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"12,000 Young Men Killed" Cartoon

"A Bright Room Called Day" Poster

"An Honest Man"and "Impetuous Captain Keating"


"Barrel in the snow"

"Behind the 8 Ball" Political Cartoon

"Celebrated Special" Danbury Hat

"Corner" of Candlewood Lake

"Country Fair Becomes Land of the Lava Lamp"

"Don't Let the Raiders Ride Again!" Political Cartoon

"Excellent Good Songs of Mr. Jones" ; Transcribed from the original editions of 1601 and 1608

"How Fires have helped Danbury" from the New York Herald

"In Bad Shape" Political Cartoon

"National Features" and "Mirthfulness" from the Heredity of Descent by O.S. Fowler

"On to Hartford!" Political Cartoon

"Our Latin American Neighbors"

"Our Own Melodies"


"Project Green Light"

"Pull the Third Lever" Campaign Ad for McLevy

"Sunday News"

"The Front Page" Poster

"The Lid's Off" Political Cartoon

"Two Faced or True Faced?" Political Cartoon

"Vote Straight Socialist" Ad

"What Jasper did to..." Political Cartoon

#2/10 -Untitled

$750,000 bridge bond

'Beach Cottage'

'Broadway Bound' Poster

'Fiddler on the Roof' Poster

'Funny Girl' Poster

'Grease' Poster

'Guys and Dolls' Poster

'Meet Me In St. Louis' Poster

'My Fair Lady' Poster

'Oh, What A Lovely War' Poster

'The Hasty Pudding' Frontispiece

'The Odd Couple' Poster and Program

'Twelfth Night' Poster

'Uncommon Women and Others' Poster

100 Years Since the First World War

101-181 Main St., Danbury, CT

111-113 Main Street

129-133 Main St., Danbury

15 Framed Americans Open New Mooney Fight, San Francisco News, 1932

16th Century Italian dwelling

1781. Groton Heights and New London. Letters from Zabdiel Rogers and Thomas Mumford

1782--1882 Centennial celebrations in two parts / edited by A.B. Davenport

1814. New London. Pettypaug Point

1844 Phrenology Lectures

1880s Danbury Bird's Eye Map

1885 Changes to the Fire Department Rules in Borough Charter

1888 Changes to the Borough Charter

1910 Classbook, "History", Danbury Normal School

1916 Danbury Directory, pg 361

1920 Election clippings (Danbury)

1944 Commencement, Danbury Teachers College

1951 Yearbook logo

1955 Danbury Flood scrapbook

1960s Map of Midtown Campus

1960s student performances, dancing, etc.

1967 Senior Class Officers

1968 Yearbook logos

1969 Football Team images (20)

1969 WestConn Football Team Portrait

1969-1970 WCSC Soccer Team negatives

1970s Baseball images (contact sheet)

1970s Football Field Images

1975 fortieth anniversary catalogue

1975 Yearbook

1990s Football Images

1999 NCAA Tournament trophy presentation

1st Ave.

2 Women posed in summer skirts

2 Women posed outside Fairfield Hall

2, Unknown cut-out image of a student in an approximation of Native American costume

2016 Hearthstone Castle Images

21 and 23 Spring Street land transactions

265 Main St., Morris Meyers' cigar shop

2nd Avenue, Laurel Beach, Milford

3 students posed in the "Craft Room" of Old Main

3 Women holding hands

4 Women posed on lawn

4 Women posed outside of Old Main

5 Ives

6 pièces d'orgue / César Franck

6 Women posed outside of Fairfield Hall

60 Years in Danbury, selections

77 Broad Street Guilford, Connecticut

86 students will reside in dormitory

8th Century Irish Manuscript Leaf (Gospels)

[1500s Sailing Ship]

[Barn and Tree]

[Barn, Cows and Tree]

[Battle of Uji Bridge, Sukuhin-dori in the morning departing from the Sanukisa, Tametomo shipwrecked by a giant fish rescued by Tenguand, and other images]



[Card Players]

[Children's Train Panel Paintings]

[Chinese watercolors]

[City Street Scene]

[Drawing of Tank, Clown with Soviet Flag]


[European Street Scene]

[Farm Scene]

[Figures Around a Fallen Figure]

[Fisherman on the shore]

[Gida Nordman?]

[Jazz Band]

[Leaf from a Gradual - Dedication of the Church of St. Michael, pg 40]

[Leaf from a Gradual - Dedication of the Church of St. Michael, pg 40] - service version

[Multicolor Abstract]

[Opium Den?]

[Orange Triangle and Green Square on Blue]

[Seated Contemplative Woman Print]

[Seated Figure]

[Small Abstract Oil Painting]

[Smiling Guy]

[Spider and Women]

[Street Scene]

[Swamp scene]

[Virgin Mary with 3 images of Christ]

[Welded Iron Abstract Bust]

[Woman seated, abstract]


[Xenophontos Kyrou paideias biblia octo (romanized form)] = Xenophontis de Cyri institutione libri octo / Graeca recognovit, cum codice MSto Oxoniensi et omnibus fere libris editis contulit, plurimis in locis emendavit, versionem Latinam reformavit, observationibus suis, tabulaque geographica auxit et illustravit, notas quoque H. Stephani, Leunclavii, Ae. Porti et Mureti recensitas et castigatas, variantium lectionum delectum, indicesque necessarios adjunxit Thomas Hutchinson

[Zoology: Ornithology: Reports of Explorations and Surveys, To Ascertain the Most Practicable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River To The Pacific Ocean]


A book of American trade-marks & devices / compiled by Joseph Sinel

A boy's adventures in the wilds of Australia : or, Herbert's note-book / by William Howitt

A brief historical sketch of the Church of Christ, in Chaplin, Ct., : including the confession of faith and covenants, adopted by said church: : also, the names of all persons admitted as members, since its organization. / Published by order of the Church

A Catalogue of the deaths in the Second Society of Groton, : from the year seventeen hundred and seventy, to eighteen hundred and fifteen. : [Two lines of Scripture text]

A chart history of the civil war, 1861-1865 : with numerous shaded maps showing the progress of the Union armies in different campaigns ... for the use of schools / by J.W. Gibson

A Chorus Line Poster

A dictionary of musicians, from the earliest ages to the present time. Comprising the most important biographical contents of the works of Gerber, Choron, and Fayolle, Count Orloff, Dr. Burney, Sir John Hawkins, &c. &c. together with upwards of a hundred original memoirs of the most eminent living musicians and a Summary of the history of music .

A Digest of the all the Reported Cases Decided in the Supreme Court of Errors... State of Connecticut, v. II, pg 1686, Crofut v. Danbury

A discourse in commemoration of the life, character, and services of the Rev. Thomas H. Gallaudet : delivered before the citizens of Hartford, Jan. 7th, 1852 with an appendix containing history of deaf-mute instruction and institutions and other documents / by Henry Barnard tribute to Gallaudet

A discourse on the nature and influence of Godly fear : containing also a minister's address to his church and congregation, together with a few interesting events in their history, written in a time when he was taken off from preaching by bodily infirmities, publicly read, Lord's-day, January 31, 1802 / by Charles Backus

A Divil of a Birthday (card)

A Frog A Wooing

A Genealogist's history of Redding, Conn. / Lester Card

A Glimpse of the Midway, Danbury Fair

A hand-book of physiology : with forty-three illustrations : being a portion of an analytical compendium of the various branches of medicine / by Francis Gurney Smith and John Neill

A handbook of the diseases of the eye and their treatment / by Henry R. Swanzy

A historical collection from official records, files, &c., of the part sustained by Connecticut, during the war of the revolution : with an appendix, containing important letters, depositions, &c., written during the war / compiled by Royal R. Hinman

A historical discourse delivered at the re-dedication of the Long Society : or Second Congregational Church of Preston, Conn., Feb. 17, 1889 / by Rev. R. P. Stanton

A historical sketch of Universalism in Norwich, Conn. : a sermon delivered before the Universalist Society in that place, on the 5th of May, 1844 / by R.O. Williams

A history of the cutlery industry in the Connecticut valley

A history of the towns of Haddam and East-Haddam / by David D. Field

A History of Western Connecticut State University, 1978-1993

A lasting Friendship...

A letter from the Rev. Thomas Hooker of Hartford : in answer to the complaints of Gov. Winthrop of Massachusetts, against Connecticut

A list of all those who are known to have been members of the First Church of Christ in New London from the beginning to January 1, 1901

A male student using the Forum Library

A memorial sermon: preached by the pastor, Rev. J.L. Willard, June 3, 1877, in the Westville Congregational church, New Haven, Conn

A modern history from the time of Luther to the fall of Napoleon. For the use of schools and colleges by John Lord

A new edition of Florian's 'Guillaume Tell,' with an introduction : for the use of schools

A New Year's sermon : delivered at Chaplin, Conn., Saturday, January 3rd, 1864 / by Francis Williams

A People's University, image files for section 1, draft

A People's University, Image Files, Final draft

A People's University, image files, section 2, draft

A People's University, image files, section 3, draft

A People's University, image files, section 4, draft

A Plan of Ebenezer Picket's Ground

A popular account of the ancient Egyptians

A Rain Song

A Rainy Day

A sermon preached at Sherman, Conn. Sunday, Apr. 1, 1894

A sermon preached in St. James' Church, New London, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of his settlement, January 1, 1860 / by Robert A. Hallam

A sermon preached in St. James' Church, New-London, on the occasion of the re-opening of said church : after extensive alterations and improvements, Feb. 28, 1836 / by Robert A. Hallam

A short history of women's rights : from the days of Augustus to the present time : with special reference to England and the United States / by Eugene A. Hecker

A sketch of the history of Harvard College. And of its present state

A souvenir of Old Home Week August 30th to Sept. 7th, 1903, Bridgeport, Connecticut. Issued by the Souvenir Committee Department of publicity

A Vademecum: For the Employees of G. Schirmer

A Virginia girl in the civil war, 1861-1865 being a record of the actual experiences of the wife of a confederate officer collected and ed. by Myrta Lockett Avary

A year's history of the Asylum Hill Congregational Church of Hartford, Connecticut / by Lewis F. Reid. Read at the annual meeting of the church February 3, 1898

A.E.F. Fun & Facts

Ab urbe condita

Absentee Ballot Notification

Abstract black and purple

Abstract in White Frame

Abstract of a detail from Danbury's Library Place

Abstract of church records of the town of Stamford, County of Fairfield, and State of Connecticut, from the earliest records extant to 1850 by Spencer P. Mead

Abstract of probate records at Fairfield, county of Fairfield, and state of Connecticut, 1704-1757, by Spencer P. Mead

Abstract of probate records for the district of Stamford, county of Fairfield, and state of Connecticut, 1803-1848 / by Spencer P. Mead

Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Jan. 11, 1955 (with Autograph)


Acorn Project Logo, illustration

Action Plan for Downtown Organization

Acts and laws of the State of Connecticut in America (1784)

Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut in America. [State seal]

Acts and laws passed by the General Court or Assembly of His Majesty's English Colony of Connecticut in New England in America : held at New Haven, (by adjournment, and special order of ... the Governor ...) on Wednesday the twenty first day of January ... 1756

Address to the Connecticut Medical Convention, at its session at Hartford, May 11th, 1853 / by Rufus Blakeman

Addresses on the death of Hon. Stephen A. Douglas : delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives on Tuesday, July 9, 1861

Advertisement for the tobacco shop owned by Jacob Meyers, Morris Meyers' brother.

Advertising Pamplet

Aerial Photographic Survey of Town of Danbury, Conn.

Aerial view of Candlewood Lake (and Rocky River power station)

Aesc Grapheme in Medieval Manuscript

African combs

African game trails, an account of the African wanderings of an American hunter-naturalist, by Theodore Roosevelt with more than two hundred illustrations from photographs by Kermit Roosevelt and other members of the expedition, and from drawings by Philip R. Goodwin

African leather goods, 20th century

African mask or hanging totem

African sickle

African Spearheads with sawn-off wooden shafts (3)

African? painted hide fringe bag

Afro-American Club

After the ball, forty years of melody an autobiography, by Charles K. Harriss

After the Ride

Aggie, Ruth H. and Jeanette P.

Agkistrodon Contortrix, right hemipenis x2

Ahaetulla Fasciolata (4)

Ahaetulla fasciolata, head

Ahaetulla Nasuta


Al Geddes in Uniform

Aldermen 1889-'90 - Fire Dept. Expenditures

Aldermen Fire Dept. appointment nominations

Aldermen Fire Dept. Expected Expenditures

Aldermen Fire Dept. Ordinances

Aleutian Church

Alfred A. Dickerson, cdv

Algaita (2)

Alice [seated pose]

All souls' night a book of stories. / Hugh Walpole

Allotment discontinuance, discharge letter 1945

Allotment Insurance Letter

Almanach des muses ou Choix des poésies fugitives de 1771 : Aux hommes..

AME Zion Church grave in Wooster Cemetery

America photographed : a portfolio of photographs covering points of scenic and historic interest in North America : the greatest works of art and nature in the United States, Alaska, Canada and Mexico, with descriptive text

American and Allied Ideals

American Gas Association advertisement; "Ladies, here's how you can help cook a tank!..."

An abridged manual of the First Congregational Church in Southington, Conn. containing the new creed and covenant together with a revised catalogue of present members issued June 30, 1888

An address delivered to the people of Goshen, Connecticut, at their first centennial celebration, September 28, 1838 by Rev. Grant Powers .

An enquiry into the duties of the female sex. By Thomas Gisborne, M.A

An essay on man in four epistles to H. St. John, Lord Bolingbroke. To which are added The Universal prayer, Messiah, and Elegy. For the use of schools

An historical discourse : containing an account of the rise and progress of the First Baptist Church in New Haven, delivered April 3, 1842

An historical discourse delivered in Christ Church, Stratford, Conn. : on the fifth Sunday in Lent, March 28th, 1855 / by John A. Paddock

An historical sermon of the First Congregational Church, Portland, Conn. : preached by Rev. John S. Bayne, July 9th, 1876

An Universal history : from the earliest account of time / compiled from original authors illustrated with maps, cuts, notes, &c. and a general index to the whole .

Analytical psychology a practical manual for colleges and normal schools, presenting the facts and principles of mental analysis in the form of simple illustrations and experiments, with 42 figures in the text and 39 experimental charts

Andrei Hudiakoff - published illustrations



Angel whispers : or, The echo of spirit voices : designed to comfort the mourning husband, wife, father, mother, son and daughter / by Daniel C. Eddy

Animal Carving

Annals of the Methodist Episcopal church, of Seymour, Conn., by W.C. Sharpe .

Annual report of the activities of the First Church of Christ, New London, Conn. for the year 1890

Année passée suite de pièces pour le piano a quatre mains

Anti-suffrage clippings

Apple Pie

April 29, 1890 - Republicans rebound in Danbury, Hartford Courant

April Song


Archery class behind Fairfield Hall

Area around the Normal School

Arizona Elegans (2)

Arizona Elegans Eburnata

Article about Rory Starr lecture

Article from the News-Times 'Silent Aftermath'

Article regarding Morris Meyers' failed campaign for State Representative

Article regarding the "fire bug" from Sag Harbor Express

Articles of faith and covenant of the Congregational Church, Ellsworth, Conn., with a catalogue of its officers and members

Articles of faith and covenant of the Westfield Church, West Killingly, Ct. : with a list of members, March 1, 1862

As We Were, selections

Ash Creek Bridge

At Evening

At Least they might wait until I'm finished over there. Life magazine cartoon


Atlantic Reporter, v. 32, 1895 - Crofut v. Danbury

Atlas do império do Brazil : os mapas de Cândido Mendes 1868 / Cândido Mendes

Atlas of Danbury, Connecticut from official records, private plans and actual surveys (2)

Atlas of Iran white revolution = Atlas de l'Iran realisations de la revolution

Atractaspis, right hemipenis x 11.5

Authors and publishers: a manual of suggestions for beginners in literature, comprising a description of publishing methods and arrangements, directions for the preparation of mss. for the press, explanations of the details of book-manufacturing, instructions for proof-reading, specimens of typography, the text of the United States copyright law and information concerning international copyrights, together with general hints for authors. By G.H.P. and J.B.P

Automotem Totem

Ave Maria (cover)


Baa Baa Black Sheep


Backstrap weaving loom

Bailey Inn


Balinese bone carving

Balinese Calon Arang (dragon) mask

Balmforth Avenue School, Emma Shepherd (teacher) with captions

Balmforth School

Balmforth School with captions

Balmforth School, High School

Balmforth School, room 1

Balmforth School, room 2 (2)

Balmforth School, room 3

Balmforth School, room 4

Balmforth School, Room 5

Balmforth School, room 6

Balmforth School, Room 7

Balmforth School, Room 8

Balmforth School, Rooms 5 and 6

Bamana headdress (male and female)

Baptisms, marriages and deaths from the first book of church records of the Second Ecclesiastical Society of Saybrook, Conn

Barlow Publicity Portraits

Barlow, Sarnoff and Firestone

Barn, wheat stalks

Barnum Square on Main Street Bethel

Bass player with female dancer, Spring fling 1969


Battle of Charcoal Run, New Fairfield, CT

Baule Ram Mask

Bayreuth, die stadt der Wagner-festspiele, 1876-1936, von Paul Bülow

Beach Park Hermit, "Beach Park", CT

Beauty Sat Bathing by a Spring

Beauty stand further!


Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas : explained for the lovers of the musical art / by Ernst von Elterlein translated from the German by Emily Hill, with a preface by Ernst Pauer

Begin no day [by] Wellington Roe

Below Papermill, Danbury, Conn.

Ben Carson and James Roach at Briarwood College commencement

Benedict Arnold Portrait

Benjamin Wright Letter

Berris Motel on Route 6

Bessie L. Treadwell's children (Ruth Wilson, Hanford Jr., and Robert Treadwell Wilson)

Bessie L. Treadwell's stepdaughter (Ruth Wilson)

Bethel, Fisherman's creel (Greeting from Bethel, Conn.)

Bethel, Fishing on a lake

Bi-centennial of the organization of the First Church of Christ in Durham, Connecticut, Feb 11, 1911

Bicentennial sermon : preached before the First Congregational Church, August 24, 1904 by the Pastor Rev. Henry Tucker Arnold, together with the proceedings at the anniversary. / by Rev. Henry T. Arnold

Bicycle riders at Fairfield Hall

Big Daddy

Bill for services rendered to Samuel Nickols

Binding Hole of Medieval Manuscript

Biology alumni cartoon image

Biology Dept. Cartoon

Bird's Eye View of Danbury, Conn.


Birds Eye Tobacco Tin, example

Birthday remedies (card)

Birthplace of Nathan Hale

Bismarck and the origin of the German empire / by F.M. Powicke

Black poster from Uconn exhibit

Blueprint Inventory

Board of Alderman Fire Committee Report, 1891- Records of Common Council

Board of Alderman payment of Pinkerton Detective Agency - Records of Common Council

Board of Aldermen - Annual Report 1891 - Fire Committee

Board of Councilmen - Firemen Resignation - 1891

Board of Estimates and Taxation


Boiga Irregularis (4)

Bondres Keta? mask

Bone pipe

Bonus Crusaders at the end of the day

Book of records containing an account of the rise and progress of the First Baptist Church in East Haddam, Conn. / copied from the original manuscript and indexed by Edna Huntington

Book of words : the pageant of Darien : the pageant of a residential community / William Chauncy Langdon

Borough of Danbury - Municipal Service Expenditures

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Index

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Number 3, 1855-1881

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Number 4, 1860-1868

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Number 5, 1873-1883

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Number 6, 1881-1889

Borough of Danbury Ledger, Number 7, 1883-1889

Bow Wow

Boys outside

Breve descrittione della festa fatta nella gran sala del sig. podestà l'anno 1615. il di 2. di marzo. : Dedicata al molto illustre sig. Givlio Strozzi maestro di camera dell'illustriss. & reuerendiss. sig. cardinale Capponi legato di Bologna

Bridgeport Sunday Herald - Conspiracy with Barnum and Bevans

Bridges in Cornwall Bridge

Brighton Beach Memoirs- Poster and Program

British butterflies. By James Duncan

Broad View [Broadview Farm], Danbury, Conn.

Bronson Library

Bronze sun disc

Bruges, postcard

Buck's Castle (Hearthstone Castle)

Bulbul Tarang & Songbooks (2)


Burchia Stewart added to the faculty of the Lincoln, Nixon and Esther schools


C.L. Campbell, portrait and bio from Connecticut History Makers

Caleb Pickit to Sarah Pickit

Cameo Theatre program (2)

Camp Upton Postcard

Candid campaigning with Hubert H. Humphrey ca.1972

Candid of man

Candid of students at lakeside (Lake Waramaug?)

Candid of students at lakeside with boat (Lake Waramaug?)

Candid of students in an Old Main classroom - "Contemporary Civilization Class"

Candid of woman ouside of brick building

Candid shots of Truman Warner

Candids of Dr. Jack Leopold

Candlewood Isle Beach Club, Danbury

Candlewood Lake

Canoe on a lake

Captain Nicholas : a modern comedy / by Hugh Walpole

Captured Atom


Card to Mary A. Hawley

Cartoon Book

Cartoon Mag 11

Cartoon Mag 12

Cartoon Mag 14

Cartoon Mag 15

Cartoon Mag 16

Cartoon Mag 18

Cartoon Mag 19

Cartoon Mag 20

Cartoon Mag 22

Cartoon Mag 23

Cartoon Mag 24

Cartoon mag 3

Cartoon mag 4

Cartoon mag 5

Cartoon mag 6

Cartoon mag 7

Cartoon mag 8

Cartoon of a car pulling a camper on a dirt road

Cartoon of Captain Keating, Sunday Herald (Waterbury, Conn.)

Carving tool handles

Catalogue of Broadway Congregational Church Norwich, Conn., 1871-1872

Catalogue of the First Church of Christ, in Colchester, Conn., A.D. 1870

Catalogue of the surviving members of the First Congregational Church in Coventry, Conn. January 24, 1839 : together with some historical notices, &c. prefixed

Catalogue State Normal-Training School Danbury Connecticut Fourteenth Year 1917-1918

Cathedral Composite (St. Patrick's NYC)

Celebration in Green's Farms : the historical discourse delivered at the celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the formation of the church in Green's Farms, held Oct. 26, 1865 / by B.J. Relyea with an appendix

Cement Bridge in Cornwall Bridge

Cemophora Coccinea (4)

Census of the School District

Centennial services of the Stamford Baptist Church : including the historical discourse by Rev. Edward Lathrop ... November 6, 1873

Central Asia : travels in Cashmere, Little Tibet and Central Asia / Compiled and arranged by Bayard Taylor

Cephas B. Rogers Lighting Fixtures, Danbury Connecticut: Catalog number 35


Certificate of appointment, Treasurer of the Socialist Party, Danbury, CT

Chagall Pint

Chansons de P.-J. Béranger, anciennes et posthumes

Charcoal Run depicted in the New York Times and Hartford Courant - as well as the mob action in Bridgeport that destroyed the Farmer (a Copperhead newspaper).

Charles Peck, 1891 Mayor of Danbury

Chekhov Studios

Chez "Maxim's," menu cover

childhood bowl cut picture

Children in classroom

Children in classroom with teachers

Children's Home, Danbury Conn.

Chilomeniscus Stramineus (3)

Chinese soft-shell turtle (Trionyx sinensis)

Chionactis Occipitale (4)

Chopin the man and his music, by James Huneker

Chorus and Orchestra @ Danbury H.S. (White Hall?)

Christ Church Parish, Tashua. the fiftieth anniversary of the laying of the corner stone, 1846--1896. This book gives a complete history from the founding of the parish to the present time. a souvenir of the anniversary edited and compiled by Rev. R. Bancroft Whipple, B.D., Rector

Christiansted, St. Croix

Christmastide, its history, festivities, and carols

Chrysopelea Ornata (4)

Chrysopelea Paradisi

Church of Christ Disciples, West Street, Danbury

Church of Christ, Disciples, in Danbury

Church of Christ, Newington, Conn. celebration of the one hundredth anniversary of the church building and the 175th anniversary of the organization of the church, on October 2 and 3, 1897

Circuit preachers and pastors First Methodist Episcopal Church, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Cirque de Letoile

City Hall

City Hall, Danbury

City Hall, Pershing Building and the Hotel Green, Danbury

City of Danbury, board of Councilmen minutes

City of Danbury, Hurd pg. 123, Map

Civil War Era Photo Album

Civilian Defense Certificate

CL&P, annual reports, 1940 and 1942

Class 1934 portrait

Class of 1906 graduation pin

Class of 1907 portrait

Class of 1908 portrait

Class of 1909 portrait

Class of 1912 portrait

Class of 1913 portrait

Class of 1917 portrait

Class of 1918 Danbury Normal School portrait

Class of 1919 portrait

Class of 1922 portrait

Class of 1923 portrait

Class of 1925 Portait, Danbury Normal School

Class of 1926 portrait, Danbury Normal School

Class of 1927 portrait

Class of 1928, Danbury Normal School Portrait

Class of 1929 portrait

Class of 1930 portrait

Class of 1932 portrait

Class of 1933 portrait

Class of 1935 portraits

Class of [1907-1911] portrait

Class Photo

Class portrait [1907-1911]

Classical Kate

Classification Card (2)

Clay Whistle Figurine

Clifton Place, Danbury

Climacus from Medieval Manuscript

Clinton Connecticut September 10, 1925 1812-1815

Clipping from the Danbury News relating to the Hatter Case resolution.

Close-up from class portrait of Danbury High School class of 1915

Close-up from Danbury High School bulletin from June 1915



Cocoa drying mat?

College Admission Sketch

Colon Notation in Medieval Manuscript

Colonial Systems of the World: Submarine Telegraph Connections Map

Coluber Constrictor (6)

Coluber from Orienburger, 1928

Come, Sweet Death, b/w Siciliana; Victor Records

Comedy of Errors program

Commemorative discourse, delivered on the occasion of meeting for the last time in the old house of worship of the Second Congregational Church in Greenwich, Dec. 5, 1858

Commencement program

Commencement, 1967

Commentarii de bello gallico ad codices parisinos / recensiti a N. L. Achaintre et N. E. Lemaire curavit F. P. Leverett

Commercial High School (CHS) panoramic photograph

Commercial High School (CHS), Aerial view

Company B 307th Infantry: Its History Honor Roll Company Roster

Company Location Card

Compendium der Musikgeschichte bis zum Ende des XVI. Jahrhunderts. Für Schulen und Conservatorien. Von Adolf Prosniz .

Composite graphic art portrait I

Composite graphic art portrait II

Composite of Plan 1 and Plan 2 for Rocky River basin, from Lynn Fernandez' "The History of Candlewood Lake"

Conatus, VOL. IX Autumn 1962, No. 1

Confession of faith and form of covenant of the First Congregational church in North Woodstock : With an appendix / Published by vote of the church

Confession of faith, covenant, and articles of practice of the Congregational Church at Mount Carmel, Hamden, to which are added a list of its officers from the formation, and a catalogue of the members belonging to it Oct. 20th, 1855

Coniophanes fissidens

Coniophanes imperialis

Connecticut Hardware store inventory washout in danbury ct

Connecticut Historical Points of Interest

Connecticut ideals : a brief statement of the government of Connecticut and the contributions of the state to the United States Constitution delivered before a meeting held in commemoration of the Tercentenary of Connecticut in the Child Memorial Hall in Fairfield thirteenth June, 1935

Connecticut Idyll?

Connecticut's J. Henry Roraback

Conopsis Nasus (4)

Consecration of the fourth church edifice, Trinity Parish, Newtown, Conn., and celebration of the one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of its foundation, with memorial sermon / by Rev. D.P. Sandford, D.D

Contemporary images of Rocky River

Conversations on botany. With plates

Coronella Austriaca (4)

Cosey Nook Picture Book

Costume of Candelario, Salamanca, from colour plates in the collection of the Hispanic Society of America

Cotton Carnival

Council Board Minutes regarding City's first Chief Engineer, creation of the seal, etc.

Couple kissing in an automobile

Course Registration

Cousy, Bob, Danbury State College basketball clinic


Cover of the Echo with an image of Dyer with Gov. Dempsey

Covered Bridge, Cornwall Bridge

Cow Dreams

Cpl. Albert O. Comstock, 14th CT V.I.


Crotchets and quavers or, Revelations of an opera manager in America

Crowds at the Danbury Fair

CSG Camp Photo (Connecticut State Guard)

CSU at the Capital - images of CSU Chancellors and CSU Presidents

CSU Student Financial Assistance by type between 1994-97

CSUS Education that works for Connecticut cover

CSUS Examples of Recent Achievements in Excellence

CSUS Factbook 1999 Mission Statement

CSUS Factbook 1999 Trustees Change

CSUS Library improvments

CSUS message from Lawrence D McHugh

CSUS New 911 Service

CSUS Online Offerings

CSUS Universe Mission Statement

Curiosities of literature, with a view of the life and writings of the author, by his son

Curled Up

Customs House

Custos from medieval manuscript

Cut-out of woman


Cyphering Book

Cyropaedia. Latin & Greek. 1797


D.C. Convention to replace Eagleton; Sargent Shriver at podium (2)


Dan Mask

Danbury "fire bug" article

Danbury (Conn.) area map, ca. 1858

Danbury - Grand Lists

Danbury - Grantors Index

Danbury - Military Records - Enrollments/ Recapitulation

Danbury - Personal Tax Enrollment

Danbury - Utilities

Danbury - Voter Lists

Danbury and vicinity

Danbury City Seal

Danbury Conn., Normal School

Danbury Directory for 1871-1872

Danbury Evening News - April 1890 Elections - Republican Sweep

Danbury Evening News - Dec 23, 1890, editorial views from outside Danbury

Danbury Evening News - February 4, 1890 - After the Hull and Rogers fire

Danbury Evening News - Jan 1890, recap of 1889 and stories regarding department

Danbury Evening News - March 20, 1889 - Fire Insurance Ad

Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1892 - Two Thousand Dollars Reward - A young man who gave information to Crofut tries to collect reward money

Danbury Evening News - Michael Keating tribute, July 14, 1916

Danbury Evening News - Morris Meyers under fire, Dec 1890 - Jan 1891

Danbury Evening News - Nov 29, 1893 - James H. Waggneor obituary

Danbury Evening News - Nov.-Dec 1893 - Waggneor charged with drunkenness and fraternizing with prisoners and then dies

Danbury Evening News - Oct 26, 1889, Meyers fires Stevens - Council Hearing

Danbury Evening News Clipping, Old Main

Danbury Evening News Clipping, Old Main Construction/Inspection

Danbury Evening News, 1891 fires

Danbury Evening News, Dec 22, 1890, Fire at Canal and Maple

Danbury Evening News, Dec 23, 1890, Lyne's Stock Barn Fire

Danbury Evening News, Dec 6, 1890, Morris St. Barn Fire

Danbury Evening News, July 11, 1916 Keating obituary

Danbury Fair Cookbook

Danbury Fair Images, 1960s

Danbury Fair Midway

Danbury Fair Race Track

Danbury Fair Tent

Danbury Fair, Danbury Conn.

Danbury Fair, liquidation auction

Danbury Fairgrounds

Danbury High School

Danbury High School, Main Street

Danbury Hospital

Danbury images

Danbury Land Records regarding transfers of property in the Candlewood Lake area

Danbury Library Mural

Danbury men entering the military

Danbury News - June 27, 1888 - John Stevens suicide

Danbury News - April 11, 1888 - Weber assaulted by Howard Stevens

Danbury News - April 18, 1889 - We are a City, Shake!

Danbury News - April 24, 1889 - William Smith Suicide

Danbury News - Early Fire Bug fires - June-July 1888

Danbury News - Feb 3, 1890 - Hull and Rogers block fire at Main and Liberty

Danbury News - July 18, 1888 - First mention of the Fire Bug

Danbury News - June 27, 1888 - City Charter Committee meeting

Danbury News - June 27, 1888 - Henebry attempted suicide

Danbury News - May 1889 - Ellwood's Application for Chief Engineer

Danbury News - Nov 20, 1889 - Formation of the Danbury Fire Department

Danbury News Times Article: The Disbandment of the Volunteer Fire Dept.

Danbury Normal School Class Banners

Danbury Normal School Class Portrait, 1906

Danbury Normal School logo

Danbury Normal School student in costume (Eleanor Connor?)

Danbury Normal School student in costume (Grace Collins?)

Danbury Octagon House, 2015

Danbury Octagon House, interior and exterior views

Danbury Players Presents the Chekhov Theatre

Danbury Preservation Trust, images of 62 Maple Ave.

Danbury Rodd: Aviator

Danbury School Referendum, 1962 flier

Danbury School Referendum, June 1962

Danbury State College Catalog, 1962

Danbury State College pin

Danbury State College, 1963 Yearbook

Danbury State College, 1964 Yearbook

Danbury State College, 1965 Yearbook

Danbury State College, 1967 Yearbook

Danbury State Fair: James Dyer aboard Danbury Fair train

Danbury State Teacher's College, embossed crest

Danbury State Teachers College - Brochure

Danbury State Teachers College Brochure

Danbury State Teachers College Logo

Danbury Street Sprinkling

Danbury Teachers College, Men's Basketball Team

Danbury Times, Lincoln Assassination

Danbury Water Commissioner Accounts and Records

Danbury's Little Horseshoe Falls, Danbury, Conn.

Danbury's Old and New Hospital

Danbury, Conn., West Street looking west.

