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Leonard Everett Fisher Papers, 1927 - 1999

14.5 Linear Feet
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The collection includes notes, early drafts, both edited and unedited manuscripts, press proofs, galleys, page layouts, dummies, art work (sketches, scratchboard, acrylic, etc.), and correspondence with his editors and publishing companies for over fifty titles.

Hartford National Bank & Trust Company Records, 1792-1976

350 Linear Feet
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On 29 May 29 1792, the Hartford Bank was the first bank to be granted a charter in the State of Connecticut. On 8 August 1792, the Hartford Bank opened for business at a location on the south side of Pearl Street just a short distance from Main. Throughout its long history it has been situated in the business center of Hartford and always within a block of the original site. In 1865, it joined the national bank system and became known as the Hartford National Bank. By 1970, a total of twenty banks and trust companies had been consolidated into the Hartford National family and today their services cover the entire State of Connecticut.

Ann Charters Papers, 1966-2020

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Scholar, author, photographer, and life-long editor and chronicler of Jack Kerouac and other writers of the Beat Generation, Ann Charters was born in November 1936 in Bridgeport, CT, the daughter of Nathan (a contractor) and Kate (Schultz) Danberg. She attended the University of California, Berkeley (B.A., 1957) and Columbia University (M.A., 1959, Ph.D., 1965). Her papers include literary manuscripts, letters, notebooks, photographs, periodicals, broadsides, interviews, audio and video recordings, works of art, and first, fine, and small press editions of works by and about Beat writers.

Richard Wright papers, 1927-1978

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The Richard Wright Papers contain manuscripts, correspondence with other writers such as Nelson Algren, Arna Bontemps, Ralph Ellison, Chester Himes, Langston Hughes, Gunnar Myrdal and Margaret Walker, photographs, financial and legal documents and printed materials relating to the life and work of Richard Wright. Included are drafts of such works as Black Boy and Native Son, photographs of trips to Spain and Ghana, various items of personal memorabilia such as Wright's Spingarn Medal, and a film of Wright's screen test for the movie version of "Native Son".

Charles Henry Hall Papers, 1844-1895

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More than 1500 manuscript sermons and other writings document Hall's work as a clergyman. Charles Henry Hall (1820-1895) was an Episcopal clergyman in New York, South Carolina, and Washington D.C.
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William Henry Owen papers, 1881-1945

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The papers contain correspondence, sermons, other writings, and memorabilia, concerning both Owen's personal life and his work as an Episcopal priest. The bulk of the papers is composed of sermons delivered from Owen's pulpit in Holy Trinity Church, New York City. Much of the correspondence is made up of letters from World War I and World War II servicemen from Owen's churches, letters from fellow Episcopal clergy, or correspondence concerning Owen's coin collection. The papers also include Owen's inspirational writings and drafts for his memoirs.
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Clark, Hall, and Peck and White Brothers records, 1860-1982

1439.5 Linear Feet
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The records consist of abstracts of title, atlases, maps, indices, index card locator files, probate extracts, and ownership files from the Clark, Hall, and Peck and White Brothers, and its predecessors, the most active New Haven law firms in real property law between the 1860s and 1982.

Harrison Smith papers, 1904-1975

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The Harrison Smith Papers contain writings, correspondence, printed material, and photographs that document the life and work of editor and publisher Harrison Smith, particularly his research on American author Sinclair Lewis, and his editorial work for the Saturday Review of Literature. Series I, Research Files on Sinclair Lewis, includes extensive biographical notes, presumably intended as the source material for a book-length biography of Lewis. Series II, Other Papers, consists chiefly of writings, interviews, and speeches that relate to the position of women in early- and mid-twentieth century society.

Department of Veterans' Affairs records, 1866-1990

256.5 cubic feet
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The Department of Veterans' Affairs assists the State's veterans in obtaining benefits or privileges entitled to them under state and federal law. This record group includes records of the Fitch's Home for Soldiers and the Veterans Home and Hospital in Rocky Hill.

