Danbury Evening News - May 16, 1888 - Francis Burns found dead on Turner Street.

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Francis Burns death ruled a homocide. The coroner's inquest and police investigation are covered in this three column article.



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VOL. 19, NO. 5.


fly a bsurd, aa the body lay w ithin t hree Michael Hickey a laborer l iving on in M urphy's. Later he 'testified that he A gypsy fa
'or f our feet of her bed.
Turner street w as n ext examined. H e had no Idea that there h ad been any
There was
Again f she c laimed t hat she k new said he lived a s hort distance f rom Me- trouble.
f t Francis B urns P ounded t o Death, when t hey brought t he man but paid n o Niff's store. S unday night saw M oNiff Thomas R yan, another chum of Burns A few. mo
attention t o the f act. S he t hought t hat about his s tore with a lighted lamp.
said t hat he c ame d own into the yard
en 'Turner Street.
he was dead b ut d id not t ake t he trouble I asked h im w hat was t he m atter a nd back of M eNiff's, S unday night. He Christmas tit
to m ake a ny e xamination.
he replied that s omeone had teen b reak- saw M cNiff and J ennings there, also Medical Ex
Still a nother story to; the effecti-ibat ing I nto his store. He said t hat t he Burns l ying o n t he g round near t he cases on T urr
she got up and assisted iu making burglar was_back there, pointing to the shed, -He thought4he4att«r was d runk.
--or TH* BKAIJS Burns c omfortable.
rear of the y ard, I w ent there and He too, saw McNiff out in the back y ard! A meet of I
After listening to the different stories found a man whom I ^recognized with a light in his hand. He saw a c ut] this evening
of the witnesses, the
adTTeaT5re~to''pTace~Jobn McNiff underjgroupd'~near~ tbT~sliedT"fhere~^were to be cut, but McNiff and Jennings said ~Th6 f o u n d a
arrest, and he is now in a cell at t hejcases of e mpty beer bottles lying n earlthey d idn't know. He helped carry the rear of t he M
To the a lready Ions list of c rimes com- polica s tation. Sergeant Keating rrade him. I examined B urns and found that man up stairs to Mrs. Ryan's room.
mitted i n D anbury, a nother h ag been the arrest.
One f the queer
added. A s tartling t ragedy was e nacted Burns' e ntire body w as c overed w ith andwas b reathing. There werewm arks tion ofothe a ffair is f eatures a fnt his por- Where t he
h is
eighbor- removed the
on T urner street, S unday n ight. I t i a n o t bruises and scars. Back of bis e.nr was and b lood onwereface. HI dhatn et as off hood l ike that, where hat in
his eyes
s peak
d runkenness is so
( ± probable t hat t he k illing w as i ntemion- along c ut, a nd a nother o ne w as c on- to him as he did not speak to me. I common, t hese men s upposing t hat large as they
al, but at the same time, the self ac- spicious o n h is t hroat. T he top and eaid to M cNiff t hat he s hould not be al- Burns was d runk should t ake t he t rouble The Y. M.
knowledged d ealer o f the f atal b low side of bis head was also b adly bruised. lowed t o stay there, b ut s hould b e re- tocirry h im up i nto t he house, especial- be held May
is saf« behind the bars of the police As the c afe now s iands it is a clear moved to a m ore comfortable place. ly as the n ight was c omparatively date will be
caee o f h omicide. B urns was a live and
t hen
Frank L. V
Too m any times have men been found well before being hit by M cNiff, and Another m an to M u ime along, ana w e rarm.
e Michael M oran, one
dead, t heir bodies bruised a nd c lothing shortly a lter t he occurrence was f ound was ahim up en wers. R yan'sthelace. Hp first discovered t hat of the men had lot on Was
live w£
r oom u
a r obbery
build'a f ine r
lornT and the verdict of "accidental dead.
