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Bill Berkson Papers, 1959-2016

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Poetry and personal papers of the American poet, art critic, teacher, editor and publisher Bill Berkson comprised of literary manuscripts, correspondence, drafts, notebooks, lecture notes, interviews, Big Sky Books and press records, photographs, audio recordings, broadsides, and rare publications. The archive spans from 1960 to the present day and documents the poet's extensive body of work, his collaborations in and among the realms of visual art, media, and literature, and his affinities with the poets and artists of the New York School.

Hartford City Parks Collection, 1845-1967

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The Hartford City Parks Collection documents the city's pioneering effort to establish and maintain a viable system of municipal parks, connected by a system of parkways.
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William Sloane Coffin, Jr. papers, 1916-2006

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The papers include correspondence, subject files, writings, clippings, audio and video recordings, and other materials that document the career of William Sloane Coffin, Jr. The collection includes documentation relating to the civil rights movement, Vietnam War protests, amnesty for war resisters, the Peace Corps, Operation Crossroads Africa, and Yale University during the time when Coffin served as chaplain of Yale University.
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The Henry Gilbert Papers, 1821-1980

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Music, correspondence and other papers, photographs, and additional materials by and about the American composer Henry Gilbert (1868-1928)

Yale School of Drama production notebooks of Master of Fine Arts students, 1974-1998

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The records consist of production notebooks of third-year Yale School of Drama students with concentrations in stage management. The production notebooks are one of three components making up the students' theses.

Department of Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University, reference service records, 1907-2019

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The records include research applications; correspondence; guides; donor files; registration forms; files of Thomas Rossiter Barnum; master microforms of the Stimson Papers index and catalog; call slips; ofice of origin request forms; reprographics order forms; and other files concerning reference activities of the Department of Manuscripts and Archives at Yale University Library. The records include the correspondence of the curator of Yale Memorabilia (1907-1933).

Yale University Press records, 1901-2017

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The records consist of letterbooks, correspondence, gift accounts, financial papers, receipts, lists, and memoranda documenting the operations of the Yale University Press. Included are the files of John G. Ryden as director.
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School of Nursing, Yale University, records, 1918-2012

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The records consist of correspondence, memoranda, and subject and administrative files documenting the activities of various deans and administrative personnel of the Yale School of Nursing. Topics include finance, faculty, admissions, committees, policy and curriculum, research and public service, national and international associations, visitors, and affiliated universities and hospitals. Included are the records of deans Annie Warburton Goodrich, Effie Taylor, Elizabeth Torrey, Margaret G. Arnstein, and Donna Diers.

Department of Germanic Languages, Yale University, records, 1929-1989

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The records consist of correspondence, budgets and appointments, course records, freshmen placement records, and student papers documenting the activities and operations of the Yale Department of Germanic Languages.
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Gerald H. Beard Papers, 1866-1938

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Gerald Hamilton Beard was born in Hammersmith, England in 1862. He received the B.A., B.D. and Ph.D. degrees from Yale. He was a Congregational clergyman with pastorates in Norwalk and Bridgeport, Connecticut and Burlington, Vermont during the years 1892-1921. He was an Alumni Lecturer at Yale Divinity School in 1910. He died in 1921. Of particular interest in the collection is the fairly complete file of sermons and addresses delivered during the period 1888-1921. These sermons, in conjunction with Beard's extensive subject file, provide a valuable record of the style and content of preaching of a successful Congregational minister during a time of liberal resurgence in American Protestantism. The sermons address the urban problems of the Gilded Age. With the onset of the First World War, Beard participated in the prevailing surge of patriotism bolstered by theology.
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