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Water Collyer Faxon genealogical papers, 1746-1912, bulk bulk 1893-1912

Genealogical notes, correspondence, patriotic society memberships and photographs.
Collection ID: RG074_030

Military Service Veterans Organizations small collections, 1885-1948

Artificial collection of military service veterans associations material consisting of single items or small collections.
Collection ID: RG173_002

James L. McConaughy Papers, 1888-1966, bulk 1888-1948

James L. McConaughy was President of Wesleyan University, 1925-1943, and Governor of the State of Connectuct, 1947 until his death on March 7, 1948. Included in his papers are correspondence, speeches, photographs, and the scrapbook he kept while attending Yale from 1905-1909.
Collection ID: RG069_146

Records of the State of Connecticut, 1776-1933

The official record books of the General Assembly.
Collection ID: RG001_002

Lowrey Family Reunion Association records, 1876-1937

Four record books of genealogical notes regarding the Lowrey family.
Collection ID: RG074_045

Stark Family Association records, 1843-1985

The Stark Family Association devoted to the descendants of Aaron Stark (c. 1618-1685) was founded in 1895 and dissolved in 1954 after the deaths of its founding members and a decline in interest by those of later generations. The records consists of correspondence, family papers, business records, and printed works.
Collection ID: RG074_076

Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America records, 1900-1942

The Connecticut Society of the Colonial Dames of America was established in 1893 "to create widespread interest in history, to inspire love of this Republic, to do justice and honor to heroic ancestors, and to commemorate the labors and achievements of the founders of our country." Includes "Old Houses of Connecticut", a series of studies conducted in the early 20th century on early Connecticut houses and other historically important buildings. . . A card index in the History and Genealogy reading room is arranged alphabetically by city or town.
Collection ID: RG143

Forestry Department records, circa 1901-2004

In 1921 the General Assembly reorganized the state forest administration. The State Park Commission became the State Park and Forest Commission and had authority to appoint the state forester, separating that office from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station.
Collection ID: RG079_022

Thomas Barber descendants, Windsor, Conn., 1635-, undated

Genealogy notes on the descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor, Conn.
Collection ID: RG074_024

Patricia M. Flowers genealogical papers, 1665-2006

Contains notes, correspondence, photocopies of genealogical works, and miscellaneous genealogical research on the Flowers and Moulton families and related lines.
Collection ID: RG074_068

Historical Commemoration Commissions records, 1927-2015

An artificial record group that contains materials on the Battle of Bennington Sesquicentennial, Connecticut Commission on the Chicago International Exposition of 1933, Connecticut State Commission on the New Sweden Tercentenary, United States Constitution Bicentennial Commission of Connecticut, and the Yorktown Sesquicentennial Celebration. The records include newspaper clippings, photographs, programs, scrapbooks, and subject files. .
Collection ID: RG166

Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company collection, circa 1864-1961

The collection consists primarily of photographs depicting company administrators and employees, the Colt's armory in Hartford and other Colt-related properties, events, promotional material, and firearms.
Collection ID: PG460

Benjamin Warren Levalley papers, 1862-1896

Benjamin Warren Levalley was a 2nd Lieutenant in Company H of the 22nd Regiment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. In 1895-1896 he spent time with his cousin Joanna Remington recording gravestones of the Fenner family at the Remington farm in Rhode Island. The collection includes appointment letters, discharge from service paper, correspondence, and a printout of photographs.
Collection ID: RG069_164

Coit family collection, 1861-1913

Includes a scrapbook of a European trip, 1861; Memoir of Joshua Coit (1800-1881), 1913; and a letter from Joshua Coit to an unnamed niece, 1877.
Collection ID: RG074_064

Theodore A. Bingham genealogical papers, 1899-1932

Includes the manuscript of The Bingham family in the United States and other material related to the Bingham Family of Andover, Conn.
Collection ID: RG074_033

Barbier Family papers, 1738-1974

This collection documents J. Théophile Barbier, who came to Southington, Connecticut in 1851 from France and his descendents.
Collection ID: RG069_159

