Danbury Evening News - July 18, 1888 - Incendiary fire at William Foster house.

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An unknown arsonist used kerosene to start a fire at the Foster home. Fortunately, several men, who are boarders in the house, discovered the fire and were successful in extinguishing it before much damage was done.



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Tfie7 DanSury News.

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o a on Well »na Anbo*
Quietly w orking a mong t he r esidents
est Danbnry .
of N ewtown are two men whoee perA. Abbott's Boi Shop, Montgomery 3t.
sonal a ppearance is not (trilling, but
A. F a r m
The Moat Dastardly Case of Incendiarism whose mission is one whtoh, commands
the a ttention c f^jthe people. ' T he_two situated la Ficmtraeaaiitrictconirt'rtlr.t' ot-3_hog»
d _on
aad-tanrsniTTtr&eiefl o Tiand, Tie b aitaiDga a,t3 all
strangers are Detectives A. Esten and In good eoiidittoo. and the land w ell watered In
Ing House, and Fired.
f e ither past^age or
Frank of New Y ork, and they are t ry- geod heart <*Dd saJcaMte -orand 3 cows. B
. horses
"beat r
. T he most d eliberatee a nd p remedi- ing to ferret out evidence to convict rent on aising. t.Alsor7p artlculafst-nnnlreof ooms to
Mam s
tated case of i ncendiarism w hich hie RudQlp-hSlcefEel. tire-supposed Bturdefc
"occurred 3Tiring The present revel ot lh~- er of A ndrew iP*ek,who met his death
fire k ing, a nd too, t he m ost t horoughly several weeks ago at the h ands of s ome
prepared case, was t hat discovered at unseen person. T he clues t o the m urder
A large
for sale, a
No. 14 South street, at d aylight yester- are v ery meagre a nd the evidence t hns prices that n umber fell Farmssatisfactory.ndEncanuoiT
to be
day m orning.
far m ade public seems e ntiiely i nsuffi- quire of
The bouse m entioned stands on the cient to convict the prisoner. The de.00,
Keddlng, Conn.
•west a ide of the l ower part of S outh tectives have succeeded in obtaininti
gome n ew p oints, which will b e an i mstreet, aod a l ew r odg s outh o f the- portant factor i n t b« cagPi b ut they a bstables of the- Banbury— and: ~ B ethel solutely r efuse t o d isclose t hem. DeJttarse
Street R ailway. I t isa t wo-story house, tective Ecten ha-4 b fen i n N evrtown
handairne b lack horse 10 h ands h igh, s
•with a b asement i u f ront, a nd a large since t he c rime a nd
i old, s ouna a rd K iDd In every p articular
been t bern a p-v
rery &tylisa. Sold only lor wai*t or-use*
stoop r unning
ever the entrance put T -pslrtbeOnmrf Central and h aw
Eoaulre of George T. Gregory, X orwalk, Ct.
The f ront of t he first floor is several f r t q u e n t c ooriinunication*! w ith S ho?:£f
^OK BAi.i.
feet a bove t he s treet level, a nd the rear Glover, w ho i j a lso g rtfttl
T he
windows o pen o nto t he g round, t he deft p rosecution tioriff(;-.- c r i m i u a l siicctives ar:d S
( Jlovor h ave
house being built on a side hill.
cc-eae.l i'.i t racine t rtu r oute t aken b y A good easiness top w agon f/cdj. cheap.
\V«a!>eUa' Bakery.
_,„ _ „
