Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Danbury City Charter Passes

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The City Charter passes the house and senate. Two amendments to the charter giving the mayor power to make all appointments to office, subject to confirmation by the common council, and allowing the charter to be submitted to the vote of the people were defeated.



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speaking of tho few
first comprised, ar
efforts had raised it i
it now occupies. Th
of t hese few could, 1
Uiis hall to-night,
which w as t hen wcii
financially lias been
to-day. To the wo:
assisted d uring the v
ing t heir best to aid
A. 11., s hould b eaooi

"" j
It is like jr t hat tb a week will witness
the passag > of a res
Iu tho legls- The Largo G athering F ills-the .City Hall
laturojjjra ting a ci|ty charter to Dan—Seven H undred 8H Dowo to the
Tables -Two llundred Outsiders Take
It* la nor
ity years ago t hat
1'urtlu the Proceedings—Tlie Collation
Danbury got iitts borough c harter. I t
Furnished ' by the. Relief Corps—The
V, on the p etition of
"Col" F rank W ells
I I NFANT F OUND was g ranted i n
"Mos# W hite and ot icrs, I nhabitants of
the n ext s peaker i n
the village of D anl inry, p raying to bo ' Two weeks ago tho J ames E. Moore master H ovnns.
Incorporat t l a s a rou
"W»> w orked h ard
the l
wove set post, of D unbury, s ent out i nvitations the a rmy," said M r.
ii« a fternoon t he asInollowslrftt c bartt • t he
t o . t ho d ifferent n eighboring G rand w orth a ride of elev
hlld, a pparently "Bttgina )g at a p oint on the middle Army posts, a nd to t bo p rominent to n top u p two pegs i
river, t hlrt rods \vc»t of t he bridge n ear
For the nrst t ime in
wnu f ound i n the the d wollh tbOfU8ti<Of Stephe.n A mbler, members i n t he s tate U> j oin w ith t hem the a ii as a colonel.'1
, at the roar of tJlenoo f o Owing s aid s tream t o b arn in H c amp l lro u nd r eunion, t o bo held a t Mr. \ Vclls, w ho v
plain b rldpjo; theuuti s outhwardly to t he the C ity H all, A pril 15th. The Women's "The V olunteer Sol
f M cKeover.'
tannery o t Btarr 5j nanfoitl; W hence fol- Relief corps were asked to f urnish tho was s omewhat ovcr
t h e »ast
monsity f t
t ask h
H'd f loating n ear >*l(Ie of tt i n line p i^H^ing d own outh ^e nd collation, a nd since t hat t ime b oth post proud o f othehe ilitary
ow hill ItmeioUu) s
d, A c loth was thereof tbence in| t he rtlimo course and corps h ave been b usy i u m aking stat-c, X ew Y ork, b ut
across t ow street, i leadin.i e astwardly preparations
Connectient h e was t
t he c amp
1 a s tring : was from t he •1plr»co|jal c hurch to a p oint day a fternoonf or embers o ftiro. Y ester- pride. H e was p roud
the i nvited
t$ nook, a stone fifty rod.- southwardly o f the l ine posts began to a rrive in .Danbury. They of t he old comrades
i t he s outh w ide t hero- were f rom nelghlMwing tovrns, and c ame h ind t he b annorof C
attached, h ut o f ; j 'thei ic
in a straight
l ine in t eams, a ccompanied \>y t heir wives. all t he stales C onne
e nd o f deer
by the
w hich
e w ill m ake mi t<> t lie w Mit i'oll«^ing!thehlnl l ane; t hence They were escorted h otels, bix»st ( i e- oneresponsefurnisheda
ine p assing o n ception c ommittee t o
to ( lie c
rom to hi
the west -\d do of <iuor h ill lane to the 7:.'tO o'clock i u the e vening t he t rains ticuCs v olunteers su,
IfeaAfna nrom D atibury c ourt brought i n r epresentatives f rom t he f ol- loss of any single b od
to. RldlptleldT; t hence w esterly lowing p ost**: D ouglas F owler post, was s uffered b y the
following (hie f ine passing O n the s outh South N orwalk ; W adham post, W ator- Cold Harbor. " The
aide oLsni*) i UUgelle|(f road t o t lie p lace bury ; K liu 1 * H owe,Jr., p ost, O ridgeport; w ho w eit> n ot soldie
t he r oad l eadhig rom
ost. rewster, N
for s tabling i<| tinh itontoejs w i t h l ueetiiVJ-lKniso t o fsaid Crbsln pj n.st.Bl lidgotlold;. Y.; Udwin 1 ). with t hose v eteran