Major Edward V. Preston papers, 1855-1877, bulk bulk 1861-1865

The collection contains documents kept by Major Edward V. Preston, who was a quartermaster and then a paymaster in the United States Army during the Civil War. Included in the papers are muster rolls, officer pay vouchers, discharge papers, hospital notices, returns, receipts, requisitions, books, and personal papers.
Collection ID: RG069_064

Lucius B. Barbour genealogical collection, circa 1900-1930

Lucius B. Barbour (1878-1934) was appointed the first Public Records Examiner at the Connecticut State Library in 1911. The collection includes genealogical notes and abstracts from Connecticut vital, church, cemetery and probate records and from newspapers.
Collection ID: RG074_036

Flora E. Shirah genealogical papers, 1946-1981

Includes a booklet titled "A Man of Courage" compiled by Flora E. Shirah to tell stories about the life of her son, Wingate Hulbert Royce, to his children. Also includes family group sheets and a family album that contains family history of Flora Shirah, various family genealogy information, and family group sheets.
Collection ID: RG074_056

National Society of New England Women, Hartford Colony records, 1921-1979

Mrs. Clarence F.R. Jenne, who also served as the organization's first president, organized the Hartford Colony of the National Society of New England Women January 1, 1921. The object of the Society was to bring together in social relations, women of New England ancestry to engage in educational, patriotic, civic, and philanthropic work. Materials include annual reports, meeting minutes, history of the Hartford Colony, scrapbooks, addresses and pamphlets. .
Collection ID: RG104

Alonzo Baldwin Dewey letters, 1832-1906

Letters between various members of the Alonzo Baldwin Dewey Family mostly regarding family matters and news of local residents around Chaplin, Connecticut. Writers include Alonzo Baldwin Dewey, Emeline Washburn, W.H. Dewey (son of Alonzo and Emeline Dewey), Edwin A. Dewey (son of Alonzo and Emeline Dewey), Israel Dewey (Alonzo's father), Sally Goodell (Emeline's sister), Walter Goodell, Philo Washburn, Mary Washburn, Lucy Washburn and Andrew Washburn (Emeline's parents), Mary and Lucy Chadwick (Emeline's sisters), Betsy Lowell (Alonzo Dewey's half-sister), C.M. Goodell (cousin of Emeline's), George Washburn (Emeline's brother), Cornelia Washburn, Mary Dewey Seevers, and Isaac Goodell.
Collection ID: RG069_172

Private Benjamin Denslow: A soldier of the American Revolution, 1931

Two volumes of material on Private Benjamin Denslow, who was a soldier in the American Revolution. The two volumes discuss Denslow's life, family, ancestry and descendants. Included are photostats and photograph copies of original records along with photographs.
Collection ID: RG074_059

Office of Indian Affairs' records, 1836-1995, bulk bulk 1976-1995

The Office of Indian Affairs works with the Connecticut Indian Affairs Council (CIAC) and coordinates activities relating to the state's American Indian population and state Indian reservations. The CIAC's responsibility is to advise the Dept. of Environmental Protection Commissioner on matters relating to Connecticut's five tribes.
Collection ID: RG079_018

Stark family papers, 1755-2004

The Stark Family Papers revolves around the family of J. Warren Stark (1862-1951) and his second wife Alione Ely Stark (1864-1953) of Lyme, Connecticut. Correspondents include William G. Stark, Marion E. Stark, Hazel Purinton who married Reginald Warren Stark, Hattie Stark Gillette, J. Warren Stark, Alione Ely Stark, Gladys Stark, and Jennie E. Stark. The papers consists of correspondence, family papers, and books.
Collection ID: RG069_184

Records of the Colony of Connecticut, 1636-1776

The official record books of the General Court/General Assembly, containing proceedings and other materials.
Collection ID: RG001_001

State Harbor Commissioners for New Haven Harbor records, 1925-1972

Minutes of the State Harbor Commissioners for New Haven Harbor.
Collection ID: RG079_026

Lawrence Val Alstyne notebooks on the Ogden family, 1891-1911

Genealogical notes on the Ogden Family collected from various sources in Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.
Collection ID: RG074_034
Collection ID: RG001_007