rs. R yan w u
death or d eath at t he has-ds of un- Burns, w ho w as p erhaps b etter k nown stairs. Mim d own o nasthepstairs aIlone. taken place, and who i nformed McNiff,
We l aid h
floor. no- was t he s ixth w itness examined a nd A special m
known p arties," given a nd t he m atter as "Spttiz," has for years been K well- ticed tbat his s hirt was slightly torn. I
there a nd t hen dropped a fter b ut a few known c haracter about town, b ut was only staid a f ew m inutes, a nd t hen -went told the following straightforward t ale: by the choi
I was on iny way h ome Sunday night at Whit Stmda
days i nvestigation.
generally considered quiet and peace- on to a wake. I did not k now whether not far f rom ten o'clock. A man near will assist.
Here the i nvestigation was com- able.:
the man was d runk o r b adly hurt when Mojfiff's told me t hat he h ad heard coninenced i mmediately, a nd the p rincipals John M cNiff w ho is arrested f or the he was taken up stairs.
siderable noise in the store. We went clusivelyflow
•in the case put under lock and key crime is a w ell k nown s aloon keeper.
around to the bock of the b uilding to graves, inin N
within a; f ew h ours a fter c ommitting He is p roprietor of *a place on W hite Dr. W ile now entered and was at once see if we could find any one. i We heard
j'worn. He testified as follows : I am
the crime.
street, and was f ormerly in b usiness
e tried the day this yea
•It was b etween 6 and 7 o 'clock M onday with his b rother, on M ain street, Dear medical e xaminer for the t own of Dan- some doorw alking away, iWw as u nlock- There will
and f ound tbaj; t
bury, I was first notified of this case by back
morning w hen a messenger breathlessly the park.
J ohn B
was the man w ith me
informed Officer George Reed t hat a Coroner H olt arrived at 11 o'clock and telephone a bout six o'clock Monday ed. we w ent rett to M cNiff'8 house,which C. A. rooms
organizing a
morning, by O fficer Reed, i w ent to and
man had been f ound d ead—murdered, it took charge of the case.
is on Wnitlock s treet He c ame back mer. A t ull
the place w here t he body was f ound, i n
was s upposed,—in T urner s treet.
All d ay T uesday t he f riends o f t he Mrs, Ryan's apartments, and m ade an with u s, but we l eft h im at M ain s treet.
Without loss of time Raed stepped in- prisoner h ung around the City Hall and
The weath
o the store.
to t he s tation a nd by t elephone n otified .wandered a bout the basement corridors, external examination. I f ound s ome He went on d owa taccompanied M oran, Extra bed b
Medical E xaminer Wile. He t hen has- hoping to get a onanoe of speaking w ith bruises a bout t he body. The head was John Brett, w ho
last night.
in an u ncomfortable p osition. The said that he was going to his house on e red—tbe pe
tened t o the v icinity f rom w hioh the him.
Turner treet a bout 1
Be eard a
report came, a nd f ound t he m utilated James McNiff, a brother of John, has bruises were all c ontusions, evidently noise insthe store, and0:20.eeting hMoran,
body of F ranciB Burue, a y oung man been w orking hard to secure e vidence from blows or kicks. Some were slight asked him to go d own back and 'see Dr. Sophia
elected one o
about t wenty-six years of age, residing in f avor o f the prisoner, w hose o nly and some penetrating. There was a l ittle what it w:
His testimony was:
blood on the left Bide of the neck where
with his p arents on G rand street.
chance seems to be la the b urglary it h ad t rickled down f rom a o ut above "When we went down toward the rear meeting of th
Medical soci
No. XI T urner s treet is a long, t wo- story. The police have also been kept
etory f rame building with a store below. busy s ummoning witnesses tor t ht. in- There were also marks on the right hand of the ss toopFrancis sRileyn ext tsitting A new loct
of the tore
o Mowhich was m uch s wollen. It had the ap- on the
This store is owned by J ohn M oNiff <jueat.