1 I 'ro.sbytcrinn
. Terry allied w ith t hem i n
ds of the I lldge- Hidgwlleldj t i<<ar t ho d welling h ouse o f post, R edding; B uckingham p ost, N or- relations, b ut w o w h
e 5: W h i t e p ro- F,li W ildtnhti ; t lieilce n orthwardly, f ol- walk ; I 'pton poet, N ow M ilford; C us- iti t he a rmy k now t h
lowing t luj line pas»iitg o n the west side tor p ost, S andy Hook, N. Y.; and mem- and wo can t ell you t
of n aid l ast m i'iitioned mad t o the d well- bers of the . lamoa E. Moort* post f rom of t your h onor a nd re
foot w idt
ing h ouse b f H awley W i l d m a n ; t hence (Georgetown. A great m any l adies ac- Captain C hristian
in a s traight l itio t o b lind brook bridge companied the visitors.
deserved t ribute to
it r
near t he [ dwelling house o f D oruM-us A f t v r t h o v isiting G rand Army m en u ns. M r. O nion said
(»reeu : thjinie-e t o the M i-thiMliut u ie<>tiug had b tH'ii escorted to the riost's h oad- pleased to tra presen
Pica?, H on. J . hoii(io i iicltuliug t he f ame and t he -hind <jnartvrs a short, m arch wits t aken u i> Miry, us his comrade
presiding, w as wlien'on it s taudH:' thence i ii a s traight previous t o t h o exorcises i n C ity H ull, lik«t t o a ttend s uch
with t he P anbury b aud. T ho m arch i ally w hen s urronnd
rnlng, a nd i m- line to t in) phvoo ol l H<ginnlng."
was up M ain stnvt as fur njfthc bridge, lightg of t he G rand A
weok.whon Uie
J" A N A M K N D M E N T .
tdmistrator, vs. In t he f lnllowlng year t bo legislature countermarching d own M am street as ou t hat occasion. S p
urner H ouse, w
det<i him
granted a c bauge f n t he l imits as h ere- far as t he Tonnimndcr wo* rhere the,and ject iwsigntHlspoke o
with e.xpri'Med: "Tlyit t ho l imits o f the escorted t c C ity H ull. B y eceived KWH rade Wells v oluntee
borough «f D nnbury s hall hereafU'r be illuminated' d look it- was "justim o'clock ing an o faverage o
on I ts Houlh l imits a s f ollows a ny law
be hel<l at the or rxwolut on to th*'' c ontniry n otwith- when the l ine of march wiis taken up. Veterans to each
h ave s ixteen m illion
AT r rrv U ATJ*
ight, to accept standing, viz: b cgljilngatfljopresentline
It is i ndeed a grand
jlutlon No. llf, of t he M IMIC, a t the n orth f ide o f horse When t he G rand A rmy m en a rrived of the work of the f a
island l am> near t in; t nn work* o f H torr at C ity H ull a fter t heir m arch, *ix l ong in p resenMng the U
g the borough & S anfon . those r unning s outh ( <t t he tables r unning ca-tt ,md went and one
of the H
ii'to a n a mount south s ide o f
lane: t hence long t able i n f ront, o f the stage wore f ill- ties country ons the\i>
ad to transact along t h ? s outh
a nd west
»<de ed w i t h eatable*. B etween the rows of the of t hei nepubli
meotlon there- of said lune to the road lending tables wero stationed the relief corps latest
rest o w
from Betjhcl to t he Kplaoopal c hurch ready t o assist t he h ungry veterans. the it w illf behich h a
thenco westerly to tho n orth side of the The atage was t astefully arranged. I n experiment of the pe
t he
highway eBding across the south end of the rear the Jwalls were covered with
hat is n
the tpwii street to deer h ill l ane: large flags, the two post Hags in tho cen- rnent. atBut thead, a
i In the p ublic theuet) u crtherlv on the east aide of said ter. On each side of tUe. stage wero por- stand
pie. We h ave n othi
B NKWS bulld- deer hill t une w ithin t wenty rods of the traits of G en. Grant and Gen. Logan lantic rolls between
st illuminated corner carU>rly of A ndrew Beers' d well- draped in n ational colors. The chair- foe. Knowledge, re
ing h ouse; t hence westerly across said man's desk won placed in tho center and
Danbury. T he deer h ill, lane to the highway leading lx)fore it was a large Grand Army badge are free. We have a
!*•§.._„_*. tA»- * - e*ffect SOUth frdlll A lfred C,n>tmrY'a
gilt be '- *