Cn t his f loor, o paning into t he back S rfj.-fffl d uring t hsrtay a nd n ightpre* i 3a 1 sr"esttiDTtjcTuT^3ti3re?.f'h-l~ r'' tJiD ? ; ' themurd i Tj p They^Qdave i tarncd
- L ,) j h f rom t b;s
, i . at , ,,, T -.,.,r i ,.,- j
ed by the b asement a taii-?, a ud also by a -:ity, uhat h e was iisqiinuily heard to
The Hfnry J Tacrhf-^tcr
door leading out ra~arTStfg"Stedp at t he sweav V Hpg»a
' nay, t.hf
OD Clapooartl judge.
south side c.f t ha house.
f the
e°S8!flEf Hoaie assi 30 ^ c.The b uilding i8._c_C'i'Upied by William ^t^-.n Fh i ' , i t
:fnpult c
Will reiit or 3Sli svlt^ crops all oa.
Foster, recently cocoticted w ith the whicli t o p pcur^
, i hft
EDcjaive on Premises,) be Til
street r ailway as s uperintendent. Sev- :ive e miled k aowiDgiy a rid
tout n- aid u oi i tmiK i c KB* '* v wy r jpf p
eral of the drivers f or the c ompany
He w as c onflden' t bet S tr.tff 1
board w ith Mr. Footer, and ' occupy
r>-^ c onvict t jri. Thw pm-i t ? ) j L f
rooms o n the s econd f loor, w hich i s which t he c rime wn? c oraujitted h K« u ct
^uflo iiud t h« ' -fO^-ers i oavw n o and lioud."s lor sale on i
reached b y a s tairway o pening into t he
ot B etiiu^it. T nerw is n ot thtEuquire of Y. J. Kl^eit, 25 O^born at.
sitting room.
f l inteev c lue t o t he
UILDING I/>TS K OK SiLF,—On Soutto St..
As the men come in very late a nd are Tne p ersonal
of Pi-ok w t-rt- a
airfield a
lg^la &ta,,
obliged to go oat v ery early, the door at a uctioD S aturday. T he i nterest i n £27,% h o fGo-CJ ; hve., Earrtsou iridn HFalrflelcl trom.
ouse of 7 r Jems o
a cd
a,»^j; h
I iw
c;d ave. , ^
leadicg i nto t his r oom from t he stoop tha a uotion was i ptrfDpn edrtingo ver .liX) <vDy ose uiisa otaIs railiaits un *• an :Umoney can.f-ro.
h aving
a mount o
_L<tople. r rpressntiijg K
has a lways been leftunTo'oEed7~arid wSs Botaford, N tnvtown, L ong H iii a na o ther be a'.x>ve ; balance oa mortgage Etiqolre
left so as u aual last n ight. Mrs. Foster piacw, w<i'e present. C harlts H. P fC'i Rogers, H ull and Hoyt, at H al: &, Uojfers' store.
and her c hildren o ccupy r ooms on t he atid D epiry S heriff H ^yes w ere tb*,UK 3AL.E
Tiie h a t » l w ere b ought
first f loor cf t he h ouae. J erome W right auctionee)?. artitu 1 ,coo to ne« i n^estiog a ny
Two flonata
b-y v arious p
and T heodore Teed o ccupy a r oom di- great atnouqt. T he g oods w ere a pGreenwood avenue, three minutes walk A m
rectly over t he s itting room, a nd T erjy praised at- $300. b u t b rought a l ittle Irom b t-am cars, on tile line of n oise rallrojc held •
T ba ale w as direct to u anbury. 20 minutes ride. V7IU sell lall a '
Mackell- a nd C aarlea R iley o ccupj underthaii t bat a mount.S heriff nG lover. on easy lerins, lor r unner particulars enquire organ:
i hefUpeivisiDti n f
rooms on the same floor. Taese men The history of Peek's marriage and or W U w. Fox, Bethel, conn.
are all d rivers iii the e mploy of t he car divorce h as been o btained b y the ijfSet-rs.
as aoc
^to t he w oma
company.- -In a ddition to these" There
now l iven i u N ewrown u nder t he n ame
are other b oarders in the house.
of M ary Peck, iu 1855 at P bultney, N. Y. An f nd-t-prlng carriage In good order.