Danbury, Connecticut, 1953 : a student survey of the community

Danbury-Taxes - Street Lists

DanburyNews - May 1, 1889 - Election Results

Dance Apron

Daniel Gray to Ebenezer Pickit

Daniel Pickit, Estate of

Daniel Starr to Ebenezer Pickit

Daniel Stevens to Ebenezer Picket

Dante Inferno

Darius Milhaud, conducting

Das Klavierbuch Geschichte der Klaviermusik und ihrer Meister, mit Übersichten über den Klavierbau und die Klavierliteratur, von Walter Niemann

Das kleine Buch der Meereswunder : Muscheln und Schnecken / kolorierte Stiche von Franz Michael Regenfuss Geleitwort von Friedrich Schnack

Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heilandes Jesu Christi. Nach der deutschen Uebersetzung Doctor Martin Luthers. Mit kurzem Inhalt eines jeden Capitels, und vollständiger Anweisung gleicher Schriftstellen. Wie auch aller sonn- und festtägigen Evangelien und Episteln

Date palm trivets, etc.

Dave Smith conducting

Dave Smith, yearbook images

Davenport Ridge, Stamford, Connecticut : Historical sketch

David Smith Faculty Candid

David Taylor House, Danbury (2)

Davida Blakeslee Autograph Book

Davida Blakeslee Images

Davida Blakeslee Scrapbook

Death Notice

Death Notice for George B. Hawley

Debate SOL Senior B. Division

Deborah Starr Earle Obituary

Decennial Hand-Book of the Union Congregational Church of Christ, Rockville, Conn. for the years 1888-1899


Dedication of the Memorials to Orville Hitchcock Platt and Joseph Roswell Hawley at the State Capital

Dedication Program

Dedication services of the Goshen Cong. Church, Goshen, Conn. from Norwich Bulletin Dec. 28 1899


Deep River b/w My Way's Cloudy by Marian Anderson (image of disc)

Deerhill Avenue, Danbury

Defenders of the Empire, postcard

Democracy and social ethics

Democratic Delicacies

Demon Humbaba amulet?

Demon, Noh mask miniature (pendant), with two miniatures of other Noh masks.

Denkwürdigkeiten in 4 Bänden hrsg. von Franz von Stockhammern

Depot, Danbury Conn.

Dernier Musiciana : historiettes, lettres, etc., sur la musique, les musiciens et les instruments de musique

Detail from 1880 bird's eye map of Danbury showing Clapboard Ridge

Detail from 1906 Class Book, Danbury Normal School

Deutsche Gedenkhalle : Bilder aus der vaterlaendischen Geschichte / Schriftleitung, Julius v. Pflugk-Harttung Leitung des illustrativen Teiles, Hugo von Tschudi veranstaltet von Max Harzig

Deutschland erwacht : Werden, kampf und sieg der NSDAP

Devil's Collecting Soul Artist

Dictionary abridged. In two parts. I. French and English. II. English and French. Containing above five thousand words more than any French and English dictionary yet extant: and, to which are added, the accents of all English words, to facilitate their pronunciation to foreigners

Die Zauberflöte. Grosse Oper in zwei Aufzügen. Clavier-Auszug mit ital. u. deutsch. Texte

Digital Still Life

Ding-Dong Bell

Directory of the Broadway Congregational Church and Congregation, Norwich, Conn. : May, 1879

Discourse delivered on the two hundredth anniversary of the organization of the Old Lyme Congregational Church, 1693-1893

Discourse on the fiftieth anniversary of his ordination as pastor of the church in Simsbury, Conn./ by Allen McLean

Division History Order Form

Djeli N'goni (2)

DNS Class of 1918 Scrapbook

DNS Kindergarten Class

DNS Logos

DNS pennant sticker

Do Day, Danbury Teachers College

Do Not o So Prize Thy Beauty at Too High a Rate

Do Re Mi

Dogon Iron Horse Riding Warrior

Dogwood blossoms in front of a steeple, Fairfield

Don Quixote. English

Donald Moss commissions for the 1968, Mexico City Olympics

Donald Rumsfeld

Dormitory is not yet lost

Dormitory is now assured

Dormitory is probable

Double-faced heddle pulley

Double-sided bamboo comb

Downtown Action Plan (2)

Downtown flooded out

Dr. Jack Leopold

Drawing of De Omval by Rembrandt

Drawing of Michael Keating

Drawing of Ruth Haas Library

Drawing of White Hall

Drawings - Western Beautification Project, Westside driveway

Drill Postcard

Drymarchon Corais (Couperi), right hemipenis

Drymarchon corais, left maxillary

DTC and DSC Beanie Box

Duality (Dualidad)

Dyer at Topstone Industries

Dyer Family Collage

Dying Bull


E. Starr Sanford (photographer) Cabinet Cards

Eastern life, present and past, by Harriet Martineau

Ebenezer Picket to Friend Starr

Ebenezer Pickit and Ebenezer Nichols to Daniel Comstock

Ebenezer Pickit to James Scott Smith

Ebenezer Pickit, Estate of, and Daniel Pickit, Estate of

Ebenezer Pickit, Jr. to Ebenezer Pickit

Ebenezer White to Ebenezer Pickit

Echo 1961 (3)

Echo 1962 (6)

Echo 1963 (2)

Echo 1965

Echo 1969 (12)

Echo 1970

Echo 1978, blizzard of '78 montage

Echo clippings regarding the 1969 WestConn football team (11)

Echo, Apr 01, 1967

Echo, Dec 16, 1966

Echo, Feb 17, 1967 (2)

Echo, Mar 03, 1967

Echo, Mar 17, 1967 (2)

Echo, Mar 31, 1967

Echo, May 13, 1969 (3)

Echo, Nov 11, 1966 (2)

Echo, Oct 14, 1966 (2)

Echo, October 13, 1967 cover

Echo, Sep 17, 1968

Echo, Sep 30, 1966 (3)

Eclipse I

Eclipse II

Eclipse III

ECSU New Administration Building

Ed Farrington, portraits

Edda Sæmundar hins Froda / hrsg. von Theodor Möbius

Edna M. Kellner and her son (2)

Edward P. Lockwood letter

Edwin M. Dahill, yearbook portrait

Effie B. Mallett (2)


Elaphe Rosaliae (2)

Elaphe Rosaliae, Plate IX

Elaphe Subocularis (2)

Elaphe Triaspis, hemipenis

Elaphe Vulpina, left hemipenis

Elementary Education Students

Elevation (1975)

Elks' Home, Danbury, Conn.

Elma L. Abbot and her daughter (Barbara Clark) and son (Robert Clark)

Elmhirst Theatre Presents Chekhov Studios production of Twelfth Night

Elmwood Park on Main Street, Danbury, CT

Elmwood Park, Main St., Danbury, Conn.

Elsie Hill Portrait

Embroidered Mexican Nahua, bags and scarf (rebosa)

Emily Raymond to Mrs. J. B. Bartlett

Emma Gobillof and Dorothy B

Emma Gobillot (?) posed smiling with books outside of Old Main

En Voyage


End Paper, flyleaf

Entrance hall, Old Main construction photos


Envelope Addressed to Mary A. Hawley (2)

Envelope marked "return to sender"

Ephraim Pickitt to Ebenezer Pickitt

Episcopal Church in Danbury

Episcopal Church, Danbury (2)

Epitome gradualis Romani, seu cantus missarum dominicalium et festivarum totius anni, juxta usum Romanum ; A Dom. de La Feillée, revisum, auctum et emendatum, pg 376-377


Essays on subjects connected with the literature, popular superstitions, and history of England in the Middle Ages. By Thomas Wright

Essays on, I. Moral sentiments II. Astronomical inquiries III. Formation of languages IV. History of ancient physics V. Ancient logic and metaphysicis VI. The imitative arts VII. Music, dancing, poetry VIII. The external senses IX. English and Italian verses, by Adam Smith .

Essays: moral, political and aesthetic. By Herbert Spencer

Essentials of the Gospel : a sermon preached at the dedication of the Church in Howe Street, New Haven, January 26, 1842 / by Abraham C. Baldwin

Estey Music Room at Healthstone

Etching of the Westside Classroom Building


Evening News - May 8, 1889 - The City's Festival - Celebration of Danbury new status as a City

Exhibition Of Works By Three Major Sci-Fi Artists At WCSU's Haas Library - photos

Extracts from letters to A.B.T. from Edward P. Williams, during his service in the Civil War, 1862-1864


Ezra J. Mathewson, cdv


F. E. Hartwell & Co., Leading Clothiers

F.H. Lee Hat Co. Factory, Danbury, CT

Face fragment from the lid of an Egyptian sarcophagus

Fairfield County Council on Religious Education program

Fairfield County Courthouse

Fairfield County Courthouse, Main Street, Danbury

Fairfield Cupola illustration

Fairfield Hall Construction Photographs

Fairfield Hall cupola illustration

Fairfield Hall etching

Fairfield Hall renovation, 1994

Fairfield Hall weathervane illustration

Fairfield Hall, Danbury

Fairfield Hall, doorway illustration

Fairfield Hall, dorm room.

Fairfield Hall, tracing

Fairfield, Connecticut, Probate records. Abstracted by William A. Eardeley, M.A. during the years 1898, 1899, and 1900 from the original records in the Town Hall in Fairfield, Connecticut

Fairfield, Fairfield County, Conn. : inscriptions from graveyards with notes and index / Francis F. Spies

Fairgrounds and racetrack at the Danbury Fair

Fall 1985 WCSU Events Calendar

Fang Standing Drum

Farewell Recital at Constitution Hall (cover)

Farnam Hall, Yale University

Father Losch Concert


Feinson's Mens and Boys store

Female Student in Forum Library

Female Students Posed, 1940s

Fie, what a coil is here!

Figures with Sun (Figuras Con Sol)

Fiifteen years of the Second Congregational Church, Norwich, Conn by the pastor Rev. Wm. S. Palmer, D.D

Final Victory for D.E. Loewe, American Hatter, 1915-02

Finden's illustrations of the life and works of Lord Byron. With ... information on the subjects of the engravings, by W. Brockedon

Finlandia I. Suomalaisia pianosävellyksiä = Pianostycken av finska tonsättare

Fire Committee report to the Common Council - 1891

Fire Committee reports to City Aldermen - 1891

Fire Damage of the Danbury First Congregational Church

First Congregational Church of Danbury

First Congregational Church, Danbury (2)

First Floor Coat Room Shower Wall

First Graduation of the Danbury Normal School, Danbury Evening News.

First Methodist Episcopal Chuch of Danbury program

First principle of Danbury Normal School, John Perkins

First principles of a new system of philosophy. By Herbert Spencer

Fishers Island Post Card

Flier for the Committee of 1000 ("COT"), Education Referendum for Danbury Town to City Consolidation

Florence Anderson portrait

Florence Anderson with friend on tennis court

Flowers of loveliness: a token of remembrance, for 1852

Flyer for faculty program

Flying swans


Follicle Pattern of Medieval Manuscript

Fort Trumbull

Foundation in the holy mountains : a sermon preached at the opening of Trinity Church, Newtown, Thursday, February 3, 1870 / by E. Edwards Beardsley

Fountain Place, Bethel

Four hundred centuries of cave art. Translated by Mary E. Boyle. Realized by Fernand Windels

Four women near tennis court being silly

Four women posed outside

Four women posed outside laughing

Four women sitting outside of tennis court

Four years, a chronicle of the war by months, by Adrian Van Sinderen

Fowler Editorial

Fowler Lecture advertisement

Fowlers and Wells Phrenologists, advertisement

Fragments From France

Fragments from france, Part 6

Frames of Reference

Franz Lenbach's zeitgenössische Bildnisse. Vierzig Heliogravuren von dr. E. Albert

Franz Schubert a memory book. Edited by John L. Bratton

Franz Steindachner from D.S. Jordan article, Nov-Dec 1920

Frederick J. Whiting and Ezra Starr to Ebenezer Picket

Free Mooney and Billings button

French door from the rear of Old Main

Fresh Fish

From "Poilu" to "Yank," by William Yorke Stevenson, Section no. 1, American Ambulance, 1917

From nudity to raiment : an introduction to the study of costume / Hilaire Hiler

Frontispiece of Letters from the English kings and queens, Charles II, James II, William and Mary, Anne, George II, etc. to the governors of Connecticut

Full Studio Shot with Nadine Connor

Future of the Past


Galuh Topeng

Garah and Gregory Landes performance (backstage with David Smith)

Garfield Monument, Danbury, Conn.

Garlick Letter of August 13, 1863

Garlick Letter of August 1863

Garlick Letter of August 30, 1863

Garlick Letter of August 6, 1864

Garlick Letter of August, 7, 1863

Garlick Letter of February 27, 1862

Garlick Letter of July 23, 1864

Garlick Letter of July 28, 1863

Garlick Letter of June 15, 1864

Garlick Letter of March 16, 1862

Garlick Letter of September 28, 1862 (2)

Garlick Letters of April 10, 1862

Gateway in the Sands

General Education Students

General Taylor's Headquarters [M.M. (Major) Taylor's Tavern], Danbury, Conn. Revolutionary House

Geological map of Long & Staten islands with the environs of New York

George B. Hawley in Uniform

George B. Hawley's Grave in France (3)

George's Grave in France

Geroge B. Hawley

Gilbert's Diner

Gilbert's diner on White St. 1955

Gladness for great things done : an historical discourse for the jubilee of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel : delivered in Trinity Church, Fairfield (Southport Borough) Conn., on the eighth Sunday after Trinity, August 10th, 1851 / by N.E. Cornwall

Gladys Swarthout. singing

Glass Slides, 1930s

Gli stili nella forma e nel colore, rassegna dell' arte antica e moderna di tutti i paesi .

Globe and stand

Gloria Swanson and Cary Grant

Go to Bed Sweet Muse

Gold Medallion Advertisement

Goodall, Jane (w/ Denise Hogan)

Goosiee Goosie Gander

Gourd milk/water vessel and cup

Gov. Jerry Brown

Gracia Mealia posed outside Old Main perpendicular to white street

Graduate catalog logos, 1980

Graduation Exercises

Grand Benefit: For the Devastated Lands of France

Grandes Epoques creatrices. English;Beethoven the creator. The great creative epochs: I. From the Eroica to the Appassionata

Grandpa Porth in the Civil War

Grantees List - showing mortgages transferred to D. Loewe, 1904

Graph of Cost for Resident Student and of tutition Fee Increases in CSUS

Graves in France

Great Spirituals (cover)

Green pasture, brown barn, and pond [Squantz Farm]

Grey Abstract

Group of 6 women in coats posed outside of Amherst College

Group of women lounging on grass ouside Fairfield Hall

group of women posed in front of flag pole

group of women posed sitting outside White Hall

Group shot of 4 women at lakeside (Lake Waramaug?)

Group shot of people in front of wooden pavillion

Group shot of student on dock (Lake Waramaug?)

Group shot of students by Old Main from White street

Group shot of students lake side (Lake Waramaug?)

Group shot of women on the side of Fairfield Hall

Group shot of women ouside Old Main perpendicular to white street

Group shot of women outside of Old Main

Grover Cleveland, etching, signed

Guide to New Haven and Yale University, comp. by E. Oviatt

Guillaume Tell



Haas Banner

Haas Library portrait

Half-century sermon on some changes which have occurred in the First Congregational Society in New London, in this city, and in the county to which it pertains : delivered January 27th, 1857, and published by request of the Church and Society / by Abel McEwen

Hall Laboratory of Chemistry and Franklin Laboratory of Biology, Wesleyan University, Middletown

Hamilton Orgleman images

Hamilton's catechism of the organ : revised, corrected, and enlarged, with an historical introduction and a list of the principal metropolitan, country, and foreign organs / by Joseph Warren

Hand Saw (Ghana?)

Hand-drawn maps of proposed Long Ridge Historic District from 1867 map

Handbell Choir Performance

Handbook of the Congregational Church in East Woodstock, CT

Handbook of the English language, for the use of students of the universities and higher classes of schools / by R. G. Latham

Handwoven shawl

Hanson J. Pickett, Estate of


Hark! Hark!

Harlem Globetrotters


Harmony (Armonia)

Harmony and West Street in Danbury

Harpo Marx - Got It Made Ford Industrial Film

Hartord Courant, Circular Jack, Sptember 23, 1891

Hat Factory, Hawes, Von Gal, Inc.

Hat, Service, M1911 (Campaign Hat)

Hayes Hill Property

Headhunter's armband

Hearthstone Castle images

Hearthstone Castle images, comparisons

Hearthstone Castle related clippings, originals (private)

Hearthstone Castle related news clippings

Heat a mode of motion. By John Tyndall

Helicops Pictiventris, right hemipenis (not fully everted) x 64

Henry David Thoreau - nail collage - "I rejoice that there are owls"

Henry Kissinger with Stephen Feldman

Henry W. Hibbard, cdv

Herb Janick Clippings

Herb Janick with Archives Staff

Herb Janick, Jack Sikora, Jim Pegolatti with Helen Bechard on the set of Western Weekly

Hermes Schuh

Herndon G. Dowling with snake

Heroes of the dark continent and how Stanley found Emin Pasha a complete history of all the great explorations and discoveries in Africa

Hey Diddle-diddle

Hickory Dickory Dock

Hide being stretched to make parchment

Higgins Hall construction and naming (yearbook images)

High School, Hartford

Hippocrates bust

Histoire de cent mille pianos et d'une salle de concert, par Oscar Comettant. Ouvrage orné de 4 portraits et d'une gravure

Histoire des Romains, depuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à l'invasion des barbares, par Victor Duruy

Historic Resources Inventory, pg 160, 357 Main Street Danbury

Historical address at the dedication of the Soldiers' monument in Barkhamsted, September 10, 1897 / by Wm. Wallace Lee

Historical address delivered by Rev. Cornelius W. Morrow, at the one hundredth anniversary of the dedication of the first house of worship erected on the site of the present Second Congregational Church, of Norwich, Conn., 1795-1895. With an introd. by Deacon George D. Coit

Historical address in commemoration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Norwalk, September eleventh, 1651. Delivered in the armory in Norwalk, September eleventh, 1901, by Augustus Field Beard .

