Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Attempt to burn house of ex-Superintendent Foster of the street railway.

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Kerosene used again to start fire directly under the sleeping quarters of eight men at the Foster house.



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ledly good impression among our people,
are doing most nobly to e ntertain them
make t hem happy. Fifteen more are exUtulethe sfnging'^TassTairirelnff trailed
ers The class saDg berore 1 .MO people rely In the Metropolitan opera Hou=e
York city. Tlie people or nils
m,r, who have so kludly aided
Harrington will be g iven a musical t reat
re the c hildren r eturn to N'ew York A
;ert Is to be c^ven In the Baptist ctrarca by
children, t rom Friday to Tuesday 335
Is w ere served to these visitors at Mr Harjon's house alone, the food consumed beinostly donated by the generous people or
vicinity. No money whatever Is given for
support of these c hildren while Is the
itry, n either dees the m inister who pro•s homes r o.'them receive a rjy visible rec•eo?e whatever. It Is p urely a labor of
, a nd done i n the n ame cf a ud lor mrn who
;th the c heerful giver.
A Good Kesult.
n May 27, 1867, Thojsa? H. Adams,
|., of F ariningtoD, Me , i njured lor
00, on the o rdinary l ife ulan, in tbe
lual L ife o f New Y ork.
ifc agreed to pay $13 23 q uarterly, w ith
understanding t hat t s w ould a nilly p articipate in t he p rofits o f the
apany. Instead o f d raving hia proin cash, h e p referred—BS ail a ensible
n g houUl d o—10 a llow h is p rofits t o
rease h is i nsurance,
he r emit, a t t tib end" oi t wenty-one
irs was :
-mount cf P olicy
S2.500 CO
.dditions to P olicy
1,241 00
'resent V alue
'remiums Psid

{3,741 00
1,310 24

'refit as a Death C laim
12 400 7G
late of P rofits to P remiums paid at
red o f t wenty-one y ears' i nsurance,
per cent.
a case of d eath, his heirs. w..>uld not
y r eceive {^.500, but also 3.11 the preirna t e p aid t he c orr/paty, except
mt n inety-nine d ollar?. He has n o
•d t o pay out a nother d ollar w ithout
wishes to. He can k eep his policy in
ee b y a uthorizing t he c ompany t o
jually use e nough o f his p rofits t o pay
'he M utual L ife's "TTTESTY Y EAR
;Tr:iBCTiON PLAN" is one oi t he m o»t
irable f orms o f L ife I nsurance ever
"ised. The t erm of d ividend a ccumuions and d istribution rosy bo applied
either-whole l ife or e ndowment inance policies, t hus adapting to t he
i and circumstances of the assured
h method of accumulating values as
y beet meet the p ersonal o bject of
investment i n L ife I nsurance.
No. 203 Main Street.
Ix-President Hayea Is residing q uietin Ohio.
'he number of AmericaDa who take
ropeau t rips i ncreases each year.
e same can be said of v isitors to t his
intry f rom across t he A tlantic. T he
iad of an ocean v oyage appears to be


Ladies' and Children's

VOL. 19, NO. 15.
Kero»ena Again Brought Into TJ«e.

