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Alfred F. Bochenek collection of American Council of Polish Culture records, 1971-1996

Collection consists of records of the American Council of Polish Culture (ACPC) compiled by Mr. Alfred Bochenek during his active participation in the organization. It covers the timespan of 1971 to 1996. The name of the organization changed in 1988 from American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs (ACPCC) to American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC). Within this collection we refer to the organization as ACPCC and ACPC to reflect the change in the name. Extensive correspondence and membership information illustrate activities of the council from 1971 till 1996
Collection ID: CPAA 2002.01

Polish American Historical Association Records, 1932-2005

The Polish American Historical Association (PAHA) was established in 1942 to promote the study of immigration of Poles to the United States. For the first presidents of the organization it was important to promote scholarly knowledge of Poles and Polish Americans, collect and preserve information on the topic, and elevate historical research. PAHA attracted many scholars, secular and clergy, in the fields of history and ethnic studies. The organization promoted their mission through publication of the Polish American Studies journal. The collection consists of material documenting history of the organization and its various activities. It includes correspondence material from annual meetings and conferences as well as membership and financial data.
Collection ID: CPAA 2005.11

Mieczyslaw Kierklo Papers, 1940-2004

Mr. Mieczyslaw [Michael] Kierklo was born in Poland. He attended school and work there until the outbreak of WWII. In 1940 he was arrested by Russians and sent to Workuta, a labor camp. In 1942, after he was freed, he joined the newly established Polish Army in the USSR and left Russia with General Andres, and fought with them until the end of the war. In 1954 he immigrated to the US and established his life in Connecticut. He became very involved with various Polish and Polish American organizations. Soon his writing talent was used for various occasions. He wrote to publication called "Weteran" about his war experience and wrote about Polonia activities and events to the Polish daily Nowy Dziennik. For numerous occasions he wrote short poems to celebrate the live and activities of an organization or individual.
Collection ID: CPAA 1987.47

Magnus Jan Krynski Collection, 1966-1984

This collection consists of materials that belonged to Magnus Jan Krynski (MJK) of North Carolina. A successful translator, author, educator, and proponent of human rights, Krynski was active in Polish affairs and Polish American politics and culture. A native of Poland, he came to the United States in 1949 and obtained an extensive education which he applied to translate several volumes of Polish poetry into English and also become chairman of Duke University's Department of Slavic Languages and Literature. There are a plethora of documents relating to his professional life, translating work, and political activity in this collection.
Collection ID: CPAA 1991.17

Stanislaw E. Bask-Mostwin Collection, 1975-1992

Stanislaw Edward Bask Mostwin was an achieved war hero and political activist in his lifetime. He was awarded several military decorations during WWII and after immigrating to the United States became actively involved in Polish and Polish American causes. He belonged to groups such as the Polish National Democratic Committee, Polish Heritage Society in Maryland, Polish American Congress, and North American Study Center for Polish Affairs (STUDIUM). The collection includes papers from these groups, especially STUDIUM, and other essays and writings on the state of Poland at the time and its history.
Collection ID: CPAA 1994.01

Connecticut AIDS Action Council records, 1990-2002

John Bonelli, a UCONN graduate, is a political activist and community organizer. In 1989 he ran openly gay for the Hartford City Council as the candidate of the People for Change coalition. For years he worked as an activist and consultant in several organizations related to HIV/AIDS issues and as an intern and volunteer in political campaigns. For years Mr. Bonelli was a state wide co-chairperson of the Connecticut AIDS Action Council. This collection consists of administrative records of the council.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2011.01

Thaddeus W. Maliszewski Collection, 1935-2004

Thaddeus W. Maliszewski a lawyer, military officer, civic leader, was born in Hartford in 1922 and died in 2009. Graduate of Hillyer Junior College (Hartford), Wesleyan University (Middletown, Conn.) and University of Connecticut Law School. During WWII he served in the Pacific, was a member of the National Guard and Governor's Military Staff, finished his military career in the rank of Brigadier General. He served as a judge for several courts, was very active in the Democratic Party. For many years served in different positions in the Polish American Congress on state and national level. In addition, Maliszewski was active in veterans' organizations, Polish American cultural organizations as well as in political organizations. The collection consists of his personal and professional papers along with information about Poland and Polish American culture.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.04

Ludwik and Juliana Trzcinski Collection, 1890-1980

The Ludwik and Juliana Trzcinski collection consists of materials reflecting their lives in New Britain, Connecticut. The Trzcinski's were first generation of Polish immigrants. They actively participated in Sacred Heart parish and school. Family members belonged to various religious societies and veterans organizations. Items in collection range in dates from the 1890's all the way to the 1980's. There are many family and professional photographs of family gatherings, weddings, first communions, and other church related events.
Collection ID: CPAA 1991.04

Le-Hi-Ho (The Lehigh Valley Homophile Organization), Bethlehem, PA Records, 1960-2002

