Danbury Evening News - April 25, 1888 - Petition for the Desirability of a City Charter (Hawley Case)

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A short article about petition to the borough warden and burgesses regarding the City Charter signed by the businessmen and manufacturers.



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19, NO, 2.

HAWLEY CASE. floor of thendlockwihichhich hbe sbhootirin
occurred, a in
he ad een

A Ottsr'-

A petition to the board of warden and
clo##e c onfinement M tce t be occurrence. burgesses for the colling of a borough
He was a cr-Tcopanied accroFB the street meeting to vote on t he desirability of a
by D eputy S beriff H opkins a nd Polic-f ci'y charter and the Deans of preparing
Sergeant K eatine, a nd Officers R##ed and and p rocuring the same has been
ifawley U nder Bonds. Bryant. The latter t wo h ave b ad numerously rgaed by our m anufactucharge o f h im d uring h is c onfinement rers and ##,.##'-mes8 men- There *s room
to t h<j b ouse. H e W BS t aken t o the lyettor m orb ' ^nature? ani t h" petiPram 77turfl<J##>/s Etentng .Verc.###>###..
poli'_-i c ourt room and put to plea on a ;tion ha* tiet-rt l eft at t his office for all
tragedy ol Tuesday is s till t be
who w ish to &}gn.
! J3atibury aud the n eighboring charge o f a ttempted murder, p leading
aijd on every hand the q usstiai. not ## uHty.
The f t ale at once asked for aa add : " How are t hey ?"
journment u ntil t he f ourth d ay of M ay, The l ate E V. Hawe?, of Bridgeport,
case of Roach u nd Gr*##n r.nd t hi?
provided i u
ayment o f
o of th*' m oat r emaikable e'noot- wl)i<-h was g ranted. O n t hat d ay h ^ clainflhfaid h is w ill f or p at t he time all
a gainst him
wiit b o g iven a n e xamination a nd be
':l.irs J bH'. e ver o ccurred i n D inSeveral years ago he waa one ol
(bound over, o f course" t o the S uperior failf.
and probiibly i n the ## tuie. In t hy
crtditors o f a D an'oury man w ho
r t he v ictim W HB s hot a t fchor f [wmrt, t he c rioiinul e ideof w nic'a i-< mes
invited t o a ttend a b anquet given
I to at D iii^bury t l.e fc!!o## log T uesday
with a r ifl-.-barreled r evolver.&nci
the laut-r a ttt-r r eturning f rom t ht
^v^i^&^iiiiijJLiJljUjfeiit. b fcing s ecured t he
tilet m mt, it seemed, h ave crash!??!
ne trostr hsd m
^h e verything a nd k illed Roach ocly q uestion b ciore t he c ourt was f fit iru.de ~wtieY8' ftormer b us-ineea ore than
amouut. o f b ail u r.der w hich the p rison:tly, b ut in e ocne m iraculous w a> er s hould be placed.
-ind at which every c reditor i ound be
ime i mbedded in the muscles, aivi
b ig
Tered n othing m ore t han & sort- Mf-ssr^. B rewsi-r, T weedy a nd S cott. uealhim. p late a c heck f or the a mount
me h
Har, i ey'g a ttorneys of course asked for
a H ijua;ler t urn than was g iven, b ui
Tha Wtbsr Case.
num was shot w ith a t hirty-Mabt
Judge H ougki r efused t o a ccept a n^###e w eapon, the ball of w Lich is
y aa large r ound .as ati o rdinary taing less t han ?'^5,000 a nd c on:equentl> The ca?e ot H owerd P, Stevens for as- u
sault o n J ulius Weber w as h eard Monjencil, a ud t hat i t did not go C OEU- it was flxeu ?.t t nat.
An a ttempt was m ade t o find a b onds- day.
ly t hrough him is a w onder, as it
eurcesF, ss Mr.
s'ball is, so to f peak, losU W here l##y'## fb ut w ithouttatbd, r efuaed t oHaw- Lawyer Barnum appeared for the deatter, i t is s
f ur- fendant a nd Mr. Burke f or the state, to
he surgeons are n ot certain, b ut a- nish t he a mount r equired.
idr. Weber t estified to being c onfined to 3
3bing, a rib was s truck and im
At about 4 o'clock a m ittimus wa* uis house for nine daya, and to still being
1 f urther progress, it is s urmised prepared
the ball s truck the same rib and nied t o the and Hawieyy was accompa very weak.
c ounty j ail b Officer K eat- After h earing the testimony of severs! th
sed off in a d ownward direction,
ing, and nnleaa be can raise the necfei- witnesses. J udge Hough eentsnced it
yesterday a fternoon and last ev<ithe p atient remained c omfortable, sary a mount he w ill be oblixed to re SLfcveEB to one hundred and t wenty
m^in t here u ntil t he day set f or fair iiys in jail.
is there was no c hange for the hearing.
Stevens, appealed the case, and was
e, and l ittle or n one for the better,
He w ould have been locked up sev- oeld for trial before Superior c ouri,
is noon there was but l ittle change
j condition, but w hat there ia, bia eral d ays ago had it not been tor t h## ut.der 1500 bonds, f urnished by E dward
ioians say, i* f or the w orse. He w as affidavits of the a ttending physicians, a- i. Davis.
to his illness.
ug blood again. He H not aa well flnecaent t o t heHowever, d uring his on
The Street
house, t he b orough ha
j wae yesterday. ..
hemorrhage is l ikely to occur at t>een u uder no extra expense, aa th-. By request of the board of warden
burgesaes the l aying of stones will
moment, if the ball is in the lung, guards w ere paid by outside pariie?.
lot begin u ntil May 1st, a* per contract.
,ood poisoning may eet in, for there The i nterest i n t he-recent s hooting
t have been a large amount of for- affray, in which Virgil E. Baraam wa- One reason is to give persons a chance
r.o r epair or put d own new pipe b efort
matter carried in by the ba.il.
severely wounded, and f rom the
he paving, and also to straighten tht
le building in which the shooting of wh;eh he may yet die, does n ot
g. The curb in-.front of Fauton't
irrod is still tbe centre of a ttraction, to have abated in the least, and the conk is to be immediately put in propei
the same throngs of people pasted dition of the i niureS is still the firs;
pestercay a fternoon and watched question of Danburiaas eac'a morning ###xmditiou.
The laying of the block will be cocawith the same inor- sir.nfl Suudav Mr. Barnum haa bte,
menctd afc Main street bridge aud first


“Danbury Evening News - April 25, 1888 - Petition for the Desirability of a City Charter (Hawley Case).” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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