Danbury Evening News - January 4, 1889 - City Charter accepted with amendments.

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A meeting was called by Warden Hopkins to decide whether to accept or reject the City Charter to be presented to the legislature. Many favored the charter while others favored it with amendments, and others who wanted the charter voted down. After much discussion, the City Charter with amendments was approved and adopted by the meeting.



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N,'January 4. Aldermen jto be EltMstwl at L arge.^An
t to-day plead
Immense Meeting.
heft, and was
i state's prison. Prom half-past seven to eight o'clt ok,
last evening, u steady «lream of oitlsons
I>oured Into tho City Hall. When AN ardon Hopkins atopp<*d upon tho p latf< rin
of John M ulm b uilder, who he w an greeted by a sea of filers, i nd
Dd<sat the M an- his cull for order WUH responded to by
\d Twenty- nearly 800 persons.
vonuo.Tuotfday One of tho. most, if not the most mDauhury. He portant q uestion w hich ever came beout hs ago. The fore ft Danbury meeting was to be deU known. He cided at t hai time, and those pen ons
we.ro to decide i t. The business of the
evening was the a cceptance or rojoe ion
of a city c harter, to l>e pn'sentrd to
coming session of t he legislature, mid
in f ront of tho q pminltteo a-ppointod b y t he c itizens
to it-move. to d raft s uch a C harter woVo to pro '

drilled, and on
with a d yuann» of oxplodehe-d and when
larui of danger
•lied. Long he
>ut n one camo.
boon afraid of
dart) not born
iigiwii bore t lic
ovored it o ver
ingor! "

wry p leasant
Episcopal pur*
. Hall o ftteiat-

partioB being
Danbury, and
okllold, d augb•, t ilt- propHetbo Brookfiekl
C recent gnvdsouoot and I*
ie, l^ff, Dykei«d n t John«oii
i> t aken rtxnns


md their troupe
is* at' Taylor's
Tlu» program
idabU* features

their w ork.
IS'o single <juoH.tUw has BO aroused the
votord of .Dttnbury in y ears and a not'
the first p ublication Of the prop
charter i ts ^iseuWion h as o ccupli d a
promj,noiu plaw Jin both p ublio and


Th^re wen> t hose in f ivor

of- tlie Charter, - iv'lii th%s-*« endmontii. What would I >\t ie case i four
d from one
•ectlou. Would anybod r )« hurt or amany
agcnl ? I don't thluk \* will b
Uuuger u s t hat it) a thi that will ever
come about. Tho
> o f, aide man
will bo one that will tun o groator >owera. I f t he
»hou be
democratic yiou haviv (six eounc men
who could be1 r epublican, and w l vt is
moit> f air t hifa that f Thcpu you ha the
election of t hu nmyoiy.vho bun a de ding
Judge Bi-ewsU'r tox>k t hetioor an said
that he wiis very son-y polities had ome
into t he m utter, b ut i f politics an1 iinted he could discuss tho questloi wlth
the g entlemen'of the other sirti He
said t hat it was tho democrats, u the
republicans, who had m ade t he t n t o

The fire record for
months, ha« lieen lai*
previous year iu the h
Tlu> t^talaggregat*} of
ing t he time was 1159
l>een more large fires
year. D uring t hat p
niont bus i^naweiv
alarms. Theivj weiv n
month of January, th
February 3rd, \ yhon th
of J ohn flrifAai on Oo
atroyed, w ith iTlQW of
was sounded from box

government w hat It is. He furthel said :
"In mgiuxl to the' city of Bridgeport,
I must say t liat nobody has saitl t hat
them are oo c ities u nder s uch g dvcrnment a« t hey propose. Bridgeport has
J\l8t adopted tt. and has had no isxporlence w i t h i t. Is t hat a n y t h i n g foi" u s to
go by ? W hy, when the measuiv was
adopted, the B ridgeport JFortnfrToould
not H ud l anguage enough i n the d jetionary to p itch i nttyt. It does not s^em as
if y ou could liRve a ny f ain>r jropiv•ontatlon t h a n i ti t he proposed ebnricr.
Kaeli w ard is repreitented, and ei»ch
these a lderman represent tho e ity us IT
whole. I f y ou are not repn^seitfed i n
each loenUt'y b y b oth J>o\vors, y ou m ight
as w ell not be f epivsented t h a t i««y by
either. Thu g entleman luiys w« have
divided the oily like u cheese. It is as
fair as It could by. \Vo h ave d ivided it
into f our e qual parts, a nd the division
is the most, equal e ver m ade. T
not t wo h undred d ifference in t h population of. a ny o f t he wards."
Howard W. T aylor took t he 11 >r a nd