State Planning Board records, 1933-1937

The State Planning Board coordinated and integrated information pertaining to growth and development of the State. They collected information, data and maps from across departmental lines and made the information available to all. There were several projects initiated by the Board relating to water quality, forests, highways, population demographics and zoning. An aerial map of the State was considered "the most essential single step for our state-wide data."
Collection ID: RG082

Helen Sharps genealogical papers, 1949, undated

Notes on the Calkins Family and working papers.
Collection ID: RG074_031

Irene Mix Root genealogical papers, 1940-1949, undated

Irene Mix Root (1887-1949) was the genealogist for the Colonial Dames Society. These papers contain her genealogy notes and register files.
Collection ID: RG074_004

Charles F. Watrous papers, 1917-1942

Corporal Charles F. Watrous was a World War I veteran who served in Company F of the 102 Infantry in the American Expeditionary Forces in France.
Collection ID: RG069_145

Genealogical notes on families of Litchfield, Connecticut, 1939

The Notes were compiled by Payne Kenyon Kilbourne, M.A. who was secretary of the Litchfield County Historical and Antiquarian Society, author of "Sketches and Chronicles of the Town of Litchfield, Connecticut", which was published in Hartford in 1859.
Collection ID: RG074_021

Connecticut Daughters of the American Revolution family records, 1957-1998

Genealogical records copied from different sources by members of DAR chapters in Connecticut.
Collection ID: RG074_044

Dorence Atwater papers, 1863-1913

Dorence Atwater served in the first squadron of Connecticut Cavalry (Harris Light Cavalry) which was attached to the 2nd New York Cavalry. Dorence was captured by the Confederates near Hagerstown, Maryland, in July 1863 and was incarcerated at Andersonville Prison in Georgia. He was selected to maintain the death register for Union soldiers. As a precaution, he made a copy for himself and turned it over to the United States government upon his release. He later would request a copy of it repeatedly but was denied. Dorence with the aid of Clara Barton procured permission to erect wooden markers for the dead at Andersonville using the death register which he then took home. Atwater for taking the register home was convicted in a court martial and sentenced to hard labor, from which he was eventually pardoned. In 1868 he was named consul to the Seychelles Island and later to Tahiti where he married Princess Moetia Simon in 1875. Richard Atwater, Dorence's brother, assembled the collection to document the career of and to right the miscarriage of justice experienced by his brother. A former officer in Dorence's unit, Edward W. Whitaker, assisted Richard in gathering information and artifacts. The bulk of the collection consists of letters between Richard and individuals including Edward Whitaker, Clara Barton, Moetia Atwater, Jason Fenn, George Godard, and others.
Collection ID: RG069_177

Connecticut Colonial Land Records, 1640-1846

Early deeds, land records, turnpike records.
Collection ID: RG001_004

Samuel Wyllys papers, 1663-1728

The Samuel Wyllys Papers, 1668-1728, undated, are a group of 88 court documents that include 6 cases of witchcraft (42 documents), 12 cases concerning assault and battery, theft, adultery and other crimes (35 documents), and 11 other documents related to prayers of confession and petition, lists of freemen, poor relief, taxes, and titles to Indian land.
Collection ID: RG000_samuel_wyllys_papers

Elizabeth Dimmick Walters genealogical papers, 1945-1975

Contains correspondence, newspaper clippings, and genealogical notes on the Dimmick family.
Collection ID: RG074_047

Coat of Arms collection, 1904-1936, undated

A collection of coat of arms that include drawings, photostats and paintings.
Collection ID: RG074_049

Joan Gilbert Tatro genealogical papers, 1979-2012

Contains notes, correspondence, photocopies of genealogical works, and miscellaneous genealogical research on various families. There are also a variety of genealogical newsletters concentrating on different families.
Collection ID: RG074_072

Groton Congregational Church records, 1727-1893

The First Church of Christ Congregational in Groton, Conn. was established in 1702. The name was changed to Groton Congregational Church in 2007.
Collection ID: RG070_082

Genealogical notes on Bassett and allied families / compiled by Sheldon Brainerd Thorpe and Frank G. Bassett, circa 1890-1923

