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Albert F. Blakeslee Papers, undated, 1903-1955, bulk Bulk, 1920-1950

Materials about or published by noted scientist Albert F. Blakeslee, professor at the University of Connecticut from 1907 through 1915.
Collection ID: 2011.0046

Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Hartford Records., undated, 1867-1988.

At the time of its formation in 1866, the Hartford Association was one of the earliest Associations for young women in America, and the first community social agency in Hartford.
Collection ID: MSS19910024

Rogers Corporation Collection., undated, 1945-1980.

The Rogers Paper Manufacturing Company was founded in Manchester, Connecticut, by Dutch immigrant Peter Rogers in 1832. In 1900, the Rogers Company began supplying insulated paperboard to electrical transformer manufacturers. The company incorporated in 1901, but thereafter, the company stagnated. It was taken over by a group of Boston financiers and incorporated in Massachusetts in 1927.
Collection ID: MSS19880057

Connecticut Soldiers Collection, Dexter Wilcomb Papers, undated, 1943-1945

This collection of World War II memorabilia donated by Technician Third Grade, Dexter Wilcomb, contains a scrapbook maintained by Wilcomb that displays an award citation, photos, newspaper clippings, postcards , foreign currency, pressed flowers, and othre memorabalia for his time in Europe during WWII. Also in the collection are clippings from Army publications and war maps.
Collection ID: 1995.0026

Marilyn Nelson Papers., 1963-2001.

The collection contains the papers of Marilyn Nelson, author of several books of poetry and current Poet Laureate for the State of Connecticut.
Collection ID: MSS19920056

Connecticut Soldiers Collection, Davis Family Correspondence., 1938-1945.

Collection contains letters to Carl and Lil Davis from their sons and relatives during World War II.
Collection ID: MSS20070039

Alfred E. Moss Collection, undated, 1761-1978, bulk 1910-1965, Bulk

Mr. Albert E. Moss was a faculty member at Connecticut Agricultural College (now the University of Connecticut) for twenty-nine years. He is best known for his work in the field of Forestry. Focus of the collection is survey work on the transfer of land to and from the University of Connecticut.
Collection ID: 1990.0031

Charles E. Waring Papers, undated, 1914-1988

The collection contains correspondence to and from Charles E. Waring and Geraldine H. Waring. Dr. Waring was a professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Connecticut from 1946 until his retirement in 1979.
Collection ID: 2008.0008

Natalie Babbitt Papers., undated, 1906-1991

The papers of children's author and illustrator, Natalie Babbitt include correspondence, reviews, publicity, manuscripts, drafts, illustrations and finished artwork for sixteen books and several articles.
Collection ID: MSS19940001

Richard C. Carpenter Papers, 1889-2001.

Richard C. Carpenter is the author of A Railroad Atlas of the United States in 1946, a four volume set published by Johns Hopkins University Press. The papers include handdrawn original railroad track and signal maps drawn by Mr. Carpenter, Henry T. Wilhelm and William Bruce Coughlin, of railroads in the Mid-Atlantic States, New York and New England, and Indiana, Lower Michigan, and Ohio, that Mr. Carpenter used for research for the atlas.
Collection ID: 2010.0105

Catherine Seelye Papers., undated, 1917-1978 [bulk 1973-1976].

Research notes, correspondence, and transcriptions for Charles Olson and Ezra Pound: An Encounter at St. Elizabeths (NY: Grossman, 1975), edited by Catherine Seelye. Seelye was a librarian at the University of Connecticut, which holds the Charles Olson Papers. Her edited book reproduces notes, essays, and poems Olson wrote during his frequent visits with Ezra Pound at St. Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, D.C., after Pound was declared mentally unfit to stand trial for treason in 1945. The collection includes correspondence from prominent literary figures in American poetry and the Black Mountain School. Donald Allen, Edward Dahlberg, Robert Duncan, James Laughlin, and Omar Pound are among those represented. Professional ethics in the archival and publishing fields are also addressed.
Collection ID: MSS19980211

University of Connecticut, President's Office Records [Glenn W. Ferguson, 1973-1978], undated, 1915-2005.