Richard Erdoes papers, 1920-2008, bulk 1965-1998

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Correspondence, writings, audio and moving image recordings, photographic materials, subject files, printed ephemera, art work, and other materials created or collected by Richard Erdoes (1912-2008), author of more than a dozen books about American Indian life. The collection primarily documents Erdoes's activities between 1968 and 1999, and is useful for the study of his writing process and research interests, specifically his work with American Indian individuals and communities. His papers also serve as a resource for the study of the peoples, areas, and subjects that he chose to research and record, and are particularly useful for research about the American Indian civil rights movement, twentieth century American Indian spirituality and religious practices, especially among the Lakota, and American Indian cultural revitilization efforts during the latter half of the twentieth century.

Yale and New Haven audio and visual recordings, 1922-2004

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The materials consist of motion pictures and audiorecordings documenting Yale. Included are films of news coverage and interviews, class reunions, commencements, presidential inaugurations, football games, and other events and activities at Yale.

David C. Mahoney Company Records, 1953-1969

2.25 Linear Feet
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Real estate records including site plans and photographs for various properties in Hartford.
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Manchester Evening Herald Photograph Collection, 1952 to 1979

12 linear feet 6 boxes
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The collection contains photo negatives, photographs and news clippings from articles published in The Manchester Evening Herald. The images relate to articles featuring local people, businesses, or social, cultural or political events that occurred between 1952 and 1979.
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Walter Freeman, Class of 1916, Yale College, photograph albums documenting life at Yale, 1912-1916

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The collection consists of five photograph albums compiled by Walter Jackson Freeman while a student at Yale College, 1912-1916. Highlights of the collection are the photographs of sports at Yale, most specifically crew, football, track, and baseball. Included are pictures of home and away games, as well as tours to various parts of the country. The albums also contain many photographs of the activities of societies and fraternities, including tapping, hazing, and heeling. Each photograph is identified in the author's handwriting, and the caption information is included in the inventory. The albums provide a comprehensive image of student life at Yale during the early part of the twentieth-century.
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Deputy provost for science and technology, Yale University, records, 1972-2009

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The records consist of correspondence, reports, and topical files maintained by the office of the Deputy Provost for Science and Technology.

Calabretta Collection of 1960s Memorabilia, 1961 - 2002

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a personal collection of ephemera, books, audio visual, correspondance, newspapers and magazines from the period. The topics covered in his collection of 1960s material include politics (Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations), the War in Vietnam, the New Left, the anti-war movement, music, fashion, culture, commercialism, labor, and religion.

Jim Fouratt papers, 1965-2016

241.83 Linear Feet
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The collection spans the years 1965 to 2016 and consists of correspondence, writings, printed material, financial papers, photographs, audiocassettes, videocassettes, buttons, t-shirts, and other papers and realia relating to Jim Fouratt's life and involvement with political and counterculture activities, gay rights and AIDS activism, and nightclubs and the music industry. Papers relating to political and counterculture activism document Fouratt's involvement with movements and events of the late 1960s and early 1970s, including the Youth International Party (Yippies) and the 1967 Central Park Be In. Papers relating to gay rights and AIDS document Fouratt's activism and work with organizations including the Gay Liberation Front and ACT UP. Papers relating to nightclub management document his work at Hurrah!, Danceteria, and other clubs, and papers relating to band management document Fouratt's work with a wide range of musical acts. Band demos and video recordings document new wave, rock, and punk acts that performed or sought to perform at clubs managed by Fouratt during the early to mid-1980s. Buttons collected by Jim Fouratt span a variety of political causes and many musical acts active during the 1980s. T-shirts collected by Fouratt represent a range of musical acts, clubs, and political causes.

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti papers, 1888-1983, bulk 1888-1944

27.5 Linear Feet
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The Filippo Tommaso Marinetti Papers consist of correspondence, writings, photographs, printed items, diaries and memorabilia documenting and relating to the work of Marinetti and to the Futurist art movement.