Le-Hi-Ho was established in 1969 in Pennsylvania to be a safe and supportive organization for the GLBTQ community. This collection includes the group's documents in addition to other organizations by state, articles, essays, and advertisements dating from the early 1960's to the late 2000's.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.06

Polonia Paderewski Choir Collection, 1952-1963, 1969-2004

The Polonia Paderewski Choir was established in 1952 in New Britain, Connecticut and it was a secular choir with 45 singers. Over the decades the choir performed during national and international competitions. The materials in this collection consists of correspondence, minutes, membership, financial data and photographs, and covers years 1952-1963, and 1969-2004.
Collection ID: CPAA 2015.02

Polish Survivors of the Holocaust: an oral history project, 1978-1987 (Bulk 1980-1982)

Polish Survivors of the Holocaust, an oral history project was initiated by Prof. Stanislaus A. Blejwas from Central Connecticut State College and co-sponsored by the Association of Polish Priests in Connecticut. The project was funded by the Connecticut Humanities Council. Parts of the interviews were broadcasted in a miniseries at the Connecticut Public Radio. All interviews were transcribed. Collection contains documentation of the project, related correspondence and various publications on Polish Jewish relations and teaching the Holocaust. Collection illustrates experience of non-Jewish survivors of the Nazi concentration camps in World War II, who immigrated to the US and lived in Connecticut.
Collection ID: CPAA 1996.01

Polish Junior League of Connecticut Collection, 1945-1988

The collection illustrates history of an immigrant organization for young women of Polish descent devoted to friendship, charitable work and scholarship. It cover years from 1926 until 1988. It contains correspondence, minutes and extensive collection of clippings and photographs.
Collection ID: CPAA 1988.11

Monsignor Stanislaus Musiel Collection, 1904-1988

Msgr. Stanislaus Musiel was born in Poland, attended seminary in Louvain, Belgium and was appointed for pastoral work in Hartford diocese, Connecticut. He was a pastor at St. Cyril and Methodius parish in Hartford from 1917 till his death in 1966. Material in the collection illustrates Msgr. Musiel appointments in various parishes in Connecticut and decades of pastoral work in SS. Cyril and Methodius parish in Hartford. Collection consists of correspondence, publications and photographs related to Msgr. Musiel. Substantial part of the collection's material relates to Msgr. Musiel's relatives from Kazowski and Boniarczyk families.
Collection ID: CPAA 1995.11

Stanislaus A. Blejwas Collection of the Polish American Congress Connecticut District Records., 1982-1991

This collection consists of materials collected by Prof. Stanislaus A. Blejwas relating to the Polish American Congress Connecticut District (PAC CT) from 1981 to 1991. Stanislaus A. Blejwas was a professor of history and the director of the Polish Studies Program at Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, CT. Additionally to his professional activities he was very active in political and cultural Polish American organizations on local and national level, for which he received numerous awards and recognitions. Prof. Blejwas held several positions within the Polish American Congress, Connecticut District (PAC CT) and was a president of the organization from 1983 till 1986.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.13

John Loughery Collection, 1934-2021

The Loughery Collection consists of materials assembled in writing The Other Side of Silence, Men's Lives and Gay Identities, A Twentieth Century History, New York, Holt, 1999. Some of the collection's highlights: •Transcriptions of interviews with gay activists as well as "coming out stories" •Posters •An extensive collection of playbills for gay themed plays or plays with a gay character performed between the 1950s and 1999 •Articles from periodicals and newspapers •Gay Comics •Typescripts •Photographs The collection also contains extensive material relating to Mr. Loughery's other book: John Sloan: Painter and Rebel, New York, Holt, 1995.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2018.02

Holy Name Athletic Club records, 1959-1997

Holy Name Athletic Club (HNAC) was established in 1925 by members of the Polish American community in Stamford, Connecticut. HNAC had strong ties with the local Polish American parish, Holy Name of Jesus church. The Club received support from the parish and supported many charitable events at the church. The club organized athletic and social events to promote and to preserve activities and customs of Polonia. Material in the collection illustrates activities and membership in the Club for several decades. It includes also photographs from various sporting and social events.
Collection ID: CPAA 1990.02

Bill Bahlman Papers, 1986-1998

William (Bill) Bahlman is an activist and journalist, working since the 1970's to fight for access to medications for all people with HIV and AIDS and to document this fight through photography and videography. He is currently associate producer for a weekly news program of GLBTQ interest and serves on AIDS research advisory boards, while living with HIV since the 1980's. This collection includes copies of flyers Mr. Bahlman created for AIDS advocacy campaigns, AIDS-related newspaper articles, and selected testimony before Presidential and Congressional Commissions.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 1998.01

