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"After the Danbury Fire-bug"

"Jack-in-the-Box" Landmine

'Parks 'Castle' Makes State Historic List' Clipping-Hearthstone

'Politics Surface in Officials' Confrontation' Clipping-Hearthstone

'Voters OK Parks Land Purchase' Clipping-Hearthstone

'Waiting to Hear About Task Force' Clipping-Hearthstone

1890 Investigation of Fire Chief Morris Meyers: Subpoenas and Witness Testimonies

1960s floor plan of Old Main

1993 WCSU Yearbook

2004 Commencement Program

250th anniversary of the Congregational Church, December 22, 1885. : Historical address


A Century of Hats and The Hats of the Century

A People's University

A.C. Gilbert Products, Contracts, and Wartime Contributions 1944

Alsace-Lorraine: A Question of Right

American Women At War, 1942

Annual Meeting Minutes of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association

Anonymous letter addressed to Alderman Rundle


Bailey's Connecticut Marriages by Edwin Webb Wheat

Balls Pond Diary Pages

Birch Groves - 2 brochures

Blueprints and Drawings inventory

Broadview Farm, 1869-1962


Candlewood Comment: A Monthly Digest of the Lake News

Candlewood Lake: Past, Present, and Future (It's Up To You)

Caroline Randolph Diary, Part 1

Caroline Randolph Diary, Part 2

Caroline Randolph Diary, Part 3

Catalogue State Normal-Training School (1916-1917)

Catalogue State Normal-Training School (1917-1918)

Chief Engineer Municipal Report

CL&P's Main Water Power Plants on Connecticut's Hard Working Housatonic: the story in a scale model

CLIO (History Dept. Journal) Constitutions

Colonial 1983

Committee on the Judiciary. Hearing on House Bills 595 and 805

Common Council Record - December 30, 1890 resolution for higher salaries to paid to fire fighters

Connecticut in the manufacturing world; Danbury leads the world in hatting; historical study of the beginning and development of a remarkable industry

Connecticut League of Women Voters Clippings

Connecticut School Document No. 13, 1904: whole number 253, State Normal Training School Danbury

Connecticut State Normal School, Danbury, Annual Catalogue 1918-1919

Connecticut Suffrage clippings, 1870s

Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association, Annie G. Porritt press releases

Constitution of the Lacrosse Club of Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut

Constitution of the Western Connecticut State University Lacrosse Club

Cook book : Favorite American recipes / by American Women's Club of Edmonton








Crofut v. Danbury, Coverage, 1892


Danburians in the Civil War

Danbury Connecticut and its Attractions

Danbury Directory for 1876

Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Attempt to burn house of ex-Superintendent Foster of the street railway.

Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Fire on Triangle and Elm Streets.

Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Harriet Patch dies from drinking wood alcohol.

Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Charter and Boundaries

Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Danbury City Charter Passes

Danbury Evening News - April 18, 1889 - Danbury a City, a Record of the Past.

Danbury Evening News - April 25, 1888 - Petition for the Desirability of a City Charter (Hawley Case)

Danbury Evening News - April 27, 1889 - The Duties of the City government

Danbury Evening News - April 3, 1889 - Incendiary fire kills animals in Patrick Murray's barn.

Danbury Evening News - April 4, 1889 - City Charter and how it was reported to the legislature.

Danbury Evening News - August 15, 1888 - Mary Sniffins dies from laudanum poisoning.

Danbury Evening News - August 17, 1888 - Fire on White Street livery stables.

Danbury Evening News - December 27, 1888 - January 3, 1889 - Letters to the Editor regarding the proposed City Charter

Danbury Evening News - February 2, 1889 - Special Borough meeting to petition Legislature for bonds.

Danbury Evening News - February 22, 1893 - Mayor appoints M. F. Kinney to be special policeman.

Danbury Evening News - January 4, 1889 - City Charter accepted with amendments.

Danbury Evening News - July 18, 1888 - Incendiary fire at William Foster house.

Danbury Evening News - July 5, 1888 - Man attempts suicide by drowning in Still River.

Danbury Evening News - March 20, 1889 - Borough Board Meeting - Howard Stevens application

Danbury Evening News - May 16, 1888 - Francis Burns found dead on Turner Street.

