Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Special Borough meeting proposed to discuss the possibility of a City Charter.

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A petition from L. D. Brewster and others to call for a special borough meeting to consider the possibility of securing a city charter at the next general assembly.



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A. pennon ircuu
ctb«ns to have the board lay out a Saturday, and was traced to Daa
street f rom a point 00 Paliquioquf as stated ipjyeeterday's
avenue, near Gardner, fcTQhadleyliL_ltte?
tory, to a point on Canal street, ceai -Mm Oaboraesayshe was well di
tfce factory of T. Clark & Co,, and i! She thought f rom the appearance
eyes that he had some mental tr
That the committee on streets be in; to Jay out s&td street La accordiinct This is undoubted)}- the man
with above pedliooiisappeared from New Y ork, an
Fcfetf Tn&t the road COB mitt ee be instructed
toput CanaJ street, from Uie' factorj' t>t I I, A. *hom friends are searching; but h
Bewtea Ca, east, Ln a condition for public dressed some d ifferently.
Inquiry at C rofut & White's f
That the road committee establish a •ihovrji t hat the flrm n nver had a
on tne south Elde of White street, on tM nan by the n ame of K eliey. It i
Mesaer property.
Fofc-4, T hat t be propeny.owners on Turec; deot the y oung man 13 somewh

Street, from tue bildg« east, be instructed TO
-curb aitid pave tbelr gutterd within slsty d ayj After leaving D anbury Kelley
troca Gate ot notice,
to H awleyville, and t hen w a'ke
Petition o f J eremiah B ernd e t al, t c "fuusatome railway t rack t o P it
Order a g rade o n D elay s treet, a nd i n- H - is now at his h ome in B rookly
found h im in N orth Adan
etruct p roperty o wnura to c urb a nc
p«ve t heir g utters, also t o lay t heir s idtHospital Sleeting.
walks w ith t iageins o r c oncrete, a r e
monstrance f rom Harvey Williams a nc
The a nnual m eeting o f the Da
others, and it waa
Fo*ed, That the l atter be referred to th;.
committee on roads and sidewalks.
Foied. T hat the property o wners on Rallroail
avenue b e i nstructed t o c urb a nd p ave t ht-ir
irattere wlihln thirty days' time from dat« 01

Petition f rom L. D. Brewster and
others to call a epecial b orough m eetiot
to consider tbe advisability of p roc arias
s city charter at the next general assembly was read, and it was
That the warden be authorized to call
» special mm Ing at some f uture time to conSkier the above petition, w hich has been presented to the board, and to consider the advisability of changing from a m unicipal to a c ltj

Petition from C. H. Wilcox and o thers
to extend W illiam street south to S outh
William street, a nd to lay out a n ew
highway so m uch of tbe proposed exieoeion as has not a lready been l aid o ui.
Fo<e<J, TDAI the above be referred to t ht
sbonre committee,
A p etition i rom F. J. E lwell, et a l..foi
m four-inch w ater pipe f rom OBborce
street to E llsworth a venue, and it wa>
To put aame In the call of next special
Xxsroogb meeting:.
Vc*«i, That It. J. Brown be appointed d river
for U&e borough, and T, Warner tlllerman for
tte.troc* of W. II. & L. Co.

Hospital association, was held
p arlors of the First Congrega
church, W ednesday e vening, a n
business of ihe year transacted, A
oe seen by the reports, the aasoc
aaa m ade very pleasing progress d
the past year. Mrs. T homas W il<
Mrs, James R yder, Mrs. H. H.
R. H. Baird, M. H. G riffing and
Barnum, were elected directors.
E. C. Barnum, the Secretary c
association m ade the f ollowing re

In presenting this, our a nnual repor
Danbury and Bethel HO3pltal,we take p
tn stating t hat the board of director
every reason to believe t hat this h<
which has been in o peration for the pas
years, is a success, equal to the wi^he
friends and supporters. D uring the pa
under the efficient management of Its r
Miss Hattle Crocker,we have cared for &
one patients, ol whom fifty were ma]
twenty-one females. Of this number f <
have died, f orty-four h ave been disc
cured or benefited, and thirteen are no1;
hospital. Of the s eventy-one patients r
sixty-one have been ward patients, s
whom have been received w holly as
patients. The price charged for the
B131« audited and ordered paid :
of the ward patients Is much less t han t
-McDonald* Begg ............ . .......... I fi,9>ual cost of boarding and nursing them
Jhoiice .................... . — .... ..... ... 3t>r>,fjft Our Income for, tlie running espens<
JL. Mager. balllfT . ..... ......... ... ..... .
64.21 derived f i om collections taken tn the d
o. P. Foote, road ........ . . .
ear;, churches Hospital Sunday, the liberal
5?.fj» buuonsfrom Use f air held by W. Bet
Felix uallager
Sarah P. Stevens.... ..... ..... ...,
Co employees and contributions in ca
visions, cloth!ug, etc., from the many
Joton Marsh tetter,.... .............
JS.Bnrice ................. .,.,...„ .....
iw of toe hospital. Yet even with the Hbe
25 trlbutloiis received during toe p*st yi
45 fiad ourselves in debt, as win be shows
Bamam A Reea....... ....... ...
treasurers report
a. P. Be*rd, for Mrs. Kelley
for ft riffin Fleeter

\vetrust Eome system may be flev


“Danbury Evening News - May 9, 1888 - Special Borough meeting proposed to discuss the possibility of a City Charter.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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