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"Dear Western" - Choral

"Dear Western" - Guitar

"Dear Western" - male vocal

"Dear Western" female solo


Abraham Najamy Interview

Ada and James Humphreville (interview)

Adelaide Hoyt Interview

Al and Claire Geddes Interview

Al and Claire Geddes Interview 2

Al Geddes (interview) # 1

Al Geddes (interview) #2

Americo Ventura Interview

Arconti, Gino, parts 1 - 2 (tape #11, sides A/B)


Bert Sacco Interview

Bill Goodman Interview

Braun, Dr. Gertrude, parts 1 - 2 (tape #19, sides A/B)

Brunell, Dr. Gloria (tape #18 side A)


Calvin Dow (interview)

Charles and Lillian Bardo (Interview)

Clare Kinast Interview

Clarice Osieki (interview)

Collins, Francis (tape #4, sides A)

Cook, Dr. Burton parts 1-2 (tape #32, sides a/b)

Cook, Dr. Burton parts 3-4 (tape #33. sides a/b)


Danbury Preservation Trust, Board Meeting audio, 1995-04

Danbury Preservation Trust, Board Meeting audio, 1995-05

Danbury Preservation Trust, Board Meeting audio, 1995-05-26

Danbury Preservation Trust, Board Meeting audio, 1995-06

Deegan, John (tape #16, side a)

Don Thoren (Interview)

Donald Groff Interview

Donald Wood (Interview)

Donnelly, Dr. Alice part 1 (tape #3, side b)

Donnelly, Dr. Alice part 2 (tape #7, side b)

Dorothy Johnson (Interview)

Dr. Francis Kendziorski (interview)

Dr. Gertrude Braun Interview

Dr. Robert Wolsch (Interview)

Dr. Truman Warner Interview: World War II Reminiscences

Dr. William Rasor interview

Dyer, Jim, parts 1/2 (tape #8, sides a & b)


Ed Rosenberg (interview)

Ed Rosenberg Interview

Elsie Hill Interview

Esposito, Dr. Bill part 1 (tape #4 side b)

Esposito, Dr. Bill part 2 (tape #10 side b)


Frances Travoska (Interview)

Francis Collins (interview)

Friel, Dr. Mary, (tape #18, side b)

Fusco, Sharon part 3 (tape #31 sides a)

Fusco, Sharon parts 1-2 (tape #30 sides a/b)


Gertrude Braun (interview) #1

Gertrude Braun (interview) #2

Gertrude Braun (interview) #3

Goergen, Dr. William part 1(tape #26 side b)

Goergen, Dr. William part 2 (tape #28 side b)

Greenwald, Dr. Jonathan parts 1- 2 (tape #29

Groff, Dr. Donald parts 1- 2 (tape #24)


Haas, Dr. Ruth A. parts 1- 2 (tape #1)

Harold Burke (interview)

Helen Cuming Interview

Herbert Janick (interview) #1

Herbert Janick (interview) #2

Howard Williams (Interview)

Howard Williams (interview) #1

Howard Williams (interview) #2

Hull, T. Clark parts 1- 2 (tape #6 sides a/b)


Interview with Ben DaSilva

Interview with Don Thoren

Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Kruzansky (Max and Sarah)

Interview with three Danbury hatters

Isham, Dr. Charlotte part 1 (tape #22 side b)

Isham, Dr. Charlotte parts 2-3 (tape #23 sides a/b)


Jack Leopold Interview

James and Barbara Kaiser Interview

James Dyer Interview

Jane Lyman (interview)

Jerome Malino (interview 2)

Jerome Malino (interview) (2)

Jerry Davis (Interview)

Jerry Davis Interview

Jerry Lombardi- Interview

Jon Chew Interview

Joseph Batchelor (interview)


Keewaydinoquay, an Ojibwa from Michigan talks about Indian Healing

Kenneth Young (Interview)

Kevin Roche Interview

Kohl, Dr. Ruth (tape #17 side b)


Leo McIlrath (interview)

Lewis Zurlo interview

Lou Ginsberg (Interview)

Louis and Chris Rotello (interview)

Lynn Taborsak - Interview


Mac Lasher interview (interview)

Marguerite Orgelman interview

Marilyn Fagan Interview

Mary Creagh Interview

McGrory, Dr. Kathleen part 1 (tape #16 side b)

McGrory, Dr. Kathleen part 2 (tape #17 side a)

McKee, Bill parts 1/2 (tape #12 sides a/b)

Mike Seri (interview)

Morris Feinson (interview)

Murphy, Gertrude part 3 (tape #10 side a)

Murphy, Gertrude parts 1/2 (tape #9 sides a/b


Nicholas Nero interview


O'Connell, Corrinne part 3 (tape #28 side a)

O'Connell, Corrinne parts 1/2 (tape #27 sides a/b)


Paul Hines (interview)

Paul Steinmetz Interview

Professor Janick (Interview)


Ratchford, Bill (tape #07 side a)

Richard Cyr (interview)

Richard Reimold (interview)

Richard Targett (Interview)

Robert Greeley (interview)

Rudner, Dr. M.J. (tape #13 side a)

Ruth Haas (interview) #1

Ruth Haas (interview) #2

Ruth Haas (interview) #3

Ruth Haas (interview) #4

Ruth Haas (interview) #5

Ruth Haas (interview) #6

Ruth Haas (interview) #7

Ruth Haas (interview) #8

Ruth Haas (interview) #9

Ruth Haas WLAD interview


Shearon, Sheila (tape #34 side a)

Shingabiss: A Merry-Hearted Tale of Self Reliance told by Anishinaabemowin(?)

Steve Collins (interview)


Ted and Marilyn Moody Interview

Ted Hines (interview)

Truman Warner (interview) #1

Truman Warner (interview) #2

Truman Warner (interview) #3

Truman Warner Interview (3)

Tufts, Dr. John part 3(tape #26 side a)

Tufts, Dr. John parts 1-2 (tape #25 side a/b)


Vacha, Dr. Kathryn part 1(tape #13 side b)

Vacha, Dr. Kathryn parts 2/3 (tape #14 sides a/b)

Vincent Sheridan Interview


Wagner, Neil parts 1/2 (tape #05 sides a/b)

Walter Gordon Merritt (interview)

Warner, Dr. Truman parts 1/2 (tape #02 sides a/b)

Warner, Dr. Truman parts 2/2 (tape #03 side a)

Warner, Mrs. Llewlyn parts 1/2 (tape #21 sides a/b)

Warner, Mrs. Llewlyn parts 2/2 (tape #22 side a

Whitcomb, Dr. Mervin part 1 (tape #20 sides a/b)

William Devlin Interview

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