&. O llieit, b etfltl, Conn,
At h alf-past three y eaterday m orning Fte l ived w ith her a bout three year*.
Wright was a wakened b y a a trocg s mHli One d ay. w hile o n the t rain i n n orthern •CTO SALE
New Y ork, be gave' his wife tier ticket,
mack \ViOaat
would have t o l eave h er
all the r oom, end nearly b lind him. a few m inuie 1 , a nd the oomrcrcrtor m igh Sewing macnlne %nd t urning latne. W.E.Had
As soon as he was able to c learly com- come t hrough t be pain b eiore h o c ame ley, 10 Elm street, uiiatrary , ^eoon.— .
prthend a nything b e w ent t o the w in- bjick. F rom t hat tigiH cbe <r^w or h eard CU>B BALB.
ao m ore o f h er h usband f or t we6t>-orjfc
dow, through which, beinK- partiallj years. In M arch. 1859.a d aughter was
Hoa-e end L ot
open, t he s moke w as p ouring i n. L ook- dorn to the d n-eitad u -ife. I o 1SC1 Peck The house and lot belonging to Andrew C
ing o ut h e saw t ho f lames e ating t heir obtained a d ivoice h a the S uperior Hlckok, For tenna, etc., e nquire on the prem 37 ^
t his
-Andrew C. Hlcnok, Bethel, C t.'
w ife
way up the s ide of the b uilding, f rom B Uvurt nothing of city, proceedings isea.
point directly b eneath hia w indow.
or bii w hereabouts. At the e xpiration
He aroused his companion. Teed, and of t wenty-one years, t hrough i nformafrie:
by the s houts of fire they soon had t he tion obtained f rom W illiam P rinchard,
i b rother-in-law of Peck's, the deserted
other men out into the hall way.
woman learned t hat her f ormer husGoing d own the stairs they saw w hat band w as l iviag i n N ewtown. S he w ith Cnfurnlshed,.suitable for housekeeoing, o
seemed to be the w hole room on fire, ber daughter, w ent t a N ewtown where T H be rented with board.- Buqnlre 330 Main s
and the flames f anned b y the air f rom »he lived w ithenraged f ort several years.
Peck became
a his d aughter,
the door leading onto the side stoop, it shortly a fter she went to N ewtown, beStore
came she refueed t o m arry a m an w hom The store 51 Elm St., from Jaly 1st.
being wide open. The flra was u nder a
he bad picked out for her. With the
L. K. Aian3n°ia, the dl
•window looking towards the south, and cruelty for w hich he was noted, Peek
had made i ts way u ptho base board a nd turned h ia d aughter o ut of the h ouse
A. D .:
window c asing, a nd also t hrough t he without a c ent, a nd b ade h er s hift f or J.
herself. U nbeknown t o her h usband, A flat of 5 rooms on second floor. In Judd'
side of the b uilding and up b etween thf
walls, w here it was fast c onsuming the the girl's m other gave a nd *5. with Block ; also offices on flrst floor, Itecrulre of
which f belief t the state
o btained
Henry Bernd. ot salt
the OT
employment. She -was married two
While one of the men ran, over to the years ago to M. S tuart, of Rochester, a TO BENT.
• stables aed secured the hose a lways-kept carpenter. , Mrs. S tuart is now s topoin™
at t he h ouse of Sheriff G iover i n
The old Panquloq,ue BanMug rooms, an on Ma
there in case of emergency, t he o ther?
other rooms In the same blocu. KnonJre B« A. partc
WEDNESDAY, J OLY 18. 18&9.

