Danbury Evening News - May 23, 1888 - McNiff pleads not guilty in the death of Francis Burns.

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Three column article on James McNiff's testimony at Francis Burns' inquest.



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son"?""" '""
* ""~ """• evidence that the dead man was in any ]
"Yea sir."
other row on t hat n ight.
"Did he look at the man ?"
Three men heard noises in the .store.
"I don't k now what he did."
They did not go i nside to find out who
"Did he tell you Burns was dead ?"
"Yes, sir."'
It was but w ent d irectly to McNiff's
"After y our son had f ound that Burns house, a q uarter of a mile away, and inwas dead, what did he do?"
formed him that hla premises were
JttcNiff Pleads ''Not Guilty." "He wentellutnyoors."
"Did he t a one?"
being burglarized. Two of these men
"He m ust have done."
were strangers to each other—did n ot
1101 M> O VER 1 O K T I C l J i I . . .
"How many came ?"
know each other's names. They waited
"I don't know."
for MoNiff a nd w alked hack with him.
The coroner completed the investiga- "Did one person come?"
"Wli»t la the use of Buffering with I
At t he t ime t hey discovered t he sup"I d on't
tion as to how Francis Burns came to "Why?" know."
posed robbery they were walking up Pala in the Side or Hip, Sciatica, Hhe
Kidnoy Disease*, Crick, Stitchee, fiw
frla death, Wednesday.
Turner street on t heir way h ome
"I d idn't see any one,"
neet and
When hey returned
--- The inquest was the best conducted "Did you see any one, or hear any one left him tat t he corner owithaincNiff t hey tried. aroBclee, CoreneM, Lung troub
either loca
f M and Tur- sort of pain or a
one ever held in Danbury, everything
ner streets, M cNiff going down to the seated when a Hop Plaster will giv
know. d
being done in perfect order, and one 'I d on'tou k nowI iton't remember." store to find t he one. two or three rob- reliefP Prepared from Enrffundy Pi
'Did y
•witness not being allowed to hear the thev brought him in ?"was Burns When bers—the armed robber or the u narm- da Balaam, and the pain-killing \
ed r obber, but a« it t urned out. the known. Thousands Bay GO. Boldbyal
teetimony of the other. Sergeant Keat- "Yes I did," (sharply).
'Did he groau or make any noise d ur poor on up M ain Frank iB urns.e ntirely Moiled on receipt o? price, 25c., 5 I
ing had general charge of affairs.
street n an
ing t he n ight?"
different direction- f rom their homes. HOP PLASTZa COMPANY. Bonton.
"No, he didn't."
Whv do-they leave M cNiff t o g rapple
John MoNiff was* placed on the With this rs. R
was e
nd with t
robber o r r
stand, and told the s tory of the oceur- she h obbled Mff outyan the dxcused aast alone?heTu nknown b eing robbed.ohbers
he store is
oor as f
~ ~renoef In full, TUB following being his as possible.
thry-ne-euriesitv to find our who taw
w hat
aking ?
•words :
Patrick Kildea was sworn, but only robbers are orone ofthey are tthree men
By ana by,
"My n ame is J ohn M cNiff. I reside told a bout hearing noises in the store. goes back down Turner s treet o n h i*
homeward ourney. H
on Whitlock street, Danbury.. I have With this t he e xamination closed, a nd down in the jyard w ith a le sees ; Masses
lived here for e ight year:*, w ith the ex- Coroner Holt returned t o B ridgeport. within s peaking d istance o f p h im.
ception of one year spent in B ridgeport.