On F ubruai* £Jd, an
«d fi-om box l <,lfor a s
Tine's b hicksndth sho
On t ho'Jf.th ofiPebi-f
sounded f rom b<|>x :tJ,
U the rear of 45j Lll)o
by 1'. F. HonobVy. 1
tixiyed, w i t h a loss of
An a larm w as p ound
he ."1st of the swuic in
ire in s'x Turnefl stix'
lanuigo w as slight.
(hi t he v veninu o f
w as s ounded f rom b o
men f ound t he ij>ld. s
lorne s triH<t I n OAmos
wit h a loss of .*.^KJ
At 7 p . m. A pril Oth
for a f light tire Au th
West s t r <H<t.

sat (?ow9, A eltizen moved t hat Mr.
Taylor b e allowed t o speak, a nt; u nanimous content was g iven, a lthougn o ne
or two of t he o pposing f action vhispored across the hall for him to sit d own.
Mr. Taylor said he would be i s short
as possible. He Itelievod t hat, U e w ards

ason. The loss Vas
Mary D oran'a boai
tho tire, d epartment
sti-eot, took fire A|)ril
and an alarm ,was Isou
Loss .*1(K).





of t he c harter as p resented b y t in 1 ommil t ee and t how w ho f avoivd i l ,vlth
certain a inendnteiit^, w hile s till | u notlier class wished to "vote t h e BllttjeOl
down a ltogether, l ouder t he e irmunHtanee«an i nteresting p truggle wait e xpec/ted on all tudos, a»fd those who attended t he m eeting wore n ot d isappointed. There w on\O b rilliant s jMMK'hen
ftnd a rgnmentH rnade f or b oth nidot* b y Hiiid : '
At (1:40 a , m, j Apr
we have henttl polities, sounded. The Rogers
gentietnen of the legal profession, w ho
not Imforo those present the pros and now let us h ear business for a m oment." on R iver stivetJ wei
"Question! question 1" ^am« f rom
oona of t heir r vprKK'tivfc views.
cansi-d t hus far ihe

The call for the m eeting was first
Howard VV. Baylor -then offen>d tho
following resolution.
That th«» rule* governing this m eeting
which woulrl permit t he a djoiinnnent of;
the meeting Iw'forv tl»e passing of a previous (piestion o n the report of t he < -oinini(teo,lx' and are hereby snsjH'ndod until a fter i t has debated \ ipon t ho a cc<>iituuoe of au a mendment to the charter,
providing for t he elect ion of aldorm >n
at large, a nd u ntil a fter a notherameiidm6nt?proTidlng for tbo apixxintment !of
all offieos not elected by the people, by
the m ayor, and t heir acceptance by the
bouiil of aldermeu."
Mr. Taylor mud in exphiuution of \i\»

On t he 28th o fj ifa^
house-at t he coriier
as, the c ommittve h ad d ivide them,
were half democratic and half .•ebubli- Sheridun streets Was
with a loss of *3,0()^.
can. Then^ were two of each. He said
ed at 9 p. m.

he had figures aud
to pr ove the The t own was. aWal<
statement, but t hat politics she ld h ave
May :.*0th," by the re
nothing at nil to do with the question,
as the meeting was making a charter the a larm f rom box 2
the f
not only for the present,: but f o futurt fire Intrm>1. irifling n n
F.lm s
w bioh