Contains the office files of the President's Office during Dr. Ferguson's administration as well as personal documents, correspondence, photographs, diaries, and emphemera from Ferguson's childhood through his careers as a diplomat, administrator of the Peace Corps/VISTA, academic administrator, and head of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and Lincoln Center.
Collection ID: 1998.0187

Slater Company Records, 1795-1892

In 1809, John W. Tibbits and Lafayette Tibbits came to Jewett City, Connecticut, and purchased a mill privilege on the Pachaug River. After enjoying several good years during the War of 1812, the company was reorganized in 1815, and incorporated on 20 September 1816. The company was soon struggling and was finally sold in 1823 to John Slater. On the death of John Slater in 1843, his two sons John Fox and William S. Slater inherited his business properties. John F. Slater was succeeded by his son William A. Slater in 1884. Two years later, the Great Freshet of 1886 destroyed most of the dams along the Pachaug. As a result, the Slater mills were inundated, production was lost for many months, and more than $150,000 was spent for repairs. This crisis was surmounted and by 1896, the company's most prosperous period, 700 looms and 19,000 spindles were operating, providing employment for 500 people. The major products were stripes, plaids, flannels, shirtings, dress goods, and fancy colored goods.
Collection ID: 1979.0017

Eleanor Estes Papers., undated, 1900-1988.

The collection contains professional and personal correspondence, photographs, drafts, essays, newspaper clippings and ephemera related to Estes long career as a children's book author and illustrator.
Collection ID: MSS19970049

Mary Wood Forman Photograph Collection., undated

Mary Wood Forman was born on 17 November 1918 in Mussoorie, India, where her parents served as Presbyterian missionaries. Her family moved in 1923 to Columbus, Ohio. Forman graduated from Ohio State University in 1940 and received a Masters degree in Social Work from Western Reserve University in 1944. After several years abroad and in New York City, Forman moved to Hartford, CT in 1956. It was here that she developed her interest in photography. She traveled to Europe and the American West, recording what she saw in the photographs she took. She also took two trips to India, resulting in a major show of her work in Hartford. She preferred to develop and print her images herself, in order to bring out her individual perspective. Forman lived in the Hartford area and worked in the Hartford schools until her death on 22 August 1989.
Collection ID: MSS19900051

United Auto Workers, Local 1010 Records, 1957-1988.

Documents and publications pertaining to the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, local 1010, and its representation of employees of Lycoming Engines in Stratford, Connecticut. The records contain published agreements, manuals, booklets, newsletters and assorted ephemera from the union, spanning the years 1957 to 1988.
Collection ID: 2002.0007

Haymarket People's Fund Records, undated, 1971-1983.

The Haymarket People's Fund is an activist-controlled foundation committed to radical social change. It gives grants to grassroots groups throughout New England, which fight violence, poverty, and injustice, in an effort to empower oppressed communities.
Collection ID: MSS19950021

Slater Company Records., 1795-1892

In 1809, John W. Tibbits and Lafayette Tibbits came to Jewett City, Connecticut, and purchased a mill privilege on the Pachaug River. After enjoying several good years during the War of 1812, the company was reorganized in 1815, and incorporated on 20 September 1816. The company was soon struggling and was finally sold in 1823 to John Slater. On the death of John Slater in 1843, his two sons John Fox and William S. Slater inherited his business properties. John F. Slater was succeeded by his son William A. Slater in 1884. Two years later, the Great Freshet of 1886 destroyed most of the dams along the Pachaug. As a result, the Slater mills were inundated, production was lost for many months, and more than $150,000 was spent for repairs. This crisis was surmounted and by 1896, the company's most prosperous period, 700 looms and 19,000 spindles were operating, providing employment for 500 people. The major products were stripes, plaids, flannels, shirtings, dress goods, and fancy colored goods.
Collection ID: MSS19790017

Hartford Journeymen Plumbers and Apprentices, Local 76 Records, 1909-1983

This local was originally chartered on 1 March 1893 as Local 76 of the United Association of Journeymen Plumbers, Gas Fitters, Steamfitters and Steamfitters Helpers of the United States and Canada.
Collection ID: 1984.0012

American Thread Company Records, 1953-1978

In 1898, the English Sewing Company of England purchases the Willimantic Linen Company and other New England mills and form the American Thread Company. The Willimantic mill was closed when the company moved to North Carolina in 1985.
Collection ID: 1998.0302

Don Ball, Jr. Railroad Photograph Collection., undated, 1895-1975.

