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1700-2020, bulk 1900-2020
The Wilton Historical Society Genealogy Collection contains genealogical information in the form of notes, family trees, obituaries, newspaper clippings, and other documents pertaining to early Wilton families. The bulk of the collection is from the 1900s.
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Scope and Content:

The information available for families and individual family members varies widely. For families, the information may include family trees and notes on genealogy and family history. For individual family members, the information may include significant dates and life events, occupation, place of residence, obituaries, burial location, and miscellaneous biographical notes.

Family names in the collection include: Abbott, Adams, Albin, Allen, Ambler, Andrews, Arnold, Avery, Banks, Barber, Barbour, Barlow, Barmore, Barnes, Bassett, Batterson, Beale, Bedient, Beers, Belden, Benedict, Bennett, Bethel, Betts, Birchard (Burchard), Bishop, Bixby, Boardman, Boas, Borglum, Bouton, Boyd, Bradley, Britto, Brown, Budd, Burchard, Burling, Burlock, Burr, Burwell, Bush, Butler, Buttery, Byington, Canfield, Cannon, Card, Carter, Chandler, Chapman, Chard, Chelminski, Chichester, Church, Clark, Cole, Coley, Collier, Comstock, Copp, Couch, Crawford, Davenport, Davis, Dayton, DeForest, Desloge, Disbrow, Downs, Dunning, Eakland, Easton, Eckert, Edwards, Elmer, Ferris, Fillow, Fisher, Fitch, Fontayne (Fountain), Foote, Foster, Fox, Fuller, Gates, Gaylord, Gibbs, Gilbert, Godfrey, Gorham, Grannis, Gray, Green, Gregory, Grey, Grumman, Guire (Guyer), Gunning, Hale, Hanford, Hart, Hawley, Hendrick, Hickok (Hickox), Hodge (Hodges), Holmes, Hottlelet, Howes, Hoyt, Hubbard, Hubbell, Hull, Huntington, Hurd, Hurlbutt (Hurlburt), Hyatt, Jackson, Jellif, Jennings, Jessup, Jones, Keeler, Keiser, Kellogg, Kelsey, Kent, Ketchum, Kimberly, Knapp, Lawrence, Lewis, Lobdell, Lockwood, Long, Lyon, Manning, Marhoffer, Marvin, Marvin, Mead, Merchant, Meridenhall, Merwin, Meyer, Middlebrook, Miller, Montgomery, Morehouse, Morgan, Nash, Nichols, Ogden, Olmstead, Osborn, Ottavi, Pardee (Purdee), Partrick, Patchen, Phillips, Pierce (Pearce), Platt, Pont, Post, Price, Randal (Randle, Randall), Raymond, Reed, Resseguie, Richards, Rockwell, Rogers, Rounds, Rusco (Ruscoe), Sackman, Samuelson, Sanford, Saunders, Schenck, Schilcher, Schlichting, Schmitt, Scofield, Scott, Scribner, Searles, Seeley, Selleck, Seymour, Sherman, Sherwood, Shipman, Slawson (Slason, Slosson), Sloan, Sloat, Smith, Spencer, Squire, St. John, Sterling, Stetson, Stewart, Stivers, Stratton, Street, Stuart, Sturges, Sudlow, Taylor, Terrill, Thompson, Tito, Treadwell, Trowbridge, Van Hoosear, Van Horn (Van Horne), Wakeman, Walker, Waterhouse (Watrous), Weed, Weir, Welton, West, Weston, Whitlock, Whitney, Willard, Williams, Wilson, Wirth, Wood (Woods), Woodward, Young, and Youngquist.

Biographical / Historical:

The Wilton Historical Society, founded in 1938, collected extensive genealogical materials pertaining to early Wilton families. Additions have been made by Carol Russell, Wilton Historical Society Archivist and Wilton Town Historian. The majority of the material included in the collection was created by family members. Genealogical research by local historians G. Evans Hubbard, David Hermon Van Hoosear, and Robert Russell is also included in, or frequently used in conjunction with, this collection.


The collection is in folders arranged alphabetically by family name.


224 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897, USA