iHtt th£* polities
the i>eojile,
the maybr, and their aci-eptance by
nothing -lit all to-dd ' with the
•ogram boaixl of aldermen/'
as the meeting wna m aking ; a charter flre in the Griftlng and Perry ;
Mr. Taylor said in jexplanat ion of
not onlyifor the
Kriider- mot I on; ,
Elm street, which tip t<> that
gtnieirations. ^ He. likened
the most disastrous ever stM^r
Thia motion s imply wvovidw* for a f air
* , -to two , oyui\b,t'
puce, of and w|uare hearliiK. I supj>os<* the rebury w ith t he exception ofthe
re W UH port of the w ommittoe w ill give a f air higher a nd n iyro p owerful tha|n NOH. 1 » , 21, *5, 2t 2» n
statement of w hat t hey h ave done. We thw otlier. In the charter the alder- st reet were burned
don't propone to have any porsonp go
«1," Sa- home w ithout I vaving^hud a f ait h earing iQanlo board la the njore powerful. He families lost most oi their
in p any on I ktth of tlu* Hiibje,o|tt mentioned iu t he suggeutod t hat if |tho aldermeii wen* |o effects. Two women jumped \
hoivuii motion. I t Is i ntended t o prevent a ny be qUK-ted f n>m t n« wni-dw, t hefo l>e bnt
o the moot
aldermen elected. H is a«on f or (KHl.
a adjournmentairf hearing." l ug liefore wt»
oftn hnve a f
this was from t he f act that (•(iJispiracy Box t'J2 wits pulle<l at 9:$
an p ur- I}. O. H olmes said :
would I H« lean l ikely t o r e«ult~ F or i n"Gentlemen, 1 rust that beforo any stance, if tin* c o\incilmen of tlu> second, night .luno 3d, for a $;*tX> hla
the no suggested Is taken,
house of J ames O 'Bripu, Liln*
the c ltlxeuH w ill k now w hat t hey a n' d o- third, a nd f ourth w ard* consui,rv t o get It was j ust t hree o'«--lwik on
ing. This mooth g must I K> kept hen- an appropriation for improvements, and
»t Con- until m idnight or u ntil , t o-morrow. leave the f irst w anl i n the c old, u nder noon of J une 18th, when an a'
sounded f rom box 27.; B ut lit
In t ho If any one wishes to a/ljonrn before those
tho proposed s ystem t hey w ould h ave
report gentlemen are t it .•d, or you h ave a dopt- less t rouble in d oing so, as the a ldermen lion was paid t o it by others
Hd t heir nuggostio u.tnev are not to b eal"
lowed to do no
don't ' think we WOV ilof course side w ith tho cojincilmcn tlrvjmeu u ntil givat- -elonds
should adopt a nv
If a t any of t loir respective districts. If, how- smoke wen1 soon rolllng~?Hi)
vicinity of ( 'anal streot, anc
is had time t ho m ajor t y of the g entlemen evei
one alderman i-epi'eHiuits t bc thousands of people to t hat V i
pivHont w ish t o adjourn, they s hould
have a f air chain to do so."
first and second district and one in the was* one" o f-the largest llixw
ule a "reply to Mr. thii 1 and f ourth, tho former < ould not ever s aw. i t originated in At
report- Mr. T aylor in
vcrj well go i n w ith t he l ust t hife w ards box shop. H ow, no one k now
rk, a nd Ilolmes.iaud t he question w as p ut! I t whi o lu.' is representing
first Immense l umber yiiinl, II. A
was carried a lmo taumulmously.
n» had
Town C lerk \ \fakoman, secretary of as v ell us one of t he other wajxls. The machine s hop a fM several otti
deft ot is t hat people at lurjjoj have no
ble ob- thoolmrtor eoinihlttoo read the i vju>rt pro cotion. because t he-upper] c hamber ings wen- swept a way b y t l
of the c ommittee as published I n T HK
with ix t otal loss, of $190,WX>.
NKWH o f W ednesday, s etting f orth t heir (ukliTmon), a *-constituted by It he com- Anjalarjn f nmi box 2/> at 11
for f orming t he c harter a s they mit eo, are b a ldermen who are m erely the nltght o f J une 21st, brougli
lis ifoes
had, and g iving a "review of tin work loe:il representatives, elected by the men to TreadwcH's block, wl
Mini • v otes'and a ccountable t,<) the s ame had i )ri.niu:Med i n the < <ellar o f
hrough done.
tituents as the local eotiuviliueu are bake|-y. fioss sfW.
Lyunin 1). B rcwst<}j' said,:
It u in futft m id t heory no BIMV or less Aii|ularin f rom box 4ft, at
"Mr.Chairman and U«utlk>OT«n—I have
'•-elect - pen requested to s late in g Vnonil, one tha(uu|ioth«>r l ocal b otml o f c oAinciluiou,
or two loading fuature.«t,of t liu c harter niul ciinnot protect the snmoi pco{)le at July j!.M, gavo t lie H ivinenali
weekly which d istinguish i t f rom o ur present- large b y p lacing a cl*ek i qion(the a ction t-h« car stables, whoiv t he li
I ,/ew is you ko f g overnment. T his tc harter, a s of t he l owi'r b ranch'in t heir dKtrU>utlon shop hud l>eo« on lire. It
now', i f s ubmitted l <* ho legislaMore- ture. Is t ol>o again s ubmitted t o t ljepeo- of i >ubUc m onies b ut w ill a dd to t heevils tingtiishod I n-foiv t heir arrl
ftlo for their approval or dbdpnrovifl.
Tnls r hartav has i>wti u copy of t he best of l ocal i i'pn'fM-ntatioii, w liichj l ocal r ep- A s-lilrht tii-e in Ely's bloek
features o f all c ity c harters w e c ould resentation is good, provide! t here- is street, eansinl . an a larm f roi
find i n t his s late, a nd w e were g reatly another Innly u inenuble U> t h4 po«.>j>lo at
earlj" i i the e veiniup of J nly 4l
unking, assisted b y the g entlemen w ho f ramed
which will chock I ts itlivngeitms At U
UI, J uly 7th, Light an
ait a lw> »ho«e charters. .They were all u naniDue local bonnl is s ulBoient for
mous I regard t there,
arj>entershopon Linco
Houlur- powers.n T hat waso the Hrstb eing, ftvo all p ractical purposes, a nil t h » c reation
iiti-ivrs. The p rincipal nnujon w as t hat t here of a iiother local board Is m;edlk!*j ex- was t o ally dost ivyed w ith it
evideut WtHtlp be greater deliberation t han j if pens*«, n nd o nly a dds t o the e vil i nstead Box -'U-was pulled. Loss $2,50
there w as
At h alf past one on the nig'
n proo) feature wa*biut one power. T he n ext of checking i t.
u'regard to rcptvflontHttoui
o more Wo h ave tried to fix it HO that eaeh p art flA vote w as t aken o n U uMV,ttcndmont lllh t he Ih-eumn wore b rought
of the c ity -could be represented: at t his p oint, a nd was d ecided i n i ts fa- alavm f rom box 7. James ]
Bv e lecting v a t large they are
s.ilium on R ailrosul avenue wi
m an
n ot vor by the c hairman, h ut It I ras d oubtt iu the only hK very district represent* whole nd, nnd n count by t he raisin,: of h ands loss»,$r>00. '
is own
Imt t he
i» phice. city. ' There Is no d lsfrauchisement of \fyis t aken. I t resulted i n t lecaiTviug At t lux^ 1 o'clock on the n
for t his any part of the c ity. Tlitru has been a of the amendr^ient by a vote of ;117 to 8H. July K ith a n a larm w as t urut
box 32. A house owned by F
>artlcu- con-uption,made oi«ftIsterrible a mount of
as there in the,large cities
K,r Walsh offered as iin n mond- bry on Railroad avenue was
o few where politics fire as d irty as the waters meut a change of the Hrst portiou;of
i-om 125 of Still river. I want to call your atten- section'23, pi-oviding for al appoint- atroyed : loss, $2,000,
On the night! of August 10th
. Each tion to the fnet that a llofthecltUwinthe
by Ix-ing made the thayoc Shd livery stable caught,, fli^e and
"utate hare adopted this «ime p lan and
ted; nn- have found no trouble f rom such cortKllbythe c ommon c ouncil.
,t to seil ruption. They did consider, at Hrst, the The amendment was curried^ aud ly damaged. 1 An
plan of having some represtmtntives-atfrom box 25.
larice. Th«x> havt* lHM»n none such another.was offered by Sanmel Mahi, An alarm from box ' 7
tooon- adopted to my knowledge, dur- adjourning the annual c ity u ei-ting mito alxnit uoou Septem))er 5th.