one u hat
and conducted as a grocery. Directly The investigation of the police s hows pearance of h aving b een stepped on. I Niff's. in e toldtore. of e s stpoket here vol- for the the
no one the s
some of
in the rear of tnis b uilding is an old, conclusively t hat n o one had b roken i n- mide an e xamination of the p remises untarily and before we spoke to h im. I for the pre
tumble-down eort of a b uilding of two to M eNiff's store d uring the night, as no and v icinity. Trom t he s pot w here h e then heard t
of bottles rattling
stories, o ccupied aa a t enement h ouse marks of violence could be f ound a bout had fallen", to Mrs. R yan's door were and-a«ouad he noiseto-the~ ringing of si Housatonic
as long as the teaants could remain in the building*. A-brokeir pane of glaee two parallel m arks or grooves -as-if-th& Dell on a money drawer. "WSieii I went Hrhfts "been
it, and even now a p ortion of it is used h n a rear w indow was f ound to h ave man had been half carried and half down, Moran did not accompany .me al] tertainmeot
dragged, his f eet trailing behind him. I
blues. She
as a h abitation. The lower floor is un- been in the s ame c ondition for weeks.
^ as _I _ was.-r_QpjinragJ)ack - to tainments a
_. _
found no signs of any struggle having tbe_way,
__ocoupied, and an u nuamted w ooden
where he stcpd,J Riley- paaswt me'
door o pens into a s hort hall way, whence An a utopsy was held Tuesday m orning taken place. I m ade a p ost-mortem on went down towards the rear-.of atnd from to-nig
a flight of r-tairs lead* to the r oom above, but t he p hysicians r efused t o m ake a ny the body to-day. The direct cause of store. We w ent d own there again acd
Misses Fay
death was a h emorrhage i nto t he b rain
occupied by Mrs. Mary Ryan.
definite s tatement c oncerning i t. It is- This hemorrhage was very extensive. saw t hree f ellows going along the re&r to add a nct
These two buildings are separated on- however, ascertained that death wuc
We then
^r-by a n arrow yard, whioh a ffords a due to a concussion of the b rain. M arke The clots of blood a ndfresh b ood a bout of the b uilding. he came w ent up and extensive Se
barborirg place for the boys of the of a heavy blow dealt by *ome b lunt the brain we estimate at f ully half a told M cNiff, aw ith him atdown with us, are to be let
we parting
neighborhood, a h alf dozen chickens, instrument w ere f ound, a nd there was pint.""^ I t was a very large hem- Later 1^ went; past the placeain street. ers at c erta
nd s
three or four ash heaps, a cistern or two, nearly a pint of congealed blood on the orrhage and one rarely seen. The McNiff out In the yard with aalight aw In tbe rep
and the u sual a mount of r ubbish com- brain as a result of the blow. It is the b'ood was all at the base of the his h and.
den a nd b
pletes the scenery of the n eighborhood. impression that t he blow was struck brain. From the n ature of the marks, I In a cross-examlnation he stated tbat found the a
am positive t hat they i ndicate vioAt the rear of Mrs. iByan's a partments, witu a heavy bottle.
the sewer~t
lences-There was a spat tBFbis forehead when ie fin t heard the noiBe3W
i of Centre street
alone on tbe stoop. After Riley bad West and In
roperty owner?, are barns, horse-sheds, The inquest was commenced, in the near the medium line, in the centre of gone toward the b ack of the b uilding,
was a p enetration reaching
Charles Br
chicken coops, etc., and between the City Hall, at 2 o'clock, yesterday.
clear through the skull. Such a wound and after tbe three men had been seen
two a w ide barnyard.