Kr«. Joseph WWW. _
Mary, daughter of Henry Crofnt, of
this t own, a nd w ife o f J oseph White,
died at her h ome in New Y ork city, FriWhen t he a ttempt t o b urn t he house day. T hree weeks ago she was taken
of E x-Superintendent Foster, of the ill w ith t yphoid f ever, a nd was very
street r ailway, w ss m ads a f ew n ights sick, b ut in the present week b fgan-to
ago, It was t hought that tbe dreaded grow b etter, a nd h er f riends were hopefire bug had reached t he h eighth of bis ful of her recovery. Thursday she was
ambition. To s tart a flre directly under taken worse, and died on Friday.
the B leeping'apartments of seven or Her f ather is the senior and her huseight m en'and leave t hem to possibly band the j unior of the firm of Crof u t &
roast alive was as terrible an attempt as White, tbe hat m anufacturer?.
could be made, and such might have Her f amily have the s ympathy of a
been tbe case bad tbe fire get well u nder large circle of f riends in the bereaveway. F ortunately it was discovered too.. ment.
A Splecdid Find.
But an a ttempt a t house b urning
which was m ade S aturday n ight eclipses On S aturday last F reddie Picket, reall f ormer a ttempts in t hat line, both in siding w ith his p arents on C herry street,
the n umber of the attempts, their au- was with a couple of companions roamdacity, a nd w hat might b e called their ing tbe f ields for berries on the boarders
cold-bloodednees. Then too, sn incen- of Starr's pond. He p icked up an Indiary never came quite so close to be- dian hatchet w hich proves to be a perfect and v aluable specimen. It is maning c aptured.
The "Old Academy," s tanding j ust off ufactured of a fine g rained, dark colTurner street, in the lane leading to ored stone, and is a? p erfect as w hen
Smith's h at factory, was t hesceneof t he first mp.de. One of the r emarkable
operations of the fiend of kerosene and features a bout it Is t hat the edge is
matches. The b uilding when it stood on almost as s harp as a steel i nstrument,
Main street was one of the land marks in f act sharp enough to cut the finger if
of the t own, and was moved to its pres- suddenly drawn across it with a little
ent site a l ittle over a year ago.
It is cow used as a t enement house,
Why the Water May Be Short.
and the u pper floor is o ccupied by f ifteen
or more persons, all of w hom were In the town of Cheshire, not long
sleeping s oundly, Saturday night. Im- since dwelled a well-to-do farmer. He
agine their s urprise, w hen on coming had a c omfortable h ouse, b ut comparadown s tairs, S unday morning, they tively smali. On the b irth of hi* first
found the only exit from above black- child, he added a room. He did
ened and c harred, and the B ide of the this for each child born to h im, and
door and e toop, as well as the lower tiwJKi were seven. In the end the house
side cf the house,covered w ith kerosene. presented a curious conglomeration of
That a desperate a ttempt had been small additions.
made to b urn the building was very Bathe kept up with tbe needs .of his
evident, but w hen, no one could tell. family'and had plenty of room. Now
The fire had been started on a cellar Danbury w ith its g rowth has not k ept
hatchway t hat was at the east end of the. ttp; with the needs and d emand for
building, and close under t he light wood w^rter, sa is shown in the following
facts. Eight years ago, the water rest
work of a steop.
The fire had made its way through the amounted to $11,000. Last year it was
cellar door and up the stoop for several over $25 000, more than doubled in eight
feet. The recent rains bad so dampen- years. This greater demand explains
ed the wood t hat It refused to burn. th^frequent shortness of supply in a
The stoop and doorway near where the dry time. Ponder over it.
flre was s tarted led to the upper
Seal Etta.te Tanafera.
floor, and was the only way io w hich
the inmates could have eecapeoTEW t he Since our last report the f ollowing
flre gotten five minutes headway.; It transfers of real estate have been re•would seem a deliberate attempt to corded in the office of the t own clerk :
burn the occupants of the house alive.
On examination it was f ound t hat each Mary A. Trowbridge to E ngene M.
of the two w indow casings on the south and ELTa S. Bulkley, land, on Franklin
east corner of the house had been s atu- street, with buildings^
rated w ith kerosene, and the one fartherp)—AtpheuriS. ^tdams—ta Charlotte S.
east had been set fire to. These two Turner, land and buildings on Davi*
windows w ould further cut off escape street.
from the interior, and the only means Charles W. M urphy to K ite Barry,
left would b e to j ump f rom t he second land on Turner street.
story. This seema almost too appalling Christopher G ardner to Dan b ury and
a thing to believe, but each a ttempt wa* Bethel Gas and Electric Ivght Co., land
Between P ahquioqne a venue and Danplainly visible even this morning.
There was also an eye witness to the bury and N orwalk Railway Co.
crime. Mrs. Patrick Quinn lives at 5! Chole M. B auer to Frederick E.Bauer,
Town Hill avenue, which is j ust above land and b uildings on S pring street.
the scene of the incendiary's a ttempt. Henry W. H oyt to John J. Kilcoyne,
About a quarter of twelve Mrs. Quinn, lot on Fairfleld avenue.
who happened to be up, glanced out ol
The C cmitg Fair.
th'e window. A flash of light d own ai
the f oot of the hill m et hercye.Thtokinp Ten weeks f rom yesterday, Oct. 2i, Is

No. 203 Main Street.
^-President Hayes 19 r esiding q uiet5 Ohio.
ie c umber of A meneapa who t ake
opean t ripe i rjcreasps each year,
same can be eaid of v isitors to t his
ntry f rom acmes t he A tlantic. The
id of an ocean voyage appears to be

Ladies' and Children's
Parasols and

At Popular Prices.