Joseph Kleszczynski Collection, 1966-2000

Joseph Kleszczynski was born in 1928 in Poland. He completed his primary education in Poland. Still a teenager, he joined the Polish Underground Army in 1943. With advancement of the Soviet Army in the beginning of 1945, he decided to flee Poland and eventually joined the Polish Army in Italy under General Wladyslaw Anders. With his army unit he left for Great Britain, where he attended college. In 1952, he immigrated to the United States, completed his education and worked for the U.S. Postal Service. He was and still is very active in many Polish American organizations and teaches Polish language courses in the town of West Hartford, CT. In 2011, he was one of the honorees during the Immigrant Day at the state Capitol in Hartford.
Collection ID: CPAA 2002.14

Rev. Eugene Alphonse Solega Collection, 1934-1983

The collection of Rev. Eugene A. Solega, native of Hartford, CT, shows the life of a second generation Polish American priest. Rev. Solega held several pastoral assignments in Connecticut. Throughout his life he was involved with several organizations, religious or not, including several social organizations helping women, young people, and displaced persons from Europe. The collection holds items related to his education and pastoral work, including handwritten notes, photographs, and newspaper articles.
Collection ID: CPAA 1994.15

Maciora and Mik Family Collection, 1904-1987

The collection of Joseph G. V. Maciora, alumni of CCSU, consists of genealogical work done by Mr. Maciora about both sides of his family (Mik and Maciora). Most of the documents are written by Mr. Maciora either from memory or oral histories of his parents, Mary Agnes (Mik) Maciora and Joseph George Maciora. There are some correspondence, prayer cards, and church programs. It also includes some general information on Poland and Polish Americans in Meriden and New Britain, CT.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.06

Czeslaw Gieniewski Papers, 1939-2009

Czeslaw Gieniewski's papers include a family history going back to the January Uprising of 1863, through participation in the Pilsudski legions and regaining of Poland's independence on November 11, 1918, and the Bolshevik War 1919-1921. Mr. Gieniewski describes him and his family's deportation to Russia and enlistment to the Polish Army, which was formed in the USSR, after a political pact made between the Polish government and Jozef Stalin was signed in June of 1941. General Wladyslaw Anders was in command of the Polish Army on Russian territory. Mr. Gieniewski participated in the battles in Italy in 1944 and 1945, including the famous battle of Monte Cassino. He immigrated to the US and participated in veterans' affairs and was active in Polish American community in New Jersey, where he still lives with his family.
Collection ID: CPAA 2008.09

Edmund Liszka Collection, 1938-2005

Mr. Edmund Liszka was very active in the Hartford's Polonia after WWII. He owned a travel agency, hosted a radio program and later on a TV program. He sponsored and organized many cultural events related to Poland and Polish history, including bringing artists form Poland. He documented various events with professional photographs and donated them to the archives. Mr. Liszka was recognized for his activism within Polonia with many awards and medals.
Collection ID: CPAA 1988.05

Jan and Elzbieta Merta Papers, 1946-1973

Collection consists of legal documents of Jan and Elzbieta Merta, who immigrated to the US in 1950 from DPs camp in Germany under the Displaced Persons Act.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.07

Betty Hudson Papers, 1970-2012

From 1971-1979, Betty Hudson was a Selectwoman for the Town of Madison, CT and a two-term Democratic State Senator representing Connecticut's 33rd District. She continued to work for the state in the field of Human Services under Governors Grasso and O'Neill until 1985. This collection includes materials from her endeavors since 1970 including correspondence, articles, and clippings regarding local, state, and national events, community projects, and legislation pertaining to gender and homosexual rights.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2014.02

Polish Cultural Club of Greater Hartford Records, 1976-2002

The Polish Cultural Club of Greater Hartford (PCCGH) was established in 1976 to promote and preserve Polish cultural heritage. The PCCGH is an affiliate member of the American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC). The club awards scholarships, participates in ethnic and multicultural events, and prepares displays and presentations about the history and literature of Poland. The collection illustrates a wide range of activities of the club from 1976 until 2002.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.30

Jan Wojcik papers, 1945-1996

Jan Wojcik was a prolific writer and essayist, and also dedicated community activist and a patriot. Wojcik was born in Russia in 1913, but after the Bolshevik war he returned to Poland in 1921. He lived and was educated in Poland. In 1939 he served on the front as an artillery officer. He was captured by the Germans and spent the rest of the war in a POW camp. After the war ended he immigrated to Brazil in 1949 and later to the US in 1961. He lived in New Britain and worked in manufacturing and tersely for the Polish cause. He wrote to several Polish and Polish American periodicals and participated in activities of many Polonia organizations. His collection consists of his writings, articles and books.
Collection ID: CPAA 2005.14

Richard Cardarelli Papers, 1969-2005

Richard Cardarelli was a celebate gay activist priest living and working in the Hartford Area for most of his career. He co-founded Dignity/Hartford and celebrated mass with the organization. His papers include subject files which he kept for research and reference, as well as several documents pertaining to Dignity/Hartford and other Dignity organizations around the country. Scrapbooks of photos from various events in which he was involved form a good portion of the collection.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.09

