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A certificate of appreciation sent to soldier George P. Hawley's family, offering condolences and gratitude for his service in the First World War.

George P Hawley Poster010.jpg
A poster honoring George P. Hawley, a soldier who lost his life during World War I

someone at your door0002.jpg
A still image of a commemorative banner containing all of the flags of the allied forces during World War I.

Germany's New War Pg 3009.pdf
Author Stanley Frost firmly believed that Germany would start another war with the U.S. soon after the conclusion of the First World War.

13x11, 22 pages

13x11, 96 pages

12x8, 200 pages

4x7 inches, 46 pages

A program/invitation to a Banquet fundraiser for France

Serbia was catastrophically affected by the war. A substantial percentage of U.S. foreign aid during the war was given to Serbia.

The book cover and a page
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