Genealogical notes on Bassett and allied families that were compiled by Sheldon Brainerd Thorpe and Frank G. Bassett.
Collection ID: RG074_050

Truman Smith papers, 1811-2009, bulk bulk 1811-1889

Truman Smith was a lawyer, Connecticut Legislator (1831-1832, 1834), US Representative (1838-1843, 1845-1849), and US Senator (1849-1854) from Stamford, Connecticut. Included in his papers are correspondence, writings, publications, legal cases, speeches, and spiritual writings.
Collection ID: RG069_150

Connecticut Valley Kindergarten Association, 1895-1920

The Connecticut Valley Kindergarten Association was organized in 1882. The object of the organization was, "to promote sympathy and helpfulness among its members and to stimulate interest in all branches of kindergarten work." The collection includes meeting minutes, lists of members, and records from the treasurer. .
Collection ID: RG146

Water Resources Commission records, 1925-1981

The State Water Commission was created in 1925 to reduce, control or eliminate water pollution. It merged into the Water Resources Commission in 1957 that was formed to study the water resources of the State.
Collection ID: RG079_023

Ancestry of Captain Lawrence C. Howard, 1936-1959

Seven notebooks of genealogical material dealing with the Howard family.
Collection ID: RG074_058

Small genealogical collections

Artificial collection of genealogical material consisting of single items or small collections less than .25 cubic feet.
Collection ID: RG074_001

Hattie Reed LaMack genealogical papers, circa 1937-2000

Notes and correspondence on the Reed and Wilcox families.
Collection ID: RG074_012

Estelle Benham genealogical papers, 1888-1927

Correspondence and genealogy notes on the Benham Family.
Collection ID: RG074_017

Boundary Commissions' records, 1821-1962

This record group includes materials deposited at various times by persons who served as Connecticut's agents on the bi-state commissions which established and maintained the boundary lines between Connecticut and her neighbor states.
Collection ID: RG075

James Willoughby Hill genealogical papers, 1910-1924, undated

Included are genealogical notes, forms, correspondence, photographs, and scrapbook of genealogical notes on the Blin family.
Collection ID: RG074_041

State Park and Forest Commission records, 1908-1967

In 1913 the Assembly created a permanent State Park Commission charged with "supervision of all lands acquired by the state, as public reservations, for the purpose of public recreation or the preservation of natural beauty or historic association. In 1921 the name changed to the State Park and Forest Commission. The Commission now had oversight of state forests as well as parks with the authority to appoint the State Forester.
Collection ID: RG079_017

Wellesley Club of Hartford records, 1914-1978

The Wellesley Club of Hartford was organized in 1894. Its purpose is "exclusively charitable and educational, particularly to advance the interests and promote the welfare of Wellesley College." There are four classes of members, (active, life, associate, and honorary), but only active and life members may vote and serve on the board of directors. Included in the records are minutes of meetings, reports, correspondence, constitution and by-laws, reminiscences, and printed pamphlets. .
Collection ID: RG151

Horace Wilbur Palmer genealogical papers, circa 1895-1971

Descendant lists of 32 separate Palmer immigrants in America. Contains wills, census records, cemetery records, proofs of descent, and correspondence. Also contans a typed manuscript that has been published as Palmer Families in America, Vols. I & III.
Collection ID: RG074_038

Richard F. Schneller collection, 1824-1996, bulk bulk 1974-1988

Richard F. Schneller was a State Senator for the 20th District from 1975-1984. He worked on the 1986 O'Neill gubernatorial campaign as well as the 1984 Mondale presidential campaign and was the chairperson of the Governor's Building Construction Advisory Committee from 1987-1988.
Collection ID: RG069_135

McLean Family papers, 1805-circa 1892, bulk 1819-1833

Correspondence and a notebook of the Francis McLean family of Vernon, Conn.
Collection ID: RG069_153

Duane N. Griffin genealogical papers, 1723-1951, bulk bulk circa 1900-1927

Rev. Duane N. Griffin (1853-1927) was a Hartford area Methodist minister. These papers consist of a manuscript genealogy of the descendents of John Griffin of Simsbury, Conn. and genealogy notes on the Griffin Family.
Collection ID: RG074_013