Don Ball, Jr. (1938-1986) was a railroad employee and photographer and author of books about railroads. The collection consists of several hundred photographic images, taken by Mr. Ball, of locomotives, stations, and railroad related scenes of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and other New England and eastern United States railroad lines.
Collection ID: MSS20030093

Harold Norse Collection., 1967-1968.

Poet and novelist Harold Norse was born 6 July 1916, in New York, N.Y. He attended Brooklyn College (now Brooklyn College of the City University of New York, B.A., 1938) and New York University (M.A., 1951).
Collection ID: MSS20010027

Italians of New London Oral History Collection., 1997-1998.

The Italians of New London Oral History Project was conducted by Jerome Fischer, director of the Jewish Federation of Eastern Connecticut, based in New London.
Collection ID: MSS20010118

Mary Newell DePalma Papers, 1995-2008

The collection includes the materials used to create several of Ms. DePalma's works, such as My Chair, The Strange Egg, Many Millions of Leaves, A Grand Old Tree, The Perfect Gift, and The Nutcracker Doll.
Collection ID: 2011.0116

James Koller Papers., 1959-1986

The collection consists of letters to James Koller from various friends and colleagues, including Philip Whalen, and original manuscripts and typescripts of Koller's poetry and novels.
Collection ID: MSS19740002

Henry T. Becker Papers, undated, 1917-1989

Henry T. Becker was born in Hartford, Connecticut. He attended George Washington University, Duquesne University, Western Reserve University and the University of Connecticut. Becker had a long and distinguished labor career beginning with Lodge 1746 of the International Association of Machinists while working for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford. He was also affiliated with the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America, American Federation of Teachers, Greater Hartford Labor Council, Connecticut State Labor Council, and other state-wide boards.
Collection ID: 1984.0004

Office of Price Administration, Hartford Branch Records., 1941-1951

The Office of Price Administration, a federal agency, was established in 1941 by Executive Orders 8734 and 8875. During its existence, the OPA was responsible for setting maximum prices on most products. The OPA and several other agencies were consolidated to form the Office of Temporary Controls in December 1946 by Executive Order 9809 and disbanded in 1947. [Additional materials are located in RG 035 at the Connecticut State Library.]
Collection ID: MSS19790013

University of Connecticut, President's Office Records [Charles B. Gentry, 1928-1929], undated, 1928-1969.

Charles Burt Gentry was educated at the University of Missouri and came to Connecticut from Rutgers University in 1920. He became Dean of the Division of Teacher Training in 1921, and, after his term as acting president (1928-1929), served as the director of the Division of Instruction and as Dean of the University. Gentry retired in 1950.
Collection ID: 1998.0247

Milton R. Stern Papers., 1968-1975.

Milton Stern joined the University of Connecticut in 1958 as an assistant professor of English and remained with the institution until his retirement in 1991.
Collection ID: MSS19910054

Diocesan Labor Institute Records, undated, 1944-1973

The Diocesan Labor Institute was founded in 1942 by Joseph F. Donnelly, then a Waterbury parish priest, later a monsignor, and eventually Auxiliary Bishop of the Hartford Archdiocese. The main purpose of Institute was to instruct workers on Catholic social philosophy and on the basics of trade unionism.
Collection ID: 1984.0030

Coalition for International Justice Records., 1995-2006.

Records of the non-governmental organization, Coalition for International Justice (CIJ), which operated from 1995-2006 to support the work of international criminal tribunals and special courts investigating human rights violations in Rwanda, the former Yugoslavia, Cambodia, Sudan, East Timor, and Sierra Leone. The collection also contains documentation from a 2004 survey of over 1200 refugees from Darfur along the border of Chad and Sudan.
Collection ID: MSS20060205

University of Connecticut, Building Names Committee Records., 1963-1976.

Committee materials pertaining to the naming of University buildings.
Collection ID: MSS19970082

Walter Stemmons Papers., undated, 1882-1964.

