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University of Connecticut, Handicapped Homemaker Project Records, undated, 1954-1972

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The project lasted five years and was officially titled "Work Simplification in the Area of Child Care for Physically Handicapped Women". The main work of the project took place between 1955 and 1960.

International Silver Company Records, 1853-1931

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The International Silver Company was organized under the laws of the State of New Jersey on November 19, 1898. Within the next year, seventeen companies were purchased. By the early 1900s, it had become a large industrial corporation. Its operations centered at Meriden, Connecticut, would prove to be the major producer of silver products in the United States.

Holley Manufacturing Company Records, undated, 1847-1933

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The Holley Manufacturing Company of Lakeville (Salisbury), Connecticut, produced pocket cutlery and related products, from 1844 until 1946. Holley Manufacturing Company's sales and production declined after 1933 and the firm was dissolved in 1946.

New England Steam Gauge Company Records, undated, 1912-1961

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The Technical Equipment Company (TEC) had its general headquarters in New York City and a manufacturing plant in Niantic, Connecticut, by 1913. In the spring of 1913, TEC took over the gauge department of Utica Steam Gauge Company and the Libby Valve and Packing Company. By 1914, the company had become the New England Steam Gauge Company and had its base in Niantic.

University of Connecticut, Research Foundation Records, 1950 - 2001

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The collection consists of the minutes of the executive council of the Research Foundation. Subsequent donations have included historical correspondence and reports, as well as more recent information documenting UConn 2000 programs and similar activities.

Malcolm Day Rudd Papers, undated, 1796-1939

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Malcolm D. Rudd was born 3 April 1877 in Lakeville, CT, the son of General William Bearfslee (1838-1901) and Maria Coffing (Holley) Rudd (1842-1914). He was treasurer and general manager of the Holley Manufacturing Company from 1901 until his death in 1942.

E. Ingraham Company Records, undated, 1840-1967

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For more than a century, the E. Ingraham Company was a prominent family-operated manufacturer of clocks and watches, with headquarters and plants located in Bristol, Connecticut

Edward Ingraham Papers, 1787-1971

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Edward Ingraham was born in Bristol, Connecticut. He was the great-grandson of Elias Ingraham. Mr. Ingraham was the president of the E. Ingraham Company from 1927- 1954. He died in 1972 at the age of 85.
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Dudley S. Ingraham Papers, 1849-1984

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Dudley Seymour Ingraham, son of William S. and Grace Seymour Ingraham, was born in Bristol, Connecticut on 14 August 1890. He was the great-grandson of Elias Ingraham, founder of the E. Ingraham Company (1831), manufacturer of clocks and watches. Ingraham attended local school and entered Phillips Andover Academy in 1906. In 1913 he graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Law degree. He joined the family firm as a billing clerk and worked his way up to director, vice-president, treasurer and president. He retired on 23 August 1956, the last family member to hold the position of president. Dudley S. Ingraham died 23 March 1982 in Sanibal Island, Florida.
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Barnum, Richardson Company Records, undated, 1793-1925

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Barnum, Richardson Company was established in 1830 in Salisbury, CT. The company was based on a foundry that remelt pig iron. Barnum, Richardson and Company, as it was first called, was a small firm specializing in the production of clock and sash weights, plow castings, and other small items. In the 1860s there were several reorganizations and name changes. The company merged and expanded into the turn of the century and was purchased in 1920 by the Salisbury Iron Company. The Salisbury Iron Company went out of business in 1923 and shut down what was then the last of Connecticut's iron furnaces.
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