Danbury Evening News - February 22, 1893 - Mayor appoints M. F. Kinney to be special policeman.

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One brief article reporting results of the Aldermen's meeting, and the Mayor's appointment of M. F. Kinney of Grand Street to be a special policeman. The appointment was confirmed.



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jin-self in a bad -position ?'•'• t h$
--•5- .r • ' • " - * " . •', "j?.
- __-', - - —
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s, I know it, and it la a Teary, unirtunat«- affair* w hat will they do Their Session Last N ight Lasted Only One New f&ftfand F reight Train Ran
T wenty Minutes..
. ,. '
Into A o - a U h e Fair G rounds.
"I don't, know." " • ' ' •
s"Well. Imppoge tbsywffl arrest her, The board of aldermen have a way of
id I hope thpjSlo ami push tier.":
e x p e d i t i n g matters t hat s hould b e
"Do you w ant to, haw fcer pushed 3" studied and followed by the board^ of waa b l o c a t t he Fair G rounds a
short time last night, as the result of a
"Of course I do; What do you think

«0a«eilBien. Tuesday night the OOHBcilmeu were in session u ntil elevea Of a n e ast b ound f reight train.
o'clock.' Last evening the a lcermon The tnita^seetion of t rain 208 reached
went t hrough almost t he same b usiness the Fair 0jt,'pujnd8 about 9:50 and stood^
'r~~ on th~e~nTatn Vrack waiting^ for a^Trest
Alderman Tomlinson was not present. bound i^ini, *& take t he siding. Tbe
There were no new bills, but a iarge fourth section-.-.of 2 08 came along a na
number 6f old bills were o rdered paid before jJLEfilild^be stopped b umped into
in: concurrence.
the oaboose~o"fThe train ahead. '
Thj b ill of U. L. Taylor for 61.50^ The C ftboo^ifi-iul two coal cars t^ere
IL hf drtTiH
•'What do you - think about the oaee ?" wSioh had ' beeluPordeTeflr p aid by tfc derblled ^pil^tljo trScR~W8S Dlocked ~un^~
'I would ratter not say anything just cpuncilmen,_was aant back to tfae-flre til m ldnigbt .w.ben a wrecker came from
Hartford. The t rain which caused the
Mr. Higby, father ol the boy, -when A n umber o f c laims a gainst t heoity damagei wirt'inirbv'ng very slowly when
j n said :
•Howard lias always had a good b orne Tor damages resulting from different the collision occurred. Some of the
:d this w oman IB t he cause of all bis causes, were r eferred to the proper trainmen w ere')n t he c aboose , aud es>ublf-, a nd I t hink she should be push- committees.
oagped u ninsured. I t is said t hat t hird
to t he end:"
'Cnnyou ma&e a Settlement of any ' Concurrent action w as t oken on peti- 208 sent no tl$z back w hen it stopped.
nn ?" tion f or an electric l ight a t the corner
'I do not kno^,"
of West and H armony streets; on re' V9 bat. are you going to do ?"
be best to renquest of S. H. K oapp 'or permission to der i t paseist-ancebiut may shouiJ r euiem'I don'i know. I bu^s-Oot Tlad t1m»
roEu puy ,
•nieht t o t alk with J udire Davis a urt connect w ith t he West streetj b»-r to u.ss'/eyen t!ie most p erfect remer. H olt a s m uch as I' w ant to, as yet." sewej; o rdering East D itch t o dies only when Deeded. 'Ihe b estoud
Mr, H igby was of course feeling"very tv.ie cleaned o ut; a uthorizing the oiost siLQpVg, . and g entle semedy is the
d and a n umber of f riends were as
Syrup Gjf.^Fjigf, m anufactured by the
lice h eadquarters ready t o do w hat mayor to b orrow $25,000; on resolu- Calilornia Ifcifs, S yrup Uo.
?y could for h im.
tion o rdering saloons t o be clos«rl at
L'he g irl pot .put- - of- Walllnsford iu eleven o'clook_nt n ighU^rgconamitting
icktime a nd checked h er t runk t=o PjUriessrilurphy'a claim to tue~&ommit- N. S. fSieyetjs & Co., ^36 M ain
have - f^FieUxfrireshr eggs- aafhteh tboy
tee a jiu a ccepting an i nvitation to eat a
, B riaaeport ami South
tt»"»d her if f ounds
clam chowder on Wednesday, October
L dispatch dated" at South N orwalk 4th. _
•8: ; ..
Mr*. .H'Ebr was captured hero by The m-ayor a ppointed M. F. K inney,
Jeer B', ' luian. She g nvo td« n ame of of Grand s'tteet, to be a ppscial police-!
•rence B, Y oune and satd she beloae- uian. The a ppointment was c onfirmed.

"lean not feH you; arid a« for w hat
ej wijl do with you I, of course, don't
jow." • -- --':'_E_ i ' '•
"Mr. HoK ha¥'fold
i could formeV'^aioyHigby: "worked
r him five years' and ?was always
•nest u ntil I met this woman." '-'•
Mr. Holt, when asked if he would
i«h t he case, said :
"I d on't k now. I don't know what

in t his oiV v. She waS~held for local
to coK'e for her."
• .V


jk a nd Ganlley Plead N ot Guilty. Meeting in the i nterest
-s ; "-1 • - . •
' .•-.*
'homas Hook a ud Daniel GanHey,tb,e
ffo irJtJu rsjai

before JuBtiv?o X3oolidge~ at 2
lock y esterday afterVoon. The cas-e
s a djourned until thii moroing at 10
th« prisoner* v >beinc placed
.1.1,000, bppdd. 'Zb&r comd n ni
ana r^taain*d in
lo<xkup all night, .'T^'is. morn-



in o ur.pubfio schools are urgeijp

attend a p ublic meeutTg; on S uudny
afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in U aion
HalL W oman's r elation t o our schools
_Q Opened ES m any
and Ler d uty in reference to t be school ^
ballot will be discussed by Rev. Drs.
of th"OiBC:Th[rty-nilie~B'ar*
Simmons a nd H ubbard,
noni: ot-irl T J o + r t K

~ ^ V*t>«-»



z ffrd^Three Cases of


“Danbury Evening News - February 22, 1893 - Mayor appoints M. F. Kinney to be special policeman.” WCSU Archives, 11 Sep. 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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