Walter Stemmons became Agricultural Editor at the Connecticut Agricultural College in 1918. The scope of his official responsibilities expanded rapidly as the college grew into a state university. He was director of the Division of Publications and University Editor until he retired in 1954.
Collection ID: MSS19970123

University of Connecticut, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Records [David Carter], undated, 1966-1983

The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs assists the Vice President for Academic Affairs at the University of Connecticut. The Vice President for Academic Affairs, formerly and currently the Provost, was the chief academic officer of the University and reported directly to the University President. The collection contains minutes, notes, correspondence, reports and questionnaires associated with activities that were the responsibilities of the position held by Dr. Carter.
Collection ID: 1998.0259

Elliot S. Wolk Papers., 1961-1985.

Professor of Mathematics at the University of Connecticut until his retirement in 1988.
Collection ID: MSS19880002

Arline Baum Papers., 1962-1993.

Connecticut children's literature author of Opt, An Illusionary Tale.
Collection ID: MSS19990045

Rosekrans Hoffman Papers., 1992.

Rosekrans Hoffman was born 7 January 1926, in Denton, Nebraska. A painter and illustrator, Hoffman's work has been exhibited at Whitney Museum and Brooklyn Museum.
Collection ID: MSS19940005

John Taggart Papers., 1974-1975.

John Taggart was born 5 October 1942, in Guthrie Center, Iowa. Taggart is a professor at Shippensburg State College, Shippensburg, PA, where he has been a professor of English since 1969.
Collection ID: MSS19980214

Gaines Collection of Americana, undated, 1786-1981

Contains individual manuscript items collected by Gaines dating from 1786-1842, including correspondence, petitions, legal documents, receipts, and reports concerning such issues as slave trade, Quakers, taxes, state of the Treasury, etc. Other materials in the collection include research notes and correspondence with fellow collectors and librarians relating to Gaines's collecting activities and historical and bibliographical publications; and inventories and notes on items in his collections.
Collection ID: 1977.0002

Clayton Knight Papers, undated

The collection contains Knight's manuscripts materials, such as book dummies, book jacket dummies and illustrations.
Collection ID: 1995.0048

Hartford Stock Exchange Records, 1918-1925.

Official quotation book of stock prices from companies in the Hartford, Connecticut, area that the Hartford Stock Exchange traded in. The ledger contains stock prices for the years 1918 to 1925.
Collection ID: 1998.0376

American Hardware Corporation Records., undated, 1859-1953.

The records consist of financial records associated with the American Hardware Corporation of New Britain, Connecticut, its predecessor companies P. & F. Corbin and Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Company, and divisions Corbin Cabinet Lock Company and Corbin Screw Corporation.
Collection ID: MSS19950013

Stephanie Clayton Collection of Little Red Riding Hood, 1991-2003

The collection contains assorted realia related to, and depicting, the Little Red Riding Hood Fairy Tale. The collection contains stuffed animals, dolls, porcelain figures, and a clock.
Collection ID: 2012.0005

Victoria Chess Papers., 1985-1994.

Victoria Chess was born 16 November 1939, in Chicago, Illinois. Chess has been awarded the Brooklyn Art Books for Children citation, the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Public Library, 1973, for Fletcher and Zenobia and American Institute of Graphic Arts Book Show Award, 1975, for Bugs.
Collection ID: MSS19920042

University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association Collection, 1976-1997

The collection contains administrative records, correspondence, legal documents, financial records, publications, and fliers (pamphlets, handouts, announcements), related to the University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association (UCPEA), which has represented the professional staff at UConn since 1972. UCPEA is the exclusive bargaining agent for more than 1,600 professional staff at UConn.
Collection ID: 1997.0138

Eleanor Taft Tilton Papers., 1939-1976.

Eleanor Taft Tilton, daughter of Dr. Charles and Martha Jarvis Taft, was born in Hartford, Connecticut on 1 January 1901. She attended Vassar and Barnard Colleges, but did not earn a degree. She married Arthur can Riper Tilton; he was employed by the Hartford Fire Insurance Company for many years. Mrs. Tilton died on 26 March 1984.
Collection ID: MSS19790018

Penmaen Press Records., 1967-1999.

The Penmaen Press was an imprint created by its proprietor, Michael McCurdy, with the goal of producing high quality hand-printed books. McCurdy designed and supervised the layout of each Penmaen production, and frequently supplied his own woodcut engravings as illustrations.
Collection ID: MSS19990025

Fielding Dawson Papers.

