Danbury Evening News - December 27, 1888 - January 3, 1889 - Letters to the Editor regarding the proposed City Charter

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Letters to the Editor regarding the proposed City Charter. L.D. Brewster explains some the reasons for the change in systems. Charles Doran (a Danbury Grocer of Irish decent) explains his support of a two tiered council where one body is elected by the entire city. H. M. Chittenden outlines his objections to the charter and Charles Doran replies to Mr. Brewster's comments on his previous Letter to the Editor regarding his objections to the City Charter. Also, a communication to the Warden and Burgesses from W. F. Taylor & Son, Borough Attorneys, stating two areas of concern in the proposed Charter also appears in the column.



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i S«int to say to tbt^ deuiooi-it40 poitiojj
'; M n, Bi>tlroH:~-Htt-vi .;: ii«nd tlib, p onij of It, If t here Is u uv, t hut it m«?«ta the
Dotun and Tu approval of no d emocrat t hat I have
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tamed w ith, add u nless amended a* i t
lor I n THSE JJXwa, In rotorenee to
should l>a wiU be oppoaod by all! fair,
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i/x'// In Ibis baroitpb. JucLrti
as to tho wanner ot n eot/ltix (lih bOori
takes n pood deal (if pride In
>f a lUermon, I tnkf t li • l iberty id Offer*
'ew words I n support of Mu' P ^ tn lmf alJInp; nay a ttention t« the fact that- on
>osed by the c ommjt ee, a lthough/that the p opular .vote the republican party
the strongest in the last election In
>lan u f om aooofd * t h t he g unoruiiy
iccepted Custom t hat "t would BOelB t|> Danbury, a nd a fter e numerating t he
nnverful i nfluences t hat mttltatod f or
R-ed n o d i'fence w lmt< ver.
Befoi-o d eciding to n i i ke s ueh ai r adi- heir success, he f ailed to m ention an
al I 'hatiKJe- from the g enerally a liooptefl ntlucncc t hat w as more p ow'rful t han
nanner of electing our b ourn o( alderj- he m anufactories on the ym^*ction
nen as is proposed by t he c entlfineu it KMithnciit, a nd t hat was thelKKKaH, T he
vould se^m well to Consider e urot'ully 'act t hat Mat" Quay squeezed out of
he evils w hich It Is hopod wllji 1^> nvoi(J- hose highly protected manufactoriiw
Having an
H! a tid t he I mprovements w hich I t fw vas w hat did" t he business, b ut I f you Do you knowImmei
w hat
loped w ill b e m ade a nd try to a Scertuifi lave t his charter a dopted a s I t i sreport.vlieAior t he supposed p ain w ill w arnnjt •d bv the c ommittee, you will nevd no
MxxlUvund i t w ill b everj' easy t o carry
he uWtlEI' or n ot.
It i s the general c ustom i n t he f orm Of he c ity f or t he r epublicans. ;
self g overnment adopted in t his c ountry
to elect t jhe e xecutive ollicers o f t he v il•Unis ] >olitical d ivisions on popular. voti>, The f ollowing c oiuinunu'atlon w as
ipon a w meral t icket. There arc, h ow- s u b m i t t e d t o t he w arden a nd bui>?esses
•ver n otjil)le e xceptions t o t his r ule, i)s ast n ight :'
Tor i nstance t he pi-esiilent a nd v i('<>-prepTo t
ilcnt, w ho u ndeji o ur e lectqral s ystefn co-Jbeshe fH onorable Boar/1oof W arden and eu ur- Boys' and chllds'
o l Uo B orough, f p anbury, G
may be iald t o r% < >l(>cti>d b y d istricts
and tnoae in sewct
the s tat-cs) a nd also t he e .\eeutjve o lfl- Tho u ndersigned, .to \ vhonj by vote of your
•j'rs o f some of, t he states w ho u iidf<r board was referred ,tho o xamlnatl -o and con•ertain c ircuinstnnees a re e lected B y
