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CLIO, the muse of history, is published by the Sigma Eta
Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta (the International History Honor Society), in cooperation with the Western Connecticut State College History Club. This issue of CLIO was financed by Student Government Association funds and is free of charge to any member of the student body. The editor of the first issue of CLIO is Richard Ducey, President of the Sigma Eta Chapter of Phi Alpha Theta. This journal would not have boon possible without the cooperation of many individuals, In particular we would like to thank Mr. Clare Ingram, who designed our cover and assisted in the printing of CLIO; Dr. Herbert Janick, Chairman of the History Department, for encouragement and support and two history professors, Dr. David Detzer and Dr. John Leopold, who took time out from their faculty duties to write articles for us. Dr. Leopold is also the faculty adviser for both Phi Alpha Theta and tho History Club. Finally, recognition must go to the many students who volunteered for hours of work in an attempt to make WESCONN a better school.


Western Connecticut State College



[NA], . “Cover.” Vol. 1, num. 1, Clio - 1973. WCSU Archives, 3 Apr. 2013. Accessed on the Web: 8 Dec. 2019.

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