.Uthority for thla
Iqaier, in pajrtkwfhen pnly a tw
(poswofj from 125
liiy season. Eaoh
has lessoned; u ni It d ifficult to s*U

to eon>o«e as t ender aiut
turkey. I t is;too
re. Yet epicure*
'ly l >y p arl>oUihg
lelielouu. H now
lie guone niunt #),
U < i iirtlli y , and t his
w.'muy nave h im,

any part of the ity. There has /been] n

imuUvopa terrible a mount of
, i\ t Imre Is in tlm IHJ-RV; cities
where politics tirv lis d lrtyja* the water*
tif Still river. 1 wtilit to cull y our u tU»ntlon to th* fnct that all of«heelMy*l»lht»
have a dopted t his same p in n a nd
nave f ound n o trouble fvom s uch-corruption. They did,consider, at H rst, t he
of having some rcprowntut l ves-uth&vy IHHJU none such
to my Knowledge, d uring the past t wenty years. Where
there any omoer elected at
largo ?,- Not even Uio prmdent. If yon
adopt the amendment us propose<l by
the iMirough a ttorney you a re t hrowing
away tin* v aluable experience o f m any
other ottle*-.' Home miy t hat the m ayor
should h avu vet.o power. W hy, u nder
the sun, do you want- to glvo power to
the mayor o f a e ltv t hat n o o ther officer
of t he P tate has t 1 -taunt to say in iftirard to eomj^'usotion of the officers,
that t he c ommittee h ave i u> o bjection
to t he people paying I their n ervunts as
much as t hey want t o, b ut It rimv In*
right for us to aujcgest t hat it l ^noA tldtw
In any other city. The lal>or of the aland p ounallmon U l ight, a« t hey
comparatively few t imes, and fo'r
hut a few hours at a time. Each-department h as i ts c hief, a nd the board
sits as a wort and l istens to reports u nd r enders decisions."
<>W» or two q uestions Clulrlen W,
Murphy mov«d t hat t he ivport o f the
committee M row by Mr. W akeman bt