Aaron Hand family letters, 1797-2011, bulk 1830-1875

Letters between various members of the Aaron Hand Family mostly regarding family matters. Writers include Bayard Epenetus Hand, Aaron Hicks Hand and his wife Elizabeth Coit Boswell Hand, Isaac Platt Hand, and Nancy Fanning Boswell, Elizabeth's stepmother. Elizabeth Coit Boswell Hand was originally from Norwich, Conn.
Collection ID: RG069_157

Edmund Janes Cleveland genealogical papers, 1895-1902

Included is the manuscript of the unpublished fourth volume of The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families (1899) and a manuscript copy of a genealogy of Moses Cleveland of Woburn, Mass. Material related to the publication of the Cleveland Genealogy include a scrapbook containing circulars, reviews, newspaper clippings and catalogue of book dealers; list of individuals and libraries to whom circulars were sent; and a record of purchasers.
Collection ID: RG074_055

Baptist Associations of Connecticut collection, 1793-1957

Collected published annual meeting minutes and Sunday school convention minutes from Baptist Associations of Connecticut. The collection contains the following Baptist associations minutes: Ashford, Danbury, Fairfield, Hartford, Litchfield, New Haven, New London, Stonington, Stonington Union, Otsego (New York), and Shaftsbury.
Collection ID: RG070_083

Foote family papers, 1728-1867

The papers consist of materials pertaining to three generations of members of the Foote family of Marlborough, principally Asa Foote (1728-1806), his son Joel Foote (1763-1846), the children of Joel Foote and their spouses, and other relatives. Asa, a farmer by trade, and Joel Foote, a clothier and merchant, were both well to do and prominent political figures in Marlborough Society in Colchester and in the town of Marlborough.
Collection ID: RG069_120

Mahlon Myron Gowdy genealogical papers, undated

Included are genealogical notes regarding the Gowdy family. The majority of the papers consist of Samuel Gowdy's descendants beginning with Robert and Content Gowdy; Hill Gowdy, son of Samuel; Alexander Gowdy and others not of the Samuel Gowdy branch; and duplicate material and items to be looked up and connected.
Collection ID: RG074_040

Billie (Helen) Hill political memorabilia collection, 1943-2013, bulk bulk 1943-1988

This collection is comprised of papers and materials relating to Billie Hill's career working for several Democratic politicians, as well as her personal interests in and relationships with various political candidates. The collection contains personal and political papers, clippings, correspondence, photographs, publications, and artifacts.
Collection ID: RG069_165

Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut records, 1893-1972

The Society of Colonial Wars in the State of Connecticut was organized in 1893 to "perpetuate the memory of the events of American Colonial History, and of the men who assisted in the establishment, defense and preservation of the American Colonies." Membership is composed of male descendants of men who rendered military or civil service to the colonies from the settlement of Jamestown, May 13, 1607 to the battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775. The collection consists of supplemental and original applications for membership in the state organization. .
Collection ID: RG150

David N. Gaines genealogical papers, 1891-1940

David N. Gaines (1854-1941) served as the town clerk, judge of probate, postmaster, and secretary and treasurer of the First Ecclesiastical Society in Hartland. His genealogical papers consist of notes on old houses, vital statistics, East Hartland Cemetery and various Hartland families.
Collection ID: RG074_003

Storrs Family genealogical collection, 1876-1958

The Storrs Family Association held its first reunion in 1891 and annually thereafter until at least 1972. This collection consists of Frank H. Storrs genealogical papers and records from the Storrs Family Association.
Collection ID: RG074_005

Lewis Mills Norton genealogical papers, 1840-1860

Genealogies of George and John Norton, correspondence, and genealogical notes.
Collection ID: RG074_029

J. Henry Roraback papers, 1888-1937, 1965-1968

Correspondence, legislative data, financial records, legal case files, and appointment books kept by a Connecticut businessman, investor, lawyer and political boss of the Republican Party in Connecticut in the early 20th century.
Collection ID: RG069_071