For an h our before the time for the could have been made had he been to go along the back of the b uilding, work oa- Tu
during the n
In t his yard, close to the barn, the hearing the street in the v icinity of the
Riley, B urns and Thomas Kyan appear«ouffle in w hioh the fatal blow was City Hall and the hills of the b uilding struck with a piece of stick f rom whioh ed together and took seats on the stoop. cfoualy ups
struck occurred, and to the house in were filled v i thaorowd composed of all pro eoted a n ail. It could not h ave James Phalon, of the firm of Tallant damaging it
whioh Mrs.Ryan live?,tn fact,to the very classes of people, w ho at the o pening of been done by a blow f rom a fist, unless & Phalon, lives in the same house w ith
, apartments w hich s he occupies, the vic- the doors rushed in and occupied every the person who dealt it w ore a ring McNiff, Someone knocked at his1 door Supt- Payn
tim was carried, and there breathed his available space in the portion of the with a s harp pointed setting. This pen- Sunday night and a sked if Mr. McNiff walk divisio
has not yet r
etration was n ot. however, fatal.
court r oom, reserved for spectators.
in. Mr. P halon called aim down tbe citizens
From the shed to the door of the Sergeant Keatirg assembled the w it- There must have been several blows
ouse-two i»8rk«-werer-MeBa'aY-m<>r»7 Besses In the'polioTbffloe below, ana as Btiuok, la f oot oae^or-eaeh—oontaitoir hlui that his store had been broken into. between Be
ing dlecernable, showing in what man- they were wanted they were brought There were three d istinct contusaions o n Mr. MoNiff went away with the man.
the head alone, and three clots of blood
" &M the-w4tDee8ea-were-eJCHseeHor
the body had beenjiarrled^o^bere Jip-into-the room ab9¥e,-.==r^
—s under the scalp. Death would be m uch the ':lay, and therprooeedinga adjourned
found. The marks were those of The first person sworn was Edward
until 12 o'clock Wednesday,
Burns' heels, made aa he was dragged Jennings. R InhnroT- l iiTiTi^ « « m,.™,«- more likely 1 0 r esult f rom e uc-h clows.



Dr. Wile's Autopsy.

story. The p olice h ave also been k ept
of the store, Francis Riley was sitting
story f rame b uilding w ith a store below. busy s ummoning witnesses tor tht, in- There were also marks on the right hand on the stoop of the store next to MoA new loot
which was much swollen. It bad the apThis s tore is owned by John MoNiff queat.
Niff's. He told one of us .that there was
and c onducted as a grocery. D irectly The investigation of the police shows pearance of h aving b een stepped on. I no one in the store. He spoke up vol- for the Der
some of
in the rear of t his b uilding is an old, conclusively that no one bad broken in- mide an e xamination of tbe p remises untarily and before we spoke to him. I\n heard tthe n
for the pres
tumble-down sort of a b uilding of two to McNiff s store d uring tbe night, as no and v icinity. 5Yom t he s pot w here h e
stories, occupied as a tenement house marks of violence could bo f ound about had f allen, to Mre. Ilvan's door were .nd-a sound aimilar-to She rforgifig-ofT a Hpusajtpnic._l
as long as the teuants .could remain in the buildings. A broken pane of gla&p two parallel m arks or grooves as i f-tbe bell on a money drawer. TiVSien1 went
"it, and even now a portion or it is used in a rear window was f ound to have man, bad been h alf carried and half down, Moran did not a ccompany me all tertainments
dragged, his feet trailing b ehind him. I
as a habitation. The lower floor Is un- been in the same condition for weeks.
blues. She v
found n o signs of any struggle baying tbe way, and as I was-qpjnfagJback to taininenta a
_j3ccupied, arid an unpaintecl wooden
taken place. I m ade a post-mortem ou where be stood,-Riley passfej me' and from to-nigh
door opens into a short hall way, whence An a utopsy was held T uesday m orning
went d own towards the rear .of the
a flight of stairs lead* to the room above, but t be p hysicians refused t o m ake a ny the body to-day. The direct cause of
death was a hemorrhage into t he brain store. We w ent down there again and Misses Fay
occupied by Mrs. Mary Ryan.