of the '^Proposed C hArter for tb^
i'ropioixi c ity < f O unbury, 1 ' would reepecWul[he l e^islaturtjs t hereof.
ly r eport t int., i n acH-ordance w ith said rote we
( ) n t he o ther h and t he c ustom i s ov«n
tne ame,
more m ineral. '" f act, 1 m ay siiy i t l i; and ad uly e xamined a nd considered ccur no us, 185 M ain
mong o
ilmost u niversal, of ele.cti||>i; leJishUivt UH) f ollowingilier augifoaU.d.s ihat o Burnt :lent
i »ppfur>f importance
•>ttltH'n» b y d istricts. T his i s t ruejof b oth to c all y our i ituntlon to tUe » aine, CD w i t :
liraneho.B o f the n ational <'Qngre;« iof Klr-t - An v 'nendment o r InooriioraUon In
il i proposed c luirt<>ro£ some provision whereach o f the s UU(< l egislatures; a nd]
t h i n k 1 C an s afely s ny o f n ine-lenths:of by M ID p 'opo-ed c ty at largf* g nould nave
proper epresontutlon I n t
the c ities i n t he c ountry.- - In f act I j l er—tho r8>imo.ln u<il)«ti»noohe al aw m aking pownfoposed lo a enot k now of o r c annot a t present r e-ejUl cent c ommunleiktIon t oTiiKa BrkviKa N mws, rby
a s iiiKhi c ity w here t his c ustom docs l iot
Uonui, (ont- of y our Ixmnl}.
prcvaiij n or h ave I h oy a dvocated o fitlie
1 -Tho l ucorporaUon of ine f ollowing
uropowd c hange l uunod one c ity e ject- provision f or t he spetHl. correction of any erIng e ither b runch o f its I 'omnion c|)iin- rors t hat may at t iny t ime occur In the asseev
UK'iits < if b i'iiefltH o r diun«g«s I n t he l ayout o r
cil u pon a g eneral t i c k e t .
The l iinin f eatures o f t h e p resent |sys.- iviiwinirUoii I n staid c ity eot now bp ublic *-o I^R,
Itmnytn s wld u»t w
htatute Unit i overs such C P8«B; But 8 WM
ly t he tesult o f w >veral, h undred y<'ilrs found I n Mie 8 t«vens caf<e. t he loognatfo of Uie
experience a nd s tudy o f the m utuige- gi tier t l ac' a ftordR R»rue I'natio* tor doubt, we
would i svikiKTsi the f ollnMng, vis.;
ment o f m unii'ipal a R'airs, a nd
there a re d oubtless Inipcrfwtlous F fTllu "In n il Criae-* of usecssm m s of damages oV
b*'iR'(lts t or t iioucinatruciloh, of p ublic works,
sMsteni, t he e vil s hould b e v ery ti
S uperior court
aiJd t h)' n >medy e <piallV o bvious t jiat •ny judged othe thcr*l-e, .concctmiy, by ren ro
would I w arrant" sf> radical a ehange! us iis-owinuuvt be,mown to e xl't in t ^ony errors
wuli-li r
report or
the n bandoninont o f the g enerally i u-- BObddnte or saUl assessmenta, provldea teason<-epted m ethed o f tho board o f a liijer- nb o •once b • i flveu to any persons not before
men b y d istrict** o r w ards, a nd s ul^ti 8-1 Id J uJ^e who t uny In I njuriously affected by
tdtihm,lherCfoji t he^iutried m ethod; o Uie c orrect 1 i nvor saul errurs, t '> a ppe.rand
elf'cting t heiri u poii a g eneral t icket i^s i snow cause s« h y jwild c orrections should not orm:itie ; b ut r.ld utl^e i nuy without, notice c
r> i 'C
mlsdfacripIf is t n i e U h n t c ertain, i ntlividu:il> ijon.i,m >Uiltfo<tt icH'ricul errors Dnd person interi rucn i s evident t h-t O
'id ,/ournn/.-/ fire' atlrocatlng sttplf n
linn been mlaled thereby."
uingt* I n X ew York c i(y, b ut fheyyre Ail Q[ wiiu'ii !»• respeocmily submitted.
Jfieir i fnsons f uliv f or the prop<»e^l
Borough A tcorneyt I
jiiiiirie, w hich an1 t hat t he v otci-sof cer- Danburj-, J anuary 2,185,9.
lin w&rcteareso i gnorant a nd viofctw
nit they Inofet invariably send disuonAn
bt and eornip't men to represent f Hem
n t he board of a ldermen, and it is proM u. K DITOR :— You ni-«» s nnnofvd t o