Connecticut Teachers' Annuity Guild records, 1896-1927

The Connecticut Teachers' Annuity Guild was formed in 1896 from various smaller regional teacher organizations around the state. The records consist of minutes of meetings and financial records. .
Collection ID: RG147

Jon W. Taylor genealogical papers, circa 1963-1993

Genealogical charts for Jon Willard Taylor, family group sheets and supporting documentation on a number of family names.
Collection ID: RG074_065

Department of Connecticut United Spanish War Veterans records, 1898-1973

The United Spanish War Veterans was organized in 1904 by the amalgamation of a number of veterans organizations, including the National Army and Navy Spanish War Veterans, the National Association Spanish-American War Veterans, the Service Men of the Spanish War.
Collection ID: RG081

War Council records, 1940-1945

After war broke out in Europe in 1939, the State created the State Defense Council, similar to the one during the First World War. It coordinated domestic mobilization through advisory committees of leading citizens, local councils and public officials, and agencies of the U.S. government. By 1943, this body was known as the War Council. It went out of business on October 1, 1945.
Collection ID: RG050

Peter Colt Family genealogical papers, 1856-2010

Genealogical material on the Peter Colt Family.
Collection ID: RG074_069

Second Church of Christ, Scientist records, 1912-2002

The Second Church of Christ Scientist Hartford, was organized in 1907 by 11 members of The Mother Church. The first service was held on an upper floor at 64 Pearl Street, and as the congregation grew, services were moved twice to other sites. The church building at the corner of Lafayette and Russ Streets held its first service January 4, 1925. A diminished membership prompted the congregation to sell the church building to the State of Connecticut in 2008.
Collection ID: RG070_081

Wadsworth Family collection, 1718-1921

Wedworth Wadsworth (1782-1860) was a member of the Connecticut General Assembly from Durham, Conn. Also represented in the collection are his sons Wedworth (1811-1876), William (circa 1817-1870), a town clerk and justice of the peace, James (1819-1891) and James' son Wedworth (1846-1926), who was a painter, art teacher, and writer.
Collection ID: RG069_052

Leland family genealogical collection, 1850-1941

Correspondence, genealogical notes, news clippings, and photographs.
Collection ID: RG074_073

Roswell Grant papers, 1735-1899

Roswell Grant was a Justice of the Peace and school district treasurer of Windsor, Conn. Also represented are his father, Ebenezer Grant (1706-1797), a merchant, and other family members.
Collection ID: RG069_053

Mathias Spiess papers, 1892-1944

The papers consist of material pertaining to Mathias Spiess who was an amateur historian with an interest in Connecticut Indians and the town of Manchester. Spiess in 1936 served as a Republican selectman and in 1937 and 1938 was a police commissioner for the town of Manchester. Included in the papers are correspondence, subject files, writings, and maps.
Collection ID: RG069_100

Irving J. Stolberg Personal and Political Papers, 1954-2014

Papers and documents from the private and public life of Connecticut Representative and Speaker of the House Irving J. Stolberg.
Collection ID: RG069_161

Marilyn P.A. Seichter collection, 1945-2002,, bulk bulk 1959-1994

Marilyn P.A. Seichter (1945-2002), the first woman to graduate from the University of Connecticut School of Law, specialized in the fields of women's rights and family law. She served as the first women president of the Connecticut Bar Association among other posts.
Collection ID: RG069_133

Connecticut State Teachers' League records, 1903-1920

The Connecticut State Teachers' League was founded in 1903 to promote higher professional standards and training. Its membership was limited to women. The records consist of minutes of meetings, constitution, financial records, meeting announcements, and correspondence. .​
Collection ID: RG145

Records of the Commissioners of the United Colonies of New England, 1643-1667

Minutes, records of acts, letters, etc. of the New England Confederation comprised of Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, and New Haven.
Collection ID: RG001_005

Bradley Field World War II activities, 1942-1945

Views of military life and training at the air base, the Sixth War Loan drive, redeployment, officers and medal presentations to families of servicemen.
Collection ID: PG048