Danbury Evening News - May 23, 1888 - McNiff pleads not guilty in the death of Francis Burns.

Danbury Evening News - May 4, 1889 - The last borough meeting.

Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Meeting of the Warden and Burgesses.

Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Special Borough meeting proposed to discuss the possibility of a City Charter.

Danbury Evening News - Nov 1890 - Articles regarding aftermath and investigations of the fires

Danbury Evening News - November 20, 1889 - Danbury's Fire Department becoming a paid force of fire fighters.

Danbury Evening News - November 7, 1888 - Election Results.

Danbury Evening News - October 12, 1893 - Superior Court rules in favor of Phillip Sunderland and Sheriff Crofutt.

Danbury Evening News - September 12, 1888 - Insurance Committee investigates Danbury's facilities for extinguishing fires.

Danbury Evening News, Dec 2, 1890, Fire attempt at the Clark Box Factory

Danbury Evening News, Nov 17-18, 1890, Foster Bros. Fire

Danbury Industrial Corporation Scrapbook

Danbury Industrial Survey, Vol. I

Danbury Industrial Survey, Vol. II

Danbury Industrial Survey, Vol. III

Danbury News - 1889 FIRES of Incendiary Origin

Danbury News - April 24, 1889 - Assault on Main St.

Danbury News - May 1891 - Events Surrounding the election of John H. Ellwood as Chief of the Fire Department; to succeed Morris Meyers

Danbury News - Nov 17, 1890 - Foster Brothers' factory fire

Danbury News - Nov 1890 - Articles Regarding Foster Bros' fire investigation

Danbury News -- Summer 1889 -- $ Reward, Proactive Advice for Citizens, Fire Extinguisher Demonstrated

Danbury News articles - Fires of 1889 - Commentary from outside Danbury regarding the "fire bug"

Danbury News Articles relating to insurance, Summer 1889

Danbury News Times: Firemen Will Dance

Danbury News Times: To a Danbury Fireman

Danbury News Times: Water Witch Hose Election

Danbury News, July 6, 1889

Danbury Preservation Trust Brainstorming

Danbury State College songs

Danbury State College, 1960 Yearbook

Danbury Women Voters (1st - 4th districts)

Daniel McInerney research

Doug Parkhurst


Echo, April 3, 1979

Echo, March 13, 1979

Echo, March 27, 1979

Echo, March 6, 1979

Ecology-Water Supply

Elements storm castle: defenders call for aid

Ephraim Pickitt to Ebenezer Pickitt

Evening News - May 7, 1889 - City Celebration announcement


Fire - Dec 20, 1890 - Osborne Brothers' Lumber Yard and Green & Beebe's box factory - Danbury News, Dec 21, 1890

Florence L. Anderson From Day to Day at School


Halloween/Haunting news clippings (2)

Hartford Courant - Danbury Firebug or Incendiary Articles

Headstone Inscriptions Town of Redding, Connecticut

Higgins Hall background materials

Horace Purdy letter

House Bill No. 595 (Mr. Shaw of Redding) - Amending an act concerning qualifications of women voters

Howard Stevens Hearings -- Oct 1889 -- Danbury News


I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream: In the River of Life; I Have a Dream Hymn

I Have a Dream: In the River of Life; I've Been to the Mountain Top; Fantasia and Chorale; I Have a Dream Hymn; Let Freedom Ring; Free at Last.

Index of newspaper mentions relating to DPT

Instructions for Use of Detonator, Concussion, Type T-1

Is McCready the Fire Bug


Jack Stetson 1 of 2

Jack Stetson 2 of 2

Jan 1891 article regarding Danbury "fire bug" - Putnam County Courier

John H. Ellwood Obituary -- Danbury News -- Feb 1915

Just for Fun


Labor Herald

Letter to George M. and Mary A. Hawley

Letter to Mary (E. Hawley) Fairchild (7)

Letter to Mary A. Hawley (18)

Letter to Mary. A. Hawley (2)


Manual of the First Church of Christ, Colchester, Connecticut, 1703-1893

Marian Anderson Programme, the Forum, Harrisburg, PA

Marian Anderson: A decade of great song in America

Marian Anderson: America's Great Singer

Marian Anderson: Horace Bushnell Memorial Program

Meeting Minutes of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association's Executive Board

Monuments of Culture (humanities) course materials


National Suffrage News

New York Times - articles regarding Danbury Fire Bug, 1888-1890

News Times, July 8, 1889

News Times-August 1889-"We have a fire bug here."


