Danbury Evening News - 1888 - Harriet Patch dies from drinking wood alcohol.

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Harriett F. Patch died from the poisoning effects of drinking wood alcohol, which she mistook for elder brandy.



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A Brafeeman

L6, 1888.

WHOLE NO. 964.

Mrs. Betsey Averill, of New Preston,
who has several relatives in Danbury
A •Woman Killed by a Mistake.
i a alight f rost last n ight.
recently celebrated the ono h undred
It will have to be a horrible affair, inoutha more a nd t be glad and fifth anniversary of her birthday.
ime will be here.
cend&nts joined in t he festivities of the surprise in the way- of either mnrder or
A nother
xaminer Wile attended two occasion. Mrs. Averill retains complete suicide.o tbe list. sad story must ba
possession of her m ental faculties, and added t
*ner street in one day.
by c onstant reading keeps well i nform- This morning at about 6 o'clock, Harthe Wheel club callea lor ed in reference to current affairs. She riet S1. Patch, w ife of E dward Patch,
• has been postponed.
a and delights t&_talk~ about
me poisoning eHecta W^innfilrigr wood
ation (or- the chapel in the The important historical events during alcohol, which caused paralysis of t he
the past n inety years. She remembers
Methodist church has been
with perfect distinctness her fifth W rth- heart.
day and each of her birthdays since Her husband had b rought some of this
paving blocks h ave been hhat time. She is able to walk without material home for use in s ofteningo sidewalks seem twice
assistance, and her h ealth is perfect. paper, and aa Mrs. Patch was. addicted;
f ever did.
She reads the Bible and daily papers al- o spasmodic attacks ota^desire f<Si;ffier
use of etimnlents, she found the aleohot
C. A. anniversary will cot most constantly.
and supposjsgr^ It to be cider brandyv
y 20th, as a nnounced. The
drank it.
The Paving.
Riven later.
Preparatory work- has commenced for" but it ia supposed, about noon.
Wildman.-has purchased a starting on Elm s treet, either to-morrow When her husband returned f rom
:hington avenue, and will or n ext day.
work, last evening, he found- her nnder
The east side of Main street will be the i nfluence of eorhetbinland s upposed
residence thereon, eoon.
completed to-day the entire length.
nosics! service is to be given The laying1 of the pavement on the t to bejtquor.
r of St. James' c hurch on west side was begun this m orning at the About ten o'clock at night she began
ly. Theodore B. Bradley post office crossing and the work ex- to vomit and show so m uch agonyt-that
her husband gent for Dr. Pierce, who
tended n orth and south.
arrived at 11 o'clock and treated her for
e j s will be used almost ex- A n ew gang was put on this morning the fatal mistake. After he habrdoieV
the decoration of soldiers' and more will be added when they com- all he could he went home, and went .to
iSTew Haven, on M emorial mence E lm street.
see the p atient again this morning at
G. B. Sargent, the new superinten- five o'clock, and found her dead. "
dent, has three assistant?, and the pay The doctor no
be a meeting in the Y. M. roll now number 123 men. They are
Wile, who w ent to th» house; amiafteir
to-night, for the purpose of using forty norses.
hearing the circumstances returned-, a
Q outing club for the sumverdict of paralysis of
Methodist Sunday-School Cffi.com.
attendance is desired.
perlnduced by wood alcohol t-afeen
; ;i
ler is disagreeably cold, At the annual meeting of the Sunday mistake."
This verdict aeems to be
ankets were called into use school board of the Methodist church
Vnd even t hen people &hiv- held Monday evening, the following by the f act that she nad no 'trouble,
officers were elected: John W. Oamun with her husbancl - or 8ny~one. tad.a
Dple who had plants out.
superintendent; Lucius H. Hoyt, assist comfortable -jidme and. was generally
Penfleld, of Danbury, was ant; Mrs. Julia McNeil and Mri. Dante happy. • . - -' ' ••>.- '
^- ^?;?*: '•• • ' -.'- • •,
f t he censors a t the a nnual Starr, f emale assistants; Lswey Comes
Bnpplyliur «•
eGennecticut H omeopathic ecretary; Theodore 8. Beere, assistant
ity in Hartford, yesterday. J. Clark-Beers, treasurer; H. E. Come?
At th&electlon.lastnJglit.liieoiapaiiy
motive recently purchased Arrangements were made for: the Gi to fill the JTsoaricy of I-.CarollD.
PhU!ips,-resign6df Sergeant '
ay road is too heavy or celebration of Children's day in June
Kyder was' choesu to the .place. .JHe. 16-.,.. ^:,;ii
Bridges on t nat road and also for holding a festivaV a_nd_Ipr_the oeiveTflrty-oce votes out'otflftyttrro,'
ent will be used on. the annual -pksnicT" The~Tchool-is in a flour-: every ni an in the company voting ex* iahing c ondition, the attendance often cept himself. :His 'election was: haUei
7- '
: ; with cheers, and if he seryea In
Bald that Mias H yde's en- exceeding 450.
are a sure cure for the
position as well as he did a§ sergeant, he>
Sons of "Veterans.
rill give one of these enterwtlt-aot-oaly brins^ereait-to Wm«elf»
; the City Hall one week The f ourth annual encampment of the bnthonor to the positloni :
; ' li
t, May 233.
Conneotiout division of the Sohe of Vet- The company voted to accept the lfl»~
erans was held in Hartford, yesterday, yltstlori from the' Grand Army; post t(K
irweathtr and Holiister are 117 delegates being present.
er room to t heir already The financial report of Quartermaster parade on Memorial day. \
tool of Musio. The rooms G. B rainard' S mith showed that tbe The Q. A. B. Drcun Corps
is s tudios for other teaoh- available assets were $139.34, and that
The d rummer boy still has a hold on
hours of the day.
the a mount expended d uring the year the sympathies of the p ublic and thi*
was tl.448.76.
•t of the doings of t hewaraccounts for grand sucoets, last night,.
•gesses lasi night will be The election of officers resulted as fol- of the Grand Army'Drum Corpa^lij .the
lows: Colonel, Charles _ _K. Earnham,
i admissions
ard f or the extension of
LewrglreeL across Gamp 1, New Haven; lleutenaot-oolonel^
oyed the
Q. Brainard Smith, of Camp 8, Ha
oltais, music and singing., ;:-;W^ere
r William street,
ford; major, A ndrew J. E wenj Camp 26, did so exceptionally^ v ell to;
— fjft-r-.
wn, the surveyor, was at Birmingham.
larize would be doing an injujtlee. "•
ler s treet yesterday, and
The programme.^raa a long pne and it
' I>oiuen of the Borough Board.
•on h our some one maliwas a late hour before it' W
; his surveying machine, At tbe r egular meeting of the war- ed, vet the audience did' i mtaeem tc>
t> the a mount of $59.
den and burgesses held Tuesday even- tire but were evea ready f oiithdrel;-, V
ing, the following business was transi, of the Danbury and Nor- acted:
Tts Circa*.
of the Housatenlo road, Propoealfl were received for the oonwived tbe petition from itructlon of eewen on New to William The Boyal olroua arilTsdln town tbi«
Bethel for s pecial trains
iel~5Ba .uanDnry in tfiiT

amily are in town.

LMt ThuJs
brakeman or
the Danbnry
the Housatc
army of thi
railway serv:
fore. At Wi
ing on a side
coal. Marvi:
other man v
some reason
pin w hen the
engine to sht
Of course,:
this, and t he
of the cars. 1
a position t
ran up the 1«


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