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Ronald Dworkin papers, 1938-2013

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The Ronald Dworkin papers document Dworkin's life and career as a law professor, author, and legal philosopher. Materials primarily document his professional career and activities, including his work as a professor at Yale University, Oxford University, and New York University, as well as his academic writing, focused on legal and political philosophy, and his popular writing on contemporary politics and the U.S. Supreme Court. A smaller amount of personal material is included, primarily from his youth.

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1025, 1984- Box 3, Folder 3

Treasurer, Yale University, records, 1700-1973

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The records consist of correspondence, minutes, memoranda, reports, audits, ledgers, cash journals, student accounts and bills, estate files, investment accounts, and construction records of the treasurer documenting every aspect of Yale's financial history up to 1971.

Wauregan and Quinebaug Company Records, 1795-1979

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The history of the Wauregan Mills, the Quinebaug Company and other related mills is very much tied to the history of the Atwood family. The collection includes family records and materials as well as records of the Wauregan Mills, Wauregan Company, Quinebaug Mill, Wauregan-Quinebaug Company, and Wauregan Mills, Inc.

Rose Gerlach Slide Collection, 1960-1980

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Collection consists of 8,874 slides of paintings and sculpture by various contemporary artists exhibiting in the New York area during the 1960s and 1970s, as well as gallery exhibitions of material from various sources. Artist names are accompanied by venue information.
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Gerard Malanga Papers, 1906-2019, bulk 1970-2010

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The collection contains materials documenting the artistic, professional, and personal activities of Gerard Malanga. Materials include correspondence, research and subject files, drafts and printed versions of writings, photographic materials, audiovisual materials, printed materials, and artwork. There is correspondence with publishers and editors, galleries and cultural organizations, writers, friends, and family. The research files and writings document work by Malanga and others. There are drafts, autograph manuscript and typescript, of a great many individual poems by Malanga and more extensive, though scattered files for collections of poems and other book-length projects, such as Ten Years After (1977), This Will Kill That (1983), Mythologies of the Heart (1996), and Scopophilia (1985). Materials can also be found for projects that relate to Malanga's work as a photograph archivist for the New York City Parks Department, including books on Robert Moses and public swimming facilities in the city. Photographic materials include negatives, contact sheets, and prints, and feature portraits of writers and artists, chiefly American poets, dating from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Audiovisual materials include audiocassettes, reel-to-reel sound recordings, and optical media, including readings and performances by Malanga and others. Printed materials include posters, issues of magazines, clippings, and ephemera.

Glenway Wescott papers, 1900-1990

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The Glenway Wescott Papers consist of correspondence, journals, notebooks, manuscripts, personal and financial papers, research files,photographs, graphic items, clippings, objects, and audiotapes. The material documents Wescott's life, work, and personal relationships with many noted artists, writers, and performers of the 20th century including his long-time companion, Monroe Wheeler, many of whose papers are included here.
Series I, Correspondence, consists of six subseries: Wescott-Wheeler Correspondence (letters between the two men); Wescott Family Correspondence; Wescott Family Third-party Correspondence; Wheeler Family Correspondence; General Correspondence; and Third-party Correspondence.
Series II contains Wescott's Journals and Notebooks, an extensive collection of personal records detailing the author's life and thoughts from the late 1930s up to shortly before his death. Wescott's "journals" are in the form of three-ring binders, filled with notes, clippings, copies of letters, and images.
Series III, Writings, represents a portion of Wescott's original works. The writings are divided into five subseries: General Writings (including drafts of an autobiography, "The Odor of Rosemary"); Writings about People; Lectures, Broadcasts and Speeches; Writings about Glenway Wescott; and Writings of Others.
Personal Papers contains a range of material documenting the various activities of Wescott and Wheeler arranged in 18 subseries. Financial Papers, gathers together material in a chronological run, from 1925 through 1986. Series VI contains Wescott's own Research Files of various subjects. Photographs are grouped into ten subseries. Graphic Items consists of various image materials. Clippings covers a wide range of subjects, with a focus on art, book reviews, current events, essays and articles, and people. Series X, American Academy of Arts and Letters, concerns Glenway Wescott's membership in this organization, including the years of his presidency, 1960-62. Objects consists of pieces of realia received with the archive. Audio-Visual Materials is a collection of sound recordings and a videotape.
Series XIII, Additions transferred from the Monroe Wheeler Papers, contains items relating to GW which came to light during the processing of the Monroe Wheeler Papers and which could not be easily integrated into the existing archival arrangement.
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Sarenco papers, 1957-2012