• bus been adopt>
,a reported f rom



9 ftrsti illuminated
. in Dartbury.
K ol gilt tho efftect
ircd, but this la to
stituttug it, more
>ek w ill DO lighted

2ho$tor, N. Y.t
Mr. Morroll felt
ailed on Dr. Luinwas In tho grasp
ilon. Tho doctor
oHpital yesterday.
•esentatlvo of live
Dliama c ompany,


oeutly said of tho
ty of " Our I rish
.veil t knowit I rish
pom house was
• w i t h H l aughing
UtenUvoly t o t he
>Murmy & M nrith t ears in ( heir

oak«ri need ire

-y t heatre go*m.
»ra House T hurs-

o of V V.'W.
nu accident at
n1! M e^holomy,
ny. H o f ound
• promises, and
on t he grounfl
;>y m eans of a
ling ho poko<| a
• I hownU'rof t he
moo H ashed u p
ingoing, his wbi«il b urning h im


I for U«o c harter
rug store before
!ormiil a pplicaiKKHwary, m id
> oa n not l »< re~
50, CVIMI if t hov
ter. (Jeorpc 2 ki.
'jo Lit Dnulmry,
•*, Too dejrrvo
font Itxiev, and
3ff w ith h niotu«tuliuliou tlit'iv
i* f rom various
t tbo G orman
hurcb, Foster
it 7>W, u uulial
ii tiro-

deerhuJi Tpne: fwit&in tweirty rdrla. df thb
corner ci lerty of lAiidret^ Beers'»dwelling houst , ithfiucej westerly across said
deer biUJ ;ano to ,tho highway leading
south m 11 Alfred Gregory's dwelling
house, tw
rods south of tho corner
of tho
id Gregory's d wellIng hems
nortbofly to said
Gregory' feorner ? thence,!, n ortherly te
t .^
. .„
tho bridg