This collection has not yet been organized for unassisted research use. Researchers wishing to access this collection must make prior arrangements with the Curator before visiting Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center.
Collection ID: MSS19970003

George King IV Alternative Press Collection., undated, 2001-2003.

The collection includes publications, newspapers and fliers concerning the anti-war activities, independent media, People's Summit (September 2001, Washington, D.C.) the Attack on America (September 2001), and World Economic Forum (February 2002).
Collection ID: MSS20010100

Lillian J. Bragdon Papers, 1941-1962

The collection consists of books, cards and letters from author and editor, Lillian J. Bragdon.
Collection ID: 1998.0168

Arthur J. Pierpont Papers, undated, 1902-1931

Arthur Joseph Pierpont was born 3 December 1876. He was a 1895 graduate of Storrs Agricultural College, now the University of Connecticut. A noted authority on agricultural matters, Mr. Pierpont was a member of the Waterbury Milk Producers Association, Trustee of his alma mater (Connecticut Agricultural College as of 1899) and manager of the College's Gilbert Farm, a working farm in Georgetown, Connecticut, bequeathed to the College in 1906.
Collection ID: 1985.0022

Meriden & Cromwell Railroad/Meriden, Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad Photograph Album, undated, 1885-1951.

The Meriden & Cromwell Railroad ran between these two cities in Connecticut from 1885 to 1888 when its name changed to the Meriden, Waterbury & Connecticut River Railroad, and was extended to Waterbury, Connecticut, until 1892, when the line was taken over by the New York & New England Railroad. The Album, compiled by James M.S. Ullman of Meriden, Connecticut, has 185 photographs of locomotives, stations, and other scenes associated with these railroad lines.
Collection ID: MSS20070075

Noël A. Cazenave Papers., undated, 1988-1999.

Undergraduate work at Dillard University. M.A. from Michigan. Ph.D. from Tulane (1977). Temple University awarded tenure 1984. Most of research focuses on the impact of structured inequality on social identities, structures and processes.
Collection ID: MSS19990055

New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad Small Format Photograph and Postcard Collection., ca. 1870s-1960s.

For almost one hundred years the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad, better known as the New Haven Railroad, was the primary means of passenger and freight transportation in Southern New England. Chartered in 1872, this merger between the New York & New Haven and Hartford & New Haven railroads later included the long desired rail link between Boston and New York.
Collection ID: MSS19910133

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Lodge 707 Records, undated, 1952-2002

Chartered in 1974, representing machinists at United Aircraft's Pratt and Whitney plant in North Haven, Connecticut. Originally organized as the United Automobile Workers Local 1234 in 1952.
Collection ID: 1984.0014

Randolph W. and Beatrice H. Whaples Papers., undated, 1923-1957.

Randolph W. Whaples and Beatrice C. H. Whaples graduated from Connecticut Agricultural College in 1927. Mrs. Whaples returned to the University of Connecticut in the mid 1950s and was awarded an M.S. degree in 1957. The collection contains course notes, assignments, papers, quizzes, examinations and similar materials related to the academic career of the Whaples.
Collection ID: MSS19890049

Chatham Quarry Records., 1818-1842

The Chatham Quarry, or Town Quarry, was a small part of the extensive brownstone quarries located on the banks of the Connecticut River near the towns of Portland and Middletown, Connecticut. The Chatham Quarry, which took in about two acres, remained under municipal control for the use of the inhabitants of the towns of Chatham and Middletown throughout its existence. In 1824, the town of Middletown leased the quarry to John Lawrence Lewis for five years in order to extract stones for the building of a scientific and military academy. The quarry was bought from the town by Brainerd Quarry Company and the Middlesex Quarry Company for $20,000. The office of the town quarry agent closed in 1884.
Collection ID: MSS19800001

United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters, Local 305 Records, undated, 1934-1983

The United Association of Plumbers and Steamfitters, Local 305, was established on 17 June 1910 by a group of piping tradesmen. Three of its founders were William Tomlinson, Charles A. Smith and Frank Kennedy.
Collection ID: 1984.0034

Katherine Shelley Orr Papers., undated

This collection has not yet been organized for unassisted research use. Researchers wishing to access this collection must make prior arrangements with the Curator before visiting Archives & Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. Ms. Orr has donated original art and miscellaneous production materials for The Natural World of the Turks and Caicos and an unidentified color illustration. In recent years, she donated her book, Beautiful Heart, Beautiful Spirit. Her father, William Orr, also added to his daughter's collection with the donation of original illustrations, spot art, proof sheets, correspondence, books and manuscript materials.
Collection ID: MSS19940012

Edward F. Donegan Papers., undated, 1916-1982.