Polish American Citizens Club Records, 1938-1971

The Polish American Citizens Club from New Britain, Connecticut was established in 1932. The club was open to people of Polish and Slavic descent and the club's mission was to provide financial support to members in times of sickness. The collection illustrates club's activities from 1932 till 1973.
Collection ID: CPAA 1987.75

Irene Dubicka Morawska Papers, 1978-1987

The collection consists of material related to activities of Mrs. Irene Dubicka-Morawska within organizations that supported Solidarity after the introduction to Martial Law in Poland on December 13, 1981. Mrs. Dubicka was also active within other Polish American organizations before 1981. The bulk of the material covers the years from 1981 till 1984. The support for Solidarity was wide spread and many organizations were established not only in the US but also in Western Europe and other countries. It was a tremendous effort among Polish Americans and recent Polish immigrants to create a network of support for the Solidarity movement and for people imprisoned by the communist government of Poland. The collection consists of documentation of the establishment of such organizations, and includes correspondence, reports on political and economic situations in Poland and the program of ongoing help for political prisoners.
Collection ID: CPAA 1993.03

Connecticut Lesbian and Gay PRIDE Festival Collection, 1982 - 2012

The first Hartford, Connecticut Lesbian and Gay PRIDE Festival took place on the lawn of Hartford's Old State House June 26, 1982, from noon to three in the afternoon. Each of the eight organizers invited several friends, hoping that it would help boost the turn out. To their surprise, between 200 and 250 people showed up. By 2011, the festival had grown to accommodate well over 10,000 people. The day-long festival eventually adopted a format that began with a rally, then a march to the festival grounds. For many years, the rally began at the State Capitol, with the festival being held at Bushnell Park. The festivals were political, celebratory, and helped to foster communication between the different groups within the gay community. In addition to political speakers, another component of the early festivals included performances.
Collection ID: GLTBQ 2013.02

Lottie Pozniak papers, 1930-1998

Lottie Pozniak (Kaminski) was born in Hartford, Connecticut to the first generation of Polish Americans. She was very active in many Polish American cultural organizations. During World War II she participated in selling war bonds and organized many events to benefit troops. After the war she became a participant and promoter of Polish history and culture. She received many awards and recognitions for her work. The collection richly illustrates with printed and visual material Mrs. Pozniak's activities and the Polish American community in Connecticut.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.09

Christine Pattee Lesbiana Collection, ca. 1970-2000

Christine Pattee, a Connecticut native, worked for many years in the Connecticut Health Department. She was a gay rights activist and lobbyist. Ms. Pattee was a founder of the Northeast Women's Musical Retreat (NEWMR). The collection consists of personal papers, records of the NEWMR, books, photographs, T-shirts and other visual materials.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2011.02

Waclaw Graczewski Papers, 1910-1921

Waclaw Graczewski, a first generation immigrant from Poland, came to the U.S. at the turn of the century. He was active in many social organizations established by Polish immigrants in Thompsonville, Connecticut. The collection consists of constitutions, by-laws and dues paid to these organizations.
Collection ID: CPAA 1987.60

Alvin E. O'Konski papers related to The Katyn Forest Massacre, 1946, 1952

Alvin O'Konski was a Polish American Congressman from Wisconsin, whose political career spanned several decades. O'Konski, a Republican, was known for his anti-communist activities, and was a member of the US Congressional Committee and participated in the Katyn Massacre hearing in Frankfurt, Germany. This collections contains material related to the Katyn massacre hearings and reports.
Collection ID: CPAA 2009.07

John M. Budarz Papers, 1948-1996

John M. Budarz was one of the founders of the Polish Art League of Pittsburgh and held the presidency of the organization twice. Mr. Budarz was also active in the American Council of Polish Cultural Clubs, an umbrella organization for various cultural clubs on the national level. Material in this collection relates to activities of Polish Arts League of Pittsburgh, information on numerous cultural events, correspondence, and includes publication of their newsletter - Palette.
Collection ID: CPAA 1995.12

Victor D'Lugin Collection, 1986-1996; 2002

Victor D'Lugin was an activist for gay rights and AIDS awareness and politics during the 1980's and 1990's. He was also a professor of philosophy at the University of Hartford for many years. As an AIDS patient, he was inspirational to many. He published many articles and gave several speeches on these topics. This collection includes his work in the gay and AIDS communities, along with audio/visual items of him at various events.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.08

Roman Galinski Papers, 1919-1974

The collection consists of correspondence between Roman Galinski, who lived in the US since 1922, and other prominent political figures in Poland, who were sympathizers of Narodowa Demokracja, the Polish political party of nationalistic character. Mr. Galinski was himself very active in various political organizations and wrote extensively on the issue of Polish politics and nationalism, sometimes under a pseudonym Miroslaw Kosinski. He was a great opponent of Jozef Pilsudski and his political party, and on the other hand vas devoted to Roman Dmowski and his political views of Narodowa Demokracja. Collection includes photographs of local Polish American prominent figures. The collection contains a dozen or so anti-semitic publications from pre-war Poland.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.01