Knows the s tore has been robbed. It is
I have a g rocery store On T urner street,
twelve o'clock ; n obody around, y et be
and a saloon at the corner of W hite and
does not e ven have the c uriosity to ask
Jves streete. Between eleven and twelve
o n to h is
o'clock t ome one c ome to my house and He Says Burns Ket His Death at the bed asbiadnbeen taken, b ut hgoes appened.
t othing u nusual ad h
Hands of McNiff.
knocked at the door. I was s itting in
re F rank Riley, a nd
my room with my hat. coat a nd shoes Prosecuting A ttorney Burke received Thomas, t here a"Pinkey" R yan, t wo
a lias
off.' Mr. Phalon came to the f oot of the
B urns.
staira and called me. I came p art way the f ollowing r eport f rom Coroner Holt chums otfestifled t hat h imself, R yan a nd
down. M 'cbael Moran was at the door. Thursday e vening:
He told me t hat some one had b roken
BRIDGEPORT, May 17,1S88. Niffsjtore. R yan went away.n extto M cS hortly a fInto my store. I told him to w ait a William Burke, Esq.,
ter Burns left. Whore thev w ent the witminute, and I went up stairs and put ou
Prosecuting A ttorney
ness d id not k now. H e, R iley remained
t hings, and
d own
Borough of D anbury.
again. I started for the s tore DEAR S IR:—In accordance w ith t he :here a lone f or a few m inutes, a nd t hen
went d own t o a M urphy'p. H e says
with threp m en. When I reached the
fltore * ~I heard some noise i nside statuteotifysuch cases pf inding mIade b y nothing a bout a ny t hree nren diecovere with n in y ou of the rovided, hereaa of bottles rattling. I w ent a round to me in the i nquest held by me r ecently ng a r obbery. T ue men say t hat w hen
•the back door and l ound it open. I saw in t he t own a nd b orough of D anbury they c ame a long Riley w as s itting o n
8om« one g oing down through the y ard upon the b ody of T homas F. B urns l ite be s toop alone. They stop a nd l isten.
Riley s peaks U D : "There i n no one i n
•with so me cases of bottles in h isvband. of said
anbury, who came
1 couldn't see who it was, it was so d ark. sudden,t own of Dnd u ntimely death. to there" ( McNiff's store). The men go
v iolent a
I t around t o the b ack o f the b uilding.
There was no electric light or a nythin" is as f ollows, to w it:
I ordered h im to d rop t he b ottles. This 1 find hat aid
o his They t urn around a nd c ->me b ack. O n
he w ouldn't do and I h it' him. I could death in tthe tsowndeceased came otn the their way back R iley passes them and FOR B REAKFA!
of D anburv,
<-m.r> BY ALL G KOCEEi
goes t oward t he b ack d oor o f the s tore
nol say j ust w here I hit h im, but it was
ay. 1688, rom
somewhere a bout the head. He fell. 14thheday of Maused b y fb lowsconcussion The t hree turn a round a nd r etrace their Quakar Mill Co.,
of t brain, c
u pon t he steps. T hey arrive a t tne c orner o f the
Then I w ent back to the store and lit a
lamp. I came around the c orner of t he head, I nflicted1a t the said town o f Dan- building i n t ime to s ee t hrte f orms d iebury, o
1888, by
store, j ust t hen Jennings and Hickey John Mn the of3th day of Mfay. acbury. appearing i n the d arknes. They hasten
cNiff, said town o D
hack t o the street, a nd t here H od H ilej
<ame around the corner. We all w ent
Yours v ery r espectfully,
Ryan nd
<5own where the man was. I took the
FRANK L. HOLT, Coroner. same satoop.B urns t aking seats o u t h
bottles o n the g round a nd put t hem
Now w ouldn't R iley'a s tory s oun
under the barn, and took a w hiskey
better this w ay ? Tne t hree a re s itlin
fcottle out of his pocket. They then
on t he stoop. N o m oney, n o l iquor
proposed to move Burns out of t hat
Bound Over on the Charge of ManThere is l iquor in M cNiff's store. Th
place. We b rought him up then to the
place is easy of access I rom the r ear
hallway to Mrs. Ryan's We were going to leave him at the foot of the'stairs Wednesday at 11, McNiff was brought there b eing a pane of glass out. One r
I said we had better take him up stairs. up f rom the police station in the lower them proposes t hat they go in and ge
After we got him up t here we m adt part of the C ity Hall, and taken to the the l iquor. It is late on a d ark, c loudy
Sunday night. N o one a round. T ue resi
him as c omfortable as possibla We
then left Mrs. Ryan's. I w ent to the court room where Judge Hough, Pros- dents o f the n eighborhood a re a way t i
"wake at Mr. Stevens' with M ichael ecuting A ttorney Burke a nd M cNiff's the w ake a t S tevens'bouse. B urns a m
Ryan go d own to the store. Riley keep
Hickey. I staid there a little w hile and
then went home and w ent to bed. 1 counsel, H oward B. Scott, were assem- guard a t the f ront- T he three m en
come along and h ear the noise. In hi
first k new that Burns was dead between bled.
