Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Meeting of the Warden and Burgesses.

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A petition from L. D. Brewster and others to call a special borough meeting to consider the advisability of obtaining a city charter.



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n ews.

A stranger oilled at toe house of MTP.
Charlotte A. Oaborne, 139 "West Btreet
Monday forenoon, and asked Mrs. OsWEDNESDAY, MAY 9, 1883:
borne to sell him some bread. He said
he had walked from Brewster, and that
Doing* of tbe Boroasrfc Bo&ro.
his pocket had been picked of all the
At the regular meeting of the
money he had except a few pennies
den and burgesses held Tuesday even She t hought she had no bread j ust then,
luKi tfc* following business was trans but did have some cooked rice and gave

Mrs. C


ry lady will <
Petition f rom John Doran et al, to with a relish. Shortly after she found
selves, as her st
establish a grade and i nstruct p roperty she had some bread, and gave
holders to curb and pave the g utters
[ U RES N ervous P rostration, N ervous
and put down sidewalk on both sides of it to him to eat when he got hungry
headache, N euralgia, N ervous
Town Hill avenue f rom Liberty to South again. He offered her the little change
W e a k n e s s . Stomach a nd L iver
street, also a crosswalk at the head of ae had, but she refused it, and he went
are or tne latest i
^Diseases", R heumatism, D yspepsia,
Centre and one at the foot of Prospect
and all a ffections o f the K idneys.
away. He said, on coming, t hat he bestreet, on said Towi> Hill avenue
~ votea. That the sidewalk -committee est&b-. longed in H awley v ille, and was on his
Man a grade on both sides of Town Hill avenue, way home. But instead of going d own WEAK N ERVES
and instruct property owrers on the west side West street as one w ould who was going
to curb and pave tuelr gutters and maKe-eult•which, never fails. Containing Celery and
jtf>le -watts, a>so to Instruct property owners on thence to Hawley ville, he w ent off up
Coca, those wonderful stimulants, it speed•the east side to curb and pave and lay flagging
ily cures all nervous disorders,
or concrete their sidewalks within sixty days the hill t oward Highland avenue.
. Jrpm date of ~4etlce.
Bg ttxliStrs. Osborne t hat his f ather
The. e ntires
Communication f rom E. A.-Mallory S: was once a salesman f or C rofut& While. R H E U M A T I S M
Sourand others afrto the plot of-ground He wroteTBig jname on a elTp of paperT . . PAIKE'SItCdrives, out oMPorag^ pnrlflea the
blood^- .the Jactlc_acid7^vhTch
at the"east end'of Elnvstreetand it was
causes Rheumatism, and restores the bloodVoted, To refer the same to the committee on and gave it to Mrs. Osborne. Tbe n ame
making organs to a h ealthy condition. The
was the same as that of the young man
true remedy for Rheumatism.
A petition f rom Isaac W. Ives ant" who disappeared f rom New York last
others to hav£ the board lay o ut a Saturday, and was trace! to Danburjv KIDHEY^COMPJLAIMTS
Btreet f rom a point on P ahquioqut
avenue, near Gardner & Dudley's f ac- as stated in yesterday's N EWS.
the liter and kidneys to perfect h ealth,
tory, to a pointjm Canal street, neai -.Mrs. Osborne says he was well dressed.
Thia curative power combined with its
the factory of T. Clark & Co., and i i She t hought f rom the appearance of his
nerve tonics, makes It the best remedy
for all kidney complaints.
eyes t hat he had some mental trouble.
Voted, That the committee on streets he Instxuctea to lay out said street In accordance This is u ndoubtedly the man t hat DYSPEPSIA
with above petition.
. rotei, Tnat the road committee be Instructed iisappeared from New York, and for
6tomach,=and quiets the nerves of the digesto Suiianal- street, from tne factory ot K . A, whom f riends are searching; but he was
Belden Co., east, in a condition for publk dressed some d ifferently.
tive organs. This is why it cures even the
Inquiry a t C rofut & W hite's f actory
•\vorstcases of Dyspepsia.
We are goin
Voied. Thatjhe road" c ommittee establish a
h« f irm
iifiB on the south side of Whira street, on "the ihaws yhat, tn ame ofnever. had._a_jaies^
•jian b the
K elley. It is r viJlesser property.
PAINTE'S CELERY- COMPOUND is not a CatharToted, That the property owners on Turnei cJent the y oung man is. s omewhat destreet, from the budge east, he Instructed to mented.
tic. It is a laxative, giving easy and natural
_cur& ana pave their gutters within sixty days After leaving Danbury Kelley went
action to the bowels. Regularity surely folIrom Cate of notice,