Connecticut Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights, 1984-2003, 1984-2003

The Connecticut Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights (CCLGCR) was an organization prominent during the 1980's and 1990's for standing up for GLBTQ civil rights. They avidly fundraised, made a presence in political discussions and rallies, and created a safe zone for homosexuals in the state. This collection includes the group's organizational documents, fundraising efforts, and newspaper articles, along with other related items.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.07

Karen Majewski collection, 1981-1990

Material in the collection was compiled by Karen Majewski for her graduate studies project. It includes interviews with refugees from Poland from the Solidarity immigration wave in 1980's, as well as extensive collection of newspaper clippings related to the subject.
Collection ID: CPAA 2010.11

Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Collection, 1988-2019

The Connecticut Gay and Lesbian Film Festival has been bringing movies of LGBT interest to the Hartford area every year since 1988. With humble beginnings showing only a few films on one spring weekend, the festival has grown, screening 58 feature and short films over nine days in 2016. In 1999 the group behind the CT GLFF, OutFilm CT, began collaborating with students at Trinity College on the EROS Film Festival which takes place at Cinestudio every fall. The CT GLFF collection contains information about most of the 2,600 films considered for both festivals and several benefits from 1988-2016, films from over 70 different countries about such topics as same-sex marriage, AIDS, and transgender rights. In addition, the collection contains several hundred films on DVD and VHS, souvenir T-shirts, and promotional posters. It is expected that the collection will continue to grow as material from subsequent festivals is donated each year. In 2014 the name of the festival changed to the Connecticut LGBT Film Festival. In 2019 the name of the festival was changed to The Connecticut LGBTQ Film Festival.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2016.01

Walter and Florence Lasinski Collection, 1893-2010

Walter and Florence Lasinski were historians of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) and Polish American life. They resided in New Jersey and were members of the PNCC, a reformed Roman Catholic Church started by Francis Hodur in 1897 in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The collection includes extensive information about parishes (past and present) and clergy members in the PNCC from its creation.
Collection ID: CPAA 2005.18

Michael A. Peszke Papers, 1971-2013

Michael Alfred Peszke was born Poland in 1932. After the outbreak of WW II his family evacuated to France and England. Michael A. Peszke received his medical degree from the Dublin University School of Medicine, and in 1956 came to the US and worked in his field of psychiatry until his retirement in 1999. He combined clinical work with research, teaching, and administrative duties, and published widely in his field. After his retirement he turned to his interest in Poland and World War II. He published four books and numerous scholarly articles. Dr. Peszke is the founding member of the Polish Studies Program at Central Connecticut State University. His collection contains his scholarly articles, essays, and books and material which illustrate his interest in history and promotion of Poland, and his memoir written in 2006.
Collection ID: CPAA 1991.15

Richard Nelson Collection of Connecticut Stonewall Foundation Records, 1985-2008

Richard Nelson, long time member of the activist coalition Connecticut Stonewall Foundation, was an activist for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. The collection includes materials pertaining to events put on by the Connecticut Stonewall Foundation and specific writing and speeches done by Richard Nelson.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.04

Carolyn and Leslie Gabel-Brett Feminist and LGBT Collections, 1986-2021

Carolyn Gabel-Brett and Leslie Gabel-Brett are avid activists for women's rights, gender equality and homosexual rights, participating in several Connecticut groups since 1972. This collection includes materials from their endeavors from 1986 through 2021 including documents, periodicals, books, photographs, button and t-shirts regarding local and national events, community projects, and legislation pertaining to gender and homosexual rights.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.03

The 44 Club Collection, 1939-2000

The 44 Club, a social organization for Polish American professionals with university degrees, was established in November 1939. The Club fostered and promoted interest in Polish language, culture, and intellectual advancement among Polish Americans. The main activities of the club were monthly social gatherings at the houses of members and social fundraisers for scholarships for youths of Polish origin. The collection features materials related to the history of the club. This includes constitutions, by laws, minutes, financial data and information about social events. It covers the years from 1939 untill 2000.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.32

Association of Polish Priests of Connecticut Records, 1952-1991

Collection illustrates establishment and years of activities of the Association of Polish Priests of Connecticut (APPC). The association was initially established under Polish name Zjednoczenie Kaplanow Polskich in 1915. The main mission of the association was to establish religious association of clergy who shared common ethnic heritage. The association represented interest of Polish clergy within the hierarchy of the Catholic Church which was almost exclusively run by clergy of the Irish heritage. The APPC was instrumental in organizing celebration of the Millennium of Polish Christianity in 1966, which was a hallmark of public manifestation of religious and cultural links between Polish Americans and the country of their forefathers. The association made numerous financial contributions to the Catholic Church in Poland and sponsored major book publication - a biography of Monsignor Bojnowski. In February of 1991 the association became an affiliate member of a national organization - the Polish American Priests Association which was established in San Antonio, Texas.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.03

