Danbury Evening News - August 15, 1888 - Mary Sniffins dies from laudanum poisoning.

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Mary Sniffins commits suicide by ingesting laudanum after expressing desire to die.



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VOL. 19, NO. 18.



Veal is g etting very scarce in market. ;ent8 to be o btained of the c ommitte
at the depot on Friday m orning. Al
The police made four arrests yester- riend?, old and y oung are cordially ic
Mary, w ife of Royal C. Sniffins, a
fited to go.
hostler, has for y ears been a w ell k nown
The p ublic schools will re-open, Mon- The jyouEg people of tho Baptia
character about Danbury streets. A
day, September 3-t
;hureh are m aking extensive prepara
tew days-ago she w ith her mother, Mrs.
There w as no session of the police ions for h olding a lawn fete w ithin t h
Harriet C rosby, moved into their preepacious g rounds of Giles n oyt, Mai:
court this m orning.'*
ent residence in the rear of the p ost-ofstreet. The l awn -will be b eautiful;;
M.isees H oyt and B radley, of the High decorated a ndanrfmiwr'of n ew f eature
Mrs. SnHEns has b een t alking e trangeSchool, are at the Cstskills.
ntroduced. Among others a pink tec
!y for s ome time and h as o ften e xpresswhich will be served at and a fter 5:3
ed a desire to die. She was a bout the
Two p eddlers were arrested for selling p. m. The p arty will be h e'd in th
A Moonlight Excursion.
streets a nd her h ome a ll of W ednesday,
without license y esterday.
afttrnoon and evening of next Wednei
and was a pparently in very good spir- The D anbnry h at curlers a re m aking
ts. A long a bout f our o'clock t hat active p reparations f or a m oonlight e x- A p hotograph gallery has been open- day. If the weather should prove u n
favorable it w ill be p ostponed until th
afternoon she took a pail a nd some iursion on T uesday e vening next. Cold ed in the United Bank building.
'ollowicg Friday.
money a nd started o ut, as she said, to Spring H arbor, L. I., is the o bjective
procure a "growler" ol beer. She was point. It ia an e ntirely new spot for Samaritan lodge will n ot i ndulge i n a
At the m eeting of the borough boar
gone quite a l ittle t ime, and w hen she Danburians and is said to be a fine loca- I p icnic and e xcursion t his season.
:ast n ight a vote was passed w ith ref ei
returned t he s trangeness o f her a ctions tion. T he special t rain o n the D anbury
The K ing street S unday-school will ence to licensing street peddlers t ha
attracted e very o ne in the house.
and N orwalk road w ill leave Danbury
will prove a source of protection to th
She w ent into a r oom where her at 7:15. At N orwalk the p arty w ill picnic at L ake M ahopac on Friday.
mother and one or two others were sit- aoara the City of A lbany, and a fter a Officer D rumm a ccompanied t he cx- merchants in town. It will also have
tendency to lessen tha competition c
ticg, a nd V ith s ome remark about d y- delightful sail across the sound will ursion y esterday, as a peace maker.
the resident p eddlers, w ho h owevej
ing, drew a vial f rom her pocket, and land at the fine dock cf the Iron S teamplacing it to her l ips took a deep boat c ompany. T he g rounds a bout t he Don't f orget t ha K irmess m eeting this number b ut a f ew. While resident p ec
dlera will be obliged to purchase
draught. S hortly a fter t he s ack i nto e resort are fitted up finely, and it is a evening i n the M cPhelemy hall.
icense for the moderate sum of on
chair and b ecame d eathly sick. A p hy- very pleasant spot. T he f are f or the
G. H. Miller & Co., c armen, comdollar a m onth those who come her
sician was s ummoned, and he at once round t rip w ill b e o ne d ollar.
menced to o ccupy an office to-day at :rom out of town will be taxed one do:
pronounced it a case "laudanum poison305 M ain street.
ar a day. The qualifications for a res
Training the Horses.
peddler re
year's esidence
The w oman l apsed into u nconscious,
A n oat and p retty design in a barber dentstate and asixoneonths' rresidence i
ness a nd r emained i n t hat condition u n- The u nfortunatBvaccident w ith w hich pole is d isplayed f rom the barber s hop the
the t own.
the h ook a nd l adderVcompany m et Fri- in M cPhelemy's new block.
til nine o'clock, w hen she died.
Il was l earned t hat i nstead of p ur-day evening, has delated them consider-'
chasing beer she w ent t o the d rug s tore ably i n t raining t heir horses. As t he Rev. Francis C. Hill, of New Y ork,