definite s tatement c oncerning i t. It isThese two b uildings are separated on- however, a scertained ttiat d eath was This hemorrhage was very extensive. saw three fellows going along the r earitoadd a ntta
"Iv-by a n arrow y ard, w hich a ffords a , due to a c oncussion o f tbe b rain. M arke The clots of blood and fresh b ood a bout of the building. We then went up and extensive Sc
told McNiff, and became down with us,
harboring place lor t he boys of t he of a heavy blow dealt by some b lunt the brain we estimate at f ully half a we parting with him at Main street. are to be let
neighborhood, a h alf d ozen c hickens, instrument were f ound, and there was pint.™' 1C was a very large hem- Lster I went; past the place and saw ers at certain
three or f ourash heaps, a cisternor two, nearly a pint of congealed blood on tbe orrhage and one rarely seen. The
McNiff out in the yard with a light in In t he repo
and the usual a mount of rubbish com- brain as a result of toe blow. It is the b'ood was all at the base of the his h and.
den and b u
pletes the scenery of the neighborhood. impression that tbe blow was struck brain. From t be n ature o f t he marks, I
am p ositive t hat they i ndicate vio- In a cross-examination he stated t hat found t he aw
At the rear of Mrs. Evan's apartments, with a h eavy bottle.
lence. There was" a spot in bis forehead when he flrit heard the noise Kiley was the sewer t
^ and atrjojningjhe-yaTdrofTrentfe slreeT
alone on the stoop. After Riley had West and i nt
property o wner?, are b arns, horse-sheds, The inquest was c ommenced in the near the m edium line, in tbe centre of
was a penetration reaching gone toward the-back of tbe building, Charles Br
ohioken coop?, e tc, and between the City Hall, at 2 o'clock, yesterday.
clear through the skull. Such a wound and after tbe three men bad been seen work on Tur
two a w ide b arnyard.
For arj hour before the time for the
to go along the back of the building,
during t he n
In t his yard, close to the barn, the hearing the street in the vicinity of tbe could have been made bad be been
Riley, Burns and Thomas Ryan appearsouffle in which the fatal blow was City Hull and the halls of the building utruok w ith a piece of slick f rom which ed together and took seats on the etoop. oibusly ups
pro ected a n ail. It could not h ave
struck occurred, and to the house in were filled v ith a crowd composed of all
damaging it
James Fhalon, of the firm of Tallant
which Mrs.Ryan live?,in fact, to the very classes of people, w ho at the opening of been d one by a blow f rom a flat, unless
the person who dealt it wore a ring & Fhalon, lives in the same bouse w ith Supt Payn
apartments which she occupies, the vic- he doors rushed in and occupied every
McNiff, Someone knocked at his door ralk divisio
tim w as carried, and t here breathed h is available space in the p ortion of the with a sharp pointed setting. This penSunday night and asked if Mr. McNiff oas not yet r
etration was not, however, fatal.
ourt r oom, reserved f or spectators.
was in. Mr. Fhalon called him down tbe citizens o
From the shed to t he d oor of the Sergeant K eating a ssembled t he wit- There must have been several blows
and-heard themair tn tbe-hallway-teir between Be'
|^—house^wo-roarks^were, Monday morn, nesses in" tbe police office below, and as ruekriafaoMMie-rforBSOh contusion. niui that his store had been broken into, o ^nin »•
ing diecernable, s howing i n w hat m an- bey were wanted they were brought There were three distinct contussions on Mr. McNiff w ent away w ith the man.
the heaq^ alone, and three, 43lo.ta.of blood
o witnesses mure excuaed^or Tfiss Sgnes
_jnerthe body had been oarried_to_wher^ p-ialo-tbe room-above. ----- and the proceedings
it was f ound. The marks were those of The first person sworn was Edward under the scalp. Death would be m uch tbe day, o'clock Wednesday. adjourned natural gift,
more likely t o r esult f rom such blows, until 12
Burns' heels, made as he was dragged 'ennings, a laborer, living on T urner
it-is-over kin
in tbe cade of a man broken down from
over the ground.
she fipeaks s
Bail for JEofiTiff.
street. He was mit a cquainted w ith
Medical E xaminer Wile made a hasty Burns, b ut k new b im b y sight. H e was the excessive use of intoxicants than in
rapture unt
healthy John McNiff has remained in the ended.
examination of the body and its sur- about t be p lace l a»t S unday night, be- the case of a perfectly
man. The hemorrhage was caused police station since Monday morning.
roundings and listeied to t he a tory of tween 11 and 12 o'clock.