Farms! Farms!















representing Rec'riinjr Ridge, iL>y one h ing a aimll aiii.,nnE of money ciu own
mortgage K
ba aoove
has a lways been lett urTlocEecr, a nd
aotaford. N e-wtown, L ong H iii aiia other ioxars, H nll and Hoyt,oat H ull & Hosiers1uqnlre ol
left so as usual last night. Mrs. Foster plseeP, TWO present. Charts 11. P<c!f
and D e p u - y S heriff H ^yes were t be
and her c r.ildren o ccupy r ooms o n the
auctioned?. T>ie c hatltls were b ousht
first floor c f t be h ouee. J erome W right :>y v arious pajCU'-i^, L O o ne i nvesting a ny
and T heodore Teed occupy a r oom d i- great a mount- The g oods w ere a p- On Greenwood avenue, three minutes walk A mci
Tom s t-am cars, on the- line of b oise r ailrojd held >Vi
rectly over t he s itting r oom, a nd T eny praised at $3pO. bin b rought a l ittle direct w ^ anbury. 2!i minutes ride.
sell hall at
t hat a mount, T h" ale w as
Mackell- and Caarles Iliiey occupy more t han f upei vuyiu o f S heriff »G lover. on easy terms, lor further particulars enquire organiz
under t he
rooms o n the s ame f loor. These m en
The h istory o f Peck's m arriage a nd of \V1.1 w. Fox, Bethel, conn.
home li
are all d rivers i u the e mploy o f the car divorce has tieen o btained b y tbe officers. TC-,OK S ALE.
a_s adop
Peck was m
be wrjmari
company. I n a ddition t o these ( here now l ive» i n arried" to t u nder t he n w ho
N owtnron
are o ther b oarders i n the h ouse.
of M ary P eck, iu 1855 at P bultney, N Y. An en(i-&'pilng carriage In good order.
b. Uilieit, b etotl, Conn.
At half-past three y esterday morning Ffo lived w ith h er a bout t hree y ears.
d»y, w hile o n the t rain i n n orthern
Wright w as a wakened b y a s trong B mnl)
York, b e g ave h is w ife h er t icket,
ot s moke, and t he same e tuff seemed t o saving t hat h e w ould h ave t o leave h er
ISlactt \ V a I u a t K * t l « t e a < l
fill the r oom, e nd n early b lind h itrj. a few r nmu-e 1 , a nd t >he c onductor m ighi Sewing machine and t urning lathe. W.E.Had
As soon as be was a ble to c learly com- C'jrue t hrough t he t iaiu b elore h e c ame ley, ic Elin street, u anbury, cona.
t hat t ime t
aw o r h eard
prehend a rythirg h e w ent t o the w in- bjjck.ore rom er h usband",be %C wec.t>-one
uo m
of h
f or
t hrough which, beine p artially
In M arch, 1859. a d aughter was
Iloa-e &n<l L ot
oper:, t he e moko was p ouring i n. L ook- born t o the d n-et t ad'wjfe. l a 18C1 Peck The house ana lot belonging to A ndrew c.
ing o ut h e saw t ho f lames e ating t heir obtained a d ivpioe i n the fcuperior Hlckok, For teims, etc., e nquire on tne prenv 37^
Andrew C. Uicsok, Bethel, et.
UvU.rt i n
c ity.
w ife
way up the s ide of the building, Irom & anew n othing o f the p roceedings
point d irectly b e~neath h is w indow.
or bis w hereabouts. A t the e xpiration
He aroused his c ompanion. Teed, and of t wenty-one years, through informaW illiam P
by the s houts of fire they soon had the tion obtained f rom Peck's, t he riochard,
brother-io-law o f
other m en out i nto t he hall way.
woman l earned t hat h er f ormer husGoing d own the stairs they saw what band was l iving in N ewtown. She with Unfurnished, suitable for hoosfSfetAag, or datic
seemed to be the w hole room on flre, her d aughter, w ent t a N ewtown where w 11 be rented w ith board.' Etqulre S3u .Main Bt
• he l
and t he f lames f anned b y the air f rom Peck ived w i t he nraged f or several years.
b ecame
at hia d aughter,
the d oorlesdiog o nto t he side stoop, i t shortly a fter she w ent t o N ewtown, bemtorrt
being w ide open. T he fire was u nder a came s he r efueed t o m arry u m an w fiom The store 51 Elm St., from July 1st.