Solidarity International of Connecticut Records, 1979-1995

Solidarity International of Connecticut (SI of CT) was a non-profit organization established in 1982 after Martial Law was imposed in Poland on December 13, 1981. SI of CT is a part of Solidarity International, a nationwide organization dedicated to the struggle for human rights and the perpetuation of the ideals of the Solidarity movement in Poland during the 1980's and 1990's.
Collection ID: CPAA 1995.08

Bronislaw Krzyzewski Papers, 1915-1962

Collection consists of personal papers of Mr. Bronislaw Krzyzewski, a World War I veteran of the Polish Army under General Jozef Haller in France and later in Poland.
Collection ID: CPAA 2007.12

American Council for Polish Culture Collection., 1940-2013

American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) is one of the oldest Polish American cultural organizations. Beginning in 1948, and still existing today, the ACPC serves as a national umbrella organization for many local cultural clubs and organizations. The ACPC collection chronicles a wide range of the organization's activities. It illustrates the beginning, changes and development of the organization supported with extensive correspondence, minutes, reports and annual conventions materials.
Collection ID: CPAA 1996.03

History 301 Oral History Project, 2002

In the fall of 2002, Professor Katherine Hermes offered a course in the history department called, "The Historical Imagination" (History 301). The GLBTQ Archives, then known as the Gender Equity Archive, was a main source for the class. Interviewees for an oral history project were chosen from notable activists represented in the archives. The collection is comprised of these interviews.
Collection ID: GLTBQ 2013.03

Joseph L. Zazyczny collection of American Council for Polish Culture records, 1970-1989

Collection consists of records compiled by Joseph L. Zazyczny related to American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC). Mr. Joseph Zazyczny was the ACPC president from 1987-1989. The bulk of the material covers the years 1984-1989. It includes also materials from annual state conventions, extensive correspondence and documentation of the Washington project, which was a major undertaking of the council in 1980's that went well into 1990's. The main goal of the Washington project was to establish ACPC presence in Washington to promote Polish culture on the national and international level. The collection also includes also information about affiliated members and their activities.
Collection ID: CPAA 1999.15

Sacred Heart Church Records, 1916-1994, bulk (Bulk 1982-1994)

Material in this collection relates to Sacred Heart church, the oldest Polish American parish in New Britain Connecticut, established in 1894. It was an ethnic parish lead by the very powerful Monsignor Lucyan Bojnowski who was was a very influential figure not only for parishioners' lives but the entire town. Paul Wysocki, served as pastor of the parish during the years 1977-2003. These years were very important to the ethnic parish. In the 1980's a new wave of political immigrants came to the city from Poland (a result of Solidarity immigration) and wanted to participate and to receive services they were used to in Poland. However, some actions created frictions between the old and the new Polonia. There were questions of church financial contributions, ownership of the church, and who should make or advice pastors on changes within the parish. This collection concentrates on the post Solidarity immigrants and controversies within the church from the 1980's till mid 1990's.
Collection ID: CPAA 2004.02

The American Center of Polish Culture Records, 1984-2010

The American Council for Polish Culture (ACPC) initiated the establishment of the American Center of Polish Culture (ACPC) in Washington, D.C. Since the acronyms of both organizations are the same we refer to the American Center of Polish Culture as the Center. In 1985, during the annual conference of the American Council of Polish Culture (ACPC) it was decided that a Polish Center has to be established in the US capitol and an initial fundraising campaign had started. In 1989 the American Center of Polish Culture was incorporated and in 1991 a building was purchased. The Center was established with a significant help and support of the American Council of Polish Culture and individual supporters from the entire country. However with time the donations diminished and the organization didn't have the means to run such an expensive Center. In January of 2010 the National Polish Center, that was the official name of the Center, was acquired by the Kosciuszko Foundation and become the KF's Washington DC Center. The collection consists of administrative and financial records covering years 1984-2010.
Collection ID: CPAA 2009.04

Stefan Wawrowski Papers, 1945-1984

The collection consists of personal papers of Stefan Wawrowski, a prisoner of Dachau concentration camp, who immigrated to the United States in 1950. Mr. Wawrowski settled in Hartford, Connecticut and was active in many Polish American political and cultural organizations. The collection is enriched by many photographs from the Dachau concentration camp after libration in 1945 and from Displaced Person camp where Mr. Wawrowski stayed and worked in the camp administration until he received a refugee status and was allowed to immigrate to the United States. Also family photographs from Poland and photos from various local events are included.
Collection ID: CPAA 1990.17

Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective (HGLHC) Collection, 1983-2010

The Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective began as the "Hartford Gay Health Collective" in 1983 as a place for gay men to obtain screenings for STDs and Hepatitis. HIV testing was added in 1986 as a response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. In 1987, services were expanded to include women, and the name was changed to the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective. Over the years, HGLHC has expanded to assumed responsibility for many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender programs and services throughout the Hartford area, including the Connecticut Lesbian and Gay PRIDE festival.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2013.01