185 M ai

"P,-. . -•:.- • •«••
' ! ? ' ' • • • [ • il

'•i- _ \- '\ 1 ft njpt'f i &** ' jtrtl "&S t?"W jLOrtt 1C J t VL~ IJX^IE <tiH!€fVl"'.!al'tV'€'f

Bful i ai»<3 ' tunsuec >8fliftcenflia^rj; are till
, and oot a lfew rooddnigfit e neouh er«
oe h ave rc.oei'vec re-'
fuse t^> m ake pi >li<>
ler t hean; ground
only a dd to |be Ml-


their jr*aaon« f ully for t oe proptfseft
Boroug tx AtjtorBejTt'

elnince, • which' an» that the, voter* of «er- Daabury,
tiiin war(ln aro «o -ignoraut and vicfcns
t hat t jlM'v inofet InvurirtblyNrnd di.*lf>n- |
'An Uuisxj»e«tod
ml and corrupt men to'-ivprNWttt tnem 1
iiju t hf board of a ldermen, and it la jirt)You aiv supposed to l>e
l o feil t o t ake f rom these ignorant ison- Mit. Rm«p
slltue|iH'li\ t he rlglK' t o elect a n • f tlijer- A! authorit on osculation. Explain
i i aiH>ff t ljteir O WIH Choiee a mi vest f t h e 1 1 Incident If y ou c an. A t
light Idcuooge a ll n ldemuMi i n the votes scat
( f the c ity at luvge, in the hope t hat] t he Stf heriuj; a ti the house of n prominent
c-itixen on an e vening of Chriatipoaweek,
r, came to t bje IM i(>e general iulelllgdnoo of the rwiiole H ty ci
AvouM be # otnu0h greater t hat a l uster
ilch Sergeai it K at- elass of mon w ould be e lected. In o ther a mistletoe bough w a» 8usix>nilwJ iu n
i'onspicuousj p osition. B y the merest
:1 f ound t rue «. A Ive words, i t U a n a t t e m p t t o t ake from 'cer- ('i
chance a c oy m
tain d istricts t he r ight t o elect a ldertneu \V I u nconsciousaiden .stood b eneath i t,
duud o n t in , ^ jA (
o f her dangerous s ituabecause t lif v oters o f t hose d btiitsts!, a rc Iall
I South K tr "«, ter too I ghorttnt a nd c orrupt t o Use t h a t t,\v
tion. U y l u<v s idojwasja h uahful y outh.'
Ireet fire. TUO lay light; w isely, thereby e ndangering j t he cl f emale r elative of tin* l att<>r,4ier wlUs
sluirjiciicd by l oirg experience. O&tu&ht
iiily are positive nit vast i nterests o f the c ity.
( 1 e s i t u a t i o n a t a g laut-e, a nd e rieiLout,
•re, M onday n ight nul The c ommittee propose t o g i v e : o ne t t I ' l l f ilye y ou a d ollar i f you w ilr kiss
alderman t o e ach o f r ue proposed f our h<er." T he b aslifnl y outh, u nable t o releft t here t >ot\ •en wards o f the c i t y , b ut if I understand
•n. a nd f rom e($ ain the c ommunications i n q uestion ' cor- si( st t i n - d r>\il)l(> t cmptati<»i,-^|i/.ed t he
( ' oy m aiden i n his a rms, a nd u rmplte o f
that i t wa •4 not l ) U t rect l v, t hey a re based u pon t he a ssump- er f r a n t i c st r ug-rles, succeeded in h u*.
tion t h a t t he s upposed d emocratic [ ma- * r i u t i i i ^ a r esounding k iss u uou her,