he bad picked out for her. With the
L. K. Ma
window l ooking t owards t he s outh, a nd cruelty f or w hich h e was n oted, Peek
tne dl6t
A. D. 16
had m ade i ts w ay up t he base b oard a na turned h is d aughter o ut of the h ouse rr"K> fij£> T.
window c asing, a nd also through t he without a c ent, a nd b ade h er s hift f or
herself. U n b e k n o w n t o her b
A flat of 5 rooms on second floor. In Judd'3 Ivn, in I
side o f the b uilding a nd up b etween t he
tbe g irl's m other gave f cer J5. w ith
this con
walls, w here it was fast consuming the which she l eft, tbe etata and obtained Block • also offices on a'i- . floor, E noulre of
Henry Bernd. of saM :
tne owr
employment. 8iie was m arried t wo
o( Beth
While o ne of the m en r an over t o the years ago to M. S tuart, of Kocheater, a
carpenter. Mrs. S cuart is t iow s topoiDg
piece ol
• stables aad secured the hose al w ays kepi at the h ouse o f S heriff O iover i n N ^wThe old P ahauloque B anting rooms, and on M all
there i n case o f e mergency, t he o ther? town.
other rooms In the aame blocK. Bnqniie 3« A. part ot
There tire several r ontfuHnts f or i bf Liu ugh.
went t o work t o e xtinguish t he f iro b j
land of
estate f tbe m
a ud everthe m eans a t h and. T he fire on t h<; -al l aw ouits are urdered omn, Marys Peck
of Sami
t hreatened.
carpet w as e asily p ut o ut, although i i relinquishes a ll c laim t o her d aughter,
iiad b urned over q uite a space. Then i t Mrs. S tuart, w ho is e vidently t he r i g h t
That It
was noticed t hat f lames were c onsum- heir t o the e state. J ennie L ockwood.
ing the carpet under a w indow in an- the w oman w ho w sa l iving w ith Peck a t
the t ime o f h is d eatu, a nd who a t f irst
to sell s
other p art o f tbe r oom—the west si
These were b eaten.out a nd not m uch at- claimed to h» ins w ife, p uts in a c laim 2 Large Rooms with ante rooms attached.- aster
court, t
tention p aid t o if. But goon s moke w af tor iioout ilOG w sBts w hich s he c laims is
seen i ssuing f rom a l ittle unoccupied due her. S ae w ill p robably g et the
New BnUdlng, White street. tn a ne
bed r oom o n the n orth s ide o f the house, money. A sher Pecfc,of I owa, a b rother
and epeaisg ifrte— the sitting room of thev deceased, WilJiam Priuctiard,
and tna
'Things b egan t o look suspicious, a nd s Psok's b rother-in-law, u rjd D r. PeoB, o t
July, A
aearcQ w as i nstituted f or o ther places o f New Y ork, a s on of the m urdered m an's rf-Q BENT.
naif b rother, a ll claim t o be heirs t o t h e
the s ame k ind, b ut n one were t ound.
estate. T ne e ?tate h as been g reatly Seven desirable rooms at So. 12 ComstocS
By this t ime the hose arrived and a
stream was t urned on t he s ide o f the over-rated, some p eople p utting t he street. Enquire ol JL JJaragan, 209 Main St. .
houfe, where a hole a foot in in diame- figure* as h igh as t30,OCO. It is n ot probter had hem b urned t hrough. A p'aoc able t hat i t w i l l a mount t o m ore t han 1 to KJCN'i.
WES c ut t hrough t he w all f rom t he flooi tG.OOO.— Bridgeport farmer.
Suit <., 1 r ijonm
above, a nd the flre s oaked o ut f rom beAn elegant suite ot rooms In the Hawley
tween t he b oards.
A - ~ard.
blocfc opposite tne City Hail, suitable lot—busiA N EWS r eporter visited t he h ouse We d ftfire t o t hank t he m any f riends
next m oraine a nd f ound t ha smell o l and neigtiDore W Q U were so k ind to us ness purposes o185or a F tuall family. A pply t.to
oam liarns,
Main screet, LJanbury, C
Kerosene could s till b e d istinguished d u r i n g t he s ickness and d eath o f our son
