Danbury News - April 24, 1889 - Assault on Main St.

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A short front page piece on an old Italian man that was attacked on Main St.



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ams a re a lready g etting l ow.

An O ld Man Assaulted.

APRIL 24, 18897
City C ourt Judge.

Kuiesseppe L oranice, t he old I talian | R esolutions were passed i n t l
j organ g rinder, whose f igure is familiar I of r epresentatives y esterday, :
wise ones a re a lready p redicting a i to m any of our readers, was k nocked ing B. A. Hough judge, and Hoi
ud d ry s ummer.
'down o n W hite street last night, ],y « <-ott a ssistant j udge o f the city
some toughs w ho ran a gainst h i m . e vi-; U anuury. _
'. R ockwell h as b een appointed dently i ntending t o rob h i m . T hey d id I
Empty Cages.
Ulster a t M ill P lain.
not s ucceed i n t heir purpose, h owever,
and as the old m ail c ould n ot i dentify W. D. L eahy, of 17 K im street,
nk H aviland sold yesterday l iis his a ssailants, n et a rrests were made.
quite a bird f ancier, has lost ree
alhon, t o p arlies i n B ridgeport.
his c anaries, larks, English r obii
A R equest t o A dvertisers.
ing b irds, l inets, P hebe b irds, et
hospital b oard m et l ast e vening
djourned t ill t his e v e n i n g , a t e ight The New H aven J V<-i/-.v. s peaking o f t he disease evisited ta nd pa nd now ht
are all mpty,
resent t
receipt o f an a dvertisement f rom a ! nitv o f t he v acant c hair.
cr i: S trickland w ill m ove i nto 'b'uiRIer w ritten o n a p iece o f p ine b oard,]
The Hat Trade at Orang.
new office oil R ailroad street, on remarks: "The proof rentier spent half
ay n ext.
an h our boring a hole t hrough i t w ith
— ~» . ->
his scissors that h e m ight f ollow i nstruc- T he l ast advices f rom O ran
Knights o f the ( Jolden Eagle have tions t o h ang a ll " dead" c opy o n the Jersey i n r egard t o the r ecent
n h; al
ged for a b a n q u e t a t t heir h all o n hook I n o rder t o save time and s hears 5 iin tt he hhal t ra(U . i sis or(. f avQ .
I rade m m ore
ay n ight n e x t .
and t o k eep peace i n t he o ffice, we
fact, a v ictory f or the h atters,
would a sk t hat o ur c arpenter p atrons
t hat w anted
r edu
payers s hould b ear i n m ind t hat bore h oles i n t h e i r a dvertisements be- bills,shops C ummings &t o attht
icr c enl. w i l l be a dded o n n il u n- I f ore f orwarding t hem."
stuck o ut a cainst t he m en, a nd
axes : tfter M ay 1st.
ing is t hat they t oo w ill resto
• i»
Further Improvements at the F air old r ates, a nd t ake back their o"
Danbury e lectric l ight h -.'aring
• t-h<" l egislative c ommiU'-c w i l l l ie
Would Come Back.
vfl u p t his a fternoon.
James H. Y radenburg h as t aken a
contract from t he Danbur}' Agrieul- Officer W arner f ound (.'hark
C1. B anium has give $11,Out) t o the
Baalist c hurch o f B ridgeport, thus tural society t o s ujiply a still further a c- lying in a sewer catch basi
rly f reeing i t f rom d t>bt.
commodation o n the F air g rounds i n corner of M ain and Elm streets
the way of horse b arns, He is to b uild ning, a nd Charles w ill b e k ej
Lrles W. L oekwood, t he b rakeman four w ith t he f ollowinc
he sewers f or
d ays,
vas i njured a t B ranchville yester- 26x">4 f eet, with 9 f eet posts. dimensions : from tto j ail he askedf ive be al:
Each b arn going
.s very c omfortable t o-day.
is to c ontain t welve stalls, and an alley- let his f ather know of his whei
Being informed t hat t here w a
i. L. ('. L aiicy, -of H artford, w ill way bc onfronting t he ffstalls.t he verhead to send, he k indly v olunteere
r ooms done
f or
c omfort
it the orgau rtxntal at the First of the,ehostlers. Theobuildings are to be himself, promising to "con
relational c hurch, n ext S aturday, situated n ear t he c attle sheds.
straight b ack, if he did go t o ja
Mr. V radenburg w ill c ommence t he
aes E. Elaine, *'ho has b uilt a house work on the f irst d ay of M ay, t hat is,
arbin street, i s a ltering t he o rignal the erection o f the b uildings. T he f ounand p utting an extension piaaza dations are already being laid, and one
Last n ight the Lilly Rowley c
one arrest w as m ade last n rght.


“Danbury News - April 24, 1889 - Assault on Main St.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.

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