Adam T. Raczkowski Papers, 1915-1987

Adam T. Raczkowski, a World War I veteran of the American army, was gassed by Germans in France in 1918. He received the Purple Heart only 65 years later. Mr. Raczkowski was active in the Polish Falcons in Southington, CT and participated in their numerous sports events. Collection includes a unique photo from a Falcon's field Day in Meriden CT in 1915.
Collection ID: CPAA 1987.01

GLBTQ Buttons, 1972-2013

This collection reflects the nature and expanse of the GLBTQ Archives at the Elihu Burritt Library. Coming from a variety of donors, these buttons give an overview of the interests within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities of the Greater Hartford area, especially during the late twentieth century.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2013.04

Polish American Arts Association of Washington D.C. Records, 2000-2019

Polish American Arts Association (PAAA) of Washington D.C. was established in January 1966, as an affiliate member of the American Council for Polish Culture. PAAA creates public awareness of Polish history and culture through lectures, concerts, films and art exhibits. Collection contains material that illustrates activities of the organization for the years 2000-2009.
Collection ID: CPAA 2002.10

Ludmil A.Chotkowski Papers, 1982-1989

The papers of Ludmil A. Chotkowski, a Polish American physician and vice-president of the Solidarity International, Connecticut Chapter, a grass root organization supporting underground and dissident activities in Poland in the 1980s. He initiated a successful campaign to erect the Popieluszko Human Rights Monument in New Britain, Conn. He was involved in lobbying efforts and media campaigns on behalf of Polish opposition and participated in activities of other anti-communist and pro-democracy organizations based in the USA.
Collection ID: CPAA 1990.14

Ryszard Mrotek Collection, 1955-1984

Attorney Ryszard Mrotek was born in Lwow, which is in today's Ukraine. He spent the WWII in Warsaw, was arrested during the Warsaw Uprising and send to labor camp in Germany. After liberation he attended high school in Germany, worked as interpreter for the United Nations and moved to the US. He became immigration lawyer and settled in Connecticut. He was very active in local political organizations and served as president of the Polish American Congress, Division of Connecticut. He was also active in other organizations and regularly participated in a theatrical productions of a group called Wiatraki Wyobrazni. This collections consist of records of Polish American Congress as well as some personal records.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.15

"Solidarity" Information Office in Canada Records, 1980-1995

The Solidarity Information Office in Canada was opened in Toronto in 1981, and served as a satellite office of the Solidarity Coordinating Office Abroad in Brussels. Zygmunt Przetakiewicz was the director of the office from 1981 until 1983, and in 1983 Wojciech Gilewski was a director of the office until 1990, when it discontinued operation. The collection consists of extensive correspondence, reports, official publications, press releases and clippings. It covers the years from 1981 until 1990.
Collection ID: CPAA 1995.13

Ewa Slusarek Papers, 1982-1990

Ewa Slusarek and her husband Jacek were involved in the Solidarity support movement in the United States after introduction of Martial Law in Poland on December 13, 1981. The Slusarek's established the Solidarity Support Committee of Rhode Island to aid the Solidarity Labor Union organization in Poland. Such support committees were established in several states and also worldwide. There was a call for the establishment of an umbrella organization that would coordinate activities of these support organizations. In 1983 a group of representatives from these organizations met in Buffalo, NY and formed an organization called "Conference of Solidarity Support Committees" (CSSC). The collection includes documentation and activities related to the formation of these organizations, broad correspondence and related legal documents, press releases and clippings.
Collection ID: CPAA 1993.04

Roman Galinski papers, 1919-1974

The collection consists of correspondence between Roman Galinski, who lived in the US since 1922, and other prominent political figures in Poland, who were sympathizers of Narodowa Demokracja, the Polish political party of nationalistic character. Mr. Galinski was himself very active in various political organizations and wrote extensively on the issue of Polish politics and nationalism, sometimes under a pseudonym Miroslaw Kosinski. He was a great opponent of Jozef Pilsudski and his political party, and on the other hand vas devoted to Roman Dmowski and his political views of Narodowa Demokracja. Collection includes photographs of local Polish American prominent figures. The collection contains a dozen or so anti-semitic publications from pre-war Poland.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.01

The Polish Club, Inc. Records, 1979-1996

The Polish Club, Inc. was a social club organized by group of Poles active in the Bridgeport area to promote Polish culture. The club closely cooperated with the Polish Program at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport. The Polish Club was officially incorporated in 1979 and was very active until the late 1990's, yet later its activities diminished. Collection consists of material documenting club activities from 1979 till 1996.
Collection ID: CPAA 2010.14

Karpinski and Sadoski Family papers, 1900-1981

The Karpinski and Sadoski family collection consists of family photographs taken at the beginning of the century. It illustrates life of Polish immigrants in New Britain and sorrounding towns.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.31

