Archival Research: Germany

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Archival Research: Germany



Archival research is a solitary but satisfying experience, The very nature of the work demands a painstaking exambation of documents. Everyone working at an archive pursues his individual topic with the persistence of a physical scientist who spends long hours peering through the lens of his microscopz. In busy research centers such as the Federal Archives at Koblenz, a spirit of camaraderie may develop among the researchers, but most of the day is spent in self-directed study. Just holding the original documents and perusing private correspondence can be an engaging experience best understood perhaps by arm-chair detectives, voyeurs and paper fetishists.


Western Connecticut State College



Leopold, John A. “Archival Research: Germany.” Vol. 1, num. 1, Clio - 1973. WCSU Archives, 3 Apr. 2013. Accessed on the Web: 9 Dec. 2019.

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