News-Times, July 16, 1889, fires

News-Times, July 8, 1889, reports of fires

News-Times, July 9, 1889, regarding fires

News-Times, June 1889 - Morris Meyers' appointment as Chief

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 101-103 White Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 105-107 White Street

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 29 Crosby

Noce Real Estate Appraisal, 31 Crosby

Normal School: Handsome and Well-Equipped Building and Good Faculty

Norwich Savings Society


O.U.A.M. Articles, Summer 1890

Octagon House, National Register of Historic Places nomination form and other related correspondence.

Oral Interview with Frank Esposito (transcription)

Oral Interview with Julius Tulipani (transcription)


Pahquioque, 1954

Parks Property Purchase Committee

Pinkerton Report - Feb 1, 1891 - No. 1

Pinkerton Report - Feb 2, 1891 (2)

Pinkerton Report - Jan 13-14, 1891 - typed transcription

Pinkerton Report - Jan 15, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 16, 1891 (2)

Pinkerton Report - Jan 17-19, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 20 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 22-23, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 23, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 24-25, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 26, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 27, 1891 - No. 1

Pinkerton Report - Jan 29, 1891 - No. 2

Pinkerton Report - Jan 31, 1891

Pinkerton Report - Jan 9, 1891

Pinkerton Report, Jan 10, 1891

PL 89-329, Community Services, and Continuing Education Programs.

Politama Argentina

Porth family clippings

Proposed resignation of Morris Meyers as Chief of the Fire Department - Common Council and Aldermen records


Records of Common Council 1889-1890 - Naming of a Fire Chief


Russel Fryer Essay


S.B. 230 - MAKING AN APPROPRIATION. FOR THE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL AT DANBURY FOR BUILDING PURPOSES ( $300,000) Hearing before Committee on Appropriations held March 25,1925.

Sabbatic Leave Report, Kuther

Sabbatic Leave Report, Oumlil

Seamour Pickit to Ebenezer Pickit

Sharon Fusco

Sharon Fusco Interview Part 2

Soil Survey of Fairfield County

Soil Survey of Litchfield County

State Normal School, Danbury, Connecticut, Annual Catalogue 1928-1929

State Normal School, Danbury, Connecticut, Annual Catalogue 1929-1930

Statement of Bert Contrell

Statement of David Bradley (2)

Statement of Edward Darragan

Statement of Howard Stevens

Statement of Howard Stevens Number 2

Statement of James Flinn

Statement of James Scanlon

Statement of John H. Ellwood

Statement of M. Parker

Statement of Morris Meyers

Statement of Morris Meyers Number 2

Statement of Mrs. T. E. Brady

Statement of Patrick McCarty

Statement of Silas Mead

Statement of Terence E. Brady

Statement of William Bartram


The Cost of Forty-Seven Fires in Danbury in 1889

The Downtown

The Elks Grand March Sociale

The First Woman Voter

The Goodly Heritage of Connecticut: A Discourse in the First Church in New Haven on Thanksgiving Day, November 19, 1840 by Leonard Bacon

The Herbert Fuller and New York City's shipping industry from 1890-1910

The Official Danbury Bicentennial Concert of American Music

The Present, for the American Phrenological Journal

Truman Warner childhood autobiography

Truman Warner World War II Letters


Virgil Barnum - William Hawley Shooting/Assault, 1888

Votes For Women


Water Pollution and the Growth of the Problem in Connecticut

WCSC 1968 [Pahquioque]

WCSC Yearbook, 1970

WCSC, 1969

WCSU Senate Constitution and Bylaws

Who Owns Connecticut

Why I am A Democrat

Woman Suffrage Convention Minutes

Women at the Polls


Yearbook 1977