Art and Architecture of China Slide Collection, 1960-2005

30 Linear Feet
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Collection consists of color and black and white 35 mm slides of the arts of China of all periods, pre-historic to the present. Includes architecture, painting, sculpture, calligraphy, bronzes and other metalwork, ceramics, ivory, jade, lacquer, textiles, rugs, and tapestry. For works from the Republican period to the present, identification information is given in Pinyin Romanization (unless otherwise cross-referenced). For earlier works, Wade-Giles Romanization is used.

Goddard Lieberson Papers, 1920-1990

48 Linear Feet
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The Goddard Lieberson Papers highlight Lieberson's career at Columbia Records and his work in the record business more broadly. His work as a producer, vice president, and president of the label is documented by an impressive volume of correspondence, published writings, business files, recording projects, and a selection of audio recordings and interviews. Particularly notable is the variety of correspondence between Lieberson and Columbia's recording artists, whose work spanned classical and popular music, musical theater productions, and historical documentary projects. Collaborators whose correspondence are in the collection include: Leonard Bernstein, Eugene Ormandy, Aaron Copland, Dave Brubeck, the New York Philharmonic, Igor Stravinsky, Lehman Engel, Samuel Beckett, Noël Coward, Truman Capote, Stephen Sondheim, Cole Porter, Richard Rodgers, Mary Martin, Rex Harrison, Barbra Streisand, Groucho Marx and dozens of others, as well. Also notable is the array of publicity materials and news clippings collected from contemporary publications that feature stories or press releases about Lieberson's projects or his personal success in the industry.

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Connecticut Historic Preservation Collection, 1975-2023

200 Linear Feet
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The Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism's State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and the Office of Connecticut State Archaeology are the lead agencies for the preservation of the state's archaeological and architectural historic heritage. This guide provides references to documentary, architectural and archaeological survey reports conducted in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations regarding cultural resource protection, provided by SHPO, and is intended to provide researchers with an overview of the available literature and completed surveys. The surveys are organized by the 169 Connecticut towns, as well as sections for Statewide, Regional or Thematic surveys, and thereunder within four catagories of types of surveys -- Historical and Architectural, Archaeological, Documentation Studies, and Maps. Other materials include books, CDs, posters, and pamphlets.

Yale objects collection, 1697-2002

296.67 Linear Feet
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The collection consists of objects and memorabilia related to Yale including artwork, apparel, silver and porcelain place settings, building hardware, engraving plates, and fraternity insignia.

Yale College records of Classes, 1803-2017

52.76 Linear Feet
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The records consist of correspondence, questionnaires, memoranda, log books, memorabilia, agendas, minutes, photograph albums, and finanical reports from class council and executive council meetings, and statistical charts and reports of Yale College classes. Materials concerning the Sheffield Scientic School Class of 1920 are also included.

Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates records, 1964-2010

403.92 Linear Feet
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The papers are comprised of drawings, photographs, correspondence, specifications, and publicity materials generated by Kevin Roche John Dinkeloo and Associates in the process of designing buildings, both built and unbuilt. Major projects include the New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the Oakland Museum, the Knights of Columbus Headquarters in New Haven, Connecticut, and several projects in New York City, including the Ford Foundation Headquarters, the United Nations Plaza, and the Central Park Zoo. Also included are interviews conducted by Susan O'Keefe with Kevin Roche and others, notes and bibliographic index cards.
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Additional Material, 1981-1984

Mathew B. Brady and Levin Corbin Handy Photographic Studios Collection, 1843-1957, bulk 1860-1935

28.44 Linear Feet
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Photographs, papers, and artifacts created or collected by Mathew B. Brady, Levin Corbin handy, their studios, and their family, 1843-1957. The collection includes images created by Brady during the American Civil War and documents the continual use of these images into the early twentieth century by Handy and his studio. The collection reflects the operations of the Brady and Handy studios in Washington, D.C., from the middle of the nineteenth century through the early twentieth century. It contains work by other photographers and other studios collected by Handy, as well as camera lenses and other photographic artifacts. A small group of papers document aspects of the extended Handy family history.

