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stephan a douglas carte de visite.png
Carte de Visite of Stephen A. Douglas as a U.S. senator

ellsworth gaurd carte de visite.jpg
Civil War posed with Rifle with Bayonet

stroll carte de visite.jpg
Civil War Officer seated in a chair dressed in full uniform

Photo Album with a collection of Carte de Visite photos inside

porth carte de visite.jpg
Company C 24th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry man posed in Civil War Uniform

Georgian Plantation inside cover.jpeg
Diary of a woman slave who lived on a Georgian plantation

Ct First Regiment.jpeg
An anniversary address delivered to the First Regiment of Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery

The Soldier in our Civil War.jpeg
A pictorial history of the conflict 1861-1865

The Perfect Tribute.jpeg
A story about Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg speech

Hospital Sketches.jpeg
Sketches of a Civil War volunteer nurse

Minstrel Songs.jpeg
A collection of world-wide famous minstrel and plantation songs

The Boys of '61.jpeg
Personal observations with the Army and Navy from the first battle of Bull Run to the fall of Richmond.

Portrait of the daughter of the Civil War era family found in the back of "Souvenir of the Centennial"

Carte de Visite of what apprears to be a Civil War officer's wife

Carte de Viste found in the back of "Souvenir of the Centennial"

Horace Purdy Letters
Transcriptions and copies of letters From Horace Purdy, and Letters from his wife Gussie.

camp fire stories027.pdf
A collection of war stories, Northern and Southern war songs, and war anecdotes.

A book documenting Connecticut's representation at Philadelphia, 1876.

Copies of 15 Letters
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