Historical discourse : A New Year's sermon delivered in the Congregational Church, Jewett City, Conn., January 13, 1856 / by Thomas L. Shipman

Historical discourse delivered by E. S. Holloway, pastor of Greenville Baptist Church : at the dedication of their Chapel, Wednesday, Dec. 30, 1885

Historical notice of the Congregational Church in Enfield, Conn. with the confession of faith, the covenant, and a chronological catalogue of the members since 1783

Historical notice of the Congregational Church in North Coventry, Conn. : with the articles of faith and a catalogue of members

Historical sketch and declaration of faith and covenant of the Calvary Baptist Church, New Haven, Conn., together with its rules and regulations

Historical sketch of old Fair Haven with additional notes

Historical sketch of the Baptist churches in Saybrook, Connecticut

Historical sketch of the First Church in Norwalk : with the articles of faith, covenant and catalogue of members, May 4, 1885

Historical sketch of the New London Baptist Association from its origins in 1817 to 1850 together with a history of the churches of which it is composed

Historical sketch of the town of Brookfield, Fairfield Country, Connecticut, U.S.A. read in the open session before Grange no. 141, in the Lecture Hour," Wednesday evening, Dec. 2, 1896, by Hon. Samuel Sherman, A.M"

Historical sketch of Union lodge no. 5, F. & A.M

History Being Indexed in Old Main

History Being Indexed in Old Main pg. 2

History of "The Fund for Ministers" belonging to the General Conference of the Congregational Churches of Connecticut : with some account of other organizations for ministerial aid

History of a Soldier

History of Darien from 1640 to 1928 / as compiled by the Teachers of the Darien Public Schools

History of Europe, from the commencement of the French revolution in MDCCLXXXIX [i.e. 1789] to the restoration of the Bourbons in MDCCCXV [i.e. 1815]

History of Mexico / Hubert Howe Bancroft

History of the Indians of Connecticut, from the earliest known period to 1850 / by John W. De Forest published with the sanction of the Connecticut Historical Society

History of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Shelton, Conn. : Edited by Rev. Arthur J. Smith, compiled by Thomas Chadeayne, George W. Beardsley, Oscar Beardsley, Rev. Arthur J. Smith

History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic, v.1

History of the Second Congregational Church of Cornwall memorial sermon delivered at North Cornwall, Conn., July 9, 1876, by Rev. Charles N. Fitch. From the history of Cornwall

History of the Third division, United States army, in the world war, for the period, December 1, 1917, to January 1, 1919

History of Western Connecticut State College: 75 Years, 1903-1978

History Society, 1966-1967

History, articles of faith and covenants, together with the rules, and catalogue of members of the Second Congregationol [sic] Church : in South Windsor, Conn. May 29, 1861

History, confession of faith, covenants, and standing rules of the Center Church, Fair Haven, Ct. Together with a catalog of its members, and baptized children, to January 1, 1856. / Published by order of the Standing Committee, W.B. Lee, Pastor

Homage to Oskar Kokshka

Home Remedies

Home-life in China / by M. I. Bryson

Homecoming poster, 1991

Honeymoon Cottage, White Turkey Inn, Danbury, Conn.

Honorary Degrees, Sororities (Community Involvement)


Horace Bushnell Memorial Hall, Hartford

Horace Purdy Journal April 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal April 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal August 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal December 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal February 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal January 1905 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal July 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal June 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal March 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal May 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal November 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1867 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal October 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1864 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1865 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1866 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1868 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1869 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal September 1904 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, April 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, April 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, April 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, April 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, April 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, August 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, August 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, August 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, December 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, December 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, December 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, February 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, February 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, February 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, February 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, February 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, January 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, January 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, January 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, January 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, January 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, July 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, July 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, July 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, June 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, June 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, June 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, June 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, June 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, March 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, March 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, March 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, March 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, March 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, May 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, May 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, May 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, May 1863 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, May 1870 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, November 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, November 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, November 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, October 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, October 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, October 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, September 1860 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, September 1861 Entry

Horace Purdy Journal, September 1862 Entry

Horace Purdy Journals, 1904-1905

Horse and Rider

Horse Races at the Danbury Fair

Horseshoe Falls, Danbury

Hot Air Balloon in Pine Rock Park

Hotel Green (2)

Hotel Green, Mad Hatter matchbook

Hotel Green, with garage and City Hall visible, Danbury

Hotel Kenmore, on Kenosia Lake

How Red Feather and Field Mouse Discovered Maple Sugar [retold from Anishineabemowin by Keewaydino Guay?]

How to have health / Lillian De Waters

Howard Barlow and Paul Whiteman

Howard Stevens awarded payment for services

Howard Stevens payment - Common Council Records - 1889

Howard Stevens' forced resignation of 1885

Hunkey Dorey

Hydropathy article


I Am A Golden Man

I Saw A Ship A-sailing

Iceboating [Bridgeport?]

Icy Rock II

Ideen und Machte der aufstieg des Abendlandes seit dem untergang der antiken welt, von Philipp Hiltebrandt

If a house could talk

Igbo Mask

Illuminata by Clark Wiegman installation

Illuminated Letter

Illustration of a Model Octagon House

Illustration of Westside gate

Illustration/woodcut (21)

Illustration/woodcut, Little Miss Muffet

Illustration/woodcut, Sing a Song of Sixpence

Illustration/woodcut, the Pumpkins Ride

Image of new cupola on its side

Images for ANT 298, Cultural Resource Management, Main Street survey

Images from the Blakeslee Scrapbook

Images from the donation of the Lewis Zurlo Collection

Images of Danbury from Barber's Connecticut Historical Collections

Images of Herb Janick, various

Images of Herb Janick, Warner Hall Dedication

In pace : in memoriam of the men who fell in the massacre in Fort Griswold, Groton Heights, Connecticut, September 6th, 1781

In the Studio

Incendiary Fires in Danbury

Indonesian Shadow Puppets (Wayang or Wajang)

Inscriptions at Salisbury Center, Lime Rock, etc. / compiled by Malcolm Day Rudd

Inscriptions from the Long Society Burying Ground, Preston, Conn. By George S. Porter

Inside back cover of scrap book

Inside the Tent, Danbury Fair, Danbury, Conn.

Instruction memoranda and schedules : Field Artillery Central Officers Training School, Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky / prepared and published by direction of the Chief of Field Artillery

International celebration, 1945

International Day parade

International Socialist Review (publication)

Intersection and town incorporation sign, Brookfield

Intimate Lighting

Introduction to entomology. Comprehending a general view of the metamorphoses, external structure, anatomy, physiology, and systematic arrangement of the class insects. Illustrated by thirty-eight coloured plates, with memoirs of Swammerdam and De Geer

Introduction to Religion: Natural and Revealed, 1847

Inventories and Maps - Ebenezer Picket, Estate of (2)

Italian virginal and clavichord (17th century reproductions)

Italy postcard

Ives Center Mechanicals

Ives Court, Tuxedo Junction


J. Henry Roraback applauds at 1936 Republican Convention

J. Henry Roraback related clippings

J. Henry Roraback's Testimony in 1934 Federal Trade Commission Hearing

J. Henry Roraback, portrait from Men of Mark in Connecticut

Jacob Weed to Ebenezer Pickit

James Dyer addressing WestConn students as State Rep

James Dyer Political career scrapbook (18)

James Dyer supporters

James Dyer, mayoral swearing-in ceremony

James Joyce death mask on exhibit at WCSU

James Joyce to Ebenezer Pickit

James Kent Letters

James M. Bailey, Humorists bio playing card

James Pickit to Joseph and Ebenezer Pickit

Jane Wilhousky leading Spring Weekend Chorus Performance

Japan in our day / compiled and arranged by Bayard Taylor


Japanese Scene

Jaquith and Talarico Garage, 125 White Street

Jared and Phebe Patchin to Ebenezer Pickit

Jauk Keras? mask

Jaw Harp

Jesse Gilbert home invasion, 1891

Jessie Tripp Scrapbook

Jim and Alice Dyer at mayoral swearing-in ceremony

Jim Dyer with Gov. O'Neill at a Danbury political event

John Anthony Craig materials

John C. Tailber

John Field of Dublin, inventor of the nocturne brief memoir written by W.H. Grattan Flood .

John H. Ellwood -- Grave site -- Wooster Cemetery, Danbury

John L. Stoddard's lectures : complete in ten volumes

John L. Stoddard's lectures. Supplementary volume

John Perkins, posed by creek in forest

John T. Earle Death Notices

John Vidito to Ebenezer Pickit

John Wood to James Pickit

Johnny Mize, Bill Dickey, and Harry Geisel in spring training

Jonas Chickering portrait

Jones, James Earl, President's Lecture Series "The Culture Quest"

Joseph Reed Portrait

Journal of a residence on a Georgian plantation in 1838-1839 / by Frances Anne Kemble

Journey from D.N.S. (Song)

Journée du Poilu Postcards

June Goodman Committee of a Thousand (COT) clipping, 1962


Kachina Doll

Kaen (or Khene)

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 2 - 30 River Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 27 - 45 River Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 44, 46 - 54 River Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 45-66 Elm Street, 3-9 River Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, Full List of Appraisals, Main Street, Beaver Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 55 - 59 River Street, Rose Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, 9-43 Elm Street, 27-31 River Street

Kaffenberger Appraisal, Tweedy's Passway, Rose Street

Ken Bonner

Ken vol. I iss. I Cover

Kennedy, Robert -CEO Union Carbide

Kindergarten students

Kissinger, Henry A. (author, politician, Secretary of State) with Nathal Ancell

Knife with bird handle and copper blade

Ko-Omote No Mask

Kojo Mask

Krupa, Eugene (Gene) B. performing and Danbury State College

Kuba pipe, lidded vessel, and bag

Kuchina Doll


Kuwait visitors


l'Esperanto en dix leçons: (Cours du Touring-Club de France) / par Th. Cart et M. Pagnier

La Mort de Matamore

Labor Herald March 1922 - Sailor Cover

Laboratory School

Lake Candlewood Connecticut

Lake Candlewood: A Pictorial Map of Beautiful Lake Candlewood, its Environs and Summer Colonies

Lake in Autumn

Lake Kenosia

Lake Street Extension Plans

Lake Waramaug

Lakemont Villa in Salisbury

Land records from the Town of New Fairfield in that area around Candlewood Lake

Landscape (3)

Landscape of hills and fields (near Lake Waramaug?)

Latin American scene, women washing clothes outdoors

Lawrence Leopold stained glass design samples

Laws, etc. (Session laws : 1756)

Lays of the Scottish cavaliers and other poems / by William Edmondstoune Aytoun

Le culte du moi .[3], Le jardin de Berenice / par Maurice Barres,.

Le médecin malgré lui : comédie / de Molière arrangée en opera comique par M.M. Jules Barbier & Michael Carré musique de Charles Gounod

Lectures on the study of history, delivered in Oxford, 1859-61. By Goldwin Smith ... To which is added a lecture delivered before the N.Y. historical society, in December, 1864, on the University of Oxford

Lee Hats - The Hat Parade - #3 of a set of 4

Leesville Bridge

Left Hand - Right Hand

Lenin Drawing

Les derniers Cesars de Byzance

Les fils et le foyers de la belgique

Les musiciens, les philosophes et les gaietés de la musique en chiffres réponse à M. Francisque Sarcey par Oscar Comettant .

Les Primitifs Flamands / Leo van Puyvelde

Les Tragédies de Robert Garnier : Conseiller du roy, lieutenant general criminel au siege presidial & seneschaussee du Maine. Au Roy. Reueues et corrigeés de nouueau. 20

Letter to Constance Von Gal

Letter to George B. Hawley (3)

Letter to George M. and Mary A. Hawley (4)

Letter to George M. Hawley (9)

Letter to Mary A. Hawley (17)

Letter to Mary A. Hawley and George M. Hawley

Letter to Mary A. Hawley and Mary E. (Hawley) Fairchild

Letter to Mary A. Hawley, George M. Hawley, and Mary E. (Hawley) Fairchild

Letter to Mary. A. Hawley

Letter to Thomas J. Bowen

Letter to Unknown (possibly George B. Hawley)

Letter to Warner from President

Letters from Italy and Switzerland by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Translated from the German by Lady Wallace. With a biographical notice by Julie de Marguerittes

Liberty Bonds Pamphlet

Library at Old Main, Danbury Teachers College

Library of the New Britain Institute

Library Staff posed at checkout desk

LIBRARY STATISTICS, Danbury State Teachers College

Life in Danbury : being a brief but comprehensive record of the doings of a remarkable people under more remarkable circumstances and chronicled in a most remarkable manner / by the author James M. Bailey and carefully compiled with a pair of eight-dollar shears, by the compiler

Life Mag 2

Life on Mars

Life on the Bosphorus: doings in the city of the sultan. Turkey, past and present, including Chronicles of the caliphs from Mahomet to Abdul Hamid II. By William J.J. Spry

Lincoln Avenue, Danbury Conn.


List of Old Houses One Hundred Years Old or Over Still Standing February, 1921 in the Vicinity of Danbury, Connecticut

Lithograph of armed men apprehending an armed man with three women

Little Miss Muffet

Little Tommy Tucker

Locust Avenue School

Logic, or, The right use of reason in the inquiry after truth : with a variety of rules to guard against error in the affairs of religion and human life, as well as in the sciences / by Isaac Watts

Logo and Pahquioque, unknown brave

Long Ridge Historical District, introductory memo

Long RIdge Library Association - vol . IV - Treasurer's Record 1927 -1941

Long Ridge Library Association - Treasurer's Minutes 1942 - 1959

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Secretary's Book no. II - Minutes 1934 - 1943

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Secretary's Minutes 1916 - 1934

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Treasurer's Record 1942 - 1959

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Vol. II - Treasurer's Book 1916 - 1941

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Vol. III - Long Ridge Library Board of Trustees Minutes 1928 - 1948 , Library Treasurer's Reports 1919 - 1927

Long Ridge Woman's Club - Vol. V - Secretary's book no. 3 1944 -1947

Long Ridge Woman’s Club – tables of contents of ledgers and binders containing historical materials as of 1964, compiled lists of events and written histories

Long Society Preston. Re-dedication of its historic old church. Memorial address by Rev. Robert P. Stanton. An eloquent and exhaustive discourse

loose image 001.11

loose image 001.7

Loose image 001.8

loose image 038

loose image 039

loose image 073

Loose images from Anderson scapbook

Lothrop Higgins and wife

Louise G. and Frankie Flemming

Love is a babel

Love's god is a boy.

Lovers Leap, New Milford, CT

Loxocemus Bicolor

Lt. Edward W. Bliss, 11th CT V.I.

Lunellum knife used on medieval manuscripts


Mae Sherwood and Miss Critchfield

Main and Keeler, 1904 Sandborn

Main Street

Main Street looking North, Danbury Conn.

Main Street Looking North, Danbury, Conn

Main Street looking North, Danbury, Conn. (2)

Main Street looking South, Danbury Conn.

Main Street showing the F.A. Hull Building (built 1907)

Main Street, Danbury

Main Street, looking north, Danbury

Maj. Gen. Ambrose E. Burnside, U.S.V. autographed engraving (proof)


Mallory Hat Factory, Danbury

Mallory Woman's Hat

Man and Woman, Inuit Masks

Man in Agony

Man of La Mancha Poster

Man on a bench and woman with an umbrella

Mandolin Club, Danbury Normal School

Manual for the communicants of the First Congregational Church in Bridgeport, compiled January 1, 1832 .

Manual for the members of the Congregational Church in North Woodstock, Conn. : 'by this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.' John 13:35

Manual of the Broadway Congregational Church of Norwich, Conn., containing a brief history of the church, its rules, articles of faith, convenant and catalogue, together with a statement of some of the leading principles of Congregationism. 1865

Manual of the Broadway Congregational Church, in Norwich, Conn., containing the history of the church, its rules, articles of faith, form of admission, covenant, and catalogues of officers and members. June, 1873 ..

Manual of the Congregational church in Bethel, Conn. : containing historical sketch, articles of faith, the covenant and rules of the church, with a catalogue of officers and members from its foundation, November 25, 1760 May 16, 1887

Manual of the Congregational Church in Branford, Conn. organized 1644, reorganized 1688, June, 1888

Manual of the Congregational Church in Branford, Conn. June, 1859

Manual of the Congregational Church in Plantsville, Conn., 1865-1891

Manual of the Congregational Church of Ansonia, Conn. : with a catalogue of members, January 1, 1877

Manual of the Congregational Church of Eastford, Conn. organized September 23d, 1778

Manual of the Congregational Church of Prospect, Conn

Manual of the Congregational Church of Stratford, Conn

Manual of the Congregational Church of Stratford, Conn., containing an historical sketch, confession of faith, covenant, form of admission, rules, etc. Also, a catalogue of its members.