Connecticut Soldiers Collection, Horochivsky Family Papers, undated, 1918 - 1963, bulk 1944 - 1953

.5 Linear Feet
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Nicholas (Army), Michael (Navy), Vasil (Navy) and Alexander (Army) Horochivsky from Norwich, CT, all served in the armed forces during World War II and/or the Korean Conflict. The correspondence between the brothers, their family and friends provides documentation of the brothers' lives and their friends during two wars and peace time with some battle details. Family papers and newsclippings are also included. Nicholas is also a 1952 graduate of the University of Connecticut.

John Cage Papers, 1937 - 1992

14.25 (currently described) 29 (currently described)
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John Cage (1912-1992) was an experimental musician, composer, and writer.

Southcomb family papers, 1696-1877, bulk 1818-1852

2.71 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Southcomb Family Papers document some aspects of the clerical careers of several generations of members of the Southcomb family, which held the rectorship of Rose Ash in Devon for over 200 years. Included are devotional commonplace books of Lewis Southcomb; 279 sermons, mostly dating from the first half of the nineteenth century, by four different family members; and the diaries of John Ladeveze Hamilton Southcomb.

Charles A. Gulliver photographs of Yale and New Haven, 1870-1890

1.25 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The materials consist of photographs of Yale and New Haven, Connecticut in the late nineteenth-century. Included are views of various student rooms, academic buildings, and well-known university and New Haven scenes. Some photographs are of other institutions, including Princeton, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Vassar. Also inclued is a photograph of Charles A. Gulliver's college book store on Chapel Street.
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Gerald Fogarty Galloway Collection of Records Concerning Mines and Real Property in Park County, Colorado, 1800-1900

32.44 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope

Material collected and created by Gerald F. Galloway including maps, field notes, correspondence, and other papers related to mining and the development of real property in Park County, Colorado, circa 1872-circa 1970. The bulk of material in the collection relates to gold, silver, lead, zinc, and uranium mines, as well as the companies responsible for mining operations. The collection also documents the infrastructure of Park County, including roads and water works in the county seat, Fairplay, and the statutory town of Alma, as well as the communities of Bailey, Como, Grant, Guffey, Hartsel, Jefferson, Lake George, and Shawnee. It also details changes in areas that became ghost towns, including Antero Junction, Buckskin Joe (also known as Laurette or Lauret), Garo, Howbert, and Tarryall. The collection documents the surveying work of Galloway, as well as his predecessors in the regions, including Fred C. Morse, Lee Hayes, Hiram Phillips, and William H. Powless.

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Daughters of the American Revolution, Ruth Wyllys Chapter records, 1778-1989, 1892-1989, bulk bulk 1892-1989

6 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Ruth Wyllys Chapter of Hartford, Connecticut, was organized November 18, 1892, and chartered January 6, 1893. Its members named it for Ruth Wyllys representing George, Samuel, Hezekiah and John Palsgrave Wyllys, statesmen and Revolutionary War officers.
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George Safford Torrey Papers, undated, 1910-1980

7.3 Linear Feet
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George Safford Torrey was born 14 March 1891 in Boston, Massachusetts. Torrey was hired in 1915 as an instructor of Botany at the Connecticut Agricultural College and in 1928 received tenure and was appointed Head of the Botany Department. Torrey retired from the University in 1953 and died in 1977.
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Long Lane School records, 1867-2000

227 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Connecticut Industrial School for Girls was established in 1868 as a private institution for delinquent girls. In 1917 the State took control of the school and renamed it Long Lane Farm which changed to Long Lane School in 1943. Items in this collection include documents about staff and student life, photographs, paintings and artifacts.