pie. We hay^ iiotl
>f (Jen. Grant anfl •Q«n,
fantio rolls toetwee
drapedj in national colors. The chair- foe.
man's desk was plaoed ijl the center and. are frt«t>. We have
before it wits alargw Gmud A rmy badge heritage t-6 hand d<
in mounted metal on crimson plush. tho sous of the sol'
At the loft o f' the speaker's desk The Sons of Vet*
was 1 tho p icture of one of Sherman's glorious heritage—
forakers. mEtia Commander Morohouso the laud of tho fit
nipyed for order £h« hall was tineoin- brave.
fortubly crowed. About t Unaisli^sattl
lie spoke of the t
lowor part of the hall and aboutthedoo Veterans in preson
v ery t hiok, Ttae Rev. M
In .184(5 tlio\logifelatu/« took a nother thiv rarowl was prayer w hontki'inombo which has been j
price, and m aintaii
bund In tbo Kfonjucl^ boundaries, a n<l
(juiet. The tables woro almost(t(
The toiist eouelud
enlarged aa is h\ro.wuh sot; forth :
to w ithstand an immediate a addrMtea bv Juo. I.
HOC. 0. * hut. i liot\H)iKli»Henof t he b orough \>o
altered, u u ttio llinti« I horeof oxloudw.l. a nd ta.ok. H eliind the veterans stood U and P. M. Barnmn
ihtit i nxujii or t ho p rwont I tmlu a nd t iuundu- iniciubors ot' tho relief oorps rt»ady to a. l>eing called u pon t
riew t ho fol owitiiT I H>, ndberaw aro o ntnt.llslu-il wist t hem i n tho a ttack w ith a munatioi temporaoeoufllv (o
as t luj i nnl M a nd t >oni(ilitn€M o f n ald b orough, to After t ho prayer b y R ev. M r. M ooi j ot-ts, " Th(< \Vomi
wit: ' Hegl i n i o n Ujo C lrtW>o»nt l ltdRO n md,
and " Tht* e itixon d u
HO e allod, t teen twin we,-*t Blae of UK- t mt n uinA. d ispatch f it>u
ufaetory o l Uoyt, T woifd.V A Co. : t hcuco f ollow- Commander A . M orohouso w olooimx
ing Huitt
ini t u i h v b rldflp tu'ivr M ild s liop; tho v i.iitiuK s oldiorn I n b ehalf o f . Taint Jenkins, e xpivssinjr
foil nvlujj t rio c eiilrt 1 ot t hft r iver I 'UHI- K. Mooro po.st, N o. i n. M r. M orehyus abstuiee w as l istomn
Huuthwiirdly t o t Uo bridtto t,n'ri>n« said i t K UVO h im fii'oiit pleasure t o i nvit Aft-er a iwit^il by
. r iver,
Uio ttlffhwav l omlhiK f rom D au
which well m critc
t)iiry t liroukh Pembroke toTs'ow P ulrflold; t honee tho visitors t o t his, t he c amp lire o gnincxl, a nd an oqt
Hotuhward y t o a p oint I n t lio i H>undary-)lnu he- iJnines K. M oon' p o^t, a nd a UhoiiK song b}- the s ame la
twoen H enry BfDediata l uurt und Thomas T. many of tho old soldiers, ho t hought ment b y I 'erry ( iatl
WhlttloHoy f« nind S ixteen r odsVaslwnrdlv f rom would n o d oubt b o g reatly d isappointec
h ind,
tidn of mid h oundiiry l ine w ith t ho {n t ho r ations, (bey h ud mot w ith m iuij closed w ith ( bt> s ing
iv pHtiMnn}' l oiidliiK t o und ditiappoiutments i n a rmy l ife,and woul! 8yne."
t h r o u g h I I nry i ieni'dlciv i iind'J n o«r t tiolwel bo a ble to o nduro t his.
M any a t i m
On ( he D epartme
Iv i n i
-•" l ine "tu » potn't I n t he n orth l ine they h ud boon obliginl t o eat t heir h uul
of t n t
iv»y l ending f rom t he M iuth e nd of of p ork a nd piece o f h ardtack. H ut l u inandor 1'iorpout w
to H othel, f our rods e uKtwnrdly o f hoped n o one w ould H ud f ault w ith t in William E . M orga
tho p oint '(i interKoctlun o f m ild n orth l ine w i t h commissary d epartment, f or U u>y h;u Fuller.
11 o o f tho h l x h w i i v c iilli-d t ho T own done thoir inll .-»haro. ] <1 ,.\pn>ssinur a do
Tho W omen's l icli
; t tioiiec H outrtwiinlly
d lreoily suv t hat tho guests enjoy IbMUMlvei a.
rmiil t o tho H oith n ltje t hereof; f u l l y a s (be post, i ntended t h«»y s hould sion o f C ity H all t h
up t hi- debris, w ashi
iilh t wenty roif?*; t hcneo WUHIIn >« H tfttlKht l ino, t o >i | ) ' i l u ; n n he I ntroduced W anlyn L. L. H oi>kius.
Mr. H opkins, o ur w arden, trrooted i nn looking fa fter ttheir i
IQ of t he h ighway e xtending t he
Mo^t o (he able
!-er H ill, t wvnty rods s outh o f tho wclcotucd ( ho g uests i n b ehalf » >f t in evening bt-longed
THOi'tlon of m ild Deer H ill road w ith ooroujih. Kuowiue t hat D unbury J iai R elief corps.
iho ronil
dlnsrto Deer l l l l l f rom t he s outh c ud a r eputation f or e ntertaining v isitors ii
ot M i n n - n eel; t hence; w oKterly d lreot+y aeross a h ospitable m anner l it- hoped ( hut t his