to H awleyviJle, a nd then w alked t he
lows its use.
Petition of Jeremiah Bernd et al, tc '-louaatonio r ailway track t o P ittafield.
Old U nion S
Recommended by professional and business
- Order a g rade on Delay street, and in- H-; is now at his h ome in B rooklyn.
men. Send for book.
Parties Indebted
gtruot p roperty o wners t o c urb a nd urcther f ound h im in N orth Adams.
Price &1.00. Sold by Druggists.
pave their g utters, also t o~Iay their s idewalks w ith flagging or concrete, a re
Hospital M eeting.
monstrance f rom Harvey Williams a nc
others, and it waa
The a nnual m eeting o f the D anbury
Tolea, That the latter be referred to the Sospital association, was held in the
committee on roads and sidewalks.
Votes, That the property owners on Railroad parlors of the First Congregational
avenue be Instructed to curb and pave their churco7~Wednesday e veniug, and the If the proprietorsllcf ka re HIPlily ft hebodily P AINS
of a
inds, ike
gutters wllhin thirty days' time Irom date ol business 01 the year transacted. As will
Baker's G reat A merican S pecific.
k now t hat
f— Petition f rom L. D. Brewster a nd oe seen by the reports, the association tion cot absolutelyhey n iafna f ortheirwp reparaw
C, ould
-others to call a special borough m eeting has m ade v ery pleasing progress d uring spend ould d o all atirl ' hous'inrlg 1of dollarst hey
to doESider ttreaavisability-of p rocuring toe past year. Mrs. Thomas W ildman advertising- i ts w oncleriul properties to the in' a city charter at the next general as- Mrs. James Ryder, Mrs. H. H. B airrl, telligent readers ot the d ally and w eekly newssembly was read; and it was
papers? The" m oulding o r p uolic o pinion, t he
nformation, lorm
Tote/l, T hatthewarden be authorized to car, H. H. Baird, M. H. G riffing and E. C dissemination of i mportant Iof tbe successful
two of the p rincipal objects
a special meeting at some future time to con Barnum, were elected directors.
newspaper of the d ay. 'rii'-lr space 13 v aluable ;
slder the above petition, which has been preSECRETARY'S DEPORT.
659 arid 56
it, costs oney
because we
sented to the board, and to consider the advls- E. C. Barnum, the Secretary of t he knowwemh ave tto o ccupy tI.ure, But and. p rompt
he only
s afe
Near 11th A venui
' ability ot changing from a municipal to a cltj
muscular ains, t ue o nly absogovernment.
association m ade the f ollowing r eoort: remedy for air edicine f orpi
Orders by m
lute h
Petition f rom C. H. W ilcoxand othert In presenting this, our annual report of the the mealinglective and pnjuries t o tutrt-tssue,
ost* e
ermanent cure lor
to extend William street south to S outh Danbury. and Bethel Hospltal.we take pleasure Rheumatism, N euralg-in, ) >ysentejy. Cholera
William street, and to lay out a new In stating that the board or directors have Morbus, Colds, Cougiis a n^ C roup, \ \ use the
iiighway so m ach of the proposed ex- every reason to believe that ,thls hospital, costly space to tell the p ublic of It. Price 50
tension as has not already been l aidoui. wnlch hs a been In operationoftnethe ishes three eta. Pieparei only by Maurice, BaKer £ Co.,
268 M
r Its
Volea, Tnat the above he referred to the vears. I andsuccess, equalDturing tw pastoyear Portland, Ate. DoniUUe A: S mHli, 2* &-^6 Tre- "olce. Piano. aiar|
mont St., Boston, Mass., S elling A gents.
»bove committee.
Get m an. b oth
A p etition Irom F. J. Elwell, et al.,f 01 Miss Bthe efficient management offItssmatron,
SWlnway and I
attle Crocker,we have cared or eventy% four-inch w ater pipe f rom Osborne one patient^ of whom f ifty were males and
Ladies! Those dull
street to E llsworth avenue, and it wai- twenty-one females. Of this number f ourteen
tired looks and feelings
Vafpjij Tn p nt QBIT>(£ ti-| ti)p call_of nextuSpeclal- have died, forty-four have been discharged.
olumes! This
cured 6r_BeneflteuV and thlrteen_are~nowLat tEe
Voted, That R, J. Brown be appointed d river hospital. Of the seventy-one patients received
.for the borough, and T. Warner tlUemian for sixty-one have been ward patients, some of
whom have been received wholly aa charity
the.truck of W. H. & L. Co.
patients. The price charged for the balance
: Bills a udited and ordered paid :
of the ward patients is much less than the actJtfcDonald & Begg
$ 6.9S ual coat of boarding and nursing t nem
365.00 Our Income for the r unning expenses were
I^Mager. bailiff
64.21 derived f i om collections taken in the d ifferent
. <}. P. Foote, road
60.75 churches Hospital Sunday, the liberal contriPellx.yallager