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The collection consists of correspondence, typewriter poems, photographs, artwork, artist books, and photocopy books documenting the work of Sarenco. Notable correspondents inlcude Dēmosthenēs Agraphiōtēs, Gianni Bertini, Julien Blaine, Jean-François Bory, Ugo Carrega, Henri Chopin, Pierre Garnier, Ladislav Novák, and Lamberto Pignotti. Typewriter poems include works by Dēmosthenēs Agraphiōtēs, Bartolomé Ferrando, Henri Chopin, Hans Clavin, Ilse Garnier, Pierre Garnier, Arrigo Lora-Totino, Ladislav Novák, Seiichi Niikuni, and Sarenco. Photographs include images of Julien Blaine, Jean-François Bory, Ugo Carrega, Hans Clavin, Ladislav Novák, Lamberto Pignotti, Sarenco, and others. Artwork, artist books, and photocopy books include works by Dēmosthenēs Agraphiōtēs, Julien Blaine, Ugo Carrega, Ladislav Novák, Sarenco, and others.

Gianni Bertini papers, 1946-2010

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The collection consists of scrapbooks, correspondence, photographs, posters, visual poetry, artwork, writings, audiovisual materials, and electronic media documenting the life and work of Gianni Bertini. Correspondence includes letters from artists, galleries, and others. Notable correspondents include P. A. Benoit, Jean-François Bory, Henri Chopin, Jacqueline de Jong, Jean Dubuffet, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Sarenco, and Serge Vandercam. Artwork includes examples of MEC-Art (mechanical artwork), paintings, and other works by Bertini, P. A. Benoit, Henri Chopin, Bernard Heidsieck, Jean-Clarence Lambert, Ben Vautier, and others.

Adele Gutman Nathan Theatrical Collection, 1834-1989

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The Adele Gutman Nathan Theatrical Collection Addition consists of letters, manuscripts, printed material, and photographs documenting the life and career of Nathan's life and achievement in the theater, as an author, as a journalist, and as a pageant producer. Included in Series I are drafts of a children's book about Major John Andre, drafts of a novel, "What is a Man Profited," printed copies f newspaper columns by Nathan, motion picture scenarios programs for the Cellar Players and the Little Lyric Theatre, production materials for a number of pageants in such locales as Rochester, New York, Niagara Falls, and Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Included in Projects in Series II are notes chronicling Nathan's participation in the motion picture, Reds. Among the correspondents in Series III are Fannie Hurst, Padraic Colum, Leon Kroll, and Eugene O'Neill. Series IV. and V. contain various personal papers, such as scrapbooks, and photographs.
Series VI comprises items from Nathan's sister, Elizabeth Gutman Kaye, a painter and singer of folk songs.
Materials in this collection also document the history of the Gutman family, Jewish merchants in Baltimore during the turn of the 20th century.

Young Women's Christian Association of Greater Hartford Records, undated, 1867-1988

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At the time of its formation in 1866, the Hartford Association was one of the earliest Associations for young women in America, and the first community social agency in Hartford.

Department of French, Yale University, records, 1920-1986

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The records consist of correspondence, memoranda, minutes, audiotapes, films and videotapes documenting the activities of the Yale Department of French. Topics include faculty appointments, committee agendas, and methods of instruction.

Franklin Manley Foote papers, 1935-1972, bulk 1959-1972

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Office files, printed matter, and press releases documenting Franklin M. Foote's service as commissioner of the Connecticut State Department of Health (1959-1972), as a member of the Connecticut Clean Air Commission and Air Pollution Control Program (1970-1971), and the Council on Tuberculosis. Included also are a small amount of papers from 1935 and 1936 of Dr. Stanley Hart Osborn who was then commissioner of the Department of Health. These papers form part of the Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection.

Collection of Bookplates by J. Winfred Spenceley, 1894-1950, bulk 1895-1908

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This collection contains over 200 ex-libris designs by J. Winfred Spenceley (1865-1908), an artist and engraver active during the so-called "golden age" of American bookplate design.
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#102 Hale Memorial, 1902 Box 3, Folder 105

Papers of Senator Ed Gomes, 1970-2018

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Ed Gomes was an active part of Bridgeport life starting in his role as union representative for the United Steelworkers of America. He would go on to serve on the Bridgeport City Council from 1983-1989 and then again from 1999-2005, followed by representing District 23 in the Connecticut State Senate from 2005-2013 and from 2015-2019. This collection's contents primarily contain material that was kept by Senator Gomes, but not specifically generated by him. As such, there are very few manuscript documents featuring his handwriting. However, the material collected demonstrates not only the arc of his career as a politician and public servant, but also his interests and concerns in those roles and as a private individual.