Papers collected or created by Edward F. Donegan, a conductor for the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad from 1941 to 1967. The materials include labor contracts, conductor fare cards and instructions, safety bulletins, diagrams of the railroad's interlocking stations along the right-of-way, and photographs.
Collection ID: MSS20050078

Stickels Photograph Collection of Central New England Railway., 1880s-1950s.

Dudley Jordan Stickels was by trade a carpenter and a salesman. His love, however, was the railroad. He invested a great deal of his energy in collecting materials relating to the history of the Central New England Railway (CNE), which was at that time no longer in operation. His research interests were in that railroad line's history, routes, and equipment, and specifically in its steam locomotives.
Collection ID: MSS20000120

University of Connecticut, Cooperative Extension Service Records., undated, 1888-

The collection contains publications, reports, studies, documents and ephemeral materials collected and used as background and research for the development and preparation for the writing of a centennial narrative history of the program at the University of Connecticut.
Collection ID: MSS19700003

University of Connecticut, Trophies Collection, undated, 1909-2008

The collection contains trophies and awards that have been transferred by departments, divisions and student groups.
Collection ID: 1998.0231

World Federalist Association, Mansfield (Connecticut) Chapter Records., undated, 1948-1993.

The Mansfield Chapter of the World Federalist Association, the oldest continually operating chapter in the U.S, celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 1988 with approximately 120 members. It is a non-profit, tax-deductible, educational organization, whose basic objectives are the abolition of war and the establishment of a world authority or authorities capable of insuring world peace through enforceable world law and the equitable regulation of world issues without resort to the use of arms. In 1949, the chapter asked for a state legislature resolution calling for a federal constitutional amendment that would enable the United States to join a world government.
Collection ID: MSS19890006

Edward Kaplan Papers, 1955-1991

Small collection of materials concerning poet born in New Jersey in 1946.
Collection ID: 1984.0015

University of Connecticut, Connecticut Transportation Institute Records, 1974-1979

The collection contains documents pertaining to the establishment of the Connecticut Transportation Institute at the University of Connecticut.
Collection ID: 2013.0009

Patricia Hubbell Papers, 1988-1990

Books and poems by author Patricia Hubbell. The collection contains more than a dozen of Hubbell's works, as well as correspondence, notes, manuscrips, and dummies produced during her career.
Collection ID: 2002.0048

University of Connecticut, English Department Records, 1944-1982

The collection contains correspondence, reports, minutes and memoranda created and received by the English Department at the University of Connecticut.
Collection ID: 1989.0001

University of Connecticut, University Senate Commission on University Governance Records., undated, 1968-1972.

In 1971, a Commission was established to investigate proposals for University governance and report back to the University community. Dr. Albert Cohen chaired the Commission.
Collection ID: MSS19980242

Stan Brakhage Papers., undated, 1953-1966.

Stan Brakhage was born 14 January 1933, in Kansas City, MO. He is an Independent filmmaker and currently professor of film history at the University of Colorado. Brakhage has also lectured in film history and aesthetics at Art Institute of Chicago and at colleges in the United States and Europe. He is a member of selection committee for the Anthology of Cinema.
Collection ID: MSS19980199

Edward Cosier Family Collection, 1896-1999

Edward Cosier (1865-1930) was an employee of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad for over 40 years.
Collection ID: 1997.0017

Mildred P. French Papers., undated, 1930-1968.

