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Isadore Freed collection, 1939-1979

This small collection contains photographs, newspaper clippings, press releases, compositions, and concert programs pertaining to Isadore Freed at the Julius Hartt School of Music and the Hartt College of Music.
Collection ID: ARCH172

Hartt School phonograph records, 1938-1986, undated

The Hartt School phonograph records is a collection of phonograph records collected by the Hartt School which pertain to the school and its students, faculty, and alumni.
Collection ID: ARCH138

STN2 videos, 1990-2014

The collection consists of newscasts and other recordings made by the University of Hartford Student Television Network Channel 2 (STN2) from 1992 to 2021.
Collection ID: ARCH179

Alan Tompkins works of art and papers, 1934-2007

The collection contains the artwork, papers, and photographs, of Alan Tompkins from 1934-2007.
Collection ID: ARCH162

Edward Miller scores and sheet music, 1952-2002, undated

The collection contains musical arrangements and compositions of Edward Miller from 1952-2002.
Collection ID: ARCH163

Ward College of Technology records, 1948-2009

The collection consists of records from the Ward College of Technology from 1948 to 2003.
Collection ID: ARCH072

University of Hartford Staff Council records, 1997-2016

Records of the University of Hartford Staff Council (UHSC) from 1997-2016. The majority of the materials are meeting records.
Collection ID: ARCH180

Ernest Bloch collection, 1910-1990

The collection consists of correspondence, biographies, and ephemera pertaining to the life, career, and memory of Ernest Bloch.
Collection ID: ARCH061

Elemer Nagy collection, 1923-2002, bulk 1935-1971

The collection contains the works and papers of Elemer Nagy throughout his career as an opera director from 1923-1971. The materials include his set and costume designs, production notes, correspondence and various subject files, as well as a collection of large scenery slides he designed and created for his multi-screen projection system.
Collection ID: ARCH125

Stuart Saunders Smith papers, 1960-2018

This collection holds the personal and professional papers of Stuart Saunders Smith including compositions, recordings, correspondence, writings, and photographs.
Collection ID: ARCH174

Hartford Art School collection, Circa 1890 - circa 2012

The collection consists of the records of the Hartford Art School, as well as material about the school and its history.
Collection ID: ARCH047

Hartt guest artists collection, 1950-2010, bulk 1962-1979

Materials pertaining to guest artists at the Hartt School primarily in the 1960s and 70s.
Collection ID: ARCH078
Collection ID: ARCH149

Julius Hartt collection, 1869-1981

This collection consists of correspondence, writings, photographs, and personal items belonging, or pertaining, to Julius Hartt.
Collection ID: ARCH059

University of Hartford Associates records, 1963 - 1990

The collection contains records and ephemera from the Associates of the University of Hartford; a fund raising organization for the University.
Collection ID: ARCH102

Paranov family papers, 1877-2012

The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper clippings, performance programs, and photographs, as well as some audio recordings and ephemera pertaining to the Paranov family and their involvement with the Julius Hartt Musical Foundation.
Collection ID: ARCH130

Office of Marketing and Communication records, -

This collection contains subject records and materials generated by the Office of Marketing and Communications at the University of Hartford.
Collection ID: ARCH115

Aerie collection, 1996-2019

A collection of the University of Hartford's literary journal, Aerie from 1996 - 2017.
Collection ID: ARCH164

Faculty Senate records, 1960-2014

The collection consists of faculty senate meeting minutes, committee records, and subject files from 1960 to 2014.
Collection ID: ARCH020

Atwood Collins United Nations collection, 1942-1953, undated, bulk bulk 1945 May - Jun

The collection consists of the papers from Atwood Collins work pertaining to the United Nations Conference on International Organization held in San Francisco, CA in 1945.
Collection ID: ARCH007

Keller Lectures collection, 1954-2007, bulk 1958-1975

The collection contains materials pertaining to the Keller Lectures from 1958-1976, including planning and publicity materials, photographs, transcripts, and recordings.
Collection ID: ARCH075

John Holtz papers, 1963-1990

This small collection consists of materials pertaining to the International Contemporary Organ Music Festival, and the career of John Holtz.
Collection ID: ARCH126

Harold Bauer collection, 1900-1956, bulk 1928-1951

The collection consists primarily of correspondence from Harold Bauer to Moshe Paranov from 1928-1951, as well as photographs of Harold Bauer and his master classes. The collection also includes some newspaper clippings, press releases, concert programs, and other papers.
Collection ID: ARCH171
Collection ID: ARCH045

Julius Hartt Musical Foundation, Inc. records, 1934-1998

The collection consists primarily of board of trustee and committee minutes. It also contains records of Yehudi Menuhin's residency and Kennedy Center Honors Ceremony, as well as files on various significant people and events of which the Board may have been involved.
Collection ID: ARCH161

Jeff Feldmann photographs, 1980 - 2017, undated

The Jeff Feldmann Photographs Collection consists primarily of photographs of the University of Hartford campus and sporting events. The collection also includes other university related photographs, correspondence, and memorabilia.
Collection ID: ARCH169

Class banners, 1998-2015, Class of 2002 - Class of 2019

The collection contains the University of Hartford class banners for the Class of 2002 to the Class of 2019.
Collection ID: ARCH091

Dunbar Family Leo D. Canine papers, 1977 - 1987

The collection contains materials saved by the Dunbar family, regarding their basset hound Leo who was a beloved mascot for University students during the 1970s and early 1980s.
Collection ID: ARCH170

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture records, 2001-2009

This collection consists of the records of the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA) at the University of Hartford.
Collection ID: ARCH175

Enlightenment Society collection, 1972-1984, undated

The collection contains the records and printed ephemera of The Enlightenment Society which was an organization of alumni, parents, and friends whose membership provided financial support for the University of Hartford.
Collection ID: ARCH103

Educational Main Street (EMS) records, 1991-2013, undated

The collection contains the publications, subject files, promotional and educational materials, as well as general office records of Educational Main Street (EMS), a tutoring program at the University of Hartford.
Collection ID: ARCH158

Irene Kahn Collection, 1917 - 1996

The collection contains a variety of professional and personal items including correspondence, memorabilia, and photographs.
Collection ID: ARCH071
Collection ID: ARCH074

College of Engineering records, 1956-1998

This collection contains records from the College of Engineering from 1956-1998.
Collection ID: ARCH057

University of Hartford early history collection, 1892-2006

This collection contains original legal documents, correspondence, memos, photographs, and oral and written histories relating to the founding of the University ranging from 1892-2006.
Collection ID: ARCH011

Student unrest collection, 1963 - 1977

This collection documents student unrest and activism at the University of Hartford as well as other campuses during the 1960s and 1970s.
Collection ID: ARCH127