ml W treanmn arwodding t r ip Uwt
^ I lie h ome of t
>ne 81 , they f uuud
>em. A largo n um«'ix. T hivo t ilin
WH* spread for th«
imipany. but.the.ro
fter t he m instrel
>um\e minftry]
iso ft) id gnvo the
"They wen1 "Aye" t o the q uestion w hen-put b y .the
chairman, aud there w as one "No." I t
e w edding g ifts
room's parent* ; elo- James J1!. W alsh m oved t hat t he read-. aiul Mrs. George
of t he c harter be dispensed w it h, and
UUDf»,brtile'«« parent*;
Rhopmarea ; parlor the same w as voted.
r>nado s et./MUw M ar}
row p icture 1vh'>m»B James I I. W cUli o ffered a n a mcndlaa j f i i n u i « i jrptiy ;
to the ph,ar*ei', flubslltutlng a xeo.lie ; h auila nuo w orktlon w hich he ruad, for Boot-ion u lghl of
lia H aur ; n and»om*>
tuaar ; not of wwoto. the ehai-ter prowijdod by t he c ommittee,
krnan : counterpane
cuaol k lnney.lletnel; It p rovided f or t he e lection o f f our a lderr.ajjdMra,
UH»IJ u t largo, Tho m ot ion t o a dopt, the
Mr*. .las, Coot-olio) amendment w«>a <M»ooiuU»d,
, Kdward Hoi
Hose Uyaa ; Howard W. Taylor made a suggestion
Mrs, Tuomaa Foley ; that M r. W elch enlighten t he m eeting
ar »poon and D uller
ivs Co»t«)lo ; e legant on h is proposed a mendment. I t w as
Tlljc ; st»l|iary atopsd l>/ t beprldKpoh- voted to s usjM'ud u non-rules as \ vtmld !•«'»m* : Uio bridal lour quire t haf.
James K. Walsh said :
With a ll t he nc\vspapcr discussion
which has U«HU» ' going on everybotly
should I M> a waiv t liat t hero lafii gnfltt
ir J»uuuiy gi ve* us difference of opinion in regard t« this
ut»i*ew Tear T ht portion o f the c harter. I w ill a s h rictlv
lea o t
whs promis*»d/-n as yo^uBjU' »;ye j uv Uliliik f t t his a mencfmeut, a nd why i t
s hould l x
This t ime It Is by
Yon h ave h ad the a dvanUigt
ealled" After All.1 of Judge Bnartifr'a SIHX>CU
the Mad" >has n why t h« ix>jx»rt should bImvo dopth at
who w ant ed "in w ' e ntM'ty. You1
but otio «ldo of tin1* ( j^estjou,
cepjiotl \p**- ^'-'
\ Htory by
In Up iijtv ji
Elsie HuowV WO- lie. wlu'iv