Western Teleplays Collection, 1958-1982

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Collection contains 193 scripts for three popular network television shows: Bat Masterson, Gunsmoke, and Little House on the Prairie. There are 138 Bat Masterson scripts, 17 Gunsmoke scripts, and 38 Little House on the Prairie scripts. Many of the scripts have been heavily annotated; more than a dozen of the Bat Masterson episodes are represented by multiple drafts.
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Irving Fisher papers, 1861-1976, bulk 1894-1947

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The papers consist of correspondence, diaries, writings, teaching files, and memorabilia documenting the professional career and personal life of Irving Fisher, a mathematician, political economist, author, inventor, and activist in social causes. The materials reflect Fisher's interests in economics, the League of Nations, monetary theory and policy, national politics, health reform, prohibition, nutrition, and other topics. Major correspondents include politicians, economists, members of the Yale community, family members, and personal friends. The papers include photocopies of documents in other repositories. The papers form part of the Contemporary Medical Care and Health Policy Collection.

Stanley Tigerman papers and records, 1960-2009

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The archive consists of original drawings, prints, photographs, and other materials from the architect Stanley Tigerman, including both student and professional work. In addition to Tigerman's Bachelor's and Master's theses produced at Yale University in the early 1960s, a wide range of projects undertaken during Tigerman's varied career as a designer are represented in the collection, from built works—such as the Five Polytechnic Institutes in Bangladesh (1966-1975), the Commonwealth Edison Energy Museum (Zion, Illinois; 1987-1990), and the Holocaust Memorial Foundation (Skokie, Illinois; 2000-2009)—to houseware product designs for such manufacturers as Swid Powell and Cannon Fieldcrest, to exhibition plans for the Art Institute of Chicago, the Venice Biennale, and other venues. Also included is documentation of Tigerman's many unbuilt and conceptual works, such as the Urban Matrix (1967-1968), Kingdom of Atlantis (1976-1982), and several "Architoons"—satirical architectural drawings created by Tigerman in the 1980s.
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Chiron Review records, 1960-2015, bulk 1900-2015

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The Chiron Review Records contain submissions to the Chiron Review from poets, other writers, and artists, with related correspondence and subjects files; drafts, proofs, and paper and negative film mechanical layouts for Chiron Review issues, 1989-2011, some with related correspondence, photographs, and notes; similar materials for Chiron Review chapbooks; printed issues of The Kindred Spirit, Chiron Review, and chapbooks; papers relating to Poetry Rendevous events; accounts, mailing lists, and other administrative records; correspondence of Michael Hathaway relating to Chiron Review, his writing, literary colleagues, and friendships; diaries, poetry, and other writings of Hathaway; scrapbooks about poets and the history of Chiron Review; photographs of poets; manuscripts and ephemera removed from books owned by Hathaway; memorabilia and other objects associated with Chiron Review; audiocassettes and videocassettes of poetry events, including some interviews with Hathaway; vinyl sound disks, audiocassettes, and CDs of music performances, most sent by musicians to Hathaway; and digital media, most 3.5 inch computer disks and CDs, containing submissions for Chiron Review, drafts of issues, email correspondence, administrative files, and writings by Hathaway.
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School of Nursing, Yale University, Historical Collection, 1890-2007

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The collection documents the Yale School of Nursing deans, faculty, students/alumni, and programs. The collection consists of photographs, newspaper clippings, reports, minor publications, meeting minutes, presentations and research reports on nursing, audiovisual materials, and correspondence compiled by the Yale School of Nursing, the School of Nursing Alumnae/i Association, and individual faculty and staff. Major events in the school's history, deans, and faculty are particularly well documented. Students, particularly early ones, are documented in the photographs, scrapbooks, data cards, and Alumnae/i Association files.
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Office of Facilities Construction and Renovation, School of Medicine, Yale University, records, 1999-2004

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The records consist of proposals, specifications, correspondence, memoranda, reports, schedules, drawings, and administrative records, maintained by the Yale School of Medicine's Office of Facilities Construction and Renovation, documenting construction and renovation projects for Yale School of Medicine buildings. Also included is detailed information about the design and installation of mechanical, laboratory, and other equipment and systems.