»lx and seven o'clock Monday morning. He was asked to stand up, and he inxiousnesa to prevent the discovery o
hia;friends h e b etrays h jmself i n s ayme
Pinckey K yan c ame a p to my house and plead not guilty to the f ollowing:
told me t hat Burns was dead. I w ent STATE vs. J OHN M CNIFF, COMPLAIXT "There is no one in t hera"
down street, and t hen to the police
The three men m aking the discovery
station snd gave myself up. J m ade a
go a round to the rear b efore R iley cau
statement to Dr. Wiler Officer K eating State of C onnecticut, County of Fair- aot. B ut he f ollows t hem, w arns h ie
•wag there too. I have been under arrest aeld, se. Town and B orough of Danbury. companions a nd he w ith t he o ther t wo
flBTer since."
To the H onorable the aorough Court are seen d isappearing i a the d ark, anc
of the own a B
o Danbury soon
Then a spirited cross-examination holdenTwithinnd ndoroughaidf town and steps. after resume i helr seats on the
a lor s
took place, Coroner Holt asking the borough of D anbury, in said c ounty The other three m en eo u p to M cNiff's
•questions :
comes William Burke, prosecuting at- leaving t hem seated o n t he s toop. M o- DYSPEPSIAS
INDICES'torney n and
"Did the man have a nything in bis on his oiath of foor said town of Dand in- Niffl comes d own a nd c atches B urrje HEARTBURN : ACID STOIW
ffice c omplaint
ij w hen you saw him?"'
alone, leaving the store. He s trikes

S lok H ead
formation makes t hat on the 13th day him. D id not R ilev a nd R jan c ome Belching wured : by the use of
'Yes, he had some beer bottles."
all c
ol May, A. D. 1888, a t said t own of Dan- back w ith B urns? A re t hey n ot h iding
"Did you speak to him ?"
M cNiff, o said
"I d id; I told him to pu., them down " bury, John force a nd f a rms town henDan- somewhere? R iley goea h ome, b ut by
bury, w ith
d id t
a nd and by R yan appears on the eceoe and
"Did he do i t?"
there feloniously make an assault helps to carry the u nconscious and 'DYSPEPSIA
"No, he kept right on."
urns, of said
"Where was he when you overtook on the body of id rancis Bnd then beat almost u ndoubtedly dead, f orm o f h is
Danbury, and d there a
him ?"
late fellow b urglar u p i nto his m other's
and strike the said Francis B urns sever- room. They were p oinsr to leave him in fnS^H^I^T^V^™ 'b" ;
"Down near the shed."
al blows, w ith some b runt instrument, the hallway, b ut M eNiff t ells them they ^-_ k / the P onintr agents, D oollttle &
"What_did you say to him ?"
a more particular
o aid
"I told him to put them bottle* Instrument being ndescription bf sthe bad-better carry him up stairs, and then ^o^;Ue Druggists, 24 and 26 Tremont
ot k nown y
going for a doctor is suggested, b ut the
said prosecuting attorney, on the head idea is not carried o ut.
"Did he answer you, or look a round ?" and ack of
n eck the
"So, I guess not. It was so dark I and bhe said theoNiff dof thensaid Bturns, It is at this p oint of the t estimony
and here that they all get t hemselves in a nice
couldn't see."
beat with his n sc-and kick the said at. They swear t hat t hey did not. know
"What^did you do then ?"
Francis Burns on his, said Burns, face, that B urns had been injured. No one
"I hit him."
head, imbs, a
"How many times did you strike there lgive to nd thereby did uhen ahis but MoNiff k new t hat he had been
the said Burns pon
struck. They a ll t houghthe w as d runk
head and neck, mortal w ounds, frac- —dead d runk, or to u »e the T urner
"Omly once."
tures and contusions, of which tfie said street expression of such a condition
"What w ith?'