Tolland Bank records, 1828-1920

The Tolland County Bank was established August 4, 1826, at a meeting of leading citizens. They obtained a charter and the bank opened for business on March 18, 1829. In 1865, the bank obtained a charter as the Tolland County National Bank. It went out of business in 1885. The premises, furniture and fixtures were sold in 1886 to the Savings Bank of Tolland, which had been chartered in 1841, and had operated since that date in the same building and often with the same officers as the commercial bank. These records were among the contents of ten to fifteen burlap bags received by the State Library from an unknown source in 1935. Subsequent examination revealed the collection also contains Tolland town records, Tolland county records, and a few Farmington town papers. Also discovered were personal files of Frank T. Newcomb, who served as a cashier and treasurer of both banks, town clerk, town treasurer, and county treasurer. The collection includes bills and receipts, promissory notes, quarterly bank statements, correspondence, deeds and mortgages, and lists of subscribers. .
Collection ID: RG152

Harry I. Thompson West Haven genealogical papers, circa 1880-1900

Notebooks and manuscript notes related to West Haven, Connecticut genealogy.
Collection ID: RG074_008

Rollin Germain Hubby genealogical papers, circa 1903-1930

Includes genealogical charts, records, correspondence of Hobby and allied families, 1200-1933.
Collection ID: RG074_043

Ruth Baker Stephan Collection of World War II letters, 1927-1964, bulk bulk 1941-1947

The collection consists primarily of correspondence between Ruth Baker Stephan and military service members of St. Paul's United Methodist Church of Hartford during World War II. Photographs, publications, and Stephan's personal papers are also included.
Collection ID: RG069_158

Hugh Montgomery and Anna Roberts correspondence, 1865

Correspondence between Hugh Montgomery and Anna Roberts during their courtship from March to October 1865.
Collection ID: RG069_144

Genealogical and historical notes, circa 1895-1902

New clippings from the New York Main and Express.
Collection ID: RG074_020

Thompson Raceway, 1952-1967

The Thompson Raceway was the first private road racing course built and operated in the United States. Prior to its construction, all sports car road races had been conducted either on public highways or on airport runways. The Thompson Raceway was opened in 1952, just prior to the ban of racing on public roads, and was used for road racing until 1967. Now called the Thompson International Speedway, it has been rebuilt as an oval and is used for occasional NASCAR events. The collection includes administrative files, publicity materials, entry lists, race information, financial records, scrapbooks and photographs. .
Collection ID: RG148

Francis H. Parker genealogical papers, circa 1894-1930

Notes and correspondence pertaining to East Haddam.
Collection ID: RG074_016

Connecticut group portraits collection, 1864-2007

This collection contains over 100 group portraits of local and state officials, governors & their staff, Connecticut lawyers and members of local organizaitions.
Collection ID: PG560

Sidney Miner genealogical papers, 1672-1907

Correspondence, notes, transcripts of oringinal records and family group sheets related to the Miner family.
Collection ID: RG074_011

The ancestries of David Miller and Clarissa Moore : of Torringford, Connecticut, 1995

Manuscript copy of The Ancestries of David Miller and Clarissa Moore of Torringford, Connecticut
Collection ID: RG074_032

Genealogical charts collection, 1927, undated

An artificial collection of genealogical charts.
Collection ID: RG074_035

Joseph S. Longo papers, 1932-1996

Joseph S. Longo (1914-1993) served as a Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court from 1975 to 1979.
Collection ID: RG069_151

Tyler Kindred of America genealogical records, 1811-1947, bulk bulk 1892-1947

The Tyler Kindred of America held its first reunion in 1921. This organization is a successor to the Tyler Family Association and was formed by members of the "Branford line" and the "Wallingford line".
Collection ID: RG074_006

Royal descents of Mrs. Violet Freeman Simon and family of East Hartford, Connecticut, 1981

Genealogical chart and book of corresponding family sheets.
Collection ID: RG074_048

Mariages de la paroisse St. Anne of Waterbury, Connecticut: 1886-1982, before 1985

Handwritten slips from church, vital and estate records compiled by Robert R. Bisaillon for Mariages de la paroisse St. Anne of Waterbury, Connecticut: 1886-1982.
Collection ID: RG074_063