Danbury Evening News - March 20, 1889 - Borough Board Meeting - Howard Stevens application

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Application of Howard Stevens to be engineer of the new engine received. There is discussion of renting a steamer for the fire department.

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WHOLE NO. 1008.

RCH 20, 1889.
templated Improvements About
Peter's School.

TEEJAITEBSON FIRE. -—St. Several Buildings and 200,000 Feet of
Lumber Destroyed— Danlrary Parties

;WIiat.WasDone at tie Meettag
Evening. •

eople passing St. Peter's school m ay
The ."regular meeting of the borough
re noticed workmen on" the ground?, There was but little business transact- board was called to order at 8:80 laafc
;ting up fences, digging h< >les, carting ed in the village of Patterson,yesterday, evening, Warden Hopkins pre^idL^g:
th and grading. This is the' prelitai- the place but recovering from the ex-« A petition of Jameff-E. QuJen, JBt.al^
T? work of beautifying the premiss. eitement of the previous evening, and was received, for a cross walk to be
•ectly in front of the school building not a few of its residents having remain- i>laeed at tter4pttTsecrtiDn^f"Ftelalantr
ire wifl be a™Iawn, and at the sidei^ ed out of doors all n ight long. The fire and West streets, and on vote of the
pots. There will be two lar^e by which the village was visited, was by board the crosswalk was ordered conIs near the f ront, which will be a mply far the most serious which has occurred structed.
ge enough for any. fanciful designs i n in that part of Putnam county in many- Applicatious'i'rom Ernest B. Henser
svers that Father Lynch may wish t< years. Patterson itself has not had a and Howard Stevens, for the appoint[ulge in. Landscape gardening is out fire in twenty years, so says an old resi- ment of engineer to the new fire engine,
the pastor's hobbys, and it will serve dent.
were received, and the application*
0 as an object lesson to the scholars. At half past six Monday evening, the were referred-to the fire committee.
has a large number of shrubs and cry of fire was sounded through the few The following bill-? were received and
W'ers comiugirooi a Syraeusenursery small streets of th& village^ and a few
1 some of his trees from the cemetery seconds sufficed to bring every person in Metropolitan Rubber Co....".... ......... $76 5O
Peter Sweeney
I be planted on the school grounds. hearing distance to the station of the New York Belting ................... Co ...... 12 09
and Packing
ieparatiug the play grounds f rom t ht New York and Harlem railway, just be- A. L. McKay ...... ... ............ .,.____, ' 13 00
*er garden in front will be a wire low which a v olume of dense, black TheJ. M. IvesJrCo......... ................. 69 M 9
H. Wilcox,
ice and a line of evergreen trees smoke was pouring upward?. The C. H. WUcox ........ . ..... ........ „,.., 12 l»
e play grounds will be of practical large, two-story sash, blind and mould- Feted, That H. M. Robinson and H Williams.
fied to
aefit to the scholars —especially to t ht ing factory of E. E. Wain? was on fire, tax collectors, be nopril 1st. close tbetr aocoont
with the bo rough A
>;y&. This large piece of land in t h<- A small boy passing the- building "
proposed advances Ln/insurance
ir will be filled in and graded, and t ht- noticed the flames, and ran as quickly rates were brought up, .and. during the
lins that are being put in will keep it as possible to the residence of Mr. Waite, discussion a motion, was made and
f. _ A high fence will devide the boj> a short distauoe away.^ The^ factory passed^
ty ground f rom the girls. The ~boyt., facedThe railway on one side ancTaT thorized to correspond with owners of
soon as the grounds are in condition, street on the other. It was about sixty steam .fire engines to ascertain the; cost,
tl have a base ball diamond, and the feet long and two stories in height. To of renting a fire steamer to be
aal paraphernalia of the game will be the south were long lumber sheds, and this borough..
-uished them. As the g rounds are to the west several barns. When dis- The borough voted that* a'«ewer*,be
Bcjently large this' will cause no in- covered the flames had gained consider- built on Ives street, from the railroad
uvenience to the neighbors. The girls able headway among the inflammable line to White afreet.
II have swings on their side. As the material, aud it "was soon seen that the The board adjourned... till rj?riday,
.ter are , not supposed to indulge in efforts of the citizens to save the build- March 22.
dug to curve a ball over the home ing would be futile.
In Friendly Conversation.
ite or to amuse themselves with^leap There is no fire apparatus in Patterson,

. •' ->
- ;-*• tifjg^-.
)g"— Danbury's boast and pride—the and not a length of hose. The fact is Howard P. Stevens, formerly chief of
ings will be put in to offset the boys that with the best of machines no aid the Danbury Eire department, was
ivileges. The entire grounds will be could have been rendered, as the nearest driving up White street yesterday when
closed by a substantial high fence. stream of water is nearly a half mile he was hailed by a friend who wanted
To protect the lawns and flower beds away. The only resource to which resort to speak to him. Stevens alighted and
the front there will be erected wire could be made was the bucket, and as while engaged in conversation another
nces along the path to the school and quickly as possible every pail in the frieud unhitched his horse and" unthe street line. The proposed im- village was placed at the disposal of the buckled all t tie harness. BeforeStevens
ovements are pretty extensive, but hundreds of willing hands by this time drove his horse out of the buggy shafts
ither Lynch intends to push'them for- assembled.
he noticed the trick and then realized
ird as rapidly as possible, weather The factory was filled with saw dust why his friend No. 1 engaged. him in
and shavings, and the heat soon became conversation.
r m itt ing. _____
so intense that it was impossible to carry
Police Matters.
water near it. A quantity of timber and
MLss Collins W ill Appear Here.
3ut two arrests were made last night. a few chests of tools were dragged out, A representative tor-tie^sret.
During the past week the police have but beyond this nothing was saved. The and Deliille> jof the Lyomim
fire when discovered was near the cenide t .venty arrests.
New Torit,^ was hi town yesterday to
Frank Verra was before the court this ter of the lower floor, and in a surpris- try and secure the release
aruing charged with assault of Willie, ingly short time spread to every portion Collins f rom her engagement here liarch
e eight year old son of William Smith, of the building. An hour later it lay a 27th, with Mi^s Hollister, owinjg ta tt»


“Danbury Evening News - March 20, 1889 - Borough Board Meeting - Howard Stevens application.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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