it. "AuBt Jrtue'
lUug" grows uioi

, x»> , \>

TTior 1 1 h

of jhe &mend|ft«iit:bj a vote »f 317 to 88.
* James K. Wal$h offertMl as hn Rniend- bry ou RailroAd;are
ment a ehtujgt^ of the first portion of
efctioii 23, providing for ai appoijit- (hi'tluniight Bf Aj:
uents bjr l>eing. made the inayor and livery stable eauirht
-t ^ t
•atiHed|hj"the eominon conn il.
ly daimiue*!. I JifU J
,The a mendnunit was e4irriedv and from bSx 25. |,
mother was off«re<J by Samuel Main, An alarm fitom IHI
uiyourning t he a nnual c ity u ecting n n« to about nooJ^' Scpfoi
U the f ollowing e vening atT.vil). Gamed, tire in the gtvsvrarto
Motlout w»s made and'seconded t hat
ouU'iulH'r 12th J
he e haftvr, as amended, I H I ulopte<l by
N\e stitH't. wu
he meetitig. It wrji.s carried >y a large As the a larm 1 waa
w as i nrutxl i n.
With t he e XtVptio
n'ix* was no live
District Scl»« Is,
DiH't«mb<«r 14th, wht1
In s pite of a larms that w re u tterly •«tore was eaisily o j
the a id of t he depar
, atorms t l uvt were <
t! was pulledi
and 9ouiotlmvh severe, and ttraetions Qporgc AiUhvw's
hat .were enticing, the follot ing n nmeil ton a venue w^s tbt^i
Ight p'elox.'k, DCH|«JX!
pupils were neither absent ner
soniuhxl froip b
luring t he t erm o f w cliool thut e ud«Hl About t wOiO'cUx'k
Dee. 2
lhHH«m.bi»r ~v>*h, Jol
HUIH acnooi..
donee v n )>e<.Sr H ill i
in alanti w as u iven
ioss w us i ihouvf^,OQl
Sunday m prnlufr,
No. W -Ar b ur Oduuio, M arlon 1 'ulUnff.
No, i ?—Mituu.ue Uroo»8. iwi»fAiM l >.kiiohy ilarm w as s otuiiled
tflo.enco t iartwr. c urriw B OU^UIOU, Noaile f8(K) h laxc, h i"TMon
tu W ikiman strci-t.
NO. i a—Uarry madescomt* p oarllo Ires, The l ast o f the y »>i
iVilburOstuun, L ulu Lio*o, I .Uli«jNoi i lirvp.
for si s light t lr\ i n lj,<
No. IB -Samuel ijiirtne.e«*, A nnjo v ^Unlitcn. Hi^rh s tnK't,
No. 1 i-Allie I lAtnlln, N ellie B«iejr, F lorence
v«yc*, Ettt M eioatf.
No.: 11 — \V\ille ttouiers, M ary LIUoniBun.
i\o.UO—KOQlo N u i , j o^phiiio l ioiuig. Jennie
{ay laond, U una \VlQdlHcli
NO y .lamea Fuller, W iw H umphries,
fi< k l ru», ollvp M a ucnbai luif.
No I—Hwmatt J tfUlff, H»iU« K orthrop.
No. 7 — Nona.
No. f l-^Aibcrt U aldwln, John WlndUscU M aiy
No. S -Wllile L UKO, Frank: riefco.
No 4 -Frew U ufiy, cola IN r ry.
No a-CJooj-jjia l iray, Neliw t ons, V lnnte
No. a —Annie Stevens,
No. l -iNt>ne.

TUo >

Jof t hp
.-amp t he I turtfoi-d

This n>Ucj. if p»>
m a k e C oniHH't-leuti
her sistei's*; and it jit
coiiiiiiissumi'in i t^
mi pppl'op]
fence il iu»d prov[|i
iMad« SIM aix.1; iH*ei>.>4»i
<jble a nd


No-ia-Mlcuacl M adden, v ^rnie Mallory,
No. l i - Luclui Ilawluy.
No. 11 - I'aul M onroo, ClirTord Paje, l lteniy
ta^.leberg i jenjamln TreKdwetl, J ennie i »un,
Mary B *rouni, h iva IJo^ge
No. 1 0-cUurloa r Upp, j obajKaln, lip ward
Warqcr. U «njamln vyaro^r.
Na u -Arcule D urfiy, Bmtr» Craig, Klsle
Leonard, txjn.-* ril"?< Bertha-Jst.iiiT.
No. a-C*eori,i« , K napp, rhitfTpa I'lousor,
Beno W lltielhx, I ra u ontonj Carrie U oyt,
Bertna K ane, M ay Townst-na. |
No 7 - Jame* M addeo, B lancJie Addla, trace
Murray, Leila HP nold&, J - u ultj 8tnlin.
No 8 -bl«»rlU)g r oiiUpf. Sadiuei I'att
Dentiu, Flora U-id,
lorU'lla « ej u uida, Hurt.e
No. B-Oeorgo b^ad
Ward, Addle
Knimn, Mary W lluelin.
. 4—OraaviUf Bainur«,Fre^dle Ivea, Harry
Ntcbofe.' J cfeeott
Benty Hoth, Mary
, K atie GallkgUer,

A Gtfa

MR. R OITOH :— I n
INT. N EWS j lhen> jiv
the oft'ect t hat I wni
ut c lay birds w ithis
u > w> of nionev a!n<
of D anbury. T hstt
nut i n w ithout i njfe
I m erely shiot for ft
for t he c hampion^!)
I m ake t his stjit
right befon1 the s^i
not nor e vev h,a\>j, \t

