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Map Collection Master Index, 1829-2000

12 lf ; 1 Map Cabinet
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This index lists the 170+ maps in the Marian Hunter History Room of the Avon Free Public Library. The maps cover the years 1625 until the early 2000's. The maps were created between 1829 to the early 2000's.
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Floods and Hurricanes in Connecticut collection, 1936-2011, bulk bulk 1936-1955

10 cubic feet
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Hurricanes and Nor'easters can cause major flooding of the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Three of the more impressive include floods in March 1936, September, 1938 and August 1955.
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Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company collection, circa 1864-1961

5.5 cubic feet
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The collection consists primarily of photographs depicting company administrators and employees, the Colt's armory in Hartford and other Colt-related properties, events, promotional material, and firearms.
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Administrators Box 1, Folder 1-3

Employees Box 1, Folder 4-9

Other Individuals Box 1, Folder 10-11

Connecticut group portraits collection, 1864-2007

3.5 cubic feet
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This collection contains over 100 group portraits of local and state officials, governors & their staff, Connecticut lawyers and members of local organizaitions.
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Connecticut military portrait collection, circa 1860-1959

5.75 cubic feet
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This collection combines both group and individual portraits of Connecticut soldiers and veterans. A number of Connecticut National Guard, Putnam Phalanx, New Haven Grays and World War II portraits are included in the Collection, but Civil War veterans predominate.

Connecticut Colonial Land Records, 1640-1846

6 Volumes
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Early deeds, land records, turnpike records.

Connecticut Archives, 1629-1856, bulk 1629-1820

303 volumes, 66 boxes, and 55 index volumes
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Papers and correspondence of the General Assembly, the Governor and Council, and other colony or state officials.
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General Assembly papers, 1871-2010, 1871-2010

948.75 cubic feet
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The General Assembly Papers begin in the year 1803 and continue through 2010. The papers described here cover the years 1871-2010. They consist of official papers that document the activities of the General Assembly such as petitions, appointments, proclamations, resolutions, amendments, committee reports, Public and Special Acts, rejected bills, and unfinished business.
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Engrossed bills, 1859-1994

78 cubic feet
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This subgroup is comprised of volumes of Engrossed Bills. Engrossed Bills are those legislative acts and resolutions that having been passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate are appropriately signed by the Engrossing Committee, Clerk of the Senate, President of the Senate, Clerk of the House, Speaker of the House, and the Governor.

Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture records, 1916-1941, bulk 1940, 1940-1941

1 cubic feet
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Records from the Committee's study to determine whether the various agricultural departments of the state should be consolidated.
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