Mildred P. French was the Dean of Women and Home Economics at the University of Connecticut from 1928 until her retirement in 1953.
Collection ID: MSS20010041

Powys Family Collection, 1927-1959

The collection consists of manuscripts and correspondence of four members of the Powys family: (John, Theodore, Laurence (Francis) and Gertrude May (1877-1952); and newsclippings, portraits (sketches), and photographs. Also included is a portfolio of wood engravings by Gertrude. The bulk of the collection concerns John Cowper Powys and was acquired from him by a collector, Rex Parady. This portion of the collection includes correspondence between Powys and Parady in which Powys identifies various manuscripts and other items.
Collection ID: 1968.0001

Bill Thomson Papers, undated, 1979-2010.

The Bill Thomson Papers contain artwork spanning from his high school days in Southington, CT to his recent picture books, Building with Dad, Chalk, Baseball Hour, Karate Hour and Soccer Hour. The collection contains sketches, models, finished artwork and illustrations from his work as the illustrator working with his wife Diann, who is the graphic designer for their firm Thomson Illustration and Design.
Collection ID: 2010.0049

Storrs Draft Information Committee Records, 1962-1973

The collection contains the administrative records, correspondence, legal documents, fliers, notes, and publications of the Storrs Draft Information Committee. The records contain information associated with draft counseling, draft resistance, non-violent protest, peace movement groups, and selective service at the University of Connecticut during the Vietnam War.
Collection ID: 1998.0271

Stewart B. McKinney Papers., undated, 1970-1986.

Stewart Brett McKinney, Congressman from Connecticut's Fourth District, was born in Pittsburgh, PA, 30 January 1931. McKinney served as a State Representative in Connecticut's General Assembly, 1966-1970 and was a minority leader of the State House of Representatives, 1969-1970. McKinney was first elected as a Republican from the 4th District to the 92nd Congress on 3 November 1970, and was re-elected 8 times, 1972-1986.
Collection ID: MSS19920049

Robert F. Belden Papers., 1919-1921

The collection contains papers produced by Mr. Belden (1920) while he was a student at the Connecticut Agricultural College.
Collection ID: MSS20000098

Ralph J. Pancallo Papers., undated, 1882-1984.

Mr. Pancallo was a long-standing member of the International Typographical Union (now the Communications Workers of America). He joined ITU in 1935 when he started working as an Apprentice Printer for the Meridian Morning Record. In 1940, he started work with the New Britain Herald as a Composite Printer. In 1958, he took the position of Representative of the I.T.U., a position he held until his retirement in 1979. Ralph Pancallo also served as vice president of the Connecticut State Labor Council, secretary and president of the New Britain Central Labor Council, and as both president and treasurer of the New Britain Typographical Union #679 (now the Connecticut Typographical Union #679).
Collection ID: MSS19940077

University of Connecticut, Women's Basketball Perfect Season Collection, 1994-2003

The collection contains publications, posters, awards and realia collected to document the UConn Women's Basketball teams' "Perfect Seasons."
Collection ID: 1998.0289

Phil Samponaro Papers., 1992-2000

Phil Samponaro graduated from the University of Connecticut with degrees in History (M.A. 1994, Ph.D. 2003). During his graduate career at the University he worked with several professors in the History Department as a Teaching Assistant. The collection contains syllabi, typed class notes, handouts, memoranda and articles pertaining to the classes in which Dr. Samponaro was enrolled or a Teaching Assistant (TA).
Collection ID: MSS20030049

Connecticut Milk Producers Association Records, 1919-1947

Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the Connecticut Milk Producers Association was a professional organization for the milk producers of Connecticut. It provided its members with a monthly newsletter and kept track of prices and production of milk within the state as well as in the neighboring states.
Collection ID: 1979.0004

Connecticut Milk Producers Association Records., 1919-1947.

Based in Hartford, Connecticut, the Connecticut Milk Producers Association was a professional organization for the milk producers of Connecticut. It provided its members with a monthly newsletter and kept track of prices and production of milk within the state as well as in the neighboring states.
Collection ID: MSS19790004

Bob Englehart Collection, 1987, 1991, 1995-1996, 2005-2009.

The collection contains original editorial cartoons drawn by Bob Englehart. The cartoons are generally 8.5 inches by 11.5 inches in size. An additional signed copy of a cartoon is also included.
Collection ID: 2004.0026

Fred Ho Papers., undated, 1892-1996.