Andrew J. Beck Papers, 1926-2011

Andrew J. Beck, an engineering executive, worked in several American engineering companies where he was responsible for the Eastern European trade during the Cold War years. Andrzej Beck was born in Poland and was 13 years old when WWII began. He left the country with his mother, Maria Slominska, at the end of September 1939 escaping the Germans and Russians. He is the only son of Jozef Beck, the Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs before the World War II. The collection consists of memoirs written by Andrzej Beck for his family, and a DVD of a TVN Polish television production about Jozef Beck. A CD includes interviews with Andrzej Beck and people who were close to his father, Mr. Jozef Beck, during WWII. Andrzej Beck passed away on July 20, 2011 in Fairfield, CT.
Collection ID: CPAA 2008.05

The Bogucki Family Papers, 1936-2009

Mr. and Mrs. Bogucki lived in Philidelphia, PA. They were both educated and very active in many Polish American organizations on the state and national level. In addition to organizing and participating in many events, they supported worthy endeavors related to Polish history, culture, and language.
Collection ID: CPAA 2005.05

Reader's Feast Bookstore Records, 1983-2000

The Reader's Feast was an independent bookstore opened in 1983 in Hartford, Connecticut's West End. The two co-managers, Carolyn Gabel and Tollie Miller, were avid women's rights and gay rights activists and wanted to start a community bookstore where books representing all different cultures were sold and the environment was comfortable and safe for everyone. They ran the bookstore for twelve years, moving on to other ventures in 1995. This collection includes advertisements, newspaper articles, correspondence, and other materials directly related to Reader's Feast from 1983-1996.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.02

Lewis E. Pierson collection, 1920-1921

Collection consists of two post cards/photographs, which were sent to Mr. Lewis E. Pierson to New York City from Poland in 1921, and a letter informing Mr. Pierson of nominating him to become a honorary member of the Kosciuszko Squadron for his financial support. Included in the collection is the original emblem of the squadron.
Collection ID: CPAA 2009.08

Monsignor Alphonse A. Skoniecki Collection, 1914-1976

Msgr. Alfons A. Skoniecki was born in Poland in 1884. He attended seminary in Louvain, Belgium and was ordained a priest in 1917 in the US. During WW I he supported recruitment efforts for the Polish Army in France. Skoniecki served in several parishes in Massachusetts, and was named pastor of St. Mary's Parish in Turners Fall, MA in 1925, a parish he would lead for 23 years. He was instrumental in expanding the parish and was active in many religious and secular organizations that promoted and served the Polish cause. He wrote to many local newspapers. His work and contributions was recognized by the Poland's government-in-exile and in 1954 he received the honorary title of colonel in the Polish Army and was decorated with the Haller's Swords medal and the Gold Cross of Merit from the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America. The collection consists of extensive correspondence, seminary notes, sermons and writings of Msgr. Skoniecki.
Collection ID: CPAA 1987.101

John P. Wodarski collection, 1931-2002

Monsignor John P. Wodarski collection is unique in terms of portraying and documenting activities of an ethnic Polish American parish and material related to the history of the Catholic Church and history of Poland. Msgr. John P. Wodarski was a pastor at the Holy Cross church in New Britain, Connecticut for several decades. Msgr. Wodarski was a very innovative priest who applied his ideas into educating the local community and always looked for ways to promote mutual understanding among other ethnic and religious groups. He was a great supporter of the Polish Studies Program at Central Connecticut State University where he served on the advisory board for many years. The collection includes documentation of the celebration of Poland's Millennium in 1966 and visit by Cardinal Karol Wojtyla from communist Poland to the US in 1969. Cardinal Wojtyla later became Pope John Paul II.
Collection ID: CPAA 1986.02

Hartford Women's Center Papers, 1970-2003

The Hartford Women's Center (HWC) was organized in October of 1977 to serve women of the city of Hartford. The goal was to create network of organizations with resources for women. Newsletters and calendars were ways to reach out to community. HWC helped to establish first Hartford Feminist Library in 1979. The collection consists of newsletters, minutes, flyers, photographs and slides and extensive correspondence.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.01

Donna C. Stimpson Collection, 1987-2011

Donna Stimpson has been an activist for GLBTQ rights including domestic partnership benefits, same sex marriage, gender equality, and second parent adoption in Connecticut and nationally. She has been involved with several equality groups and continues to work in the state for civil rights. The collection includes some of her personal documents as well as newspaper and internet articles, publications, memorabilia, and general information spanning over a few decades.
Collection ID: GLBTQ 2012.05

Polish Arts Club of Chicago Collection, 1938-2008

This collection spans 70 years of the Polish Arts Club of Chicago, a social club for Americans of Polish decent which focused on bringing attention to the art, literature, music, and culture of Polish Americans. The club is affiliated with the American Council for Polish Culture and contains documents from both organizations as well as clippings and publications related to Polish culture in the United States.
Collection ID: CPAA 16-03