3ecial Bargains
•ices f rom 25 to 5O cts
'hese are E xtra v alue,

th^frequent shortness of supply in a
ed the wood that it refused to b u
The stoop and doorway near where t hf dry tinSe. Ponder over it.
pices of t
flre was s tarted led to tha upper
. - Heal Estate Tanafera.
floor, and was the only way in whiel*i ,.
the inmates could have eecapeaTHaoTtbf Since our last report the f ollowing audience
fire gotten five minutes headway,;
transfers of real estate have been rewould seem a deliberate attempt to corded in the office of the town clerk : terse and
no's able
burn the o ccupants of the house alive.
On examination i twasfonnd t hat each Mary A. Trowbridge to E ugene M. balf of 1
of the two w indow casings on the s outh and Ella 9. Bulkley, land, on Franklin traffic, ha
east corner of the house had been satu- street, with-buildings.
rated w ith kerosene, and t he one farther AlpbeurE. Adams to Charlotte 8. dertd rn'o
east had been set flre to. Tnese two Turner, land and buildings on Davk
windows w ould f urther c ut off escape street.
from, the interior, and the o nly means Charles W. M urphy to K ate Barry, Hosea
left would b e to j ump f rom t he second Fand on Turner street.
story. This seems almost too appalling Christopher G ardner t o D anbury a nd mowing
a thing to believe, but each a ttempt was Bethel Gas and Electric L 'ght Co., laca and the 1
between P ahquicque a venue a nd Dac- i piece c:
plainly visible even this m orning.
Qcger. I
There was al 80 an eye witness to t he bury and N orwalk R ailway Co.
crime. Mrs. Patrick Q uinn lives at 5 J Chole M. B auer to Frederick E.Bauer, until he 1
Town Hill avenue, which is j uat abovt land and buildings on Spring street.
the scene of the Incendiary's a ttempt. Henry W. H oyt to J ohn J. Kilcoyne, band. H
About a quarter of twelve Mrs. tjuinn, lot on Fairfleld avenue.
went on,
•who h appened to be up, glanced out ol
The Coming Fair.
middle o f
the'window. A f lash of l ight d own ai
the f oot of the h ill m et hereye.Thlnking Ten weeks f rom yesteiday, Oct. 23, b fast on a
it was someone w ith a l amp she paid no the first day of exhibition at the D an- ae reoove
the team,
more attention to it. The light contin- bury Fair."
ued however and as she looked again On Friday, September 28:b, the rent- aot get hi
she saw the Dime leap up. At the same ing of locations for b ooths and stands
time a d ark f orm passed a round in f ront will take place. Oa the same day all
of the fire, w hich q uickly died down. heavy and b ulky articles for exhibition We are
of Conne<
Sae t hought ic a queer thing to take mutt be b roughtin.
place at t bat time of n ight, and waited Saturday, the 29th, and Monday, Oct. of A. M. '
for its r epetition. A few seconds .after 1 will ba devoted to the arrangement oJ port:
G. S
• the l ight 8ealri~flished u p and this time articles.
a l ittle stronger. Again the man, It requires all of t hree days to receive lifter; ¥
b^diug <
Niantic, c
^ S tS ^ T ! d^ out
away f romfhe place. 8 he flre!ied "!3'"'***-**WWii "tonJtJat^Urne "^
arrange them, i t'will "bV?emBm'DWee{-|^^^
at qaiolsly a* before, however. The that there are thousands of articles to
woman waited- at the w indow the third care tor, and m uch h elp is given to the ville, kch
f'me, and aesia t h9 asms l ight came '.•varn'r-i^e by psrlv p ot rips. Un!<=w sfcopdoojf
iruui tliC ei*Ulo t u u i c t .
x iiuu o ljo r
uca assistance i r <ndtrtd, t hereu u n- ufTujtca
iier w indow, and from cbere watctied avoidable crowding and confusion on ZODg belJ;
tt rearm
another but much fainter
The Monday and Tuesday. It ia desirable band bill
fifth time one saw the m jateUous fire, (or the visitor, the exhibitor and the Litb.3.
And t he f orm of a man move a way. committee t hst all entries possible to
Then the t ruth flished acrots hennlnd, mjke should be made on Friday and
and s he cried o ut to him to sto.>, and Saturday, Sept. 28 and 20.
culled t or b«lp. B h« w aited,but c oining
bridge, o:
«Ue of t h e kind h appened,sltnough the
watered s oin,; time. Ia the m orning she The p urses for trotting a mount to accidents
ox, some
learned the t ruth of the matter, and *3,000. They are divided as follows:
After a
found her s uspicions correct.
Purse*JOO found pie
She was too far f rom the person to Three-minute class
" BOO oocasiona
recogaize him or given a fair descrip- 2:4501*38
," 200
mi»e wag
tion of him. She tells of a man c oming
?ree-for-ftll (paotnjfj
^..Parsetsoo the-«ite o
jdong Town Hill during toe time «he 2:50 class
200 an old cii
was w atching, and asking if: the house S:S8 claae
good men
below was a tenement, and receiving an
affirmative reply he paeetd on d own Pree-for^;
.Parse J500 yeana^o
2:32 eia&i .
. '• 250
toward tbe p lace.
2:W data .
. '• wo ness was
A relative of Mn. Qainn's came up
across the y aid, aa s he was looking at 2:so class (pacing)
Purse *a» Nathanie
».« natural d
the flre*, aod she called hi*attention to ":48Ch.B3 ..:
the faer, and asked him to go d own and
catch the per«op. She said he <Hd" u ot The catalogue this year,, now printed,
gob* cause he was'airaid. She berselr is the largett 3 et issued by the society. The rifl
did not go b teiutesbe wta II'. Efcecall- It contains seventy pages. Several of have arrijed iu a neighbor, and the two' watched ihete are f fevoted to copying theflatter- excellent
>£or some lime.
ng defcriptiOD* of last year's exhibition sati>facto
Tee colored watchman a^ Smith's that were fAwta in the report* of the tr.al in i
' fyatory israid-totave seen t he attempt tate-board -cil-SgrJealturer-Nw*—Eorit four in m
t h e f a c t o r y , o at he did not p tiv ia City and other journal?.
They •
,Haven bj
pany, and
•f2&0 official figures of t ieket sales made
j by :tbe largest »ociplies in t he state last) fi bu
' " ''
--presented h erewith. They 31.4
theDanbury exhiDavid Biirijipk has procured tn t own
be one of
ft C3onnectlou t cent of 1785; a ftaa speoi'
Conn. Btiie.. .. l«v8fl»}-Watertowir..".;...9"coJ!
men of the t hirt<*.a-link c opper, acd an StafforiJ,.;.,.....16,0001 *indS»jBCounty 8,000, which rei
old quarter of irfri, 4-Uof these we rare Tolland Conoly, .11,000'" *
"" - ---- comity,10,400 Woodstocfe
" ' . P.9SO Bristol,„,„„,,..5,613 theaccee*
(5.«:n rtlnav,

