Danbury Evening News - April 3, 1889 - Incendiary fire kills animals in Patrick Murray's barn.

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One column story on incendiary fire that destroyed Patrick Murray's barn.



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RIL 3, 1889.
The C ounty Fair.



jury t own f air has swallowed Two Horses and a' Cow Roasted to Death j Cd.h.t. Evening—Presentations.

mty f air. We are sincerely
in Patrick Murray's B arn.
it became necessary to wind
irs of t his society. Had every The shrill w
the The hall of the W oman's Relief^
r and c itizen of the county I)aiibury andhistle of an engine - in the I looked bright and inviting \s fixtures and large ones h a
N orwalk y ard_was^
Avitb—its-extra flags
interest in the society's
ofaTTTre SuudTiyTnorniug.
, E dwin Hoyt and his f amily first alarm aughn noticed a b right l ight
o£»the president's desk.
Id h ave bee.ua grand success. Engineer V as he was c oining into Dan- extra n umber of chairs inTherehw .'if
to the south
the alr$
inn Messenger.
bury about half-past two, and his alarm some of the members of the corps an<;
aroused everybody w ithin hearing dis- hurrying from one room to anothe
The C ounty Home.
slips of paper in one hand and a >
Officer Tuttle, not icing the same light, in the other. The tables in the
slative committee recently ap- ran to box 32 and sent in an alarm. At room, were loaded with eatable^ llUtf
locate a; children's home in that time the sky was red and huge big cans of ice-cream were stov fin.!
•ounty, were in t own S atur- sparks were shooting up, to all appear- the corner. All those preparatioj ^
ispecled the Turney Bucklev ances, near Town Hill.- Five minutes something to do w ith the second '
aug Street district. "The plact later, w hen the hook and l adder truck versa'ry of the formation of the
} a dvantages necessary f or the reached Liberty street, but a f aint glow which the ladies were about t
1 a fter a thorough inspection was to be seen. The location of the fire brate.
perty the c ommittee seemed was very uncertain, and the f iremen There was a short meeting held j
pressed w ith the site. The turned d own Liberty street, going the exercises. At nin& o'clock th(»
isisted of Secretary of State through Cottage and Su^uv, s^^-~, over bers of the G. A. R. post
througn v owag« u uu o tone . treets,Q_ ,., f_ _
Health Lindsey. Representa Town Hill, avenue and across t^ South the hall of the W omans' Relief coi\k possession of
,_„, .
j '"rnmlaaione
\vley. C ounty 'Commissioner street. The burned building was ad1 Selectmen B ernd, Stevens joining the car stables and the route the rear. President Bell then
nan, and N. T. Bulkley and taken occupied nearly a half hour.
'or order and said t hat the ^
rperthwaite. On their r eturn Nightwatchmaii Fitzpatriek. while exercises would be opened by > -•
g Street they were dined at the working in the stables of the street rail- •The Bugle Call at Gettysburg," I,1 c
way, noticed a b right light through a Addie Grabert and Mrs. Ada i^
window. T hinking it some portion of Mrs. Sarah M. Foster, ex-presiq ^<
the stables on fire he and Watchman the corps^ theix reviewed the vy -^i
«rs._Fan-child's D eath.
Morehouse ran out and gave an alarm. the corps since its organization
;. Hawley, residing, at No. The large barn of Patrick Murray, a March 28th, 1887, with nineteen *l,
h avenue, received^a telegram few feet north of the stables, - was bers, Mrs. Foster as president. s*J3(
•day r ight a nnouncing t he found to be in Hames. As the men ap- stallation took place in the Gran(r he \.>
his sister, Mrs. Douglas Fair proached the b uilding the flames were hall. Their next meeting place
her h ome with h er s on, at bursting o ut, f rom the lower portion, Sons of Temperance hall, and th^,1
and for a m oment the head of a horse members were added at the *
rg, L, I.
lirehild is well-known in town appeared through a window entirely meeting. The following five nv1;
ter of Mr. H awley and of Mrs. surrounded by fire. The animal sud- were -held in Benedict's hall, JJ
sbrow*. She was for a t ime t he denly fell b ack, and nothing more was membership increased so that
encouraged, and secured
of the G rand Central Hotel, seen or heard of it.
i. and UL, the Turner house. An attempt at a rescue was m ade quarters. Then^ came the visit,'1
l, aim of ii.^ j.^..*.^,
a remarkable woman in m any but t he men were compelled to staad post and the reception of n\
beloved by all who came in by and see the — uilding destroyed. A presents. At the end of their fv
b— ~ ~-.-.w*-,/l -f-r*s\-rri •
with her for her hospitality, line of hose was• procured from tfVif* O JIT they had $163.94= in the treasury !
he car
nee and Christian worth.
stables, and a small building near by second year saw them with 'h
saved with difficulty. When the fire members to commence withJMi^
men arrived there was little to do Foster re-elected president. " T K'
Election at Carmel.
Wooster hose company wet its hose for egates attended both the state f
rtlowifig - i« the^—nnion^ ticket the first time, and soaked down the tional conventions. Their
versary was held on March i"
t the recent election in the burning hay.
The contents of the building, includ- and was a most delightfu) >
risor, Odle Close; town clerk, ing two horses, a cow, a calf, wagons, Up to last December they have t, 9ff ,'•
B. Clark; justice of the peace, harnesses, hay and straw were com- relief $55.88. Since their """••
i, Charles L. H unt; justices of pletely destroyed. The loss will reach they have only lost one
e, to fill vacancies, Charles L. $2,000, and was partially covered by in- death. At present there are
imes H. Farless; commissioner surance, The origin of t he fire.itissaid, bers in good standing.
a ways, Thomas L. . Purdy; was -incendiary. It evidently started A recitation by Mrs. 'Captak
'A Rainy Day in Camp/' foll<^
Elbert S. N. Willson ; from the rear, and in the lower part.
reading of the corp's history,
sealer, Samuel B. Clark;
well received. "Singing by Mo
•s of the poor, Stephen Solari,
a duet by Miss G rabeitand MrH
gg Reed; collector, Daniel H,
constables, Thomas J. Casey, The bum is a man who does not sup- was the next thing on the pro.
B. Waring, Daniel H. Howe, port himself, although able to do so. followed by a recitation by \e Beveiis ent
iolari, James H. Clark; inspec- He lives on the street mostly, eatsfwhat
eleetions, Odle J. Whitlock, he can get and when he can get it, and Tramp." A song, "Night is 0v, ~
W. Cole, Charles E. Keeler; drinks on the same plan. Sunny corn- quartette closed the prepaJ^Y
•nstable,, Halcyon G- Rvder: for ers, the south side of buildings and gramme.
n.a.L^j*-'**. ^j" ~-j
of excise, George W. freight cars and public places are his Mrs. Foster arose and addres
chief resorts. The only redeeming trait remarks to the Relief corps.




» t *vyl**A^*~.~,


"' '






“Danbury Evening News - April 3, 1889 - Incendiary fire kills animals in Patrick Murray's barn.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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