Manual of the Congregational Church, in Newington, Conn

Manual of the Congregational Church, of Plymouth, Conn. / published by vote of the church, in the year of our Lord, 1887

Manual of the Congregational Church: Mansfield Centre, Conn., with a historical sketch and roll of members, from its organization to the present time. (1875) revised 1910

Manual of the First Baptist Church of Stonington, Conn. containing the act of incorporation, rules of government, articles of faith, covenant, historical sketch

Manual of the First Church in Norwalk, with a catalogue of surviving members, January 1, 1868

Manual of the First Church of Christ in Middletown, Conn. : 1891

Manual of the First Church of Christ, Pomfret, Connecticut : 1898

Manual of the First Church of Christ, Simsbury, Conn. : containing a brief historical sketch, its articles of faith and covenant and a catalogue of its members

Manual of the First Congregational Church of Norwich, Conn., instituted in 1660: with historical notes, and a catalogue of its officers and members from December, 1699, to January, 1860

Manual of the First Congregational Church of Norwich, Conn., instituted in 1660: with historical notes, and a catalogue of its officers and members from January 1, 1868, to January 1, 1892

Manual of the First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, Conn. 1896

Manual of the First Congregational Church of South Windsor, Conn. : with the by-laws, a confession of faith, and covenant, and a list of members

Manual of the First Congregational Church, Huntington, Conn

Manual of the Fourth Congregational Church, of Norwich, Conn. at Greeneville / Robert P. Stanton

Manual of the North Church in New Haven : May 1742-May 1867

Manual of the Preston City Baptist Church, Conn.

Manual of the Second Congregational Church in Fair Haven, Conn. with a catalogue of the members for the year A.D. 1877

Manual of the Second Congregational Church with a catalogue of surviving members and other information . January, 1910

Manual of the Windsor Avenue Congregational Church, Hartford, Conn. : containing historical notes, articles of faith, practical rules for the Christian life ... and a catalogue of members to September 20, 1877

Manual of Westfield Congregational church, formerly known as the First church of Killingly, Danielson, Connecticut. 1715-1905 .

Manual. (3)

Manual: A catalogue of the officers and members of the Chapel St. Congregational Church, together with the confession of faith, covenant, and standing rules

Map and Guide of Lake Candlewood and Vicinity

Map of the boroughs of Danbury and Bethell [sic], Fairfield County, Conn. surveyed and published by D. McCarthy, C.E., lith. of Friend & Aub.

Map of the City of Danbury

Map of the Railroads of Connecticut: to accompany the report of the Railroad Commissioners

Map showing the property of the Danbury Agricultural Society

Maplewood Hotel in Sugar Hollow between Ridgefield and Danbury, Conn.

March 1889 image of the steamer that was purchased for the City of Danbury

Marchesi and music : passages from the life of a famous singing teacher / by Mathilde Marchesi with an introduction by Massenet

Marian Anderson - A Greater Artist than Ever, program

Marian Anderson article LIFE Magazine, February 22, 1937

Marian Anderson at Carnegie Hall, program

Marian Anderson at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT

Marian Anderson at the Forum, Harrisburg, PA

Marian Anderson Christmas Carols (cover)

Marian Anderson Collage

Marian Anderson sings beloved Schubert songs (cover)

Marian Anderson, autographed snapshot

Marian Anderson, cover of Time

Marian Anderson, Negro Spirituals (cover)

Marian Anderson, Polteama Argentino

Marian Anderson, publicity photo 1950

Marian Anderson, publicity photo, ca. 1950

Marian Anderson, publicity shot

Marian Anderson: a portrait (cover)

Marie Tracy, Mary Tracy's daughter.

Mario Escudero Performance

Marion M. Noxon's husband (Arthur Swezey Sr.)

Marjorie Atkins Scrapbook

Market Place Scene Hommage To Petrarch

Marmion; a tale of Flodden Field. By Walter Scott, Esq ... In two volumes.

Marriages and deaths from miscellaneous newspapers published in Connecticut from 1764-1820 / [copied by Edna Huntington]

Mary A. Hawley Receipt

Mary Butler portrait

Mary Mary

Mary T. Tracy's son (2)

Masenqo and Bow

Mask with hood

Masonic Building, Danbury Conn. (231 Main St.)

Matisse, his art and his public

Max E. Freun[d]

Mayor Andrews Victory and Morris Meyers Bio

Mayor Dyer Involvement with Danbury Redevelopment

Mayor James Dyer with mayoral staff

Mayor's Cup Golf with former Mayors Bowman, DeFine, Dribella, Arconti, Dyer, Boughton

Mayor's Message - Records of Common Council - 1891


Medieval Doxology (Shortened)

Medievel Dance

Megan Marden painting, untitled

Memoir of the early life of William Cowper, Esq. / written by himself, and never before published with an appendix containing some of Cowper's religious letters, and other interesting documents, illustrative of the memoir

Memoirs of Rossini. By the author of the Lives of Haydn and Mozart

Memoirs of the life of Dr. Darwin, chiefly during his residence at Lichfield, with anecdotes of his friends, and criticisms on his writings

Memoirs of the musical drama. By George Hogarth

Memoranda of all the inscriptions in the old burying ground at Colchester, Conn. with some notes from the town records / by Frank E. Randall

Memorial Green

Memorial Hall Interior, book store (Student Center)

Memorial of the services held in connection with the dedication and opening for public worship of the Park Congregational Church, Norwich, Conn. : containing also a brief summary of the history of the church

Memorial sermon : preached in the South Congregational Church, New Britain, Conn ... October 14, 1883 / by James W. Cooper

Memorials of the First Baptist Church, Hartford, Conn., with sketches of its deceased pastors, the Rev's S.S. Nelson, E. Cushman, G.F. Davis, and J.S. Eaton : Discourses delivered after the dedication of the new church edifice May, 1856, with a Pastoral Decade," etc. / by Robert Turnbull"

Men posing with the 16-inch gun

Men reeling in a fish

Methodist Episcopal Church, Danbury Conn.

Methods of teaching history / By A.D. White, W.F.Allen, C.K. Adams, John W. Burgess, J.R. Seeley, H.B. Adams, E. Emerton, G.S. Morris, R.T. Ely, A.B. Hart, W.C. Collar, J.T. Clarke, W.E. Foster, and others

Microscope images of manuscript leaf

Midnight Northeastern on Bass Rocks

Mihelic with his mother? and an unidentified man

Military field note book, by Captain George R. Guild and Lieutenant Robert C. Cotton


Milton Boyce Interview

Miry Brook School Students outside

Miscellaneous African Percussion Instruments (4)

Miscellaneous Ephemera regarding Mary Edgett's Teaching Career

Missale Romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum, Pio 7. Pont. max. iussu editum, et Clementis 8. primum, nunc denuo Vrbani papae octaui auctoritate recognitum. In quo Missae propriae de Sanctis omnes ad longum positae sunt... pg 456

Mock funeral for higher education (Westside campus site)

Modern painters / by a graduate of Oxford

Monkey Mask (Hanuman)

Mooney and Billings in AP shot, with AP caption

Morris Meyers' Letterhead

Morris Street School, Danbury Conn.

Mortar and Pestle

Mortimer Johnson School Photos scrapbook, on steps of Old Main

Mother's Day, 1918 (pamphlet)

Mountain Lake in Bethel

Mr. Hooker and his Congregation travelling through the Wilderness (illustration)

Mr. Ireland's vindication of his conduct, respecting the publication of the supposed Shakespeare mss., being a preface or introd. to a reply to the critical labors of Mr. Malone in his Enquiry into the authenticity of 'certain papers, &c, &c'.""

Music at the State Department - AG Robert Kennedy greets Marian Anderson

Music Department (Dave Smith, contact sheet images)

Music Man Singers

Music Recital (piano and voice)

Musical progress a series of practical discussions of present day problems in the tone world, by Henry T. Finck

My four weeks in France / by Ring W. Lardner ... illustrated by Wallace Morgan

My Lord, what a morning (cover)

My love bound me with a kiss.

My love is neither young nor old

My musical life, by Walter Damrosch

My opinions and Betsey Bobbet's : Designed as a beacon light, to guide women to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, but which may be read by members of the sterner sect, without injury to themselves or the book / by Josiah Allen's wife [pseud.]

My Shadow

My Son John

Médecin malgré lui


Nadine Connor and Howard Barlow, in studio

Name card

Names and number of brethren of the church and heads of familes in Greenfield at the time when the parish of North Fairfield was set off. Copied by William Applebie Daniel Eardeley


Nash Motors advertisement; "My tomorrow..."

Nash-Kelvinator advertisement; "I will come home again..."

Nathan Gregory, et al to Ebenezer Pickit, Jr.

Nathaniel Barnum to Ebenezer Pickit

National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination Form

National Womans Party members (Mrs. C.L. Robey and Elsie Hill) protest

Native American E Flute

Natural History of New York, Zoology of New York - plates

Needlepoint portrait of George Washington (based on the Landsdowne portrait by Gilbert Stewart)

Negro Spirituals (cover)

Nellie M. Kempe's husband (Howard J. Behn)

Nellie M. Kempe's son (2)

Nerodia Erythrogaster, hemipenis

New Britain Hospital

New Canaan High School

New dormitory seems certain

New Map of Connecticut Published by S.D. Tilden, Hartford 1873.

New Milford Green

New Milford United Bank Building

New proposed MIS infustructure for CSUS

New Railroad Station and other views of Bridgeport, Conn.

New Street School

New York Times, clippings of classified ads for Bronson and Pickett's Candlewood Lake properties.

New York Times, Oct 18, 1950, image of G.M. (Mortimer) Rundle

Newington Congregational Church of Newington, Connecticut Souvenir, May 19, 1905

News Times-August 1889-An Odd Letter Concerning Informer and Reward Payment

News Times-August 1889-Fire Insurance Circles Claim Volunteer Firemen Suspect

News-Times article "Grant will save professor's work"

News-Times, May 10-25, 1889 regarding recounts and Common Council

Newspaper clipping about Effie B. Mallet receiving a masters degree from New York University

Newspaper clipping featuring Beatrice L. bates

Nguni? wood headrest

No Fun Eating Alone

No Longer Indifferent (Sin Indiferencia)

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 108-110 White Street, 32-34 White Street and 2 Canal Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 43-63 White Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, White Street.

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 10-28 Liberty Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 11-19 White Street and 297-305 Main Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 190-204 White Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 227-229 White Street and 6-18 1/2 Railroad Avenue

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 27-49 Liberty Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 3-25 Liberty Street and Delay Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 309 315 Main Street, 12 Bridge Street, s/s Crosby Lane

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 35-41 White, 25-27 Crosby and 15-17 Bridge Streets

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 5 - 9 1/2 Delay Street, 181-187 Main Street and 4-8 Liberty Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 8-16 1/2 Railroad Avenue and 6-8 Delay Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, National Place and 58-82 White Street,

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, White Street, Sevens Lane, Maiden Lane, Crosby Street, Maple Avenue


Noh Mask

Normal School, Danbury, Conn.

North Congregational Church

North East Governor's Conference in Danbury: James Dyer, Gov. O'Neill

North Part of Fairfield Co. Connecticut

North Street, Danbury, Conn.

Northwest Coast Painted Raven Rattle

Norwich, "the rose of New England" : and its environments, civic, industrial and agricultural / compiled by the Norwich Business Men's Association.

Note "Give to some worth senior..."

Note from Lillian to Beatrice

Note from Marion to "girls"

Note regarding dorm room from Edith Spencer

Notes of a traveller, on the social and political state of France, Prussia, Switzerland, Italy, and other parts of Europe, during the present century. By Samuel Laing

Notre dame de Paris

Now what is love?

Nude (2)

Nude with Sunflower


O.S. Fowler death announcement

Obituary, Burchia Stewart, May 14, 1929

Octagon House cartoon

Octagon House Views

Octagon House, Danbury, Conn.

Octagon House, National Register of Historic Places article

Octopus & Uncle Sam


Oeuvres choisies de Destouches

Oeuvres complètes de Regnard

Oeuvres complètes de Molière : la seule complète en 2 volumnes in -12 ornée de 10 portraits en pied, coloriés, dessinés par MM. Geffroy et H. Allouard

Oeuvres de Lamartine de l'Académie française

Off my sea chest

Office memo

Official Bulletin, Complete Topical Index for August, 1918

Official Bulletin, Complete Topical Index for July, 1918

Official Bulletin, Complete Topical Index for October, 1918

Official Bulletin, Complete Topical Index for September, 1918

Official Bulletin, Complete Topical Index from January 2, 1918 To June 29, 1918, Inclusive.

Official souvenir program of the 275th anniversary of the town of Stamford, Connecticut, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday June eight, nine, ten, eleven nineteen hundred and sixteen

Old Canaan during the revolution / by Lillian Clayton Smith. Grandmother's grandmother / by Louise Helen Coburn

Old King Cole

Old Main

Old Main 3rd floor conference room

Old Main Attic

Old Main Chemical Lab

Old Main Classroom [Second Floor(?)]

Old Main entrance, etching

Old Main First Floor Lobby

Old Main Gym Floor

Old Main Library

Old Main Sub-Basement

Old Main Sub-Basement Elevator

Old Main Utility Tunnel

Old Main Water Fountain [Second Floor Hallway (?)]

Old Main, looking toward White Street with James S. Taylor house and factory in background

Old Main, recently completed

Old Main, White Street, Danbury

Old Man Two Women

Old Powder House in Fairfield

Olive Finch and Ernie

On Grandville [Granville] Avenue, Danbury, Conn.

On intelligence, by H. Taine. Tr. from the French by T. D. Haye and rev. with additions by the author

One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dollars: The Cost of Forty Seven Fires in Danbury in 1889.

Orchard Street, Danbury

Order Confirmation

Original plays

Orphee and The Adventures of Pecos Bill @ WCSU's Aurora Repertory Theatre

Osborne Street, Danbury, Conn.

Oscar Robertson

Otter Woman (or Devil Woman) Mask

Our first year of army life: an anniversary address, delivered to the First Regiment of Connecticut Volunteer Heavy Artillery, at their camp near Gaines' Mills, Va., June, 1862 / by the chaplain of the regiment

Our Mr. Wrenn the romantic adventures of a gentle man, by Sinclair Lewis

Our national parks by John Muir

Outlines of history with original tables, chronological, genealogical and literary. By Robert H. Labberton

Outside back cover of scrap book

Outside front cover of scrap book

Outside session

Oval shaped bowl

Over the Top for You: Buy U.S. Gov't Bonds, Third Liberty Loan

Over these brooks

Owl Mask


P.T. Barnum Fountain, Bethel, CT

Pacific Mill advertisement; "Speaking of postwar plans..."

Padanaram Road

Page 57

page 001, Warner WWII Scrapbook - Training Camp

page 005, Warner WWII Scrapbook - training camp

Page 01

page 014, , Warner WWII Scrapbook - Italy

page 019, , Warner WWII Scrapbook- Italy

Page 02

Page 03

Page 04

Page 05

Page 06

page 064, Warner WWII Scrapbook - France

page 065, Warner WWII Scrapbook - France

Page 07

Page 08

Page 08.1

Page 09

page 09, Red Jacket, S.N.H.Rd, 1863, 4-4-0

Page 1 of scrapbook

page 1, New York, 4-4-0, toc

Page 10

Page 10 of scrap book

Page 10 of scrapbook

page 10, O.M.Rd, No. 20, 4-4-0

Page 11

Page 11 of scrap book

Page 11 of scrapbook

page 11, Henry L. Pike, 4-4-0

Page 12

Page 12 of scrapbook

page 12, The Carrington, 4-4-0

Page 13

Page 13 of scrap book (2)

Page 13 of scrapbook

Page 14

Page 14 of scrap book

Page 14 of scrapbook

page 14, Blue Jacket, 4-6-0

Page 15

Page 15 of scrap book

Page 15 of scrapbook

page 15, H. Burlock, 0-6-0

Page 16

Page 16 of scrapbook

page 16, Astor, 4-4-0

Page 17

Page 17 of scrap book

Page 17 of scrapbook

page 17, Exchange, 4-4-0

Page 18

Page 18 of scrapbook

page 18, J.W. Harding, 4-4-0

Page 19

Page 19 of scrap book

Page 19 of scrapbook

page 19, , Lawrenceville, 4-4-0

Page 2 of scrapbook

Page 2, inside front cover of scrap book

page 2, J.M. Ramsey, 4-6-0

Page 20

Page 20 of scrapbook

page 20, NY & NH "Arctic"

Page 21

Page 21 of scrap book

Page 21 of scrapbook

page 21, Fulton, 4-4-0

Page 22 of scrapbook

page 22, Gen'l G. L. Priest, New York Central RR, 4-4-0

Page 23

Page 23 of scrap book

Page 23 of scrapbook

page 23, Resolute, 4-4-0

Page 24 of scrapbook

page 24, Phenix, 4-4-0

Page 25

Page 25 of scrap book

Page 25 of scrapbook

page 25, Lenox, O & M RR, N.J.T.C R.R., Rogers 1861, 4-6-0

Page 26

Page 26 of scrap book

Page 26 of scrapbook

page 26, R.M. Shoemaker 236 New York Central R.R., 4-4-0

Page 27

Page 27 of scrap book

Page 27 of scrapbook

page 27, Continental, 4-4-0

Page 28

Page 28 of scrapbook

page 28, 1861, 4-4-0

Page 29

Page 29 of scrap book

Page 29 of scrapbook

page 29, H. Robert, 4-4-0

Page 3 of scrap book

Page 3 of scrapbook

page 3, Franklin, Danford [Brook], 4-4-0

Page 30

Page 30 of scrap book

Page 30 of scrapbook

page 30, Exchange 4-4-0

Page 31

Page 31 of scrap book

Page 31 of scrapbook

page 31, Columbia, 4-4-0, Lowell Machine Shop 1852

Page 32

Page 32 of scrap book

Page 32 of scrapbook

page 32, P.M. Smith 4-4-0

Page 33

Page 33 of scrap book

Page 33 of scrapbook

Page 34

Page 34 of scrapbook

page 34, N.Y.E. R.R.