255 Main St.
1 Court. July I6tfl,vs?s.
'state or Cariosa A. Jennings, late ot BetieJ
3st* distrtcLoeceased.
rpopjDie application of Abraham L. Bflldwir*
lylGg ffiac an tnstmrnenTTE writ-Ing purporg 10 be tne last will ana testament of sax*
leased may be proved, approvea and admitto probate as per application on file more
ly appears, it is
mmBEff-TTiatrsata -application --*e- beard
a determined at t he probate offlce to Bettei
said district on the 23d day o£ July, A. 1).
8, at 2 o'clock In the afternoon, ana that nce be given ot tbe pendency ot sail spplioa>n and the time and place of hearing thereon
publishing the same one ticce In somenewaper having a circulation in sild district ana
posting a copy thereof on the public sign.
st in the town or Bethel la said district.
Attest WnutM H. JcrsoN, Judge.

inn « « x tonn •*• MOXTH can »»

1UU 10 J OUUmade worfclng for 130.
rents prefenea who can furnish their own
•rses and give their whole time to the bust- BS. bpare momenta may be proflabtf " em—oy ed also. A f ew vacancies In towns and cities^
F. JOHKSON K COSMOS Main 3t.1KlchjBOn<l,Va*




“Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Attempt to burn house of ex-Superintendent Foster of the street railway.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.

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