Harry Croswell Papers, 1821-1858

6.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Diaries, family records and history of the Parish of Trinity Church, New Haven (1740-1820) by Harry Croswell, journalist and later minister of Trinity Church from 1815 until his death. The diaries in 14 volumes (1821-1858), offer a daily record of his life in New Haven as well as accounts of his participation in the work of the church in the surrounding region and in the affairs of Trinity College, Hartford.Croswell also records the formation of the black congregation, St. Luke's, in 1844. Occasional trips to upstate New York (1825, 1841), to Boston and Philadelphia (1821) offer descriptions of these places. In 1915 F. B. Dexter made a transcript of large portions of the diary and also compiled an index.
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Todd-Bingham picture collection, 1837-1966

50 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
Photographs, albums and scrapbooks, glass negatives, lantern slides, daguerreotypes, tintypes, prints, sketches, and paintings, 1837-1966, relating to the personal and professional lives of members of the Todd-Bingham family. These materials document the lives and careers of Mabel Loomis Todd, David Peck Todd, and Millicent Todd Bingham, in particular. Personal photographs and albums of Mabel Loomis Todd include views of family, friends, and places where she lived and travelled. Amherst, Massachusetts and members of the Dickinson family are especially prominent parts of this material. Professional photographs include slides used to illustrate the many lectures Todd delivered on her writings and travels. The David Peck Todd material includes photographs, albums and scrapbooks, and other items detailing his career as a leading astronomer, author, and photographic innovator. Extensive documentation for many of his eclipse expeditions (1882-1932) and world travels are included. Material relating to Millicent Todd Bingham, the daughter of Mabel Loomis and David Peck Todd, includes personal and professional photographs relating to her family, world travels, and writings.

Hermann Broch archive, 1872-1990, bulk 1930-1951

36.33 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Hermann Broch Archive contains correspondence; manuscripts of books, plays, poems, articles and essays, book reviews, and short stories; writings of others; personal papers; photographs; and videocassettes.

Walter Chauncey Camp papers, 1870-1983, bulk 1870-1925

32.25 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The papers consist of correspondence, writings, photographs and family papers, and document Walter Camp's devotion to sports and in particular to football, which form he greatly modified. In his voluminous correspondence with Yale football stars, players at other universities, football coaches and sports associations, the interpretation of football rules forms one of the principal topics of correspondence. Prominent figures include George A. Adee, Thomas L. McClung, Vance D. McCormick, S. Brinckerhoff Thorne, Ray Tompkins, Alonzo Stagg and Fielding H. Yost. Camp's interest in physical fitness was put into action during World War I when he organized exercise programs for elderly men, a special program for Washington officials, and ultimately developed his "Daily Dozen" exercises for the Navy. These activities are reflected in his correspondence with Newton D. Baker, Josephus Daniels, John W. Davis, William G. McAdoo, Franklin D. Roosevelt and William Howard Taft. He also corresponded with Theodore Roosevelt, 1905 and 1908, in connection with a commission set up to investigate fatalities in football during the season of 1905. Approximately twelve feet of the papers are made up of Camp's writings, which include articles, rule manuals, reviews and books. Half the material is devoted to football and another large section is on physical fitness.
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Arabic film poster collection, 1935-2005

33 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The collection is comprised of 1284 film posters, 156 film lobby cards, and 96 film press books from Arab countries. The majority of the items are from Egypt, but include pieces from Algeria, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and other countries.
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Anna Strunsky Walling papers, 1880-1968

17.25 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The papers consist of correspondence, diaries, writings, memorabilia and photographs. The correspondence (1897-1964) which includes family, friends and political associates documents Walling's involvement in political causes. The letters also reveal Anna Walling's feelings on personal matters, social questions and her reactions to meetings with prominent persons both in the United States and abroad. Her trip to Russia (ca. 1905-1907) with William English Walling where they toured the provinces and met many literary and political figures is described in her letters home. Important personal correspondents are Melville Anderson, Gelette Burgess, Harry Cowell, Hutchins Hapgood, Ray Nash, Charles Edward Russell, Katherine Maryson, Jane Roulson, James Graham Phelps Stokes, Rose Pastor Stokes, Upton Sinclair and Gaylord Wilshire. There are also a number of letters from prominent political and literary figures of the period, among them Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Zona Gale, Arnold Genthe, Jesse Jackson, Vida Scudder, Irving Stone, Henrietta Szold, Norman Thomas and Rabindranath Tagore. Despite her prolonged love affair with Jack London only a few copies of his letters are in the correspondence, (She gave many of his letters, manuscripts, etc. to the Huntington Library.)
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George Heinold Papers, undated, 1916-1982

7.25 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
George W. Heinold, lifelong resident of Madison, Connecticut, was an author on outdoor life and fishing who wrote extensively on his experiences primarily along the Connecticut shoreline. He published regularly in such periodicals as Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, and Readers' Digest.