In New H
Lthosejireaenr and at onoe telegrapned While there be beard some One talk- by a concussion or t he—brain He is allowed the freedom of one of tbe Cameron, a p
I never attend an autopsy t hat b rought corridors and is almost constantly talkjlnKjfnd rattling bottles as if carrying a forth clearer or better results as to the ing to friends standing on tbe outside of L'.e & Co., w
The story told the officers and Medical case of thtin. " HeTie"ard-Bome--one say.,
store, and us
the bars.
Examiner Wile by M<ai5ff is that be- "Don't." He w ent a round the corner cause o f-dtnth. Hi9ooun«elor^Howard B. Scott, made a way that
tween 11 and 12 Sunday night he w a of tbe building and f ound AIoNiff fixing I saw McNiff, the prisoner,/in fBe an e ffort last n ight to haveThe~pfiBoBgrfaned-iin»,tL
station house, and was present when be
ill.-preparing to go to bed, " Someone came a w indow w hich was open.
bail,not succeed.
^ ^ ~-"^~
house," which .is near the store, A pane of gla« was broken f rom the made bis statement. He seemed to feel admitted isto ot jetbut didthe control of . .™fVt0Vt&
NoNlff n
|.-"and told bim t hat someone was break- window. He saw no one besides Mc- very much distressed over the affair,
the borough court, but is simply h£ld to is ex'pee.ted-W
"Hfefclnto his place of b usiness. P utting Niff. Saw some newspapers and e mpty and told a story to the effect tbat be
walk betwe
on bis clothes he w ent out i nto tbe b ack glasses pulled out at tbe window. He was about to retire, Sunday night, await the result of the coroner's I n- I Danbnrr. Be
»h»n «nmn nna famH l.n hl« Ji.mao Hurt )U88t.
-. pd ia ~tfag dark7 discerned a-mao- asked MuNtfMhH trouble, and received"
ren, and sev
goin£r down toward the barn with tbe reply tbat some one bad been break- informed h im tbat bis store bad been Judge Hough r efused to interfere in from, befor
broken into. He dressed immediately, the m atter and McNiff will probably given, . . _
something in his ban
ing Into bis store.
Coming closer, be saw that tbe man He accompanied McNiff down to and went d own to Turner street. He find it necessary to m ake himself as
had several bottles, and be ordered him where tbe bitter said tbe burglar was, saw a man going down through the comfortable as possible in his present Tbe (lomb
to d rop them, accompanying tbe order wbicb was down towards tbe sheds. He yard with bottles In his hand, and or- quarters until Coroner Holt renders his the line of
were disturb
with a b low on tbe head. The man saw a man lyuyjjm the ground. H ere- dered niin to d rop them. At the same decision.
sound, when
| dropped like a log.
cognized him as B urns. There were two time he bit blm a blow, and tb,e man At a preliminary hearing before Judge this morning
Others tell stories of swearing and oases of empty beer bottle* lying be- fell. He said he struck him with his Hough this noon, MoNiff was granted
fighting, which. are u ndoubtedly t rue, side Burns. release until to-morrow morning under
•i the neighbors were aroused and came He and M cNiff took the bottles aid In the autopsy we f ound tbat all of a bond of 15.000.. As we go to press an blinK that of
the contusions on the body had evidentTout.
put them In tbe.bare. ', McN'itf took a
effort Is be hg made to find a b ond. mm. There will
Mi easel H ickey and Piokey R yan half-pint of whiskey from_BurnB' out- ly been m ade at the same t ime a nd I n
Union No.p.
found McNiff standing orer the uncon- side coat pocket, c laiming it was bis the same m anner. There was no doubt
At Bums' Horns.
of Painters a
•cioni and b leeding form ot Burns, (McNiffV) property. A s n ear &» he that a blow f rom MeNTfl's flat could
in .their ne ir
•nd one at them made the remark that could a scertain t he man on t he g round bare caused a concussion of the brain." The unfortunate young man, Francis on Thursda
Fraud! Riley, of foster street, a com- Burns, who met a tragical f ate in a yard
j|: It wai too bad to leare him there. Tbe was s tupidly drunk. He was breathing
panion of Burns, was put under oath in T urner street Sunday night, lav in members a
| three m en then picked u p t he u noonnaturally.