Yale University Master of Fine Arts Theses in Graphic Design, 1951-2016

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The collection consists of over 600 individual Master of Fine Arts theses in graphic design from 1951 to the present.
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Art of Latin America since Independence Photograph Collection, 1966-

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Collection of 380 black and white mounted and labeled photographs from the exhibition Art of Latin America since Independence, Yale University Art Gallery and The University of Texas Art Museum, 1966. The original exhibition list includes 395 works. Fifteen items lost or missing at time of LSF transfer in 2007. Partially illustrated exhibition catalog included with this collection in Box 1: Author: Catlin, Stanton L. (Stanton Loomis), Title: Art of Latin America since independence, by Stanton Loomis Catlin. Edition: [Rev. ed. Published: New Haven, Conn., Yale University, 1966] Description: xiv, 246 p. 118 plates (part col.) 22 x 23 cm.
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Henry McBride papers, 1863-1989, bulk 1901-1962

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The papers contain correspondence, writings, and printed ephemera about art documenting McBride's career as an art critic. Major correspondents include Mildred Aldrich, Malcolm MacAdam, Maximilian Mitzlaff, Gertrude Stein, Alfred Stieglitz, and Carl Van Vechten.

Leonard S. Marcus papers, 1850-2015, bulk 1975-2015

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The collection documents the work of Leonard S. Marcus, including the research, writing, and publication of books, articles, and other short works; work as contributing editor and children's literature reviewer at Parenting magazine; the curation of exhibitions at the New York Public Library and Eric Carle Museum for Picture Book Art; and trusteeship of the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. The collection also contains Marcus's personal and professional correspondence and small amounts of photographs, publishing promotional materials, historic book and toy catalogs, posters, and other printed ephemera. Includes audio recordings and notes from Marcus's interviews with prominent children's literature authors, illustrators, and publishers, including Maurice Sendak, Judy Blume, and Madeleine L'Engle.

James Tobin papers, 1930-2002

60.83 Linear Feet 23 3.5_floppy_disks
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The papers consist of correspondence, subject files, and writings, primarily documenting the professional career and personal life of James Tobin as an economist and educator.

Records of the Bridgeport Architecture Conservancy, 1975-1981

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Operating from 1975 to about 1981, the Bridgeport Architecture Conservancy strove to help preserve Bridgeport's rich architectural history while still helping the city meet its downtown revitalization goals. The group helped to identify important buildings and areas, advocated for preservation, and networked with similar groups in the state.
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Sarah Ruhl papers, 1990-2017

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The papers include writings, teaching files, and other materials documenting Ruhl's career as a playwright and essayist and teacher of poetry, playwriting, and modern drama.
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Press of the Woolly Whale records, 1893-1968, bulk 1928-1941

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Abstract Or Scope
The collection primarily consists of correspondence and production files related to publications issued by the Press of the Woolly Whale, including original and carbon typescripts, corrected page proofs and galleys, paper samples, title page and endpaper designs, dummies, notes, and receipts. Some of the production files hold original artwork for illustrations; also present are four photoengravings used to print endpapers for Melbert B. Cary's two-volume work Mademoiselle from Armentieres. In addition, the records contain the press's archival set of Woolly Whale publications including ephemeral items such as prospectuses, invitations, broadsides, holiday cards, mailing labels, and certificates, as well as four chronologically arranged scrapbooks created by Cary to hold samples of ephemera, reviews of the press's work, and other clippings. For his productions Cary employed favorite artists such as Alban B. Butler, Warren Chappell, W. A. Dwiggins, Willi Harweth, Fritz Kredel, and Philip G. Reed, and authors including Richard Le Gallienne; several of the volumes in the press copies set have bespoke bindings by prominent hand binders Katharine Adams, Douglas Cockerell & Son, Peter Franck, Otto Fratzscher, and Gerhard Gerlach. Other correspondents in the collection include Paul and Rudolf Koch, Robert Winslow Gordon, and firms such as Gebrüder Klingspor.