Collection contains essays, articles, poetry, music, commentaries, critical reviews, speeches, video recordings and musical recordings written, performed and collected by Fred Ho [Asian American Musician, composer, writer and activist].
Collection ID: MSS19990036

National Conference on Organized Resistance Collection., 2001-2003

The collection contains materials gathered at the annual conference.
Collection ID: MSS20020013

Carl Viggiani Papers., undated, 1938-1996.

Carl Viggiani, Emeritus Professor of Romance Languages and Literature at Wesleyan University, was a member of a “Spearhead Military Government Team” attached to the 83rd Infantry Division during World War II.
Collection ID: MSS20010089

Literary Correspondence and Manuscripts Collection, undated, 1929-1990.

Artificial collection created by Special Collections prior to 1995.
Collection ID: MSS20010078

Richard P. Smith Papers, circa 1945

The collection contains materials documenting Mr. Smith's World War II military service and experiences at the Nuremberg Trials in addition to his later career in West Hartford politics.
Collection ID: 1996.0017

Alvin A. Lawrence Papers, undated, 1896-1993

The papers consist of drawings done by Alvin A. Lawrence of Columbus, Ohio, of locomotives and cars of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad and its predecessor rairoad lines for publications sponsored by the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association, particularly for its magazine Shoreliner.
Collection ID: 2011.0086

Caucus of Connecticut Democrats Records., undated, 1960s-1993.

The collection contains documentation of the organization and its activities from the 1970s through the early 1990s.
Collection ID: MSS19990081

University of Connecticut, Institute of Urban Research Records, undated, 1960s-1970s

The collection contains reports, administrative records and publications of the Institute of Urban Research.
Collection ID: 1998.0085

Paul W. Catanese Papers, undated

The collection contains manuscripts and correspondence associated with two of Mr. Catanese's books, The Brave Apprentice and The Thief and the Beanstalk.
Collection ID: 2005.0112

Malleable Iron Fittings Company Records, undated, 1842-1962

Branford, Connecticut, metal foundry, founded by Joseph Nason in 1841 as the Joseph Nason Company. Name changed to Walworth and Nason Company of Boston, Massachusetts, to manufacture equipment and install steam heating, and then to Malleable Iron Fittings Company in 1864, which produced malleable iron castings. Collection consists of administrative records, including production ledgers, melting reports, inventory and shipment books, order books, salesbooks, correspondence, and payroll books.
Collection ID: 1982.0004

Seymour Gresser Papers, 1950-1958

Seymour "Sy" Gresser was born 9 May 1926, in Baltimore, Md., the son of Simon Solomon and Sara (Williams) Gresser. Educated at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Washington, D.C., (student, 1949-50), George Washington University (student, 1950-53), and University of Maryland (B.S., 1949, M.A., 1972).
Collection ID: 1980.0004

Connecticut Soldiers Collection, Fillipo D. Antonucci Papers, undated, 1936-1995, bulk 1939-1949

Correspondence, military records, photographs and memorabilia of Second Lieutenant Fillipo D. Antonucci of West Hartford, Connecticut. Lt. Antonucci served in the Army Air Corps from 1939 until he was reported missing in action in October 1944.
Collection ID: 2017.0128

International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, Industrial Aircraft, Lodge 743 Records, undated, 1900-1983

Chartered in 1941 to represent members of the International Association of Machinists at Hamilton Standard in East Hartford, Connecticut. In 1952, it moved to Windsor Locks, Connecticut.
Collection ID: 1984.0013

Hilary Knight Papers, 1956-2001

Hilary Knight is a New York-based illustrator for children's books and magazines. This collection contains preliminary and finished artwork, manuscripts, galleys, proofs, and dummies pertaining to 30 of the illustrator's published books and numerous published articles.
Collection ID: 1992.0047

Rudy Favretti Papers, 1962-1979.

Rudy Favretti was professor of Landscape Architecture at the University of Connecticut from 1955 until 1989.
Collection ID: MSS19880009

Connecticut Central Railroad Records., undated, 1967-1998, 2008.

The collection consists of administrative files, photographs, and DVDs associated with the formation, maintenance and demise of the Connecticut Central Railroad, a freight line that ran in and around Middletown, Connecticut, from 1987 to 1998.
Collection ID: MSS20090091