e last tn*e.
oritiy in t he proposed f o u r t h w ard w fould
the be s ufHoiont to ovoroouui f ho • « upijowd hishiug c heek, w hile t he usgt*mble<.l
gallon of < il i i
friends a ppkmded,
m u d , a nd t here ivas t o t a l r epublican majorities i n the lirtt. Now note' t he sequel. The ^ uoxt d ay
] ,.
liti o.il i i i li ' oA*vi;«\, ;t hough en- KoeoiUd, a nd t hini wiu-ds, t hereby ] )iiicti- |)
f v o/ (
(l t 'l
y o u t h a nd
were seriously
oally g iving ti> t he f ourth waril Hie both piisod, a nd sm aidend ayn elapwHl IH:everal
to t ink choice, not of one n ldermau as ])roposcd l'i
t h i - y e ntircly^ix'covcnHl. W as it
; i lround a l ive g Ion bv t he c ommittee,, b ut o f all f our aider- «; |
siiu|>ly t h e u naccustomed net o f k j
?he police. It S( ins. men. I n o ther w anls g iving t ot one M
s ympathetic
ourth fvhit-h ip roduced wohissensiUve wxM
Ilition n t he^o t
attracted by si h a of t h e w itjh prohably,le«i t hana0110i ifC i l t f t h a
p opulatiwiu, a nd less t h n o
i H'U n j thin>. 111! IH' of t axaliic p roperty o f the city- t he or w as i t r a t h e r t he efl'ecf o f #he i »xelt
choice of i t8 cnJ ire b oard of aldcipiieu. iuj: u ud I n-u n u s uwlase ixuiinstajices \tVoulc Hoqan w ith two L
modem t m proven
&w| *-•!; i ' i
idi ^M*
WMn1 iM' l| i' vfi'n" f llo l >*»ufm i iil v»i'i*vit !^, o^l , L ';,v( M) ,t !< i which i ha ct e b een p erCormed ti f It
Prtfe $T ciOO. very
mivoi'iuiicnt, o n for t h e b est i nterests ol been d one ia vp rivate t':he same
the t a.\-payei;s t o leave f our-llfths o f
uply »s,noo. a bar
w ithout vpivseuUition Your o pinion i s l argely looked f or by NOHTH S TRURT—T*>i
rU— 1)1IlcVrs" Assi n- them prtttieaujri mportant ib ranch o f t h e
up(>n.the most
(4ui-t bo bold to c
Ne\ Y eur'ddiiv.
l u i m i n o n c ouncil .', I t c «'i|t;i,iu!y H as not
r and his i I C l l uivo worked t h a t w ay in other p laces, • ;
Ounuta A VE —8eTin- K anuaoi- Dounlor.
IJut at* w e a n- t olcUjthut t hisi'very
iv of the t own d rin^ change is propo^sed i u N c\\ Y o r k i e i t y ,
i:u w i t h e a t i n g e lderly f owls, a nd able \CTm» — Bi
id better c amo the and asHyd w h y , we s hould n ot a dopt v I t Ugh t ing m o-«|uitos, t he . suJuuier Inmrder
— Bl
TS WOO l l.'lvO
oiue s t r u e f t Is p vo^ouiHl f or N ew Y ork, a s I tdocs n ot h a v e s o J im. a t ime a fter all.
c an b e e mini
or ( JwUlng
p racti- H :i < i . i the o u n
f • ***•" * > ' 'I
the cally stated, f oif t he pCertain o fi gnoranf Hutr ea<Hlyl i la s niia t h ecc ity t r yi t h a b ottle o f
d isfranchising
1 1* is in lujuaut re- and ' corrupt d istricts o f t l n > c i t y . ; I t is' damson's H otanic Cougii B alsam.
