Hearthstone Beginnings

Hearthstone Castle related clippings, originals (private)

Hearthstone Castle was notable from the very beginning; newspapers reported on the building of the castle before the first stone had been laid. The Evening News wrote, on July 6, 1895, that E. Starr Sanford, a famous portrait photographer, would be designing his new residence in Danbury. The article gushes about the fantastic views the land affords, most of Danbury can be viewed from the commanding cliff he has chosen. 

"Buck's Castle"

A postcard of former owner, Victor Buck, outside of Hearthstone Castle around 1902. The Bucks owned the castle from 1902 until 1918 when it was sold to C.D. Parks. Parks lived in the nearby Tarrywile mansion, and gave the castle to his daughter Irene Parks Jennings as a wedding gift.

Irene and her family lived in the castle until 1985, when Hearthstone was sold to the City of Danbury.

Hearthstone Beginnings