Business of I
•cioLIB man ana carried, or rather, drag- Mb-Niff t ook h im b y tbe collar a nd and told a story similar to t his: "I was bit coffin In hi* father'! home, at 67
told him to get up. Tbe man did not littlog on a stoop near'McNiff's store Qraud street, last night.
ged bim up into Mrs. Ryan's room.
" Why he was carried here, or what his answer. Tbe man did not more wbile with Barns and Tommy Byan, about The second medical e xamination at Tiro memb
condition was when he was taken up, is tbey were t here. He and MoNiff went quarter of e leven, Sunday nigbt. Ryan the remains had been made, the u nder- Hyde" comp
cot known, bat the panics who as«i« ted back to tbe store to see what Bad been went away shortly after that. A bout taker's last work was done, and the vic- Opera Hous
in the removal claim that he was allre, stolen. He did not find t hat anything five minutes aft«r that I left and went tim of a b rutal assault ay q uietly married in
formanoe, la
and t bat he died after being, taken into was missing/ Wben they went back down to Murphy's on the same street. a»leep;_There.w.iis no^expressionlofjr
they found that tbe man bad moved two" Burns remained WThS stoop. Toame faring in the face. Only the bruise on names of the
tbe place,
—. • ' ' ' ~
back ia a bout fifteen or twenty minutes, the forehead and a difoolored eyelid published as
i A mark on hU hand was evidently and a bait yards towards theshed.
A larize dele
made b.- being stepped on after its MoNiff told him ( Burns) to get up and but Burns had gone. Burns was sober were -the traees left by death, jrhJ
New York w
owner was on the g round. Below this go home. Burns m ade no reply. Mc- when I left him. When I oaoie back were to be seen by t hose who looked
tbia time I saw MeNiu" d own by bis store down upon the dead /ace.
point t he blood had not circulated a fter Niff said n othing about any nght. T wo
because b
William H. Burns, t he fatheXpf Fran among itsean
•the hand wa» injured. {This would more men came around then. They with a light in bis n acd.
Biley's testimony wan somewhat con- ols, is a batter. He has f our children be alteredci
point to death almost immediately.
were Ryan and Hiokey.
That MM. Ryan knowa more about MoNiff told them to take Burns up. tradictory here and. as will be seen in beside* Francis.' They hare a substan- dent of tha
tbat fruit at
matter than she Is willing to tell is etaiis to Mis. R yan's place. Toe man the testimony'of other witnesses he did tial h ome at 07 G rand s treet.
bought thre
ipnbted, as she is now .known to hare was breathing when-they.carried h imj not tel] all he kaew, or fully deeoribe A lar^e number-of friends of the f am- to his room
tsld some half dozen entirely different up there. M cNiff and J ennings did not his wbereabonts'after leaving Barns ily assembled at the bouse last night to siring. Dan
been noted f
stories. At one time she was asleep and go u p.. The former bald, the light at the He made one remark to the effect that express t heir"sympathy.
a day of reok
knew n othing of the matter .until the bottom of the stairs. Xi«y then went someone bad «aid that: there was t rouble At 9:30 this morning the funeral «er Id to be of fr
down the street. Tlii j was while he was yioes were held a t flt Feter's ohuroi>._; 4i Sentinel
jjnaa w as f ou&d dead. T hisli a bsolute- through, the store,


“Danbury Evening News - May 16, 1888 - Francis Burns found dead on Turner Street.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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