proposed i u D aiihury f or the J MU'IMVO, oi
The C lotldng Stores.
j>ract i caliy
he I
ft we V arrested for second, a nd tihird w ards, s o tfar ( is l i ^ i .
t he
ikeuii ,»88 a lid br ach elc.etion of a ldermen is concerned. 1 ,
The u ndersigned c lothing a nd f uruuihH M.R
Is i lie object f or J unking t he proposed Si ig goods d ealers agree to close- t heir .f»«r. ^ RooK
.ne, ~ t ruand-v, 1 011t jveuing exoop't
i proi iM-ty. ji com mon change the' n ame f it U anlniry a s iu N ew N .Mix's a t 0 o'e!o<"k t v e r yd uring tbeentire JIATIUKAf, B
York / ' A re t he v otvrs o f t hej t h'st. Moiidayaud S aturday,
auee, ft hoijiso Ui ak- tHMUind, a nd t hird wards s o i gnorant and y
year. < _The t wo we<'ks I x'foiv Christmat«
J t mn l>s, 10 for t eft. corrupt a s t<> i xMiuire t hat t heir action u Vccpted" 1 ,
lieeutM I l aw; and for IMI r eviewed a nd corrwUxl b v t j^ji«>upeF. K . H,\11TWKM>&(."O.,
rior i ntelligence o f the f ourth \ vaVd.iu
ig hoi • ' • ;*• •j*
t>nler t o *jli'i't l ioueft aldcri}i«'ii!? c >r
ppetd*Hi to U ' I II her would t he residents o f T urner a ndjSouth
Lbns A . J ^EVV;
('. M . H oijcit 5; Co.,
ind o\*T,< t W'O f oi eit- stn'ets b e b etter ( |iiali(led t o .pas? u pon
A f t ; . H OVT,
lumittcd t < lail, tlie q uallllcations o f a e aiulidate j of t he
J r u i r s S TONE.
llrst w ant t ljau t ilt 1 r vtfdent* 01 Deer
Hi, til-1 teen wore tli.s- Hill u vMiue a nd D ivision s tive*, o r of a
Danbury, Dec. :>;
la tli
twenl y-six. hail . dg- candidate o f the second w ard, t ljian re»
The d octors a re v ery u uieh displeased
icir riidents of FJm'nnd F ninklin stives ':
twent v-two hail:
over n
- The question IH islmply, a it> [we to stealing tC ompetitor who is gradually
Kht p aid fUu •s.
abandon t he almost u niversally n ftopted 8 H ull'sheir r esit prnctlee : we mean
C ough J *yrup.
:1 suatarB oy<?j~ t 1 'lit? system o f e lecting o ur c ity offlrenHi) Dr.
r one o every t v uty o'nler t <) g ive a c ertain p ojitical p d'rty a n s t Tot i y a(im f act urei-s—Accidents menconHeiirring among:' vour
enndvnntage w hich t li-'v would no) enjoy a u
if t hut a ystetn is a dheml to 't If so, why tailing toss of t ime and trnfteriug. Keep
11!*- Cannot t he i vpublicansi w ith e qijal j us- Snlvution O il h andy. Pijiee a5 cents.
>eeu jiveii
!^'1 >ant tice d eman<ji t o h ave t lu'iildermeii e U'ctt» 1U< nth.j S-r
Wanted, a Change.
from 8 a. m to 1 F-,. exl i n t lie usual m anner, a nd fflv4 t o-the
uldei-meu no euosen toe right tQleleet a That this is -not what you may call winm T n m. to " 1 m., mayor.
ter w eather, we n il know. It, 5»