Page 35

Page 35 of scrap book

Page 35 of scrapbook

page 35, Orange No. 1

Page 36

Page 36 of scrapbook

page 36, #40, Muscnetcong M.E.R.R.

Page 37

Page 37 of scrap book

Page 37 of scrapbook

page 37, [Danford]

Page 38

Page 38 of scrapbook

page 38, unfinished

Page 39

Page 39 of scrap book

Page 39 of scrapbook

page 39, 4-4-0 locomotive, unfinished

Page 4 of scrap book

Page 4 of scrapbook

page 4, L. Hooper, Danford [?], O. & M. R., 4-4-0

Page 40

Page 40 of scrap book

Page 40 of scrapbook

page 40, unfinished sketch, leading bogie

Page 41

Page 41 of scrap book

Page 41 of scrapbook

Page 42

Page 42 of scrapbook

page 42, endpaper

Page 43

Page 43 of scrap book

Page 43 of scrapbook

Page 44

Page 44 of scrap book

Page 44 of scrapbook

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Page 45 of scrap book

Page 45 of scrapbook

Page 46

Page 46 of scrap book

Page 46 of scrapbook

Page 47

Page 47 of scrap book

Page 47 of scrapbook

Page 48

Page 48 of scrapbook

Page 49

Page 49 of scrap book

Page 49 of scrapbook

Page 5 of scrap book

Page 5 of scrapbook

page 5, Hamilton White, No. 64, Syracuse New York, New York Central RR, 4-4-0

Page 50

Page 50 of scrap book

Page 50 of scrapbook

Page 51

Page 51 of scrap book

Page 52

Page 53

Page 53 of scrap book

Page 54

Page 54 of scrap book

Page 55

Page 55 of scrap book

Page 56

Page 57 of scrap book

Page 58

Page 59

Page 59 of scrap book

Page 6 of scrapbook

page 6, Brevoort, Rogers O.& M. RR, 4-4-0

Page 60

Page 61

Page 61 of scrap book

Page 62

Page 62 of scrap book

Page 63

Page 63 of scrap book

Page 64

Page 65

Page 65 of scrap book

Page 66

Page 67

Page 67 of scrap book

Page 68

Page 69

Page 69 of scrap book

Page 7 of scrap book

Page 7 of scrapbook

page 7, Free Trade, 4-4-0

Page 70

Page 71

Page 71 of scrap book

Page 72

Page 72 of scrap book

Page 73

Page 73 of scrap book

Page 74

Page 75

Page 75 of scrap book

Page 76

Page 76 of scrap book

Page 76.1

Page 77 of scrap book

Page 79 of scrap book

Page 8 of scrapbook

page 8, Hudson 4-4-0, No. 301, M.& E.R., 4-4-0

Page 81 of scrap book

Page 83 of scrap book

Page 84 of scrap book

Page 85 of scrap book

Page 86 of scrap book

Page 87 of scrap book

Page 89 of scrap book

Page 9 of scrap book

Page 9 of scrapbook

Page 91 of scrap book

Page 93 of scrap book

Page 94 of scrap book

Page 95 of scrap book

Page 97 of scrap book

Page from Ruth Haas Day-book, Marian Anderson lunch

Page Number of Medieval Manuscript

Pages from the 1889 Danbury City Directory

Painted armband

Pane's Grille, 255 White Street, Danbury, Conn. Junction of Routes U.S. 6 and 7. Good Food, liquors, wine and music

Papers connected with the centennial of the Congregational Church in Middlebury, Connecticut : observed May 27, 1896.

Parasol and slip cover (silk)

Pardue Brothers clippings

Paris, Frankreich Nord und West. Text von Roger Roumagnac gastronomischer Teil von Pierre Andrieu. Deutsche Bearbeitung von hans Banger Übersetzung von Alfred Fraude. Illustrationen von Georges Beuville, Lazlo Fircsa ... [et al.]

Parish directory of the Park Congregational Church,Officers, and Members of Sunday School. February 1, 1897

Park Avenue in Danbury

Park House, Lake Kenosia, Danbury, Conn.

Parking lots to be placed in the city during Redevelopment


Patih Manis mask

Patrick Fisher named Chief following Stevens' resignation

Patriotic thoughts of a Marine

Patrolmen Robert Keating

Paul Klee, par Will Grohmann


Per l'inaugurazione del busto di Nicolo Paganini : nella villetta di Negro il 28 Juglio 1835

Performances in the snack bar

Pershing Building, Danbury.

Pershing Pharmacy on Main Street, Danbury after the '55 flood

Pershing Square, Danbury, CT

Personal accountability : a sermon preached to the First Church and Society in Madison, Conn., the first Sabbath of the year 1857 / by Milton Badger


Phase 1 and Phase 1

Phelps Homestead Simsbury, Connecticut : 1772 to 1962

Philharmonic-symphony faces. An informal picture of the orchestra in rehearsal

Philip Schuyler Portrait

Phoebe Atwood Taylor's the Octagon House

Photo of Beatrice L. Bates' seven children

Photo of Beatrice L. Bates, her husband (Homer Clark Jr.), and their seven children

Photo of Edna M. Kellner

Photo of Edna M. Kellner and her son

Photo of Esther R. Knapp's daughter

Photo of Esther R. Knapp's son

Photo of Ethel E. Gregory and her daughter

Photo of Helen C. Smith's daughter (Carol Vincent)

Photo of Kathryn Grossman and her daughter (Kathryn Dunnigan)

Photo of Kathryn Grossman's son (Francis Dunnigan Jr.)

Photo of Marie Tracy, Mary Tracy's daughter

Photo of Marion M. Noxon

Photo of Marion M. Noxon's son (Arthur Swezey Jr.)

Photo of Mary T. Tracy's daughter

Photo of Minnie E. Benham's husband (Llewellyn S. Warner) and their three daughters

Photo of Nellie M. Kempe's daughter

Photo of Pauline E. Andrews' children

Photo of Phyllis Grolljahn and her son (Clark Taylor Shields) (2)

Photo of Phyllis Grolljahn's daughter (Janet Taylor Shields)

Photo of Vera M. Hubbell's children

Photo, probably of Irene T. Judd's daughter

Photograph of a man with gas mask

Photograph of Edward Eliscu portrait

Photograph of Fairfield Hall across from White Street

Photograph of girls peaking out the windows from Fairfield Hall

Photograph of Richard Hall

Photography of Graves pamphlet

Photoraph of Balmforth Avenue School

Phrenological bust (modern replica)

Physical education class in the Old Main gymnasium

Pickets outside prison, Danbury, Conn.

Picture Puzzle Postcard, S.S. Oceanic


Pilote de guerre / Antoine de Saint Exupery

Pine Forest

Pink dogwood blooms on Greenfield Hill

Pippin Hill

Plan for facade improvement from Downtown Action Plan

Plan for Proposed Highway at the State Normal School

Plan of building lots belonging to F.A. Hull.

Plan of Danbury, 40 rods to the inch

Plan of Danbury, Fairfield Co. Conn.

Planning commission Organizational Chart

Plans for the State Normal School Building at Danbury from the Report of the Board of Education of the State of Connecticut


Poems by William Cowper

Poems. English

Politicians and the war, 1914-1916, by Rt. Hon. Lord Beaverbrook

Pomes penyeach

Pond surrounded by trees in autumn

Porongi jal or Dharma jal (lift net)

Porrectus on Medieval Manuscript

Porsenna of Camars

Portrait of "Richard?" with USS Bridgeport cap

Portrait of a Man (2)

Portrait of a man with red hair, a romantic macabre

Portrait of Betty Longstaff

Portrait of Blakeslee with friend

Portrait of Miss Miller

Portrait of O.S. Fowler (from Creative and Sexual Science)

Portrait of Spanish American War Veterans at Danbury City Hall

Portrait of Stephen A. Douglas

Portrait of the 307th infantry regiment at Camp Upton, Long Island, NY; 1918

Portrait of two women next to a cottage

Portrait of unknown student

Portrait of unknown Union verteran

Portrait of Unknown Union veteran

Posed portraits of Dr. Jack Leopold

Posed Student Grouping

Postcard to Mary A. Hawley (9)

Pouch and totem figure

Praha. [Obrazová část: Jaroslav Šetelík, text, F.X. Harlas

Preliminary Site Plan - Plan 1 for the grounds alterations for the Hearthstone Castle site

President Bill Clinton speaking at WestConn

President Clinton's Danbury and WestConn visit, 2000

President Mellen's trolley car

Press Conference Announcing the Formal Organization of the Danbury Downtown Council Aug 19, 1980

Preston Conn. Town Records, copied by Mrs. Florence E. Youngs

Prints 1988 Poster Mechanicals


Prison Etiquette

Private Francis E. Brownell portrait

Private Peat, by Harold R. Peat

Proceed without delay [by] Thomas R. St. George

Proceedings of the North and South Consociations of Litchfield County, Ct. : in convention at Litchfield, July 7 and 8, 1852, to commemorate the centennial anniversary of their primitive organization

Prof. Higgins addressing a class in Old Main's lecture hall

Professor [Simon?] Logan Lecture Announcements

Program for sports and theater progam

Program from George B. Hawley's Memorial Service

Promotion letter cont. last page

Promotion letter, Headquarters of the 81st Medical Base Depot, APO 772

Promotional Shot, Voice of Firestone

Proposed Outline for Evaluating Interested Developers of the Central Business District 9-22-80 From: Roy Young (President of Fairfiel Processing Corporation) To: Board of Directors Danbury Downtown Council

Proposed plan for renovation of 2nd Floor of the Hearthstone Castle

Prussian memories, 1864-1914, by Poultney Bigelow

Pseudo conical hats

Pseudo Conical Reed Hat

Pump house, Victorian

Pumps Start Filling the Basin

Purdy Family Gravesites, Wooster Cemetery

Pussy Cat

Put into Print B

Putnam Memorial Park


R Rotunda in Medieval Manuscript

Ralph Nader w/ Danbury Mayor Arconti

Rationing Menus

Rattan Fans, etc.

Re-dedication. A discourse preached at the re-opening of the Congregational Church, in Sharon, Connecticut, March 2d, 1864. Published by request

Receipt from visit to Dr. Chester Brown

Recent music and musicians as described in the diaries and correspondence of Ignatz Moscheles / edited by his wife and adapted from the original German by A.D. Coleridge

Reclining Nude

Record Broker, 283 Main St., Danbury, Conn

Records of ante-bellum southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War [microform] : series c, selections from the holdings of the Library of Congress Part 2

Records of Fairfield, Connecticut / presented by Ellen Hardin Walworth Chapter of Daughters of American Revolution of New York City copied by Mrs. Harvey Tyson White, Regent

Records of Kensington Parish, Berlin Conn. Copied by William A. Eardeley

Records of the First Church of Christ, Groton, Connecticut

Recreative science : a record and remembrancer of intellectual observation

Red Cross paper frame

Red Randall on New Guinea, by Sidney Bowen

Red Rocks and People (Gente y Rocas Rojas)

Red Sails

Redevelopment plan for Post Office Square and Delay St. Slides


Regarding Stevens' resignation in 1885

Regimental History Forms

Register and Manual of the State of Connecticut, map snippets

Reich/Rumsfeld Debate at WestConn

Reigning Sensation, Musical America ad

Reply to Mr. Abbot's Statement of proceedings in the First Society in Coventry, Connecticut, by the Association in Tolland County

Report card (3)

Report of the Connecticut Board of Education regarding the construction of Fairfield Hall.

Report of the Joint Special Committee on Erection of Monument at Andersonville, Ga

Report of the officers to the Society of Middletown Upper Houses : with a list of life and charter members, Cromwell, Conn., May, 1906

Reports of the Fairfield County Historical Society, Bridgeport, Conn

Reprint in the Danbury Evening News of an article from the Phrenological Journal- W.H. Channing's "Perfection in the Mind"

Resident and business directory of Putnam, Conn. : containing an historical sketch of the town, a list of the streets, town officers, schools, teachers, churches, societies, a complete resident and business directory, biographical sketches of prominent citizens, and other information of local interest / compiled ... by E.P. Gleason

Resident's home surrounded by water

Reunion of former residents of the town of Plymouth, Conn. : at Bridgeport, March 15th, 1877

Revelations of the life of Prince Talleyrand. Edited from the papers of the late M. Colmache, private secretary to the prince

Review of the American forces in Germany, pub. by James G. Adams

Review of the New York musical season / by H. E. Krehbiel

Rewind and Play

Rhys Caparn sculptures

Rhys Caparn with Watching Bird sculpture

Ride down memory lane : on the Branford Electric Railway in the suburbs of New Haven, Conn. : the story of the Branford Electric Railway Association, Inc. / [John Stern, editor]

Ride down memory lane on the Branford Electric Railway in the suburbs of New Haven, Conn. : the story of the Branford Electric Railway Association, Inc

Rider House, Main Street, Danbury

Riders of the purple sage a novel / by Zane Grey illustrations by Douglas Duer

Ridgefield Connecticut a charming old New England Town 1708-1935

Rising Sun

Robert Alberetti Paintings

Robert Noce, News-Times image, January 8, 1960

Robert Reich

Robert S. Young Library Dedication with Jim Dyer and WCSU President Stephen Feldman

Roberts Ave. field

Rock Brynner Article

Rock-a-bye Baby

Rocky River Resevoir (AKA Candlewood Lake)

Rodi e le isole italiane dell'Egeo. natale e capodanno dell'Illustrazione italiana, 1926-1927

Roger Smith Hotel in Stamford

Roman antiquities : or an account of the manners and customs of the Romans designed to illustrate the Latin classics, by explaining words and phrases, from the rites and customs to which they refer / with numerous notes and improved indices by James Boyd with additional notes by Lorenzo L. Da Ponte

Roman imperialism : and other lectures and essays / by J. R. Seeley

Romance of the Rocky River

Roraback Suicide Press Coverage

Rose Heyman Scholarship Gift

Roton Point in Connecticut

Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. The 1st and 4th rendering in English verse by Edward Fitzgerald. With illus. by Willy Pogany

Rufus Picket to Levi Osborn

Rules of Order of the Fire Department Committee and Rules and Regulations for the Government of the Danbury Fire Department, Adopted, November 12, 1889. Printed 1894

Rules of the Association and Consociation of Middlesex County, Conn. : with a preface and appendix

Rural Cookbook

Ruth A. Haas Library, aerial shot

Ruth A. Haas Library; Dedication - presentation of Ruth Haas' portrait

Ruth Haas at her desk circa 1975

Ruth Haas Degree from Rhode Island University, Doctor of Education

Ruth Haas in her first year at DNS

Ruth Haas Portrait

Ruth Haas Retirement Ceremony

Ruth Haas retirement ceremony pamphlet

Ruth Haas Retirement guest Book

Ruth Haas Retirement letters of congratulation

Ruth Haas' Albertus Magnus Degree Doctor of Laws

Ruth Haas' Educational Resume Page 3

Ruth Haas' Inauguration Invitation



Sailors are gobs of fun, Hatie: the salty letters of a sailor to his girl friend, by Johnny Viney ... illustrated by Poucher. Including dictionary of navy slang

Salute me! The dilemmas of a second lieutenant, by Lieutenant George Bristol

Samuel Hayes to Ebenezer Pickit

Samuel L. Williams, cdv

Samuel Mather Mansfield letter

Samuel Nicholds to Ebenezer Picket

Samuel Nickols to Ebenezer Pickit

Samuel Weed to Ebenezer Picket

Sanborn Fire Maps, 1884, 1889, 1892 Danbury

Sand Hill B

Sanford's Castle Looking North

Sartor resartus

Save a Tree, illustration

Save Old South

Savin Rock, West Haven

School amusements : or How to make school interesting. Embracing simple rules for military and gymnastic exercises, and hints upon the general management of the school room / N.W. Taylor Root

School System Referendum Sticker

Schubert and Brahms Lieder (cover)

Scrap paper note (2)

Scrapbook of Mary (Mollie) Schell

Screen shots of the WCSU Archives Home pages 2005-2011

Sculpteurs florentine du quattrocento introduction de Francois Gébelin

Seal of Western Connecticut State College - sticker

Seamour Pickit to Ebenezer Pickit

Search for Stability

Seated Acoustic Guitarist

Seated Union 1st Lt., Charles Stoll

Second Floor Assembly Hall

Secretary Alexander Haig

Seeteufel abenteuer aus meinem Leben von graf Felix v. Luckner ... mit 133 Abbildungen und einer karte

Segar Street bridge out

Select plans for dormitory

Self Portrait with Postcards


Semi-centennial historical discourse delivered in the meeting house of the Preston Baptist Church : Preston, Connecticut, October 10, 1865 / by Miles Gilbert Smith

Semi-centennial of the Litchfield Co. Foreign Mission Society, celebrated at Litchfield, October 16, 1861

Senator Chris Dodd with Stephen Feldman

Senator Christopher Dodd

Senior class banquet

Senior Promenade dance card

Sepik spear thrower


Sesame and lilies : three lectures / by John Ruskin

Seth Hall to Ebenezer Pickit

Settle in by Dawn

Sewage Plant, Daily Log

Sewer and Paving Assessments

Sewer Connection Permits

Seymour Pickit and Ebenezer Pickit to Peter Benedict

Shakespeare's England

Shall I look to ease my grief?