Ella Grasso records, 1971-1982, 1975-1980, bulk bulk, 1975-1980

367.5 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
Includes correspondence, subject files, press releases, official statements, and speech files.

Walter McClintock Papers, 1874-1949, bulk 1888-1949

87.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope

The papers and photographs in this collection document the history and customs of the Piegan Indians (also known as the Blackfeet Indians) in Montana, and their contact with Europeans and Anglo Americans. The collection provides detailed information about McClintock's photographic practice, as well as his public presentations about the Piegan Indians. A significant part of the collection records the development and production of Poia, an opera based on Piegan Indian legends, composed by Arthur Finley Nevin, with a libretto by Randolph Hartley (1870-1931).

Annie Dillard papers, 1951-2019

63 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Annie Dillard Papers document the work and life of writer Annie Dillard. The papers consist of personal and professional correspondence, drafts of writings, notebooks and diaries, teaching materials, drawings, photographs, printed materials, audiovisual materials, computer disks, personal effects, and personal papers. The bulk of the collection consists of Dillard's writings and correspondence.

Public Utilities Commission records, 1911-1988, bulk 1911-1976

178.25 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Public Utilities Commission began on September 9, 1911. In 1975 it became the Public Utilities Control Authority.

Connecticut School for Boys records, 1855-1995

58 cubic feet
Abstract Or Scope
The State Reform School opened in 1854 in Meriden Connecticut. The name was changed in 1893 to the Connecticut School for Boys. In January of 1970 the school came under the administrative control of the Department of Children and Youth Services. In 1972 the school merged with Long Lane School, the state reform school for girls, after experiencing internal troubles with staff and student discipline. Economic costs to the state were also an issue. All boys staying at the school were transferred to Long Lane School between 1972 and 1973. Items in this collection include student and staff records and photographs
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Photographs, 1870-2016

4 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
This large collection holds valuable visual, historical documentation of individuals, families, buildings, the cultural history and natural environment of Lyme, Conn.

Peter Newell family papers, 1840-1986, bulk 1884-1950

371.5 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The Peter Newell Family Papers consists of correspondence, manuscripts, printed material, photographs, drawings, paintings, prints, toys, and sculpture by or relating to Peter Newell and his family, including his sons-in-law Howard McCormick and Alfred Z. Baker. Correspondence files contain letters from artists, writers, and editors of the period; family in Kansas, Illinois, New Jersey; Clendenon Sheaf Newell at Cornell University; as well as family friends Frances Sage Bradley, Walter Karig and Charles Edward Smith. The collection includes over 3,000 sketches, preparatory drawings, finished illustrations, printed proofs and tearsheets for Newell's book and magazine work. Also included are 67 mammoth plate photographs of the American West and Mexico by William Henry Jackson, presumably acquired by Newell.

Office of Facilities, Yale University, records, 1868-1990

83.75 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
The records consist of project files of the Director of Facilities Construction Organization and requests for service documenting the activities of the Yale Office of Facilities.

Provost's office, Yale University, records, 1888-2017

863.75 Linear Feet 7.38 Megabytes
Abstract Or Scope
The records consist of subject files, reports, correspondence, committee records, and budgets documenting the activities of the provost of Yale University.

Jon Lewis photographs of the United Farm Workers movement, 1966-2009, bulk 1966-1968

17.65 Linear Feet
Abstract Or Scope
This collection consists of approximately eleven thousand photographs created by Jon Lewis that document the activities of César Chávez, the National Farm Workers Association, and United Farm Workers Organizing Committee in California, 1966-1971, as well as related publications and audiovisual materials, including videotapes and videodiscs, 1967-2009. Most images document activities related to the California Grape Strike in 1966.