Francis Burns-instantly died, against "paralyzed."
"My hand."
the eace
"Were you back of him, or at the suchpcasesand contrary to the statute in Now everybody knows what a rareitv
m ade and provided.
a d runken man ia in Turner street. If
xront, or side of him ?"
"What is your plea?"
John M cNiff, "Pinkey" Ryan, a nd the
"I couldn't say."
others present supposed t hat B urns w as
"Did he drop the bottles ?"
"Not guilty."
drunk, is it not m ore likely t hat on a
"Yei "
An e xamination was then waived and warm night like t hat they would h ave Orders Urt at stone's Bakery W h
"You o nlv struck him onoe,you sav ?"
the m atter of bail discussed. It was thrown h im d own i n one corner o f t he 111 be p romptly attended to. Post"That's aiL"
"Did you kiok him after he was anally fixed at the s um of 16,000 and the shed but a few f eet away, instead of
carrying him across the y ard and up a
prisoner allowed to depart.
Jigbt of stairs.? Would a saloon keeper
"Did he say anything a fter he f el At n ine o'clock this morning, in the be l ikely to send for a doctor to a ttend or. West WooBter St. and Washlni
a d runken man ? S uch a t hing is a ctual.flown?"
regular §e>sion of the b orough court*
ly absurd, ut it is o xaotly w hat men
"He said 'don't!'"
ihe trial, or hearing, took place. The under oathbhave t estified.
"Did you recognize the voice?"
witnesses were examined and cross-ex- There is one o ther w itness w ho' de"I dia."
"Whose voice was it ?"
amined, but nothing more obtained !ryes_ mention, aud e«peoially w hile
WEDNESDAY, MAY 23, 1888.








Hiokey. I staid there a l ittle w hile and
then went home and went to bed. 1
first k new t hat Burns was dead b etween
nix and seven o'clock Monday morning.
Pinckey H yan came « p to my h ouse and
told me t hat Bn'rn» was dead. I went
down street, and then to the police
station a nd gave m yself u p. I m ade a
statement to Dr. Wile. Officer Keating
was tbpr*- too. I h ave been u nder arrest
•ever since."
Then a spirited orosa-examinatlon
took place, Coroner Holt asking the
-questions :
"Did the man have anything in his
iand w hen y ou saw h im?"
"Yes, he had souie beer bottles."
"Did you speak to him ?"
"I d id; I told htm to ptu them down."
"Did he do it?"
"No, he kept right on."
"Where was he w hen you overtook
**Down near t he shed."
"What did you say to him ?"
"I told him to put t hem bottleB
"Did he answer you, or look around ?"
"No, I guess n ot. It was so dark I
couldn't see."
"WfiatWd you do then ?"
"I hit him."
"How many times did you strike

counsel, H oward B^Soott, were assembled.
He was a*keJ to stand up, and he
plead not guilty to the f ollowing:

guard a t the f ront- T he t hree m en
mme along and hear the noise. In his
.nxiousness to p revent the discovery of
lislfriends he betrays himself in s aying
'There is no one in there."
The three m en m aking t be d iscovery
go around to tbe rear before Riley cau
lot. B ut he f ollows t hem; w arns
State of C onnecticut, C ounty of Pair- companions a nd he w itb. t he o ther th ie
field, se. T own and B orough of Danbury. are seen d isappearing i a the d ark, awo
To the Honorable the tiorough Court
of the T own and Borough of D anbury oon a fter r esume t heir seats on the
bolden within and for said town anc iteps. o ther three m en co u p to M cViff's
borough of D anbury. in said c ounty, The
INDICEScomes William Burke, prosecuting at- paving t hem seated on the stoop. Mc- H E A R T B U R N !
torney in and f or said t own of D anbury, Viff comes d own a nd c atches B urns
lone, leaving the etorp. He s trikes Calchlng Wind !