Chester Ittner Bliss papers, 1885-1998, bulk 1918-1976

43.54 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Chester Ittner Bliss Papers comprise writings and research materials, primarily in the field of biometry. The papers also include lecture notes, committee files, and printed matter.
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Volvelle collection, 1897-2012

7.92 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Jessica Helfand, a graduate of the Yale School of Art Graphic Design Program (MFA '89) and a respected critic of visual culture, collected hundreds of examples of the volvelle format. In December of 2004, Helfand donated the collection to the Arts Library.

Yale and New Haven postcard collection, 1885-1960

3.06 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The materials consist of souvenir postcards of Yale and New Haven, Connecticut. Most of the postcards depict buildings and grounds; some are reproductions of well-known 18th and 19th century views of Yale College and the New Haven Green, such as the Doolittle and Barber views. Also included are postcards depicting Yale athletics, symbols, and student life. Many are photographic scenes taken by Samuel Chamberlain for the American Scene postcard series.
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Andrews Memorial Bookplate Collection of Irene D. Andrews Pace (Personal Bookplates), 1924-1962, bulk 1950-1960

19.18 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The collection contains bookplates and other documentation related to the personal ex-libris designs of Irene Dwen Andrews Pace (1892-1962).
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Office of Price Administration, Hartford Branch Records, 1941-1951

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Abstract Or Scope
The Office of Price Administration, a federal agency, was established in 1941 by Executive Orders 8734 and 8875. During its existence, the OPA was responsible for setting maximum prices on most products. The OPA and several other agencies were consolidated to form the Office of Temporary Controls in December 1946 by Executive Order 9809 and disbanded in 1947. [Additional materials are located in RG 035 at the Connecticut State Library.]

Helen E. Hokinson Cartoons for The New Yorker, 1926-1949

25.42 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The collection consists of more than 340 cartoons, cover drawings, and concept sketches in ink, pencil, watercolor, crayon, and charcoal on paper that were created for The New Yorker magazine by Helen E. Hokinson.
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100. "I've never really made up my mind about Mozart, have you?" Box 7, Folder 115

102. "What floor are the Idaho women on?" Box 7, Folder 117

Amos Niven Wilder and Wilder Family Papers, 1776-2015

232.67 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope

The Amos Niven Wilder and Wilder Family papers consist of materials once owned and created by the members of author Thornton Wilder's family: his parents Amos Parker and Isabella, his brother Amos Niven, his sisters Charlotte, Isabel, and Janet, his extended family members, and his contractual agreements with the Freedman Dramatic Agency, and the Wiggin and Dana law firm.

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Collection of Bookplates by George W. Eve, 1886-1950, bulk 1891-1912

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This collection contains over two hundred bookplates by British designer and etcher George W. Eve (1855-1914).
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James Jesse Strang collection, 1832-1947

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Abstract Or Scope
Collection that documents and explores the life of religious leader, politician and self-proclaimed monarch James Jesse Strang and the development of the Church of Jesus Christ (Strangites).

Zdeněk Němeček papers, 1925-1984

10.75 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The papers consist of business correspondence, literary manuscripts, radio scripts, and some translations of Němeček's works. The bulk of the collection documents his broadcasts which covered Czechoslovakian history, politics, economics, and literature. Němeček also spoke on refugees.

Physique collection, 1953-1997

7.67 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Physique Collection includes assorted publications that document changes in the codes, standards, and aesthetics of the male body.

Galerie Jacques Benador archive, 1932-2015

9.83 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Galerie Jacques Benador Archive, which spans 1932-2015, contains writings, correspondence, exhibition catalogs, printed material, artworks, and other papers related to Jacques Benador, the D. Benador Gallery, and the Jacques Benador Gallery. Jacques Benador's personal papers—which include a large number of photographs--make up the bulk of the collection, documenting Benador's personal and professional relationships with artists and critics of the postwar European avant-garde, as well as events at both galleries he oversaw. Items of note in the collection include multiple manuscript versions of Lucio Fontana's first Spatialist Manifesto, signed first editions of Fontana's Manifesto Bianco in Italian and Spanish, original artwork by Pierre Alechinsky, Hans Bellmer, Max Ernst, Pierre Tal-Coat, Bram van de Velde, Wols, and others.