n b o u t e f c h place where f lre had t een and U rotner. Also t he y oung g tntle- ^ AUTED.
-discovered. I n every ca«e t be l ight b ad mtn who c ontributed f lowers.
been a pplied a t the b ottom r >f a w iadow
Old H ay.
rasing, KO^ t hat t he fire w ould 8 pread__to
"ittfie D anouryftEotB6tEeI "Street Railway
t)ofh the w oodwork aiid carpet.
surtrtesra quantity or old h,iy.
The fire was w ithout d oubr, o f i ncenApricots a re now b eing h arvested ) n
diary o rijiia, a nd the deed m uat h ave Southern C alifcr»ia. S ome o f the f ruit
been d one b y s ome o ne a cquainted w ith measures s even i nches i n c ircumference.
the premises as no one else, it is t hought
knew o f the door b elcg u Dlotked. I t
By an American girl as chambermaid and
was also, s tarted i n tbe m ost o ut of the
waitress In a private family or private boardway r ocm i n t he houee. N o n oise w as
lug House, .Address "Ameilcan Glrl,"Bethel ct.
heard b y a cy o f the f atnl'y d uiing t he GRAVES-DA Y IDSCK-In New M lltord, J uly 7th,
Bigat or m orning. Mrs. Foster and the Alexander K. Gof New of D anbory, to Ml5a
KltUe Davidson,
b'oar<terg were a lone i n the h miap.
hVATn^fhl?TjTgn\.-_Xn r ipnhnry^ -at-t-Oe
Foator-beipg i n-New Y uikr
West, street c hurctt parsonage, J uly I 2cn, bv
="-«• -—I-trwHl-bejememberwlrhjat, thj) Mack tie Rev. C. W. Morrow, William McDonald, of On first and second floors, suitable for m an ami His (
At, reasouaole
smith shops a ttached to t he staWeHw'ere
. _ . IfcpM, Elsie, -youngest daugh- wile, also some stogie rooms. 61 West street.
rates. Esquire at
fired in almost the same way r ecently. ter of J ohn Morrison, Jr , of LargieTTahcafs
The b uilding was owned by J ohn dlneshlre, Scotland.
An a
•Cosier, and was not d amaged m ore t haij HIRTS—DuNLiVBY.—In tbl3 town, July 12th,
by Rev. Father KlUU, Joseph airts to Agnes
^25. No a larm was s ounded.
for gir
Small red morocco purse.bitween the Laka and
SJNFOHD—CCKTIS.—At thg Curtis homestead. Danoury. A suitable reward will be given the
Total Eclipie of the Moon.
Sheffield, Mass,, July 8th, by Rev. Calvin Under I I It Is returned w this office.
Keyser, Kate B. daughter of A btjah Curtis, of
There will be a total eclipse of the YonierSrS—Y-, anovshenleld, to, Isaac K. Ban- TTrAJJTED.
moon nexTSunday nigfit irFioE^wilF ford, M .D., or Sheffield.
^Uible generally t hroughout North and vgNMNo—THOMis—In Southeast, July 4, by A girl to do general housework, at No. 8 TerDaniel M. Barnes, JscS-.Venntng of Georgetown
South America. The moon will enter and Miss I .line Thomas of Starr's Plains, Conn. race Place. References required.






Elegant Front Offices,





penumbra at 9:56 p, m. and the s hadow
of the earth at 10:55. The total ec'ipse
wfll'be«in at 11:54, and reach the middle
at 12:45 M onday m orning The end n i
.—In this town, July 12th, Lena
the total eclipse will be rescued at, 1:36 Lenhujt, aged 10 months.
&. m. This w ill be a fine o pportuuity SCRIBNBS.—In this town July IT, David L.
•for young couples to study astronomy. Scrtbner, aged 77 years. Fuueial from the

nSldence of hta son-tn-law, W. McDowell,
Hull!a H1U, at a o'cloct Thuraday.
LAITIX—In Danbpry, July llth.Xenalf. Lat-


For Tw» Y-»nng eirto

Aged 10 and 15. A good f arm house where
there are no other- boarders, from July 25th. to
September 1st State terms a na reiererjces.
Address Mrs. B., Ul East 4Mb St., Werr Torlc.



“Danbury Evening News - July 18, 1888 - Incendiary fire at William Foster house.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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