Vol. 37, num. 1, Clio - 2011

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Vol. 37, num. 1, Clio - 2011


Western Connecticut State University. Department of History




Six Degrees of Separation

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Oral History: Production, Quality, and Application<br /><br />
Oral history is in many ways different from a text-focused, traditional approach, yet the two may certainly be used and understood in conjunction. To make the best use of a work of oral history, the reader, researcher, teacher or reviewer must think…

Result of the Bubonic Plague 1346-1350
Life for women in the medieval era was less than ideal. Women had little autonomy, and only had two avenues to pursue, a life dedicated to God or to marriage. Yet, the station of women within society changed after the bubonic plague, due to the lack…

Evil in the Shape of a Woman: Form and Function of<br /><br />
Gender in the Witch Hunts of New England, 1620-1725
Gender has shaped the conception of evil since the beginning of mythology. The archetypes of good and evil are easier to conceptualize when anthropomorphized in the shapes of men and women. Phillip Cole notes that one of the Devil's traditional…

Deep in the Historical Abyss: The Assassinations of<br /><br />
Presidents Garfield &amp; McKinley and Why They Have<br /><br />
Become Less Memorable in the Minds of the American<br /><br />
In the history of the United States of America, four Presidents have been fatally wounded by the gunfire of an assassin. While the assassinations of Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy have gained ultimate infamy, the murders of Presidents…

Silenced in a Silent World: The Politically Active Life of<br /><br />
Helen Keller and why it Has Been Forgotten
Amidst darkness and silence, Helen Keller spoke emphatically about her observations of the world around her. Although it rarely was, her voice was not a spoken one, but a written one. Found in the forms of bubbles of Braille, a statement was made…

Geisha have enchanted both Japanese and foreigners alike for centuries. With their unique beauty and exceptional skills in the arts, they are difficult to overlook. In the west, geisha rival Mount Fuji and the bullet train as the most recognizable…
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