Slok Head
on his oath of o ffice c omplaint and inall cored by tho UBO of
formation makes that on the 13th day iim. D id not R ilev a nd R yan c ome
ol May, A. D. 1S88, at s aid t own of Dan- 3aok w ith B urns? Are t hey n ot h iding
}ury, John McNiff, of said town of Dan- omewhere? Riley goes h ome, but by
dury, w ith f orce a nd a rms d id then a nd nd b y Ryan a ppears o n the s cene a nd DYSPEPSIA
there f eloniously m ake a n assault lelps to carry the unconscious and
on the body of Francis Burns, of said Imost u ndoubtedly dead, f orm o f b is
Can be procnre<1 cf anj" druggist for '
ate fellow b urglar u p i nto Ms m other's
>.or ( trial <dzo 25 c ents), or w ill be
Danbury, and did tbere and then boat
i nait,
and strike the said Francis Burns sever- room. They were p oin^ to leave bim in , S. byonheeceipt of agents,toDa ny pan &
K C-Hn?
al blows, w ith some b lunt i nstrument, he h allway, b ut M cNiff t elts t hem t hey ~\*.~:::'\f<-^}f Drui:g(b-t5, 24 and 26 Tremoat
a more particular description of said had better carry him up stairs, and then Boston, Mass.
instrument being not k n o w n by the Koinp f or a doctor is suggested, b u t t he
aaid p rosecuting a ttorney, on the head dea is not carried out.
and back of the neck of the said Burns, It is at this point of the t estimony
and the said McNiff did then and there .hat they all get t hemselves in a n ice
iedt with his flst and kick the said flx. They swear that they did not k now
Francis B urns on his, said Burns, face, hat B urns h ad been i njured. N o one
lead, l imbs, and thereby did then and )ut MoNiff k new t hat he had been
:bere give to the said Burns upon his truck. They all t hought he was d runk
head and neck, mortal wounds, frac- —dead d runk, o r to u »e t he T urner
"Omly once."
ures and contusions, of w hich the said treet expression of such a condition,
"What with ?"
Francis Burns i nstantly died, against 'paralyzed."
"My hand."
ihe peace and c ontrary to the s tatute in Vow everybody k nows w hat a r areity
"Were yon back of him, or at the such cases made and provided.
a drunken man is in Turner street. If
front, or side of him :•"
Tohn M cNiff, "Pinkey" Ryan, a ncLibe
"What is y our plea?"
"I«onldn4 say."
others present supposed that Burns was
"Not guilty."
"Did he drop the b ottles ?"
drunk, is i t not m ore l ikely t hat o n a
"Ted "
An e xamination was then waived and warm n ight like t hat t hey w ould h ave Orders l »rt at Stone's Bakery, wh
"You only struck: him onoe,you say ?' the matter of bail discussed. It was thrown him d own in one corner of tbe '111 be promptly attended to. "post"That's aiL"
bed but a few f eet away, instead of ress,
"Did you kick him after he was finally fixed at the sum of $5,000 and the carrying him across the yard and up a
>risoner a llowed to depart.
light of stairs.? W ould a saloon keeper
be l ikely to senrt for a d octor to a ttend
"Did he say anything after he f el At n ine o'clock this m orning, i n the drunken man ? Suoh a t bing is actual- 'or. west Wooster St. ana Wastm
regular session of the b orough court* V a bsurd, b ut it is e xactly w hat m en
"He said 'don't!'"
he trial, or hearing, took place. The under oath have testiSed.
"Did y ou recognize the voice?"
"fitnesses were examined and cross-ex- There is one o ther w itness w ho de"I dia."
especially w hile
amined, b ut n othing m ore obtained iflrves m ention, asurf being mentioned.
"Whose voice was i t?"
mprobabilities re
from t hem than w hat w as b rought o ut That is Mrs. M ary R yan. Four great,
"Frank B urns'."
"When you got along to where Burnt- at the inquest.
rough men bring a flfin into her bed•was did he make any e ffort to strike Byron Dexter made a statement about room. She is asleep in b ed. Sbe bear
,he noise, awakes, t urna over and l ooks
Burns having f allen off of a horse, Sat- at Burns. _ He may be. dead. He may
"I don't k now as he did."
