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John Sheeran Interview

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John Sheeran Interview


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John Sheeran served in Vietnam from 1970-71 as a United States military advisor. With generations of his family serving in the United States military as well as growing up in a pro-military environment, Sheeran enrolled in the Virginia Military institute and entered active service in 1969 operating rifle ranges for Recruits while also being promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant before being shipped off to Vietnam in 1970.
Sheeran’s role as a U.S. military advisor was to help the local Vietnamese militias in a wide variety of ways from military actions such as coordinating ambushes and medavacs to humanitarian projects such as bridge building and village reconstruction. Sheeran as well as his five man advisory team rotated throughout South Vietnam going to places such as the Kien Hoa Province, Tan Phu Trung and Tuaduc. Sheeran’s experience in Vietnam differs from the common U.S. soldier, because he rarely saw any combat during his tour.
Once Sheeran finished his tour in Vietnam, he was never faced with any war opposition and never suffered the common after effects of war such as having nightmares or PTSD. But he uses his experiences to educate the post-Vietnam generations.


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Vietnam War Interview

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Time Summary

0-5 min: Family history; Katonah Ny; School teaching; Virginia Military Institute; Military History; WWII; Military society;
5-10 min: The 60's; growing up; conservative society; Government support; Highschool; Entering the war; 1969 active duty; Basic training; Officer; rifle ranges;
10-15 min: Heading to vietnam; Resignation; Getting off the plane; Military advisory command; Training camp for advisory command; Helping the Vietnamese help themselves;
15-20 min: Kien Hoa Province; advising team; Villages/working with villagers; MAT 6; 5 member team; Tan Phu Trung; Militia groups;
20-25 min: Officer; Humanitarian efforts; militias; Village chiefs; Local relations; Civil action; Bridge building; local commerce; Locals - appreciative;
25-30 min: Successes; Propaganda teams; welcomed; Stated objectives of advising team; Tuaduc; Morale building;
30-35 min: Food; Day to day living; Immersed in culture; tour coming to an end; Going home;
35-40 min: Dangerous incidents; Vietcong; Ambush; Shadow governments; Rocket fire; Medevac; John's experience;
40-45 min: War opposition; Stepping back into the U.S.; Surprise homecoming; United States strategy;
45-50 min: Domino theory; communism; War in Vietnam; Good experience; Helping others;
50-end: Pictures; Teaching vietnam; impact of the war; veterans; Chicken hawks; Resourcefulness of Vietnamese;



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