truck will be ready for use t o-morrow, will p reach in the M ethodist c hurch. In Pembroke district, August 14, M
of F rank Barnum, where t he p rocured
Oscar W ildman, in the fifty-fourth ye's
an o unce vial of l audanum. It is said however, t he w ork will b e i mmediately Sunday m orning a nd evening.
of her age. A bout one year ago D
that she took a p ortion of it b efore she resumed.
A large gong has been placed near the H. E. R emmington and family, of Knox removed a cancer f rom her breai
entered the house.
main door o f the ' company's q uarters. Redding, are e njoying the sea breezes and she rallied well from the operatioi
and for a t ime was comfortable. Evei
It is connected w ith the f ire alarm bell, of N ewport for a c ouple cf weeks.
An Exciting Bunaway.
and t he two s trike simultaneously. I t The m onthly m eeting o f the S unday- tually she began to fail, a cough settle
There is s omething p articularly t hrill- can also be o perated by a p ush b utton
in w hich ended her life. She leavi
ingabout a team of r unaway horses- in t he house. The horses are to be school board of the Methodist church, only a h usband to mourn her loss. Tl
was held Monday evening. 8. .Ernest funeral will take place on Friday at
much m ore so t han in the case of a single trained t o t ake their places at t he pole
animal., A r unaway of this k ind oc. at t he s triking of the gong. O rders have Downs was elected treasurer.
p. m., in Luddingtonville, P utna:
•curred Monday afternoon, and it was been given to run the t ruck o ut at the The Blacksmiths' union "Will hold a county, New York.
by sheer l uck t hat several persons es- striking of the n ine o'clock bell each meeting in L abor Hall, E lm street, on
Youthful Burglars.
caped injury.
night, and some i nteresting e xhibitions Wednesday e vening, and the members
A team cf horses stood quietly before- may be expected.
are i nvited to be present p romptly at The Italian f ru^t store at the corner <
a large w agon w hich was being loaded
Crosby's lane, was broken into la
8 o'clock.
with coal in the D anbury & Norwalk
night, ancTu quantityDfTfuirBtorenTT
Lost and Found.
A m ammoth whale, w eighing seventy- eluding a whole bunch., o£ bananns
yard. _ In some way t hey became f righMrs. George Oakley living on Wash- five tons, and measuring s ixty-eight The burglars broke o ut 3 large pane
tened and b efore the m en, who were
both in t he car, could reach them, they ington t* venue, came down town on feet in l ength, hes been placed on ex- glass and e ffected an entrance throuj
•had started oS on a f urious r un. Near shopping e xcursion W ednesday a fter- hibition near the bathing pavilion at the opening t hus made. . '-'"some of the small hous.es, at the corner noon, and when near MoLtaa's store on Seaside pork, Bridgeport.
"The police were inf<jfm8af-'and OfHe
• of Delay and Railroad streets, a little Main street discovered t hat a valuable
gold watch which she carried, wag mis- Representatives from the various Waggneor succeeded in tracing the the
L- colored child was playing in the road.
to four eight-year-old boys, three whi
/ The wagon struck it ana Knocked it sing. She called at police headquarters, tribes of Red Men in the s tate will meet acd-one colored. On account of tat
at the Elliott Honse, New Haven, next
•down. I t was picked u p, b ut f ound t o and made known her loss. •
youth, they were told to put in appes
be u nin j u red, although it was t horoughly Sergeant K eating advised her to re- week, to arrange lor a seashore gather- anceatthe police court to-morrow,
t*ice her steps up West street, and ing of the members of the order.
order to avoid a locking up.
At a p oint near the passenger station make a t horough search for the m iesing Wheelmen are requested to meet in
She was h ardly out of s ight
o IOT.OQ t t*^« c fiiTYtr* tana nntlirtprl
w ith time piece.
Mean Pllfarlnit.

The Butchers' Barbecue.

Mary Sniffins"TaH.es Her Own Life.

The great state barbecue t o be given
n Wat.erbury A ugust 30, will be managed by the B utchers' P rotective association a nd the proceeds will b e a dded
to the local hospital f and. Bridgeport's
association has p romised to send 100
uniformed' m en w ith a band. N ew
Haven wiil also Bend a bout 100, and
Hartford sends w ord t hat about 100
may be e xpected from t hat city.


“Danbury Evening News - August 15, 1888 - Mary Sniffins dies from laudanum poisoning.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.

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