"Ton w ent down w ltH Hickey sod urday evening, but this was not regard- not. Sbe does not k now. Does not
Sired by CLIPPER,
Jennings to take a look at Burns. Was ed as material.
care. She goes back f i sleep. Wakes
ie breathing t hen?"
up in
m CHIAfter-the taking of the testimony, sarily tbe m orning.the ust a lmost Burns. la prepared to serve during the seas
"Yes, he was."
step over
body of
"Was he breathing when you took him arguments both for the state and for Goes out and does not k now be i* dead \w choice mares at my stable, on
itreet, Bethel, Conn.
up stairs ?"
the defense were heard. At the request until told b y her son. W bea t hey
"Yes sir."
did not e
of v he f ather of Ihe deceased, Lawyer wrought him in she w hat was ven mat•'You are positive t hat you struck h im
;be curiosity to ask
foohey appeared to assist in the prone- ter*- W ^—most-certainly never *aw a Clipper, .Tr.. wasfirpd by_jCllpper. I
Island f lying C loud; he by venn
ution, and m ade an address, holding place so devoid of c uriosity as T urner Bawfe. which tood t last
"Whose beer bottles were those that forth that the homicide was a most tin- street is at times. But let a s how band $500 a foal Vsermonthe lack Hof nis
awk w
nd e
jfeliad-?"-,— ^ .
. ^ _ __ .
justifiable o ne a nd should b e punished. come down touldstreet atheirvery onenc ot the celebrated trtalllon EIt.ban:1A
"They belong to, William Leonard,
trotted with r unning mate n 2
these men w
work a
Howard BTSwitt appeared for the de- run to_ theirjipors. A robbery is a ver] Cloud waa rhe sire of tbe Stallion
tut I am responsible for them."
who trotted a mile In 2.26, acd was
"Was there anything missing f rom fense and claimed that the killing, in common t hing there"
But Mrs. Ryan s
the money drawer ?"
nis opinion, was perfectly j ustifiable, on snow when Burns wwears she idid no trotted his mile L nSlsoarttre-ttg
"There was nothing in it,"
as brought nto her jears, when oif leg was broken,
account of B urns havicg been n aught •oom. S he f urther swears s he k ne\m ttaken foment hurf. as lipper's damn
he m rom the t e w C brought i
"Is there a bell on the drawer ?"
"There-Is."-------" ~
sengerroare, and although never tr
earing the store with McNifTs propsecond to n one as for endurance a
"Now, when you struck Bums on the erty.
bter. Clipper has trotted, at tw
head did you s trUe him hard or easy ?" Mr. B urke of course expressed his A queer case.
fairs, three straight-heats better tha
"Easy, rather."
was awarded the first p remium at th
Tooll find her smiling night and day,
mind to the contrary, and in all cases
"How did he fall when yon struck
fair over f our o ther good stallions —B
Although at times aiie Is not gay.
him ?"
Woodward. Morean Billy, ana You
many points of the law were brought
And EtiouJd you Bonder wljy you meet
"I am not positive, but I think he fell out.
At the same D anbury lair. In 1S75,
This ctmstaot smile, regard her r-eeth
first p rpmlnm as a etock horse, w t
She only laughs those gems to show^ '
as his get ; and haa taken several
"Did you have that ring on when you Judge Hough decided that the killing
Which sozoaont makes white aa snow.
m lums and purses.
struck h im?" pointing to one on Me- was not justifiable, and t hat the provoClipper, Jr.'s, dam waa a Morgan
JXiS'e Sneer.
laughter L ends a New Charm
the trotted her mile In three minute
cation was not sufficient to warrant the
To besutjrwben it discuses a p retty set
Description of Clippe
McNiff was then excused and Mrs committing-of such a deed. He also ot teeth. Whiteness, ' when n ature has
^ Mary Ryan, in whose ~hou09 Burns waa said that he did not t hink that certain supplied tbis elemeufc of'loveneas, m ay In color he is-blact, and is slx
points of the evidence were quite clear, be retained t hrough l ife b y u sine t he hlgh, and
* 1,008 pounds. He
jfound, placed on the e tind.
old of good disposition, easy and o
especially t hat of MoNiff, in saying t hai fragrant Sozodont.
movement T an"open-g'alted trotter.