H. M .R











yifrotn ' a. n
7 it), mi. to T i • n t-i
. i n.jto 7 ;|. m.
look u ter M ain itrecl
r riou4»» mid Ha Initul
street l i l H

4iey n utjt;ht. ( >fneer

tho lowei par!

e < Jay (kid O fficer Foley
will H» Oil
and Mlloer
Hrrostsimade l ast night.
e No. no. K. of
inlowing n ewly t lCCte<1
lith; H i'.. ( '. M. l l o v t ;

gc " tf.

M. 1'orm s: M ;

Smith ij K , of fi A H.,
.; I . MJ, V , S ubi net to. ;

is done by n. I». G. C'.
f t he IjiusinesH n icetluR
t}n? l6d£c w*'n| m uch
entruiK'o < >r a i humbci
i a s ui-j>ri«te v isit,
louse v jiivos t he>| came,
is, jiniil a t alple was
I n H iibattuitHul K ijpper,to
a d oneiinjmore :'espects

VV»'<v igJVfll

Hid if-

iTt1 wlis for a time a
uid tlotv t)f s oul,
< - V a n B riuaor.

,ce o f llr, a nd M rs. Wilier, IN | F oster i trcet, a
ok p|: c;l t his -f > rcnoon,
ug t h t , unirriajn o f t i n
Flora H,:, t o <; ITord A .
Isou .ill ^ mith. a issistaut
was p ej'foruieu at 10;.'M)
Mft) kwll i n iiis u sual
iu t|ir presence of a
\' i nn : i(fdiate f riends o !
>ojii, I lllie i f i l c 11ion !><-^ie w ejilfimg a < u iet one
ii'l'b f vM-V.|ll, w l i i i ' l
•i1,, A nna

«1 ID|'tlitf uauals nj^uuer, iind. jftv^ lio-'
lueu *o
the righl
the e mninltte<»
to t U<vnmyor the appol
of aldermeri
provided f or t heir ejection"in
imtuuer t hey n<j*v ha*ve, there,
been some I'tMvson* ft»ii dt;
jihiposod c hange, Oitj t lu
t h a t j t h e m ayor a ud t jie n iajovUy o f Hie
" J of aldunncn wnultl proli'ubly IM|u> different political p arties, w hU-h
would i vsftlt in a ll s orts ( >f d iiils'ai*d
. Hut t hey < Hd n ot, T ljey,iriyc
theiiuavor t he f ull a ppointing p ijwer f tir
tlie police d epartment, a nd all o ilier a ppointments am givtm ty t h^'M u niUU)u
council to l*e UitcUiiHl by a aUinflity
vote; a nd t hus t lu- o nly p ertinent o bjection Is r emoved,
H. M, f i u r i

: _l'.


---• 'W f

" i v jjj •••:•• '••^'i-^'i ;

Ihnt thi| is nbt «rhnt yoli ijplr
^r w eather, wd all know, ijt, is moue
like October t.»V* May.. ShouW this
went her i nnit t ime for any iwtipt h of t ime
heavy o veinjoats \^11 fie p» dimj: on t h»
markvt. ifcucl^f is a lready the onse w ith
lurco m amitacturci-s \i\Xe\ Yoi>k, and
taking a dvnufu.irc of this. Levy B^th.
ers,, t lie w ide* a wake HotjbJtMra,, have
bought a
Ohinehilla a nd Kcm-v uvt-rcoiit.s f or'just about
half w hat they paid f or similar goods
four m onths iu*o a nd h aving t he n ame
forclose ljuyors t heir costumes can gt:t
barirains i u o vercoats,



•••(». ^ » - . - - • - • .

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m'. • • » « ^ . ^ $ »