She Helps Her Boy to Victory

Shelter Rock

Shelter Rock Property

Siam, the land of the white elephant, as it was and is. Compiled and arranged by George B. Bacon

Signature, C-Clef

Signs of Christmas

Simple Simon (2)

Simplified Library school rules card catalog, accession, book numbers, shelf list, capitals, punctuation, abbreviations, library handwriting, by Melvil Dewey .

Simsbury's part in the war of the American revolution, by the Rev. Chas. E. Stowe

Sing A Song of Sixpence

Sire La Ville Est Prise

Sketches of history of the Congregational Church and Society in Ledyard : delivered Aug. 14th, 1859, being the 48th anniversary of the present pastorate / by Thimothy [sic] Tuttle

Skurrile Landschaft

Slides of Tom Seaver and Shea Stadium

Small rug

Small Woven Bowl

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Albert Merrill

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Map showing home lots of John Bouton and Walter Hoyt

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - 302 Ely Avenue Norwalk Conn.

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Ben Reed

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Daniel Hoyt House, Ely Avenue, Norwalk Conn.

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - David Hoyt house

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Extracts from Hall's History of Norwalk

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Hoyt Genealogy, Norwalk Conn.

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Joseph Bouton house

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Map of Old Ely Neck Road

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Old Franklin School

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Old Springwood Union Chapel, Ely Ave. Norwalk Conn.

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Reminiscenses of Ely Neck Road, Norwalk by Wilbur F. Smith

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Taylor House

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Thomas M. Saunders - Ann Street house, Norwalk, Conn.

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Thomas M. Saunders and Hoyt Houses

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Thomas M. Saunders House

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Ward B. Smith House

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Wood pasture stories, South Norwalk

Smith-Hoyt Genealogy - Yankee Doodle House, Norwalk Connecticut

Smith-Hoyt Geneaolgy - Sketch of original Norwalk Colony from Selleck's History

Smithsonian Institution, traveling library exhibition

Smityh-Hoyt Genealogy - Capt. Stocker's House, Ely Avenue

Smoke Signals, 1962

Snoopycat (cover)

Social statics, or, The conditions essential to human happiness specified, and the first of them developed / by Herbert Spencer ... with a notice of the author and a steel portrait

Socialist Exhibit Banner

Softly Awakes my Heart and other melodies (cover)

Soldier 1

Soldiers and Sailors Monument in Danbury

Soldiers Monument

Soldiers' Publishing Record

Sonatas, organ

Sonates pour orgue/ Alex. Guilmant

Song of Songs

Songs and ballads of the American revolution with preface by Prof. Henry L. Williams and with notes and illustrations by Frank Moore

Songs and Spirituals by Marian Anderson (cover)

Souvenir of Danbury, Conn.

Souvenir of the Centennial exhibition: or, Connecticut's representation at Philadelphia, 1876. Embracing a condensed history of the origin and progress of the great international exhibition ... Also, a list of over forty thousand Connecticut visitors

Soviet Banner

Soviet Poster - "Carry out the Socialist contract" - translation

Soviet Poster - "Cross and Tractor" -translation

Soviet School Banner

Sparkling Container I

Sparkling Container II

Special Acts and Resolutions, Connecticut, 1919, pg 107

Special Acts of the State of Connecticut with Appendixes, 1923

Spirit Pole?

Spring Weekend Sing/Skit Competition, Polaroids

Spring Weekend, Skit/Sing Competition

Squanz Pond Landscape

St. John's Parish, Stamford, Connecticut

St. Joseph Church, Danbury, Conn.

St. Joseph's Church in Danbury

St. Mary's Church, New Haven

St. Paul's Church in Fairfield

St. Peters Church, Danbury

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

Stamford, Fairfield County, Conn. : records of the Congregational Church baptisms 1747 per 1766

Stands at the Danbury Fair

Starr Family obituaries

Starr, Hawley, Griffing and Hull buildings on Main Street toward Liberty Street

State Capital and Lafayette Statue, Hartford

State Library, Hartford

State Normal School, Danbury Conn.

Statistics of the Connecticut election sermons, 1674 to 1830 : from the manuscripts of the Hon. Ralph D. Smyth, of Guilford, Conn. / edited by Bernard C. Steiner

Stephen Feldman, portrait

Stetson style hats (Mexico?)

Still Life of a Pallete

Stone Bridge over the Norwalk River

Street Steps St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, 1958


Student candid outside dorm

Student candid with sign

Student candid, outdoors

Student DJs: The New Tastemakers (Rolling Stone article with mention of WXCI)

Student in [pilgrim?] costume (Grace Rambo?)

Student in costume (Eleanor Connor?)

Student Life Slide Show

Student teaching laboratory work project

Students and Librarian in Old Main

Students at desks in Old Main classroom

Students at the Locust Avenue School

Students conferring with an instructor in Old Main

Students in a circle outside

Students in Fairfield Hall

Students in field at the Locust Avenue School

Students in Latin American costume - Latin American Pageant

Students in Library

Students in Old Main Science Lab

Students in the Library (2)

Students in the seats of the Danbury High School auditorium (now Ives Concert Hall).

Students in Typing Class

Students performing

Students posed at Litchfield Hall

Students posed in Fairfield Hall at living room fireplace

Students posed in Fairfield Hall living room, wide shot

Students posed in Old Main Library

Students posed in the stairway of Old Main

Students with bicycle, letter sweater, 1940s

Students with flag

Stylized drawing of Old Main

Stylized Illustration showing WestConn's preeminence within a map of Connecticut

Sudents in Old Main Science Lab

Suffrage News Bulletin August 1918

Sugar Time, Quebec

Suicide victim, J. Henry Roraback

Sumer is icumen in, by Jamieson B. Hurry

Summaries of selected Military campaigns / Department of Military Art and Engineering

Sunday Herald, Danbury, Dec 28, 1890, Regarding Anarchist, Fritz Beal

Sunset on Lake

Sunshine and showers : their influences throughout creation. A compendium of popular meteorology / by Andrew Steinmetz

Surrey Room and Mad Hatter Gaslight Lounge, New Englander Motor Hotel

Swedish 'Black Forest' Nutcracker

Sweet, if you like and love me still

Swing Song

Swollen-Headed William

Sword and pen : or, Ventures and adventures of Willard Glazier in war and literature / ... by John Algernon Owens


T. Livii Patavini Historiarum libri qui supersunt cum deperditorum fragmentis et epitomis omnium, ex recensione Arnoldi Drakenborchii, cum notis integris J.B.L. Crevierii et indice rerum locupletissimo. Accessit, praeter varietatem lectt. Gronovianæ, Crevierianæ, Doeringianæ et Rupertinæ, necnon codicum duorum manuscriptorum, glossarium Livianum, sive index Latinitatis exquisitioris. Ex schedis Aug. Guil. Ernesti emendavit plurimisque accessionibus locupletavit Godofr. Henri. Schæfer

Tables Action on Dormitory

Tarrywile Farm plot

Technique and expression in pianoforte playing / by Franklin Taylor

Ted Drops In program

Ten New England blossoms and their insect visitors, by Clarence Moores Weed .

Teresa Moran, Helen S. and Florence R, Evelyn C. and Mae Mac

Terrace Place

Terrace Place Danbury,Conn

Text-book of anatomy / D.J. Cunningham ... illustrated with 824 wood engravings from original drawings, many printed in colors

Thai temple rubbings on rice paper

Thank you card

The 125th anniversary of the Congregational Church of Hanover, Conn. : the historical address by the pastor and a report of the exercises, May 13, 1891

The actual government of Connecticut / by Nancy M. Schoonmaker

The American Civil War : maps

The American Hatter (1909)

The Americans. By an American in London

The analogy of religion, natural and revealed, to the constitution and course of nature: to which are added, two brief dissertations I. On personal identity. II. On the nature of virtue, together with A charge, delivered to the clergy of the Diocese of Durham, at the primary visitation, in the year 1751

The architecture of birds

The army horse in accident and disease : edition 1909 : a manual prepared for the use of students of the training school for farriers and horseshoers by the training school instructors

The articles of faith and covenant of the Clinton Congregational Church, Clinton, Conn. With a list of the members

The Asylum Hill Congregational Church Hartford, Connecticut manual: corrected to June 15, 1915/ compiled by Charles G. Case, church clerk .

The authentic letters of Columbus. By William Eleroy Curtis

The Beauty Shop

The big fight (Gallipoli to the Somme) by Capt. David Fallon, M.C

The birds of eastern North America / with original descriptions of all the species which occur east of the Mississippi River, between the Arctic circle and the Gulf of Mexico, with full notes upon their habits, etc. / by C.J. Maynard containing thirty-two plates drawn on stone by the author

The Boardman Manual Training School

The book of nature study, ed. by J. Bretland Farmer ... assisted by a staff of specialists. Fully illustrated

The Boy scout's hike book: the first of a series of handy volumes of information and inspiration, by Edward Cave with over 100 illustrations

The Boy Scouts year book / edited by Franklin K. Mathiews profusely illustrated by Robert, Lord Baden-Powell ... [et al.]

The boys of '61 : or, Four years of fighting, personal observation with the Army and Navy, from the first battle of Bull Run to the fall of Richmond / by Charles Carleton Coffin

The Bystander's Fragments away from France, vol. 2, no. 8 by Capt. Bruce Bainsfather

The case for Germany a study of modern Germany, by A.P. Laurie. With a preface by Admiral Sir Barry Domvile

The case of civilization against Hitlerism, presented under the auspices of the American Jewish congress at Madison Square Garden, New York, March 7, 1934 the pleaders, Bainbridge Colby, Bernard S. Deutsch, Arthur R. Brown. . .[et al.]

The Cat and the Canary program

The charter oak and descendants Hartford, Conn. by Dr. Gurdon W. Russell clippings from the Connecticut Courant Oct. 31, 1907

The Charter Oak Tree

The Christian league of Connecticut

The Christian's new and complete family Bible: being a new, clear, full and universal exposition and commentary on the Holy Scriptures, containing the whole of the sacred texts in the Old and New Testaments, with the Apocrypha, at large : illustrated with valuable notes and annotations, theological, critical, moral, historical, practical, chronological and explanational wherein ... with practical reflections and useful admonitions at the end of each chapter.../ by the Reverend John Bates

The churches of Rouen, by the Rev. Thomas Perkins. With fifty illustrations chiefly from photographs by the author

The City

The collected poems, 1952-1990 / Yevgeny Yevtushenko edited by Albert C. Todd with the author and James Ragan

The College Librarians

The complete opera book, the stories of the operas, together with 400 of the leading airs and motives in musical notation, by Gustav Kobbé. Illustrated with one hundred portraits in costume, and scenes from opera

The confession of faith and covenant of the Congregational Church in Plainville : together with the rules and a catalogue of members July, 1861

The Confession of Faith and covenant of the Congregational Church in Southington : to which is added a catalogue of members

The confession of faith and covenant of the First Church of Christ in Lisbon, Conn, 1849

The Confession of faith and covenant of the Second Congregational Church in Putnam, Conn. : with a catalogue of the members, &c

The confession of faith covenant and rules of order of the North Congregational Church of New Hartford, Conn. : with a historical sketch of the parish

The confession of faith, covenant and standing rules, of the Congregational Church, in North Branford, Conn

The Congregational churches of Litchfield County a paper read at Litchfield, Connecticut, September 29, 1902 at the 150th anniversary of the Litchfield County Consociation and Associations

The Connecticut school journal

The conservative revolution / Hermann Rauschning

The constitution of the Associated Churches, in the southern district of the county of Litchfield, in the state of Connecticut. Adopted by the consociation, at their sessions at Litchfield, on the 21st day of October, A.D. 1795

The Courier, pg4

The Crooked Man

The Danbury Disaster

The Danbury news man's almanac, and other tales. Carefully compiled by the author and another astronomer. Applicable to any latitude that you are and warranted to contain more weather for the price than any book of the kind in the market

The divine care commemorated : a sermon in review of the first forty years of the Second Congregational Church in New London, Conn. : preached in their house of worship, Sunday, May 2, 1875 / by O.E. Daggett

The Doors (band) performing at Danbury High School (White Hall)

The Embrace

The Episcopal church in Haddam, by Nelson R. Burr

The evolution of man scientifically disproved in 50 arguments / by William A. Williams

The expression of the emotions in man and animals / by Charles Darwin with photographic and other illustrations

The feeling of jazz. Drawings by Tracy Sugarman

The Fire Bug Again

The Firing Line, by Robert W. Chambers

The Fly

The handful of corn and the fruit : a sermon preached at the consecration of Christ Church, Stratford, July 29th, 1858 / by E.E. Beardsley

The heart of India : sketches in the history of Hindu religion and morals / by L.D. Barnett

The Heritage of the desert : a novel / by Zane Grey illustrated with scenes from the photoplay

The historical address and other accounts of the exercises commemorating the 200th anniversary of the organization of the First Congregational Church New Milford Connecticut October nineteenth 1916

The historical address at the twentieth anniversary of the Plantsville Church, to which is prefixed the story of how the Church came to be, reprinted from Sketches of Southington

The history of the First Church of Bridgeport : from 1695 to 1853, with sketches of its ministers / by Charles Ray Palmer

The history of the ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of la Mancha / translated from the Spanish by P.A. Motteux. Illustrations designed and etched by Ad. Lalauze

The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised

The Holy Bible : containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues and with the former translations diligently compared and revised

The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments : together with the Apocrypha, translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised : with Canne's marginal notes and references : to which are added an index, an alphabetical table, of all the names in the Old and New Testaments, with their significations, tables of scripture weights, measures, and coins, &c

The James Blackstone Memorial Library, Branford, Connecticut High School Graduation Essay by J. Robert Donnelly

The king's henchman a play in three acts, by Edna St. Vincent Millay

The knightly soldier: a biography of Major Henry Ward Camp, Tenth Conn. vols. By Chaplain H. Clay Trumbull.

The leading business men of Middletown, Portland, Durham and Middlefield

The library of American biography / conducted by Jared Sparks

The life and letters of Frances Baroness Bunsen, by Augustus J.C. Hare .

The life of George Washington, commander in chief of the American forces, during the war which established the independence of his country, and first president of the United States. Comp. under the inspection of the Honourable Bushrod Washington, from original papers. By John Marshall

The life of Handel / by Victor Schoelcher

The Life of Joseph: Son of Israel

The Masked Visitor

The military and civil history of Connecticut during the war of 1861-65

The miscellaneous works of the Rev. John Witherspoon, D.D.L.L.D., late president of the College of New-Jersey

The modern part of an universal history : from the earliest account of time / compiled from original writers, by the authors of the antient part

The moonstone. A novel. By Wilkie Collins .

The Nation

The National Hat Factory, Danbury, Conn.

The natural history of remarkable insects, with their habits and instincts

The Neglected Side Of Trade-Unionism: The Boycott.

