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The Wilton Historical Society Neighborhoods and Old Houses Collection contains draft survey forms, index photographs, research notes, and other documentation relating (for houses) to date of construction, ownership history, major renovations, and relocations, and (for neighborhoods) dates of settlement, the names of founding and notable residents, prevailing economic activities and local businesses, the origins of local names, and the history of local roads. The information available for individual houses and neighborhoods varies widely. The earliest items date to the 1730s, but the bulk of the collection is mid- to late twentieth century.
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Scope and Content:

The Wilton Historical Society Neighborhoods and Old Houses Collection contains architectural and historical information about Wilton's old houses and early neighborhoods. The oldest Wilton houses documented in the collection date to the early 1700s, when colonial structures were first built here by land proprietors and farmers from Norwalk. The bulk of Wilton houses in the collection, however, were built between the mid-1700s and the mid- to late 1800s. New additions to the collection, for historically and/or architecturally significant or particularly well-preserved houses built between the 1920s and the 1940s, are being made with the assistance of architectural historians conducting a new historical resource survey of Wilton.

Neighborhoods in the collection include: Bald Hill, Belden Hill, Cannondale, Chestnut Hill, Chicken Street, Comstock Ridge, Cottage Row, Danbury Road, Drum Hill, Dumplin Hill, Georgetown, Glen Hill, Grumman Hill, Hurlbutt, Kent, Nod Hill, Olmstead Hill, Pimpewaug, Prink's Plain, Ridgefield Road, Seir Hill, Sharp Hill, and Wilton Center.

Roads -- along with their select associated houses -- in the collection include: Belden Hill, Cannon, Cedar, Center, Chestnut Hill, Chicken, Church, Cottage Row, Danbury, DeForest, Drum Hill, East Meadow, Grumman Hill, Hubbard, Honey Hill, Hurlbutt, Kensett, Lover's Lane, Millstone, Mountain, Newtown Turnpike, Nod Hill, Old Belden, Old Boston, Old Mill, Old Ridgefield, Olmstead Hill, Own Home, Partrick, Pimpewaug, Pond, Ridgefield, Ruscoe, Scribner, Seeley, Seir Hill, Sharp Hill, Skunk, Sturges Ridge, West Church, West Meadow, Westport, Whipstick, and Wolfpit.

Biographical / Historical:

The Wilton Historical Society, founded in 1938, has collected materials and sponsored research relating to individual Wilton houses, particularly colonial and Victorian structures. Additions have been made by Carol Russell, Wilton Historical Society Archivist and Wilton Town Historian. Much of the material in the collection are the notes and draft reports of local researchers (notably Malcolm Hunt of the Lockwood House Museum, Norwalk, Conn.) and architectural historians (such as Mary McCahon, who headed the 1989 Cultural Resource Survey of Wilton). In conjunction with a new historical resource survey in 2017, the Wilton Historical Society Old Houses and Neighborhoods Collection will be expanding to include historically important, architecturally significant, and particularly well-preserved Wilton houses from the 1920s through the 1940s.


Collection materials are in folders arranged alphabetically by road name or neighborhood. The folders are stored in filing cabinet drawers.


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