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Hadley, Arthur Twining, 1856-1930 and Yale University. President's Office
The records contain the official correspondence of Arthur Twining Hadley during his tenure as president of Yale University. The papers document the rapid change and expansion which occurred at Yale during Hadley's presidency. The incoming correspondence contains letters with members of the Yale faculty and administration; requests for personal appearances and speeches and articles; inquiries from educational administrators; and correspondence with alumni relating to fund-raising and class reunions. The outgoing correspondence, in letterbook form, consists of carbon copies of Hadley's official outgoing correspondence from 1899 to 1921. Also included are subject files relating to ROTC and other military training programs; acceptances and regrets to invitations to Hadley's inauguration; newspaper clippings relating to Hadley's activities; copies of three addresses by Hadley; a notebook kept by one of Hadley's students in Economics 20 (1894-1895); Hadley's office appointment books (1900-1920); and two photograph albums.
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The Arthur Twining Hadley Papers contain the official correspondence produced by Hadley during his tenure as President of Yale University (1899-1921). The papers are a valuable source for documenting a period in which the University, under Hadley's leadership, was undergoing rapid change and expansion. However, to fully document Hadley's activities as president, other sources must be consulted in conjunction with these papers, e.g., the minutes of the Yale Corporation, the records of the University Treasurer, and especially the papers of University Secretary Anson Phelps Stokes. The papers are arranged in three series:


Series I, INCOMING CORRESPONDENCE, contains approximately 30,000 letters received by Hadley between 1899 and 1921. The bulk of this correspondence is of a routine, administrative nature. The letters generally fall into one of the following categories: correspondence with members of the Yale faculty and administration; requests for personal appearances, speeches, and articles; inquires from educational administrators asking how Yale deals with various problems; correspondence with alumni relating to fundraising and class reunions; requests from former students for recommendations; problems; letters from teachers seeking employment; correspondence from salesmen and people with schemes looking for a backer; crank mail.

For Hadley's responses to this correspondence see Series II, OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE. To locate Hadley's reply to a specific piece of correspondence, the reader should note the penciled date on the letter"s right hand corner and then refer to the appropriate letter book in Series II.

Among the more significant correspondents, whose letters contain discussion of substantive issues, are:

  • Adams, George B. (Professor of History, Yale) re: History Department activities
  • Adams, Charles Francis re: comments on English view of Americans prior to World War I
  • Anderson, William Gilbert (Director of the Gymnasium, Yale) re: University Gymnasium
  • Angell, James Rowland re: University of Chicago and Carnegie Corporation business
  • Angier, Roswell Parker (Professor of Psychology, Yale) re: Department of Psychology business
  • Bakewell, Charles M. (Professor of Philosophy, Yale) re: Department of Philosophy business
  • Baldwin, Simeon Eben (Governor of Connecticut; Professor of Law, Yale) re: Law School and general university business
  • Beach, Harlan P. (Professor of the Theory and Practice of Missions, Yale) re: Student Volunteer Movement
  • Beers, Clifford W. re: Connecticut Society for Mental Hygiene
  • Bingham, Hiram (U.S. Senator, Connecticut; Professor of Latin American History, Yale) re: Yale Peruvian Expedition; general university business
  • Blumer, George (Dean of the School of Medicine, Yale) re: National Committee for Mental Hygiene
  • Boas, Franz re: Germanistic Society of America lectures at Yale; Foreign Service courses at Yale and Columbia
  • Boltwood, Bertram B. (Professor of Physics and Chemistry, Yale) re: memoranda to Yale Corporation on the education of chemists at Yale
  • Bozell, Harold V. (Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, Yale) re: formation of Signal Corps R.O.T.C. program at Yale
  • Brandegee, Frank B. (U.S. Senator, Connecticut) re: acknowledging receipt of Hadley's opinions on bills in the Senate
  • Brown, Charles R. (Dean of the Divinity School, Yale) re: Divinity School business
  • Bumstead, Henry Andrews (Professor of Physics, Yale) re: Sloane Physics Laboratory
  • Butler, Nicholas Murray re: Hadley's appointment as Roosevelt Professor of History at the University of Berlin
  • Camp, Walter (Coach and Athletic Advisor, Yale) re: proposed changes in football rules
  • Chittenden, Russell Henry (Director of Sheffield Scientific School) re: Sheffield business
  • Cross, Wilbur L. (Governor of Connecticut; Professor of English, Yale) re: general university and English Department business
  • Curtis, Edward Lewis (Dean of the Divinity School, Yale) re: Divinity School business
  • Dana, Edward Salisbury (Professor of Physics, Yale) re: Physics Department business
  • Day, George Parmly (Treasurer of the University) re: general university business
  • Eliot, Charles William (President, Harvard University) re: Harvard-Yale relations; inter-collegiate football rules
  • Graves, Henry Solon (Director of the School of Forestry, Yale) re: organization and curriculum of the School of Forestry
  • Haldane, J.S. re: Silliman lectures for 1915
  • Jones, Frederick S. (Dean of Yale College) re: library business
  • Jones, Frederick S. (Dean of Yale College) re: library business
  • Keller, Albert G. (Professor of the Science of Society, Yale) re: Department of Anthropology and Sociology
  • Keogh, Andrew (.Yale University Librarian) re: library business
  • Lowell, Lawrence A. re: Yale-Harvard relations
  • McClung, (Thomas) Lee (Yale University Treasurer) re: university finance
  • MacLeish, Archibald (Yale Class of 1915) re: request for recommendation to serve with the American Ambulance Service in France; discussion of MacLeish"s strong feelings towards his years at Yale and what the University means to him
  • Oertel, Hanns (Professor of Linguistics and Comparative Philology; Dean of the Graduate School, Yale) re: Graduate School affairs
  • Parkin, George R. re: Rhodes Scholarship Trust
  • Philips, Andrew W. (Professor of Mathematics; Dean of the Graduate School, Yale) re: Mathematics Department and Graduate School business
  • Pinchot, Gifford (Governor of Pennsylvania; Professor of "ForestryCnon- residentD, Yale) re: founding of the Yale University School of Forestry
  • Rogers, Henry Wade (Dean of the School of Law, Yale) re: Law School business
  • Roosevelt, Franklin Delano re: Yale Naval R.O.T.C. programs
  • Root, Elihu re: William Dodge lectures 1906-07
  • Royce, Josiah re: reply to Hadley's comments on Royce"s William James and and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Life and thanks to Yale Corporation for honorary degree
  • Schwab, John Christopher (Professor of Political Economy and University Librarian, Yale), re: library business
  • Stokes, Anson Phelps (Secretary of Yale University) re: routine correspondence on almost all facets of university administration
  • Swan, Thomas Walter (Dean of the School of Law, Yale) re: Law School business
  • Taft, William Howard (27th President of the U.S.; Professor of Law, Yale) re: personnel recommendations, letters of introduction, routine invitations and acknowledgements
  • Toumey, James William (Professor of Silverculture, Dean of the School of Forestry, Yale) re: Forestry School business
  • Weir, John Ferguson (Dean of the School of Fine Arts, Yale) re: School of Fine Arts business
  • Welles, Mary C. (Ph.D. Yale, 1904; General Secretary of the Consumers League of Connecticut) re: Consumers League Annual Reports, advocate of child labor laws, education for children working in factories, minimum wage laws, women"s rights, and pure food laws. Attempted to get Hadley's support for a woman"s college in Connecticut
  • Wilson, Woodrow (28th President of the U.S.; President of Princeton) re: personnel recommendations, routine acknowledgements, request that Hadley join conference on reform of football rules
  • Winslow, C.E.A. (Professor of Public Health, Yale) re: public health education at Yale, routine School of Medicine business
  • Wood, Leonard (Major General, U.S.A.) re: military training at Yale
  • Wright, Henry Parks (Dean of Yale College) re: Yale College administrative business

An index of selected correspondents in Series I (Appendix I) follows the box listing for Series III. The names included in this index were selected on the basis of the person's eminence or connection with Yale, and for the significance of the information contained in the correspondence. In addition, the names of all persons who wrote Hadley ten or more letters were included.

Series II, OUTGOING CORRESPONDENCE, contains in letterbook form, carbon copies of Hadley's official outgoing correspondence from 1899 to 1921. Since Hadley responded to or acknowledged virtually every piece of incoming correspondence, the approximately 30,000 items in Series II includes much material of a routine nature. The letter books are arranged chronologically, with each volume preceded by an alphabetical name index.

Series III, MISCELLANY, contains the following material: subject files relating to R.O.T.C. and other military training programs; acceptances and regrets of invitations to Hadley's inauguration; newspaper clippings relating to Hadley's activities; copies of three addresses by Hadley; a notebook kept by one of Hadley's students in Economics 20 (1894-1895); Hadley's office appointment books (1900-1920); two photograph albums: one containing portraits of Hadley and members of his class at Hopkins Grammar School and the other containing photographs taken by Hadley and Henry Walcott Farnam, apparently in the western United States; a portrait of Mrs. James Hadley, Arthur Twining Hadley's mother.

Biographical / Historical:

Arthur Twining Hadley was born in New Haven, Connecticut on April 23, 1856. He graduated from Yale in 1876, and pursued graduate studies in political economy at the University of Berlin. In 1879 Hadley returned to Yale and worked as a tutor in Greek, logic, Roman law, and German until 1883. From 1883 until 1886 Hadley served as an instructor in political science under William Graham Sumner. In 1886 he accepted a newly created professorship in political science and, in 1891, went on to accept a professorship in political economy. In 1892 he was appointed as the first dean of the Graduate School at Yale, a position he held until 1895. In 1899 Hadley was elected president of Yale and became the first layman to hold that position. During his tenure, Yale grew into a great national university. Hadley died on March 6, 1930.

