Danbury Evening News - July 5, 1888 - Man attempts suicide by drowning in Still River.

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Andrew Lindstrum, intoxicated and tired of living, attempted suicide by jumping into the Still River. John Brigham waded into the river and saved Lindstrum. Officer Bradley arrived and took Lindstrum to the police station.



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freadwell, treasurer. T heaudi- o'clock S aturday n ight, when those
Orange Wine,
St. Julian Claret.
3 James Doran and Palrick standing i a Fancher's saloon o n W hite These w ere printed in an elaborate
street, w ere startled by a h eavy splash
manner. So a ttractive were t h f y t hat
aeting w as a djourned t o Friday ing i n t he r iver a t the rear o f the place ,be d istrict secretary s ent one of t hem
Looking out of t he door a man c ould be
July 6th, t o hear r eports a nd to
seen m aking h is way slowly a nd u n o the H igh Court at Chicigo.
the q uestion o f l aying a tax.
steadily t hrough t he water. Reaching The b anquet was most heartily en- ioyed. The service was p rompt, and
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Odd Fellows
sitting posture, and finally submerge* everything passed off to the great ecregular m eeting of D evotion his head. An o fficer was s ummoned a oyment of the guests.
rnent, No. 5, I. O. O. F., T uee- quickly as possible. It was Office
C. S. S mith p resided at the b anquet.
ling, t he f ollowing officers w ere Bradley. A man a mong the'crowd vo" 3e called on Mr. Ely of the Democrat
for t he n ext t erm: George
'or an e xpression f rom the press, and
o go in a fter
in, chief p atriarch; Charlf s unteered this shoes andthe. s uicidewen Mr. Ely m ade a v ery able response. Mr.
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light elected Ray Durga, N. G.; him. He was then taken to the station At the close of the banquet P. H.
ylor, V. G ; H. E. Comes, R. S.; He was recognized as A ndrew Lins O'Brien, the d istrict s ecretary of the
ofutt, treasurer.
trum, a Swede, very well known to th state.made a s tatement of the character
of the order, at the request of Chairman
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was tired of l iving, and wanted to di Strrtthr—Mrrcrs«err-lra"-p7ea8isnrotr-"
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be. H e was i moxlcated at the t imethe charity f the order.
r.' O'Brien
John B righam who waded in a fte comes f rom oNew Haven. Mesides him
: respect for the f act t hat the
him, cut his f oot badly on some articl
every f amily are so sacred in
there were present two distinguished
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officers of the order. These were M. J."»
es of the departed ones in any
Boyle, of Bridgeport, chief of rangers,
In Uruguay.
episode is harrowing to the
and J. H. M urnan, of Waterbury, the
, we reserve the names in the
MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay, Feb. 8. district herald. ig incident.
DEAB N EWS:—July 5th we s pent n
Mr. Boyle was ill, and was obliged;to
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number p roduc
period which 1
to-day the n um
Oess of the d em
-«ay hatters I m
pendant. They
the same m arki
increased and a
for the increase
<?hinery is due t
of members of
those "good old
If t ime p ern
the records of
statements of t
trade, t hat if th
times had not fc
liberal laws put
would hardly b
-country to-day
this assertion,
prove my posit;
that if til of thi
elation had fai


“Danbury Evening News - July 5, 1888 - Man attempts suicide by drowning in Still River.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.

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