The New Aeolian Hall

The New-England primer, improved, or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading : to which is added, the Assembly's Catechism

The North Wind

The Norwich Savings Society : a brief history of the growth in one hundred years of a mutual savings bank : from eighteen hundred twenty four to nineteen hundred twenty four

The Old Caddy

The old Hempstead house. The home of eight generations

The old printer and the modern press. by Charles Knight

The one hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the organization of the First Church of Christ, in Redding, Conn., Wednesday, September 5th, 1883

The one hundreth anniversary of the Wapping Congregational Meeting House : erected 1801 and occupied 1802 in South Windsor, Connecticut

The operas of Gilbert and Sullivan, described by Percy Fitzgerald, with sixty illustrations

The Owl

The pageant of Peking : comprising sixty-six Vandyck photogravures of Peking and environs from photographs / by Donald Mennie with an introduction by Putnam Weale

The Passion

The people's book of ancient and modern history comprising the Old world namely, the Jews, Assyria, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, India, China, the Mahometans, Spain, Germany, France, England, Sweden and Norway, the Netherlands,Denmark, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, etc. By Henry Howard Brownell, A. M. With numerous illustrations, by eminent artists

The Philippine islands, by Fred W. Atkinson

The philosophy of insanity / by a late inmate of the Glasgow Royal Asylum for Lunatics at Gartnavel

The picket line and camp fire stories a collection of war anecdotes, both grave and gay, illustrative of the trials and triumphs of soldier life with a thousand-and-one humorous stories, told of and by Abraham Lincoln, together with a full collection of Northern and Southern war songs. By a member of G.A.R

The pictorial history of the United States of America, from the discovery by the Northmen in the tenth century to the present time. By John Frost ... Embellished with four hundred engravings, from original drawings, by W. Croome

The Pictorial tour of the world : comprising pen and pencil sketches of travel, incident, adventure, and scenery in all parts of the globe / embellished with upwards of one hundred first-class wood engravings by eminent English and foreign artists

The poets of Connecticut : with biographical sketches / edited by Charles W. Everest

The political text book: containing the Declaration of Independence, with the lives of the signers the Constitution of the United States the inaugural addresses and first annual messages of all the Presidents, from Washington to Tyler the farewell addresses of George Washington and Andrew Jackson and a variety of useful tables, etc

The Portland Burying Ground Association and its cemetery

The prime ancient society of Fairfield, Conn. : an historical paper : with contributions from present and former members of the church

The Protestant Episcopal Church in New Haven and for New England : a sermon preached at the semi-centennial celebration of the consecration of Trinity Church, New Haven, Wednesday, February 16th, 1866 / by Edwin Harwood

The Psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs of the Rev. Isaac Watts : to which are added, select hymns, from other authors and directions for musical expression / by Samuel M. Worcester

The Pumpkins Ride

The Queen of Hearts

The Redevelopment Plan...Danbury's Golden Opportunity (2)

The religion of our forefathers : a sermon preached in honor of the three hundredth anniversary of the settlement of Connecticut, October 6th, 1935 / by Warren S. Archibald

The Reymond Baking Company

The Ridgefield School

The Ridgefield Tavern a romance of Sarah Bishop, hermitess, during the American Revolution, by Maurice Enright ... with illustrations by Katherine Enright

The Sad Sack / by Sergeant George Baker

The Schwartzwald

The science of aesthetics or, The nature, kinds, laws, and uses of beauty. By Henry N. Day.

The Scotish Gaël : or, Celtic manners, as preserved among the Highlanders, being an historical and descriptive account of the inhabitants, antiquities, and national peculiarities of Scotland more particularly of the northern, or Gaëlic parts of the country, where the singular habits of the aboriginal Celts are most tenaciously retained / by James Logan

The secret history of the Cabinet of Bonaparte including his private life, character, domestic administration, and his conduct to foreign powers together with secret anecdotes of the different courts of Europe, and of the French revolution. With two appendices, consisting of state papers, and of biographical sketches of the persons composing the court of St. Cloud. By Lewis Goldsmith

The self-instructor in phrenology and physiology : with 100 engravings and a chart of the character of ... as given by ... / by O.S. and L.N. Fowler

The Shakespeare gallery

The social history of the people of the southern counties of England in past centuries illustrated in regard to their habits, municipal bye-laws, civil progress, etc., from the researches of George Roberts

The sons and the homes of Belgium

The Stair Master

The Stars and Stripes : a complete file of the Stars and Stripes, printed in France from February 8th 1918 to June 13th 1919

The Story of the Putnam Cottage formerly the Israel Knapp Tavern in Greenwich Connecticut on the road between Boston and New York

The Three Wise Men of Gotham

The Twins

The United States and Japan's new order [by] William C. Johnstone

The wandering Jew

The war and America / by Hugo Munsterberg

The war lords [by] A. G. Gardiner

The waterfront, Fairfield beach

The women of England, by Margaret Biddle

The works of John Marston / edited by A.H. Bullen

The works of Robert Burns : with an account of his life, and criticism on his writings / to which are prefixed, some observations on the character and condition of the Scottish peasantry. By James Currie

The works of Robert Burns : with an account of his life, and criticism on his writings : to which are prefixed, some observations on the character and condition of the Scottish peasantry / by James Currie

The works of Shakespere

The world at war, by Georg Brandes tr. by Catherine D. Groth

The world decision, by Robert Herrick

The World's Fair comprising the official photographic views of the Universal Exhibition, held in Saint Louis, 1904, commemorating the acquisition of the Louisiana territory / with an introd. and descriptions by Walter B. Stevens photographs by William H. Rau

The world's lumber room : a gossip about some of its contents / by Selina Gaye ... With fifty-seven illustrations

They all do it or, Mr. Miggs of Danbury and his neighbors. Being a faithful record of what befell the Miggses on several important occasions ... Carefully prepared by J. M. Bailey .

Thinkest Thou Kate to Put Me Down

Third Floor Drawing Room (No. 9)

Third Floor Lecture Hall

Third Floor Old Main Chemical Storage Room

Third Floor Old Main Physical Lab

Third Floor Stairwell Old Main

This is Russia, by Irena Aleksander (1947) cover art.

This Salzburg, being an incomplete introduction to the beauty and charm of a town we love, by Count Ferdinand Czernin illustrations by Count Eugen Ledebur

Thomas Benedict to Ebenezer Pickit

Thomas Nobles to Ebenezer Pickit

Thomas Pickit to Ebenezer Pickit

Thomas Pickitt to Ebenezer Pickitt

Three CDV's from Connecticut centennial.

Three girls along road with Dogwood trees

Three hundred Aesop's fables / Literally translated from the Greek, by George Fyler Townsend, M.A with one hundred and fourteen illustrations, designed by Harrison Weir and engraved by J. Greenaway

Three students - candid hugging and smiling

Three want dormitories

Three women are posed outside of Old Main

Throwing Stone

Ticket for the Danbury Bicentennial Concert

Tiere und Landschaften / Richard Seewald

Time for a Change (2)

Time stood still, my internment in England, 1914-1918, by Paul Cohen-Portheim

Time Was

Timmins, Jim: Jet Stream

Timmins, Jim; Fish Weir

Title page

To the last man : a novel / by Zane Grey illustrated by Frank Spaulding

Toilers of the City

Tom Mooney and Warren Billings

Tom Seaver portrait

Tongali or nose flute(2)

Toolshed Treasures

Topstone Rubber Company clippings

Torculus on Medieval Manuscript

Toreador meets Picasso

Torso (1957)

Touring New London and Environs

Town of Danbury - Orders to be Paid (2)

Town of Danbury - Treasurer, Receipts and Disbursements

Town of Danbury, Fairfield Co. Conn., Scale 1-2/3inches to the mile

Trailing the giant panda,

Training Days are O'er (song)

Transactions of the British Archaeological Association, at its Second Annual Congress, held at Winchester August 1845, consisting of the papers read at the several meetings together with an account of the exhibitions, and excursions made by the Association

Transactions of the British Archaeological Association, at its third annual Congress, held at Gloucester August 1846, consisting of the papers read at the several meetings, together with an account of the exhibitions, and excursions made by the Association during the Congress

Transverse recorder/whistle

Travels in Arabia, compiled and arranged by Bayard Taylor

Travels in New England and New York - map inserts

Travels in the track of the ten thousand Greeks being a geographical and descriptive account of the expedition of Cyrus, and of the retreat of the ten thousand Greeks, as related by Xenophon. By William F. Ainsworth

Tree Lamp

Tree trunk

Trial of C.B. Reynolds for blasphemy, at Morristown, N.J., May 19th and 20th, 1887 / defence by Robert G. Ingersoll

Tributary during autumn

Triennial catalogue of the Hartford Public High School

Trinity College, Hartford (2)

Trinity, Center, and United Churches in New Haven


Troublemaker-Doublemaker Program

Truman Warner, military ID

Trust Capt.

Trust Capt. - LBS

Tuition receipt

Tuxedo Junction

Twelfth Night (2)

Two Figures (Dos Figuras)

Two Haitian pacay seed pod shakers

Two Women in front of ...dale House

Two women posed outsdie of building

Two women saying goodbye

Tyn Hat


U.S. Geological Survey (map 24), Danbury, Connecticut

U.S. Geological Survey, New Milford Quadrangle

U.S. Grant, engraving

U.S. Grant, engraving, with signature

U.S. Soldier (2)

Un Angel

Under the German heel : revelations of life in Belgium under the German occupation, 1914-1918 / by S. Theodore Felstead

Undergraduate catalog logo, 1981

Undergraduate catalog logo, 1987

Undergraduate catalog logos 1979

Undergraduate catalog logos, 1977

Undergraduate catalog logos, 1982

Undergraduate course catalog logos, 1982

Unemployment Line

Unidentified artilleryman

Unidentified negatives

Unidentified Negatives from Library Director's Office

Unidentified student in coat (Candita Mazzarella?)

Unidentified student next to Old Main from White Street

Unidentified student with tie

Unidentified, photo booth portraits

Union Gap (Band) performing at Danbury High School

Union now the proposal for inter-democracy federal union (shorter version) by Clarence K. Streit .

United Bank building, New Milford

Unknown Civil War Union Soldier Portrait

Unknown Portrait


Upagenstit gardens and hot houses

Updated Hayes Hill Property

Updated Unlocated Property

Upper Main Street, above R.R. Crossing, Danbury, Conn.

Upper Main Street, Danbury

Ur svenska sången : Ett urval af svenska dikter från tvenne sekler

Urbans: Engraving of Turkish Bazaar

USS Connecticut


Vassar College, Special Collections Library

Venetian life / by William Dean Howells with illustrations from the original water colors

Venezia; by Ethelbert Nevin

Verdi's A Masked Ball (cover)

Verdi's Masked Ball (cover)

Vertical Sense (Sentido Vertical)

Victor Hugo, and Golgotha two essays by Edgar Saltus

Victory Production (ad)

Vie de Jeanne d'Arc / Anatole France

View of Danbury Conn., 1875

View of Danbury Conn., 1880s

View of Lake, Bethel CT

Views of Bridgeport

Views of Farifield Hall, 1940s-1950s

Views of Norwalk

Views of Redding

Views of Ridgefield

Views of the Grave of Morris Meyers, 1852-1921, Wooster Cemetery

Views of Waterbury

Views of Willimantic

Views of Woodbury

Village Store 6 Abbott, Danbury?

Vinnie Taylor (guitarist)

Virgin Voter

Virginia Woolf watercolors

Virtuous Woman (Mujer Virtuosa)


Vision Of Companions (Vision de Compañeros)

Viva L'Italia! postcard

Voice of Firestone Orchestra

Vote Yes February 14

Voyage du jeune Anacharsis en Grèce vers le milieu du quatrième siècle avat l'ère vulgaire


W. Eugene Smith, his photographs and notes. Afterword by Lincoln Kirstein

W.S. Gilbert / by Edith A Browne with twenty-three illustrations

Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford

Waggneor charges and condition

Wake up and live! By Dorothea Brande

Walt Whitman in Camden a selection of prose from Specimen days, with a preface by Christopher Morley and photographs by Arnold Genthe

War organized destruction and mass murder by civilized nations, by Scott Nearing

War Nurse; the story of a woman who lived, loved and suffered on the western front / by Rebecca West

War Photos for Sale List

War production ads from "Connecticut Industry" and "Connecticut Circle"

War, peace, amity, by H.P. Krehbiel chapter on Women and peace by Elva Krehbiel Leisy

warner and louise

Warner Bio Information

Warner Boy Scouts

Warner CLHS Award

Warner DSTC Acceptence Letter

Warner DSTC Grad Brochure

Warner DSTC Grad Brochure Reverse

Warner Hall

Warner Letter

Warner Retirement Speech

Warner scrapbook, loose but unique images

Warner scrapbook, loose duplicates

Warner's birth certificate

Warner's Obituary

Warrant Instructions

Washed up cars on Main Street

Watching Bird (1978)

Water Applications

WCSC 1976 Yearbook

WCSC Admissions Booklet, 1980s

WCSC Admissions Poster, 1980s

WCSU Centennial Timeline

WCSU Commuter Parking Garage Plans

WCSU Graduate Studies, logo and graphic, 2000s

WCSU Lacrosse Club


WCSU Logo and graphics variations, 2001

WCSU logo, 1991

WCSU, 1984 Yearbook

WCSU, 1994 Yearbook

Weantinaug School (2)

West and Division Streets, Danbury

West Stage Logo and Program

West Street in Danbury looking West

West Street, City Hall, and the Methodist Church

West Street, Danbury

WestConn (stylized) map with environs, illustration

WestConn Centennial Images

WestConn Colonial - draft images of mascot

WestConn Football clippings - Dramatic rise of football team

WestConn Football clippings - Glen Worthy "Mr. Stick."

WestConn Football clippings - No Ignoring Colonials Now

WestConn Football clippings - Western recruiting gets offensive

WestConn Football clippings- Cervino leaves Western

WestConn Quick Info

WestConn Spirit, ghost logo illustration

WestConn, Principals and University Presidents

Westside campus land transfer ceremony

Westside classroom building, etching

What could Germany do for Ireland? By James K. McGuire, with introduction by Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet

What if I sped where I least expected?

What women have done with the vote / by Jessie Ackerman

Wheat and soldiers, by Coroporal Ashihei Hino [pseud.] translated by Baroness Shidzué Ishimoto

Where the hummingbird flies

White and Main St., Danbuy

White Street road washing (2)

White Street, Danbury, Conn.

Who, What, Why, When and Where of Cancer

Why Women Should Vote

Wild Woman (Tsonokwa)? mask

Wilderness : a journal of quiet adventure in Alaska / by Rockwell Kent with drawings by the author, and an introduction by Dorothy Canfield

Wilhelm Busch-album humoristischer hausschatz mit 1500 bildern von Wilhelm Busch

Will Dyson's War Cartoons

Will Have Miles of Shore

William A. White Obituary

William B. Green Letter

William Cullen Bryant, etching, signed

William F. Buckley, WCSU guest speaker

William Styron

William W. Goldman memo

William Walton Murder Clippings, Oct 1890

Wine from these grapes, by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Winnowing tray

Winnowing trays

With three armies on and behind the western front, by Arthur Stanley Riggs ... with illustrations, cartoons, posters and placards

Wohltemperierte Klavier, 1. T,Das wohltemperirte Clavier. Erster Teil = (Le clavecin bien tempéré) / von Joh. Seb. Bach kritisch revidiert ... von Heinrich Germer

Woman and cat sitting in front of house

Woman and the new race / by Margaret Sanger with a pref. by Havelock Ellis

Woman and the republic a survey of the woman-suffrage movement in the United States and a discussion of the claims and arguments of its foremost advocates, by Helen Kendrick Johnson

Woman diving from a diving platform (Lake Waramaug?)

Woman in coat posed in front of advertisement

woman laying on bench outside tennis court

Woman Nude

Woman pose with books outside of Fairfield Hall on White street

Woman sitting on grass

Woman suffrage and politics the inner story of the suffrage movement, by Carrie Chapman Catt and Nettie Rogers Shuler

Women holding hands in a circle

Women's basketball snapshots

Women's basketball snapshots from 1984 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1985 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1986 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1987 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1988 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1989 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1990 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1991 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1992 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1993 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1994 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1995 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1996 and 1997 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1998 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 1999 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2000 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2001 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2002 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2006 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2007 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2008 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2009 Yearbook

Women's basketball snapshots from 2010 Yearbook

Women's Suffrage era cartoon postcards

Women, plumbers, and doctors, or, household sanitation / by H.M. Plunkett

Wooden clogs

Wooster Cemetery

Wooster Square, Danbury News Building

Wooster Square, early Sunday

Works. Selections. English. 1874

Woven doll

Woven Opium Pillow

Woven Palm Mat and Bag

Write Message on Safe Door: Burglars Ransack Closets in Normal School But Get No Loot

WXCI T-shirts and Promotional Items

Wynken, Blynken, and Nod

Wyoming, or, Connecticut's East India Co. Two lectures delivered before the Fairfield County Historical Society, Bridgeport, Conn., March 10, 1893--April 21, 1893, by Henry T. Blake


Xenochrophis Cerasogaster


Yaka Mask

Ye antient buriall place of New London, Conn. / [compiled by Edward Prentis]

Year book of the First Church of Christ in New London. reports of the various departments with directories of the church and congregation for 1904

Yearbook, etc.; images of Herb Janick

Young, Robert (Includes Pres.Roach, Denise Hogan, A.Caraluzzi)

Youth under dictators : a study of the lives of fascist and communist youth / by Oril Brown illustrated by Gregory Orloff checked for accuracy of facts pertaining to life and education of German and Russian youth by I.J. Kandel

Yukon Fisherman


Zauberflöte.-Vocal scores

Zulu storage/wedding basket


日本美術集成 : 第1輯 [Japanese Art Collection - translation]