Arthur Twining Hadley Chronology
Date Event
1856 Arthur Twining Hadley born at New Haven, Connecticut, son of Professor James Hadley, of Yale College, and Anne Twining Hadley
1868 Attended Hopkins Grammar School, New Haven, Connecticut
1872 Entered Yale College
1876 Graduated Yale College, Valedictorian Class of "76
1876 Studied history and political science at Yale College
1878 Continued studies of history and political science under Adolph Wagner at the University of Berlin
1879 Tutor in Greek, Latin, and German, Yale College
1883 Instructor in Political Science, Yale College
1885 Published Railroad Transportation, Its History and Its Laws(earliest comprehensive study of subject to appear in the United States)
1880s Called as an expert witness before the committee of the United States Senate that drafted the Interstate Commerce Laws
1885 Commissioner of Labor Statistics, State of Connecticut
1886 Lectured at Harvard on "Problems of Railroad Administration"
1886 Professor of Political Science, Yale University
1887 Associate Editor, Railroad Gazette
1891 Married Helen Harrison Morris
1891 Professor of Political Economy, Yale University
1892 Dean of the Graduate School, Yale University
1896 Published Economics - An Account of the Relations Between Private Property and Public Welfare
1898 President of American Economic Association
1899 Inaugurated as first lay President of Yale University
1901 Published The Education of the American Citizen
1902 Delivered Lowell Institute Lectures on "The History of Academic Freedom"
1902 William E. Dodge Lecturer, Yale University, on "Responsibilities of Citizenship"
1903 Pubished Freedom of Responsibility
1905 Appointed trustee of the Carnegie Foundation
1906 Delivered Kennedy lectures on "Standards of Public Morality"
1907 Roosevelt Professor of American History, University of Berlin
1907 Published Standards of Public Morality
1909 Acting Treasurer of Yale University
1910 Appointed Railroad Securities Commission Chairman
1913 Member, Board of Directors of the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Railroad
1913 Published Some Influences in Modern Philosophic Thought
1914 Lecturer, Oxford University
1915 Published Undercurrents in American Politics
1919 Published The Moral Basis of Democracy
1920 Member of the Republican National Committee"s Committee on Policies and Platform
1921 Retired from presidency of Yale University
1922 Delivered Watson Foundation lectures on "Economic Problems of Democracy" in major cities of England
1923 Published Economic Problems of Democracy
1924 Addressed the World Power Conference on "The Relation of the State to Electrical Development"
1925 Published The Conflict Between Liberty and Equality
1926 Declined offer of the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator from Connecticut
1930 Died of illness in Kobe, Japan, during the course of a world tour

The records are arranged as follows: I. Incoming Correspondence, 1899-1921. II. Outgoing Correspondence, 1899-1921. III. Miscellany, 1899-1921.


Forms part of Yale Record Group 4-A (YRG 4-A), Records of the Yale secretary"s office.

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Yale University -- Administration
Yale University -- Presidents
Yale University. President's Office
Yale University. School of Forestry
Yale-China Association
Adams, George Burton, 1851-1925
Angell, James Rowland, 1869-1949
Angier, Roswell Parker, 1874-1946
Bakewell, Charles M. (Charles Montague), 1867-1957
Baldwin, Simeon E. (Simeon Eben), 1840-1927
Beach, Harlan P. (Harlan Page), 1854-1933
Beers, Clifford Whittingham, 1876-1943
Bingham, Hiram, 1875-1956
Blumer, George, 1872-1962
Boltwood, Bertram Borden, 1870-1927
Brown, Charles Reynolds, 1862-1950
Bumstead, Henry Andrews, 1870-1920
Butler, Nicholas Murray, 1862-1947
Camp, Walter, 1859-1925
Chittenden, R. H. (Russell Henry), 1856-1943
Cross, Wilbur L. (Wilbur Lucius), 1862-1948
Curtis, Edward Lewis, 1853-1911
Dana, Edward Salisbury, 1849-1935
Day, George Parmly, 1876-1959
Eliot, Charles William, 1834-1926
Erdmann, Rhoda, 1870-1935
Graves, Henry Solon, 1871-1951
Jones, Frederick Scheetz, 1862-1944
Keller, Albert Galloway, 1874-1956
Keogh, Andrew, 1869-1953
Lowell, Lawrence A.
MacLeish, Archibald, 1892-1982
McClung, Lee, 1870-1914
Oertel, Hanns, 1868-
Philips, Andrew W.
Pinchot, Gifford, 1865-1946
Rogers, Henry Wade, 1853-1926
Stokes, Anson Phelps, 1874-1958
Swan, Thomas W. (Thomas Walter), 1877-1975
Taft, William H. (William Howard), 1857-1930
Toumey, James W. (James William), 1865-1932
Weir, John Ferguson, 1841-1926
Welles, Mary C. (Mary Crowell), 1860-1930
Wilson, Woodrow, 1856-1924
Winslow, C.-E. A. (Charles-Edward Amory), 1877-1957
Wright, Henry Parks, 1839-1918


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