\n last
ilav's issues of T
iH-tieve, Uy We t-hu
siona o| IK^
and I dcml t
, >^»rl
cjx'dit t o pitioe
vvhloh he naa ^
u friw
No. 3 John Hoen&, llermaa Townaend,
rah dacdley, A nnta K ing, t C D*
l was fjot
have »tigge8tiM\ lxt<ii adoptea. I go n y No. i -John lialdelclul, Eugene At"1- at- G«C
. und
farther t han Bridgeport, where. I n 188T Oakley.
line f or


CottteUo •
on 1«f - profxwecl amendmeufciv" it''"'was
en Til l£ 5 s»t|jary. Sbop- vot0d to s\M«j)«nd
«o«j<i pf tte pridp.'ponWarqer.,
t*tun : t ue b ridal l oaf
No, U-,, _
Ltxinard, I^OIIH t »<?, u u > m» » ,. .^. • .
i^E. Walsh;
No. H -ueorg« K napp, Charles
With nil t he newspaper
tnr^ W Uuelm, I va uenloni Qarrte Hoy i.
whloU h a« Ixwn ' going; on i -veryluKiy Bertha Kaue, May TownsirDO. j
whould b<> awan» t hat t hvrt* U !«f?n«.t No T - j aiiuM M ud d on, Klaticle Addls«
'^or January g iveaun
't' of opinion h i rt'fnuii to thiu Murray, L*iw He- nolds, J
'om*» *i4h» Vt'tvir, Thi' portion of tlu» chartiT. I will a s b rictlv NO 6-bl«rULg(}«>onjia 1
i, Flora
{bU' »h'!% l!'v '^'''i °f ' "'* a nu-ncfas waa promlsed^n
nu-ut', a iul wBF i t iiiUK i t n tuuild l» No. B s> Holds, Bu^.e r i^lpf.
Ward,? Aditlc
j. This t ime it is by
. Yon J iavo h ad t lu
IB catted"After A ll." of J u d ^ o Biwattnr'a
•No. ^-UriiavUlf fiainu«,Fre^dle Ives,
Wubeto, o orgw 1')
t h e Mad" >has a wliy t ho n'iKirt s hould lu» a doptguer,
,«3 who wan d in if« ' ontn'i'ty. Vou l iavo had neDi»l\oth, feary

}ng w omnri
< a ghosl story b
. Elsie H UOW'H''\V\>Ight. " Aunt Jauu's
FelUng" grows mort
nable, i -nrli m onth,
irtment is n ow n ud
Ida Hope, of New
i ijqjup*tlo inanag
wo a dmirable fa»Ul«
I, Urns a ffording l aguidance i n f ollowing
The colored work
1 s imilarly v ahiiibU
" ; needle aiu!

bnj < »tio«lduof


t h ut i n' u n iifty in
wht^v ho
t)f ( Ijo
have miggestcd,, been a dopt*
ini. 1
farther t n an B ridgeport w here I n
tho l ending republican l awyer's of tlu
city, backed up by* m anv . 4 ..
Kent>lcmen, went t o l eglslatun and
forced t hrough, a n a mendment pjx>viflluy |-0|;. \i\tt ' *»;\m;Uou »>f «
at large iu t jjavbUv. t )iu
if adopted, W for tive bent Int^n'sts of a
good H ty g ovcnnnent. They h ave gom
so far as to saM t hat it w ould cause a


Pf HWYPH'Sf.fltJll ' dlCfv'V-

No. u .loUD Hoona, Herman)
ran U HDdiey, A nni« h in^, i cuf K ing
No. i joiiu n aiaciciul,


ind I d»>n1- t hU!
ei-edlt t o plmie i
amee which he lii\ h y
and mrasu was i
Dunbtily, a nd I K
for M lU 1 e hav
pviiv to ni

No. 4 -4lftmc8 l lreunun, F rink Vr . i H arry v w on, - In' h ehii
KocKwcll, A tiulo M reiiuan. h > l l t> HU1, ijitt ,inrieua
No s-cuarles Schloyor, Alioe Colp,
Col<«, A nna HlmdK,' * umlo VVeWh.
No, a C harhw Blwcxia, M 'jift«ow«»ry S mith,
Kate Brunu-in, liatp DouoelV n M U ovomn,
No i-obOrge UQiiUUlor, Jc^hn J iartln. A n-