x - * * * « * t v * » i4™~



A Pew Pointers.
The r ecent s tatistics of t he n umlw o f G
deaths shows t h a t t he l ai^e m ajority die
>vith c onsuinptlon. . This disease may *»
eommoneo w i t h u n a pparently harmless Nig lit "oiila'a
eoujrh w hich c an lije c ured i nstantly by
Kemp's B almuu-foj- t he tlu^uit uud lungs
wluVh i s g uarantee*! t orellovs and euro
Mu. K niTOW": - I read t he a nswer t o
P rice .r
my c ommunication o f last . Thui^dav, b v all cases. sale by»0e a nd e l. ' Trial si/e
all druggists.
Mr. U nnvstor, i n y our w <-ckh, n mf si-c- free, l-'oy
in}j t hat t ine o f the s ug^stioiis m ade i u
\> o f M any,
tljat l etter i? \<\ approved al b y the
YU-TUU, X. V.. Feb. 1st, 18S7.
oommltttH', 1 w ill e ndeavor, as bi i ctly
as l .can, t o i*eply t o his a uswtvr t o m v Mr. O . K. W oodwiml, Dear S ir: Send f
other o bjections, l i e ' i nt i n m t e s t h a t a me ' j :rn>ss K emp's Balsam, fiflc s i/o,aud I will sell books
' know t hat
mail t hat w ill u ol sewo t he c ity w i t h o u t a f ew s amples, i c ertainlyelling cough
pav is d estitute of public splntl 1 < an K e m p s B alsam lathe best s
oiiljj say t h a t I t »eom» p ublic s pirit w as cure. 1 h ave t iltjee-n olhor cough a nd
not •mliieicut f or h im, w hen h o a cted a s Inn;; m edicines o n my sholvtss, a nd
the b orough a ttorney o f I SS^for j see Kemp's B alsam s ells K Mo oho* best'of a ll.
that h e ^ <>t-und d rew f rom t he b orotttrh 'Uesnoetfullv ay ours,a nd K. 1'obb. Sold ot*1. S ample b
treasury o\Tr ? ^<KI f or his servit|es ; a mi all uruKjttsts t M Vwhen J «iy t h a t I t loii't t h i n k h e d rew \\r tlc f 'f,ree.a t m oney b \ \ vhat h e
o th
A Sjif«
honestly e arurdj n ciihcr d o I t h i n k t hat
Is one w hich
public s pirit w il| b o considered s iutllcieut yon s atisfactory is i vsults^or in to ase of
for t he p ii'sent b orougli a t t orncVs m >r f or t a i h u t ' a i vturn'of p yrchast- p rice. O n
any a ttorneys, a nd i t so, w hy s hould i \>\t this sate p lan iMixiucs.-t uy f rom lo ur adm echanic o i< \i c an b n uiu l >e lifa b ottle of Dv. iup'j*
only o ue t hat o rtjrhr t o m auilcst au«1 vertised^ ednipjdntor c ons\unption. K I t is
Nc,\ l ) i o \ t - r v T
shtiw t h i s p ublic s piril.
teed o
very case., Remember, f
In n mkiuii t he c ompcusat'nm l lfty KUil ran sed ftor-tiring aelief iu eo f t hroat,
dollars.it w ill p u\ a ny poor m ini t \\U> when o r c hest, sa m- a s c onsumption, in-.
dollars p er n i^ht l or h is s er\, a nd t t
( \ l uujis.bixniclu'tis,
tliere a rt-men i n the c ouncil w ho w ij\ Ihinunation o\i-h, I 'DiVJp, c lc., ea sthuia;s
tc. I t i
Ijavi: t iiiij p uhliti u plrU, d un H- c U'ein^ i vk- WH<KMUTyj e
pleasant nd s:n>cjililetotaste,iHi'rf<><'tly
imdy w lio h as s erved t he b orou^rli h cr«-- >ute, a nd ac an aa lways be d epended u pon
toforcever h ad. be h e a ttorney o r l ay- Hodiuc'.. i lruR s toii\i M ain s tnt-t.
man, w hy l et h im uo| d raw ( lie K ihu'^.
Jim I hia m a i t e i u f f alary I s i uu t ri\'hil
in c omparison t u t h e need o f T i a \ i n j r ijit Children Cry f or Pitcher's Castorla
least a p art o f t he l aw-nutkin^ p ouor of
the'.j'lty, d raw i ts a u t h o r i t y f rom t lie
whoU 1 of T he c ity; t hereby c uabliii;-- |j|je
popuhir m'litlineui !;•-, \(. u cmikTuric o i> S M I T H - V A N n iUMi;u~}n ^^4 toi a, Tnurai
ifbuimeau 10 v ellect U sclf t f f o u r c ity
it, J :vn. a,d,, uy l- . J.. .Allen Max*
, U-ir, elections. 1 think I c an p rove t hat t h3 •<.t'u a v I X, U t«tT>ta A suutb, nr>A Klora J Jdivision as miu'le In- \\\r c umuilttcc w MI vnu Hi^Auvr, rtrtufe'Utor of William Van Bramer,
niakj 1 ! "hreti y ciMiii'|it,a'ii \ \aids,' a nd O |H> ill ot
dfinoi-nitlc..,, ' ajow i f I c an p idi\ i t, a iu
1 m ^ j ustilk'tl (it u d emocrui,: as a IH
lii-ver i n f air p lav t o oppose i* ! ~ ~ u v ^ ( I .