Ezra Pound Papers, 1868-1976

197 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Ezra Pound Papers document the literary career and political interests of Ezra Pound. Major correspondents include Richard Aldington, George Antheil, William Bird, T. S. Eliot, Ernest Hemingway, James Laughlin, Wyndham Lewis, Marianne Moore, Odon Por, and Henry Swabey. The collection contains manuscripts of many of Pound's works, including the Cantos, Guide to Kulchur, and scripts of Pound's wartime radio broadcasts.
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New Dramatists records, 1931-1996

153.75 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The records date from the organization's founding in 1949 and include administrative correspondence, application files, financial and fund-raising records, internal reports, audio recordings and transcripts of guest lectures and craft discussions, audio recordings of board meetings and play readings, photographs, scrapbooks holding clippings about the organization, artwork and production materials for New Dramatists newsletters and publications, and other files related to the group's management and activities, including the ScriptShare program. Prominent in the collection are more than seven hundred play and screenplay scripts which formed a script library at the New Dramatists' office. They include drafts and final scripts by playwrights Robert Anderson, James Baldwin, Sydney Chandler, James Leo Herlihy, Romulus Linney, John McGowan, Lanford Wilson, and John Wolfson, among others, some of which are annotated with production notes. Unique to the collection are a group of whimsical doodles created by theatre celebrities and a set of autographed sign-in boards from the New Dramatists' annual spring luncheons (1980-1996). With the exception of one play script from 1931, the records primarily date from the organization's founding in 1949 through the 1988-1989 season.

Max Wilk papers, 1735-2011, bulk 1944-2005

114.32 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The collection consists of typescript drafts of books, plays, screenplays, radio plays, teleplays, and notes, transcripts of interviews, and other research materials relating to Wilk's various writing projects; correspondence with friends, professional colleagues, and research subjects; scrapbooks; audiovisual material; printed material including magazines, books, and stage production programs of shows he wrote or attended; posters; music scores; and other materials documenting Wilk's literary and show business career.

Hanson Weightman Baldwin papers, 1900-1988

99.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The papers consist of correspondence, writings, subject files, research materials, publicity for books, and other papers of Hanson W. Baldwin, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and military affairs reporter and editor for the New York Times from 1929-1968, and editor for Reader's Digest, 1968-1976. The papers relate to Baldwin's work and interests as a journalist and author and include correspondence with many high-ranking officers of the armed services, government officials, and writers and historians, as well as other members of the staff of the New York Times and Reader's Digest. Of particular interest are the subject files of printed materials and clippings which Baldwin collected and maintained for his own use. Included in these files are a number of important reports, transcriptions, and other items, some of which are not easily obtainable elsewhere.

Neighborhoods and Old Houses collection, 1710-2010

9 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Wilton Historical Society Neighborhoods and Old Houses Collection contains draft survey forms, index photographs, research notes, and other documentation relating (for houses) to date of construction, ownership history, major renovations, and relocations, and (for neighborhoods) dates of settlement, the names of founding and notable residents, prevailing economic activities and local businesses, the origins of local names, and the history of local roads. The information available for individual houses and neighborhoods varies widely. The earliest items date to the 1730s, but the bulk of the collection is mid- to late twentieth century.

Natural Resources Defense Council records, 1936-2015

465.79 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The collection comprises the records of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), an American environmental action organization founded in 1970. The records consist of correspondence, legal files, meeting minutes, press clippings, technical reports, photographs, and publications, including annual reports, magazines, and newsletters; documenting NRDC's administration and programs.

Papers of Alyce Laurayne Farrar-James, 1963-2019, bulk 1989-2013

5.38 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Alyce Laurayne Farrar-James (June 9, 1926-May 6, 2019) was heavily involved in the city of Bridgeport's social, economic, and political life. She worked as a local organizer for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the state of Virginia, and took her experience back to Bridgeport where she helped transform the city by taking on such diverse roles such as City Council, Board of Directors for the Young Christian Women's Association, teaching within the Bridgeport school system and so much more. This collection represents a small portion of a remarkable legacy.

Department of Environmental Protection air waste and water records, 1920-2013

281.5 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
Air, Waste and Water records include: Deputy Commissioner; Planning and Standards; Bureau of Water Management; Bureau of Air Management; Inland Water Resources.

Lanny Nagler Collection, 1977-2003

6 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
35mm slides, color transparencies, and photographic prints by professional photographer Lanny Nagler document the changing face of Hartford in the late twentieth century.
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Lanny Nagler Collection, 1977-2003

6 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
35mm slides, color transparencies, and photographic prints by professional photographer Lanny Nagler document the changing face of Hartford in the late twentieth century.
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