eut w itrds of IU« oUy. 1 >UV' it \w 11* V'"' 1 1C t-Dlin\i HII.I,
'iiortl6u oi tlie o ountr^
>lis' d epartments (")»and Dtxoil'0 l ine s in>ul({ b«
i 1>*U8, W»U» Hoyt, Charles
No. 9 -j
)<) l iigfjepj. d rumoakley, \.
Browtt, Jeniild Jom-a Franas
i It is, wt» t liiuk, 1'tir t lw
umlntioiu lud.v,
w iif D unbniy to iuccf ot1Hu>rs a,t
No l - F
Uu-g(>. \V« say thai, who are deinqorotf, LeooUdrt. red Caasldy. Uoory Ireland,
Kranols Wa\«u, Kacjo
and of p wlnh
\e v olume who roof t o b e-^fair a nd j ust -in
Aggie W alsh.
matter, and who love the law whiiih
says m ajority shall rule, not • m inority. This list would h ave 1 )i m uch longer
>r all Blood ( Hueiuw Tbe gvutlomoij hav^, no doubt., doue had it 1lk)t been for the m . f o r t u n a t e a nd
»r, -Vuvoii'ti tfolfj;
j(f«M i
out in* ?e<'tioui» iumec%»s«iry d isturbance orcnsioiHHl by
. Hetnember, t hw Is their tlhpy hn luppPJaB ha,Ve tt aken Dan- sickness I n some p ortions of t he t own,
ave. They
•emedy w ith arecord. bury
With b etter w ent h er a nd in p
p uba
d ivided | It
(1 I n the balarico and would a nd htxwe, ix>gar<ll«'S9 as thhey lie h ealth U Is hoped t hat the rovedt e\-in,
n ext
very c laim! It ha* who J lvu Iu o ne p orMftn or ai>- which w ill Iwglu on ^01
; ticxt.wlll
reiuv in thousands of other. They have divided It »0 show better |>**ttUi.
i! For Throat that t,l>e greater, n umber of the JH^p.U1
i, Liver Tom shall p f>t )iav0 DpnPMunbAvlpu Hi t f\ c \ly
• Tbo S uminor
BOTerdmeu^. i t in not Wr t heir
Ing from
at w ith e atiuw eldfrtjr f owls, a nd
I niye aldermen at large.
.» n othing l ike Dr to"In his
lUft m oftj\dU>i», t he m inunor- boinxlo
of ' Ouuupcticut we
MwUoal Discovery— plore tthe fstate n^ept.those dljwtly deupt h
ine a
fter a ll.
act, o
in- B»it a boldave t»>o tc ountr time abe I'nit'd
ud e ver growing in tewBt^l. t hat w e/cifuuot b v a m ajority
I n he
,* e an
lty rt'ith a b ottle
of vot«.ls elect our g t/neral ofllcors. T hat t na r eadily i»« i'l t he e .\>u h Balsam. of
Hotaiile (
ianar, 1889, wholoenlt) be^ajlfjo of something t hat h appened so
long nko tto&t li '>* beyond repair now.
.m^-ij, u t (.'uff'
Dr. A. 1'.
Wp B fiHuld tiot a dopt sueh a s y«temh«n-v
uow/'ftt 8hbuUV1)e'oui' rtuty 10 nt«tv t ^ttl
mioh a form, is a doptva as U b etter f lmn Removed to'iTO M filu K^..,'opp. Wooster
•»>for the holid»y» of our pfK'senti f orm, aud I say t hat if UftB Houso. Dourfr-TUl 0 a. ., l_to 3 p. in.,
do not w ant U. I to oue Office b
*0n, aild you will sar« not better
to $ p .m. Night * it
7' but I gin heartily iu


of D iinbnrv. Th
nut in wiiiioiU in;
I merely sUol for
for t he champtov
1 m ake \h& st
ghl|bcfoi^ nie s
not !*>r e\;tiv lVlV
•xpevt at |tl\ tJ
.ilH>enn\ \ last
.lav's laauifa of rf\


1. \«ooK
'.ut f or h iniwlf.
2. I f y o\ h ave
let t hem get ou»|
.'1. Never.is«l 01
4. D on't p ay
avoid i t.
5. D rink inorif
-iwear by n otjt
hanl t imes.
(i. H ave n o iv^
anotlu'r w hen VO
7. t itit i ^uvioj-'t
not, n f i U t he otJ

the i

you f

done by

i* da
If voi

10. Have symj
11. ( .Udtivate til
and do it t horoiii
it a ll.


V-J. Ifywwfrth

let h nn«tuy Uxcl
li Don't 8j>eft
will answer as w
14. H avo a doi
tion, aod|wb^euj
u d—u oof



“Danbury Evening News - January 4, 1889 - City Charter accepted with amendments.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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