On tho s peaker's U
«anl rnj.l 1 Ui«' w ont H ide t hereof; t henee n o t t l i - would be n o e xception t-u ( lie genera in C ity I l n i l , l:\\ s v
t<> u ( mint I n t he s outh l ino o f rfhe rule. D iinbury d uring t ho groat t ight ert v o f J o h n lluluu
llljfll WIIT
fruni M uta^treri t o M iry l irt)ok,
tt*) wioinli
foritor o f t he l ot o f I fuu for t he p reservation o f the u nion w as soldit'r o f D anbur
lUinmn's i i'urn H lund?, i hnnre represented i n oaoh o f tho 1st, M , 5 tb presented ( <> t he n
«>u w iiU'h ' I'.U
wild ro*d to tho e orno^ of 7th, S th, U th, H t h , l -lh, 1 7th a nd -'M Croiuwell, wbo nan
we*t, directly ueros» t he n'gunont.s, a nd ( hoit» were present o ver f orty years.
i ho
w ent
« ldo o f (lu>!H> w ho wen1 w i t h t hose r ogiiuont.s
Although t he pos
tlio «'o.*l l ino of «*ld nxwl; t lienct' This g athering w ould r wull m any o f ( b«
(14 iho W CM l ine n f H nld I nsl j nen- sCeiKm e nacted n i i i u n g t ltosx" o rgnniza- food 400 and bad
h ands, t herv wore m
tile d ofth lint' o f the I itglnvn)
u i i v V M i l l , mi, e nllcd, l it t he tions ( birHig t he w ar! C nmp l ife w itl not c ut a nd p ans o
its f eatuiv.-f of pleasure und s orrow, ol Tt^ow were sent
tcrwoiitiii i >ffu%littwv n 'lWlx; U ioni'e
point of
it H ue t o U io m irtlieiiHt c orner o f Iho n uuvli, t he b attle', ( ho M liout* o f v le- Homo, ( his m orning
in i
IVt H'H d nroiiiiiii h ou>.p; i heiu'o n orth- (<>ry, n nd t ho I ncidents o f years x°no of K sclf o f D anbury
H 'H
wnnlly I n • « tr»lKlU H iw t o t h o n o r t h w e s t e onier by. The I 'tijoytneut o f tho e vening
if KH3*ol! lion's h ind o n M ill K ldit<\e
A great m any of
ifei.cht p rove some s light c ompensation
I* ^^Ulrr'^l l iurti: t heneo I n H » tn»ltrht
A r m y m en stopped
fine t o tho ,11400 o f l >o|ijlining; a n d a ll t hat p art fur t h o h ardships t hen' e ndured, b ut t he l ast e vening a n<l l e
{ t he xjvld l o w n o f p Hi|i>ury I ncludod w i t h i n t ho satisfaction o f ft d uty faithfully d one
fi»rv«o|njr l lViilw, a nd n ot w ithin t he p resent and acknowledge^, of h aying aided in All o f the visitors
llnili.iof t he l iorutiuh o f P *nl>nry, l >e a nnexed saving t he conn t ry .from d issolution w ill
!M« ( he soldier's greatest r eward. T rust- feet n rmngetncnts o
and t nadf * j inn o f >*a! j t iotxniglt of D imtniry.
ing t hat ( he e vening m ight prove »o on- courtesy a nd k ind
joyablr t hat t he guests w ould feel w ell corps.
repaid f or the d ip, M r. H opkins retired. Commander More
Only ( I e sSounto was in sossiou M on- IMorponf. a C ommander W illiam I I. a htandkerchief of 1
uffering f
ost. A
d»\ " Mo it of i ts t ime was d ovo(ed to diphthcritie ltbougb asnd h aving rom H »gohetspborder bout
a ttack
l oft a
the S w t U •ft.-u1. I n d iscussing a b ill t o rosick IHH! to couio to D anbury tuiulo an color, w ith t he fac
eonsti t ti-t Uie board of pardons, and l u- able response i n I x'half o f t he D epart- tho center w ith t he
vest it w j ll a uthority t o c ommute sent- ment of C onnecticut. A soldier he said enoo" over the po
wns n ever k nown to s hirk h is d uty o n any uro and letter* are
«.\\t l t hat more t han one-half of occasion and as he hoped his record ns hardly discernible.
tho ijiom en? of the legislature aeoom- a s oldier was passably good he w ould do Tho post last e ven
pauiod (} nenil Manager* Stevenson on his lx,**t to f ullil his d uty on t hat occa- outsiders sitting d o
that t'.xt luring e xpedkion b ut w evk. sion. I n b ehalf of t he t irand Array o f them as evieat*. T
Munv of those wbo remained at H art- (ho SUite of C onueoliout ho w ould uo- memlH»rsbip, t he
fort! "did lot go near tbo logisUitive balls cept tbo invitation a» wbolly and un- Sons of Veterans aa
t was well k nown t hat no reservedly aa it was tendered. Tho guest* of t he evenn
quorum would IK) present. Among tnbl,ea so hospitably prepared nr»w

< )f I I I ;


“Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Danbury City Charter Passes.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 18 Feb. 2020.

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