5?.9i butions from the f air held by W. Beckerle £
Sarah P. Stevens
.- 12.00 Co employees and contributions In cash, proJohn Marshtetter
12,00 visions, clothing, etc., f rom the many friends
1 E. Burte
2.01 of the hospital. Tet even with the liberal con- WHAT IS THE 5IATTEE 'WITH
D. Jennings
25 tributions received during the past year, we
Barnum & Reed.45 end ourselves In debt, as will be shown by the
J. P. Beard, tor Mrs. Kelley.:
33.36 treasurers report
•J.P. Beard, for Grtffln Flagler
41.22 We trust some system may be devised by
which every person will have the prlvueg»to
SL Hefleron
J. P. Benrd, for Peter ilcGlnnlss....".
46.84 subscribe for the s upport of the hospital, and
Caroline Beardaley....
,^..^..._ 17.34 thereby Increase to an_amount equal to our ex
ZEdwln Rogers.. .rr.77rrr7rrrr;.
"...".. loiso penses.
John Seattle
Sohanza Hose Co..V7"7.' .'.,....,.....„*.. 6.00 At its conclusion the following most
-L. Bertram
~7 3.K
C. A. Brown
25.60 favorable report of the building comJames Moore, 2d
30.43 pany was listened t o:
J. W. Bonttm
138.63 Tour committee desire to report that they
W.H. Hltchcoclz
Charles Doran..
161.31 have agreed upon ill be for a new hospital
Foted, To adjourn to Tuesday evening. Slay which,otthey t hink, wBefore best adapted to isitneeds
deciding they v
ITR, M 8 o'clock at this place.
ed PlttsOeld and Northampton,—places about
H. PBKBSTT, Clerk. Lhe same size as D anhury—and Inspected the
hospital buildings there. TJ16 hospital at
Northampton is of recent construction, and
TKeTText Holiday.
built after a careful Investigation and study of
The judicious appointments by Depart- the proper requirements. In addition to the





This is No

A. G

J, R A

Tiie G reat




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“Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Meeting of the Warden and Burgesses.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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