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Wilson shocked at Jailing Militants%2c May Advocate %27Votes For Women%27 as part of War Emergency Program.jpg
Front page of newspaper.

Date: 1917-07-19

Wilson May Plead Votes For Women.jpg
A newspaper article continuing from the front page.

Date: 1917-07-19

Women Parade and Rejoice at the End.jpg
A newspaper report of a successful women's suffrage parade.

Date: 1911-05-07

Male Voters.jpg
A chart in a newspaper.

Date: 1920-08-19

Suffragists Take 60-Day Sentence Won%27t Pay Fines.jpg
A newspaper article.

Date: 1917-07-18

Militants Freed at Wilson%27s Word.pdf
A newspaper article.

Date: 1917-07-20

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