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The Wilton Historical Society Manuscript Collection contains diaries and journals, daybooks and ledgers, school records, correspondence, literary works, and the collected papers of early Wilton families and prominent individual residents. The bulk of the collection is from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, but important items from the eighteenth and seventeenth centuries are also included.
50 Linear Feet and 6 drawers, 1 map drawer, 10 boxes, 179 daybooks and ledgers, 74 diaries and journals
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Scope and Content:

Major series within the Wilton Historical Society Manuscripts Collection include the Cannon Store Daybooks and Ledgers, the Betts-Raymond Store Papers, the David Hermon Van Hoosear Papers, and the G. Evans Hubbard Papers. Customer information, lists of goods purchased, and detailed accounts are included in the Cannon Store Daybooks and Ledgers and the Betts-Raymond Store Papers. The latter series also includes some correspondence. The David Hermon Van Hoosear Papers primarily consist of notes on and hand-written copies of the original materials David Hermon Van Hoosear (1844-1921), the distinguished local historian and author, consulted as he researched Wilton history, early Wilton families, and the history and families of neighboring towns. Original materials collected by David Hermon Van Hoosear are included as well. The G. Evans Hubbard Papers contain the personal papers, correspondence, and property records of G. Evans Hubbard (1891-1950), another eminent local historian and author. In addition, this series includes court records from G. Evans Hubbard's service as a trial justice, as well as records of his social works and community engagement.

Family names in the collection include: Abbott, Adams, Allee, Allen, Ambler, Arnold, Ayres, Beardsley, Bedient, Belden, Benedict, Bennett, Berry, Bethel, Betts, Birchard, Blackmar, Bouton, Bowles, Brewster, Brown, Browne, Campbell, Cannon, Chandler, Chichester, Clerc, Cole, Comstock, Condit, Crookshank, Darling, Davenport, Davis, DeForest, Dewing, DeWitt, Douglas, Emler, Ferris, Fillow, Finch, Fisher, Fitch, Gaylord, Gilbert, Godfrey, Gorham, Gregory, Grumman, Hallock, Hallock, Handricks, Hanford, Harper, Hawley, Hedburg, Hill, Homan, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hurlbutt, Hyatt, Ingram, Jackson, James, Jelif, Jennings, Jones, Keeler, Knapp,. Lambert, Little, Lockwood, Lynch, Lyon, Marvin, Mason, McKeever, Mead, Budd, Merwin, Middlebrook, Miller, Morehouse, Morgan, Nash, Nichols, Ogden, Olmstead, Pardee, Post, Proctor, Quick, Raymond, Reed, Resseguie, Reynolds, Richards, Rock, Rockwell, Rusco (Ruscoe) Russell, Sackmann, Sanford, Schenck, Scott, Seymour, Shepherd, Sherwood, Shoemaker, Sloan, Smith, St. John, Steichen, Sterling, Sturges, Sutton, Taylor, Telford, Terrel, Trowbridge, Turner, Tuttle, Moran, Van Zandt, Wakeman, Wakeman, Weitzel, Wells, Westcott, Whitlock, Whittlesey, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Winton, Winton, Wittwell, and Youman.

Biographical / Historical:

The Wilton Historical Society, founded in 1938, collected numerous manuscripts pertaining to Wilton families and local history. Additions have been made by Carol Russell, Wilton Historical Society Archivist and Wilton Town Historian. The majority of the collection was created in Wilton and by Wilton residents, but correspondence received by Wilton residents from non-resident friends and family is also included. In addition, several daybooks and ledgers were created outside Wilton, but include Wilton family names. Likewise, some diaries and journals were produced outside Wilton, but by Wilton residents.


The collection is arranged by item format, and then by family name, individual, and topic. Diaries and journals, oversize manuscripts, and daybooks and ledgers are shelved or boxed. Loose papers are filed.


224 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897, USA