'"Ilive,right back of M oNifTs store. be struck but one blow, and that with "Spslding's G lue" m ends f urniture, « him. and others a:e Invited.t
X did not see or hear anyone ia or about bis fiat, and he did not doubt that it toys, crockery, all ornamenlal.wortc.
would all be b rought outin the Superior
McfiifTa store Sunday night."
'"*'JDid they bring a man into your court
EfJsoD, the i nventor, is very deaf.
To Insure a foal, $15.00 ; $5.00 at tl
place?" asked the coroner.
vice. Mares not duly returned win
He then found McNiff guilty of the Trr the Eureka Coffee Pot, the only
"Yes »ir."
ith foal.
charge on which he had been tried, anc one in use from which a flrst-^elass cup w Persona oartlne wittt mares af
.?'What time wan it f"
, "I don't know. I was adeep."
bound him over to the next term of the of coffee can be made. It is economical will be held responsible for the pay.
and ornamental. For sale by 1*. 8
"_ "Did you see them when they came Superior Court, under *5 000, which was
8en«dJct & Son
i'Sinf" . . - • •
furnished by James McNiff.
•'What did they, do with Burns ?"
•They laid him down on the floor.'
"Where were you'"
,- — ^ , .._. PEOPLE.
Only fools and those who haven't fifty cents
'•I WM in my room." - hesitate to procure a bottie of
The B ams case is now practically Baker's Great American S pecific.
"Did they bring him in your room,?'
over for the present.' The Inquest 1 Take ime by the f
7 Per Cent. Investme
"Vi/ii didn't see them bring Mm in T finished and the hearing • concluded CORNS twill come. Corelock outillon't p uiltt
OUGtlS w rack you. CAPITAL STOCK...
: . -"So sir."
But t hern are still m any Important fact CRAMPS pa na C OUCSfinnotdppendQngr*en F A T D U P
apples to roduce mem. D YSENTERY w eak•'I wae &*lef-D. I woke u p and saw him that, as yet, remain hidden, and f act* ena and distresses winter as well as summer.
SyijBg on Use floor," *>:-^ - '•
that probably never will be brought tc But ir you have procured a bottle of Baker's Great American HpeeUic,
- "fifo»long did Hiokey stay 7"
"Only a little whole." .you can overcome-all these. Cure the COLD, In s
o IOO awl u
**£>id you fiak w hat wa* the matter?" Burns was f ound dead, his head and rellere CRAMPS and COLIC, and check DY8- fromums Kr $ve years. Bpward, a
one ) a
oth lx>an
body covered with bruises of all k ind BNTEHT. More ana betwr; all Jf. E. should tore bonds payable in tlje City of N
know that
- _; ' :^*3Too •want right to sleep and paid DO
Interest seml-annualiy. Prtnclp
. as JIhe doctors say, all evidently Baker'* Great A merican 8pecl£c
jnar» attention to HZ"
made at the s ame t ime and in. the same will care BHBUMATISW aricueltere NKtJRAL- tereat guaranteed by the
: . •'-"•£«,"
r.*Ofttiittlme did you get op, (be next -manner. Two of these, in particular, a GIA. Little t&tng^ |aut or much moment,—
are h
iWsrJ"----^^"'•" ' '- -V •
cut op the t emple, and another on thi Borna, Braises, Scalds, .Sprains,,ealers ealededi- For timber information and
iU application. - Sold by all d
In m
*fraen sue snd eeveo o'clock."
pfclc, each reaching to the bone, were cines atfiocents a bottle, prepared oDly by pampMeta1euappl7.to . : . .
and bleeding auU. Tbere were Samlce, baker &Co.» Portland, Me, Doomtle
& Smith, M and 25 iremont St., Boston, *iilT* or 4eid P*
tffsrau. (wntmkw ca tie






The Trotting Stalli


Texas Loan Age

, Debentur

Texas Loan Age


“Danbury Evening News - May 23, 1888 - McNiff pleads not guilty in the death of Francis Burns.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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