About four y ears a
rn i towu ias
park ', l »ut d iti n ot s tand divided u ito ^yo v ^ jgo uUd istricts, wihe

Folk \ viujr tho i -iMfinu *• t h f i l iial t he B cciiiul, 'l^he ll^st i li^triict

has id w ays since the -division] j joue rc«
publicair. T he last e lection i tiiiave e,vcr
>y n v loddiui; i k'past. aud two h undred m ajority. This puUiug
the lisa as a f east. *
district n ow composes t lie second t ijnd
its iHforo 12 o'clock tht third w ards. They a jigivpited t \\-n l uJndivd n nfjority i n t h e h » s t c 't»-vtton; t hat
ovod a earring
is j iroof t b.nt ~\\wy a rv'Vtutu. sa^c for 1 he
rlandltation t h t ake t he IjijmpiH'aVi V ^i'ty- Tho se(>oijd d istr|et.




J. W.

i'.—In t bistowo, Jar.*!,
r>om-Jlct, njod svj jeura, s m onth" a id



• ing t in
sail-, u ud r an a lu-rtys t >tp <l»ij|>t>iuuHi n potu
('iro-t'v»'iv h ad, l >u h o a itornof o r l ayFlVa ]BJ,'-to U f iord A.
rug store, 281 M iini s tr»M»t.
i«an, w hy l i-t h iui uo| d raw
huh|i : y t
.1 Smith,
Dili I hid n iaUorM'f ^ ulary H .


y was
at 10:M
wioii i n « iis
r. 1
preseneo ' of a
v in t
he i nn
'lid* o!
tjlio j j i i r i jion 1
IjmiK a ,< u let o ne.
ll< M i l I I
rn-u r|i
r,, A nna,
. U. J
,bnt d id) n ot ^
KuHd win}; t h
ueli w as
by n
tc i jepai*!, and

U> ( h«' t n'«-d of
Children Cry for Pitchor'$ Castorla
a p art o f t ljo l aw-uuikin^ p ower ^ >f
t h i ' A ' U y , ( Iraw U H a u t h o r i t y f rom j ttyiM.V1UUEI),
whoU' o f ' thnulty,' H v-n-by t^UtUiljiiir W«
SMITH-YAM l UiAMuu-ln t yW town, Thunjto V tU'ct u i^'lf 'UU o ur t »ljj( tt> innrnUn.'. J'^U. *i, ui' «!ov. J. .'Allen Maxl\, U lifM A Siuittk, ttPrt Flora B
. f think; I f »a p rove t h a t Hie
r, d auglitor o f W tlltftia V an Dramw,
ill o j n uut\iry.
r lnwi y .t4Mit>
n w i .t4Mit>fl|.uVi \ \iiui-*,' m id
i'nuu:^ •»f|>w f I r an \ »ro\se i t, aim
I m >h jit^lilH'tl a*** « d nnoitiiit, a>< a I W
j iislilH'tl I *1 H
Hi'ver i n f air p mv t o oppom* '• [ * ^ IV%V j j,,,.
thi> yrooj,'.
iiKNKjucv-—1» t blatown, Jan.M,OUtorUXT
ourjlcl, I\$M S'j y ears, fi m ontlx-> ft ui '* dayk
About f our y ears :uro t h i n ; town \\w
di\| • y ilo \t\-n V i > i i u u v itslclets^ t jlii'
it HI I t l»o second.

tile \ l t v i s t o n j g o i i reirt u hvavri
nubllcan. T he l ast e lection i i :i;»vi
t w < > h nndi'ed m ajority. T lus p nli
I t he l iJ u s u
distriet n ow e omposes t he s eeond a ni
before 1!.' n'olook the third w ards. T hev
nivrlajrj 1 a nd. d rove dred m ajority^ 1 »i «n> V the h I»st I U-iei'lton: t
is J M'OOl I '".!!',
> MX
ion t U t ak.



“Danbury Evening News - December 27, 1888 - January 3, 1889 - Letters to the Editor regarding the proposed City Charter.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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