868-1973

The Cookbook Collections contains various cookbooks from many different groups in Waterbury. Some of the cookbooks include Hadassah recipes collected by Jewish women of Waterbury and recipes collected from women attending the Waterbury Hospital School of Nursing. Also included are recipes from World War II as well as the 19th century.
Collection ID: M.28

Princeton Knitting Mills Records, 1943-1960

Princeton Knitting Mills Records documents employee information and information on flood recovery. This collection gives the viewer an insight onto wages and general employee life/production records. The collection spans from 1943-1960 and is largely composed of employee bulletins.
Collection ID: M.92

Marjorie Robinson Papers, 1934-1975 and undated

Abstract: The Marjorie Robinson papers is alrgely composed of genealogy records compiled by Marjorie Robinson of the Robinson Family lineage. It also includes recorded genealogy on the Louisa May Alcott family. The collection also contains parish announcements from the First Methodist Church in Waterbury, as well as photographs from the Waterbury Savings Bank. Lastly, the collections also contains photographs of Waterbury residents believed to be the friends of Marjorie Robinson.
Collection ID: M.77

Waterbury Town and City Records, 1745-1922

The Waterbury Town and City Records contains documents from Connecticut's early colonization and Waterbury's incorporation as a city. Some of the documents include documentation of town debts and minutes from town meetings. There are various records collected by the Selectmen of Waterbury, as well as court rulings between Waterbury and other cities regarding landownership. Interesting to note are documents containing information on the architecture of Fulton Park.
Collection ID: M.22

Raymond Donnelly World War II Scrapbook Collection, 1946

The Raymond Donnelly World War II Scrapbook Collection is composed of one scrapbook that Donnelly created in 1946. The scrapbook contains photographs that document the aftermath of WWII in Europe.
Collection ID: M.60

Kay Sage Collection, 1915-2018, bulk 1940-1965

The Kay Sage Collection is composed of three groupings of materials: items created by Sage or collected by Sage during her lifeime, collected material by others after her lifetime, and the Kay Sage estate files. Materials include correspondence to and from Kay Sage, exhibition annoucements and catalogs, personal notebooks, published volumes of poetry, and legal documents regarding the dissolution of her estate. The Mattatuck Museum also has a large collection of Kay Sage artwork and a rare book and surrealist ephemera collection.
Collection ID: M.71

Elton Family Papers, 1779-1935

The Elton family have been members of the Waterbury and Watertown community since the mid 1700s and were farmers, businessmen, and medical doctors. This collection documents the professional and personal relations of several members largely through correspondence and administrative papers spanning the 1800s. The largest quantity of materials in the collection are the medical books, passed down from generation to generation. Of special interest are several family and local histories.
Collection ID: M.6

Anaconda American Brass Company Records, 1940-1965

The Anaconda American Brass Company Records contains various company publications and administrative records regarding the American Brass and Anaconda Copper Companies. The collection mainly consists of company publications which were used to advertise products to customers, as well as employee handbooks. The collection also includes documents regarding the Anaconda's history and then merger with American Brass Company. There is a small amount of material detailing the Waterbury flood of 1955, as well as photographs and original drawings for product advertisements.
Collection ID: M.86

Kingsbury Family Papers, 1783 - 1937

This collection documents the everyday, professional, and philanthropic life of several members of the Kingsbury family. While the collection is largely paper based, there are also publications related to the Kingsbury family, daybooks, account ledgers, a scrapbook, daguerreotypes, an ambrotype, a tintype, cart de visites, cabinet cards, and photograph albums. There are three photographs of African American women from the mid 1800s.
Collection ID: M.7

George L. Lilley Papers, 1899-1909, 1934 and undated

George L. Lilley served in the Connecticut State House of Representatives from 1901-1903. From 1903 through 1909 he serves as a US Congressman. Finally, he served as Governor from January 5 through April 21, 1909, when he passed away in office. This collection documents his various activities as a politician. Additionally, there is a small amount of personal material.
Collection ID: M.8

Waterbury YMCA Records, 1889-2000

This collection contains records of the Waterbury YMCA from 1889-2000. The collection includes newsletters, newspaper clippings, and various photographs. This collection documents the YMCA's activities and community involvement.
Collection ID: M.93

Chief Two Moon Collection, 1926-1932, 1955, 1969, 1983-1994, and 2013

Chief Two Moon Meridas was an entrepreneur who lived in Waterbury from circa 1918 through his death in 1932. He utilized stereotypical imagery of indigenous peoples to sell "herbal tonics."
Collection ID: M.64

Cairns Aircraft Research Files, 1929-2017 and undated

The collection contains various records collected and donated by Ed Cassagneres who was an aeronautical archeologist. The collection is largely research files that Cassagneres collected on the Cairns Aircraft Company and includes photographs of the many fully metal planes as well as newspaper articles centering the planes creation by Edmund Burke Cairns. Interesting to note are the many patents obtained by Edmund, as well as report done on the company by the U.S. Navy.
Collection ID: M.52

Waterbury Women's Civic League Records, 1948-1995

The Waterbury Women's Civic League Records document the activities of the League from the late 1940s through the mid 1990s. The Civic League was founded on April 27, 1942 by Corinne Thomas as a club for African American women who were interested in affecting change in their community. The club raised funding to provide scholarships for black youth to attend college and created programming celebrating black arts and culture. The collection is largely newspaper clippings detailing events and scholarship recipients, although there are also photographs, correspondence, and broadsides.
Collection ID: M.90

Camp Family Papers, 1847-1991 and undated

The Camp Family Papers contains various correspondence and personal records collected by the Camp Family. Some of the correspondence includes letters from Reverend Albert Camp, his wife Frances Camp, their Daughter Nancy Camp, son Wallace Camp, and Aunt Mary Shears. The collection also contains sermon notes and sermons by Reverend Albert Camp, as well as instructions to household help from Frances Camp. Also in the collection are correspondence by Orton Camp Jr. sent to his parents detailing his time serving in World War II. Also from this same time period are photographs of Orton Camp Jr. and various army medals. Interesting to note is Orton Camp Jr.'s personal records, which contains letters from the Mattatuck Museum as well as Taft School.
Collection ID: M.80

Waterbury Railroad and Transportation Collection, 1849-circa 1920, 1928-1997 and 2017

This is an artificial collection composed by the archivists at the Mattauck Museum to document the railroad and transportation development in and surrounding Waterbury. The collection is largely paper based, but also includes various tokens used for passage.
Collection ID: M.4

Chase Collegiate School Records, 1863-2020

The Records of the Chase Collegiate School span from 1863-2020. Founded as an all girls school in 1865, the Collegiate Institute for Young Ladies taught a complete education for women in Waterbury, CT. Reorganized in 1875 as Saint Margaret's School for Girls, the school continued its mission of educating young women. In 1912 McTernan's School for Boys was founded in Waterbury as an all boys school by Charles McTernan and in 1973 the 2 schools merged to become a non-demoninational co-ed school named Saint Margaret's-McTernan School. In 2005 the school was renamed Chase Collegiate School. In all of its iterations, the school was always focused academic achievements, creative expression, a sense of community, and the development of leadership qualities. The Records of the School are divided into series based on the various names of the school. The collection largely reflects student life, but also includes administrative files. Object types include but not limited to: annual reports, correspondence, handbooks, course descriptions, meeting minutes, photographs, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, student publications, performance ephemera, and event files.
Collection ID: M.98