Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Charter and Boundaries

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Single column story devoted to the limits and boundaries of the 1822 Borough Charter and extending the Borough boundaries in 1846.



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speaking of tho few
first comprised, ar
efforts had raised it i
it now occupies. Th
of t hese few could, 1
Uiis hall to-night,
which w as t hen wcii
financially lias been
to-day. To the wo:
assisted d uring the v
ing t heir best to aid
A. 11., s hould b eaooi

"" j
It is like jr t hat tb a week will witness
the passag > of a res
Iu tho legls- The Largo G athering F ills-the .City Hall
laturojjjra ting a ci|ty charter to Dan—Seven H undred 8H Dowo to the
Tables -Two llundred Outsiders Take
It* la nor
ity years ago t hat
1'urtlu the Proceedings—Tlie Collation
Danbury got iitts borough c harter. I t
Furnished ' by the. Relief Corps—The
V, on the p etition of
"Col" F rank W ells
I I NFANT F OUND was g ranted i n
"Mos# W hite and ot icrs, I nhabitants of
the n ext s peaker i n
the village of D anl inry, p raying to bo ' Two weeks ago tho J ames E. Moore master H ovnns.
Incorporat t l a s a rou
"W»> w orked h ard
the l
wove set post, of D unbury, s ent out i nvitations the a rmy," said M r.
ii« a fternoon t he asInollowslrftt c bartt • t he
t o . t ho d ifferent n eighboring G rand w orth a ride of elev
hlld, a pparently "Bttgina )g at a p oint on the middle Army posts, a nd to t bo p rominent to n top u p two pegs i
river, t hlrt rods \vc»t of t he bridge n ear
For the nrst t ime in
wnu f ound i n the the d wollh tbOfU8ti<Of Stephe.n A mbler, members i n t he s tate U> j oin w ith t hem the a ii as a colonel.'1
, at the roar of tJlenoo f o Owing s aid s tream t o b arn in H c amp l lro u nd r eunion, t o bo held a t Mr. \ Vclls, w ho v
plain b rldpjo; theuuti s outhwardly to t he the C ity H all, A pril 15th. The Women's "The V olunteer Sol
f M cKeover.'
tannery o t Btarr 5j nanfoitl; W hence fol- Relief corps were asked to f urnish tho was s omewhat ovcr
t h e »ast
monsity f t
t ask h
H'd f loating n ear >*l(Ie of tt i n line p i^H^ing d own outh ^e nd collation, a nd since t hat t ime b oth post proud o f othehe ilitary
ow hill ItmeioUu) s
d, A c loth was thereof tbence in| t he rtlimo course and corps h ave been b usy i u m aking stat-c, X ew Y ork, b ut
across t ow street, i leadin.i e astwardly preparations
Connectient h e was t
t he c amp
1 a s tring : was from t he •1plr»co|jal c hurch to a p oint day a fternoonf or embers o ftiro. Y ester- pride. H e was p roud
the i nvited
t$ nook, a stone fifty rod.- southwardly o f the l ine posts began to a rrive in .Danbury. They of t he old comrades
i t he s outh w ide t hero- were f rom nelghlMwing tovrns, and c ame h ind t he b annorof C
attached, h ut o f ; j 'thei ic
in a straight
l ine in t eams, a ccompanied \>y t heir wives. all t he stales C onne
e nd o f deer
by the
w hich
e w ill m ake mi t<> t lie w Mit i'oll«^ing!thehlnl l ane; t hence They were escorted h otels, bix»st ( i e- oneresponsefurnisheda
ine p assing o n ception c ommittee t o
to ( lie c
rom to hi
the west -\d do of <iuor h ill lane to the 7:.'tO o'clock i u the e vening t he t rains ticuCs v olunteers su,
IfeaAfna nrom D atibury c ourt brought i n r epresentatives f rom t he f ol- loss of any single b od
to. RldlptleldT; t hence w esterly lowing p ost**: D ouglas F owler post, was s uffered b y the
following (hie f ine passing O n the s outh South N orwalk ; W adham post, W ator- Cold Harbor. " The
aide oLsni*) i UUgelle|(f road t o t lie p lace bury ; K liu 1 * H owe,Jr., p ost, O ridgeport; w ho w eit> n ot soldie
t he r oad l eadhig rom
ost. rewster, N
for s tabling i<| tinh itontoejs w i t h l ueetiiVJ-lKniso t o fsaid Crbsln pj n.st.Bl lidgotlold;. Y.; Udwin 1 ). with t hose v eteran
1 I 'ro.sbytcrinn
. Terry allied w ith t hem i n
ds of the I lldge- Hidgwlleldj t i<<ar t ho d welling h ouse o f post, R edding; B uckingham p ost, N or- relations, b ut w o w h
e 5: W h i t e p ro- F,li W ildtnhti ; t lieilce n orthwardly, f ol- walk ; I 'pton poet, N ow M ilford; C us- iti t he a rmy k now t h
lowing t luj line pas»iitg o n the west side tor p ost, S andy Hook, N. Y.; and mem- and wo can t ell you t
of n aid l ast m i'iitioned mad t o the d well- bers of the . lamoa E. Moort* post f rom of t your h onor a nd re
foot w idt
ing h ouse b f H awley W i l d m a n ; t hence (Georgetown. A great m any l adies ac- Captain C hristian
in a s traight l itio t o b lind brook bridge companied the visitors.
deserved t ribute to
it r
near t he [ dwelling house o f D oruM-us A f t v r t h o v isiting G rand Army m en u ns. M r. O nion said
(»reeu : thjinie-e t o the M i-thiMliut u ie<>tiug had b tH'ii escorted to the riost's h oad- pleased to tra presen
Pica?, H on. J . hoii(io i iicltuliug t he f ame and t he -hind <jnartvrs a short, m arch wits t aken u i> Miry, us his comrade
presiding, w as wlien'on it s taudH:' thence i ii a s traight previous t o t h o exorcises i n C ity H ull, lik«t t o a ttend s uch
with t he P anbury b aud. T ho m arch i ally w hen s urronnd
rnlng, a nd i m- line to t in) phvoo ol l H<ginnlng."
was up M ain stnvt as fur njfthc bridge, lightg of t he G rand A
weok.whon Uie
J" A N A M K N D M E N T .
tdmistrator, vs. In t he f lnllowlng year t bo legislature countermarching d own M am street as ou t hat occasion. S p
urner H ouse, w
det<i him
granted a c bauge f n t he l imits as h ere- far as t he Tonnimndcr wo* rhere the,and ject iwsigntHlspoke o
with e.xpri'Med: "Tlyit t ho l imits o f the escorted t c C ity H ull. B y eceived KWH rade Wells v oluntee
borough «f D nnbury s hall hereafU'r be illuminated' d look it- was "justim o'clock ing an o faverage o
on I ts Houlh l imits a s f ollows a ny law
be hel<l at the or rxwolut on to th*'' c ontniry n otwith- when the l ine of march wiis taken up. Veterans to each
h ave s ixteen m illion
AT r rrv U ATJ*
ight, to accept standing, viz: b cgljilngatfljopresentline
It is i ndeed a grand
jlutlon No. llf, of t he M IMIC, a t the n orth f ide o f horse When t he G rand A rmy m en a rrived of the work of the f a
island l am> near t in; t nn work* o f H torr at C ity H ull a fter t heir m arch, *ix l ong in p resenMng the U
g the borough & S anfon . those r unning s outh ( <t t he tables r unning ca-tt ,md went and one
of the H
ii'to a n a mount south s ide o f
lane: t hence long t able i n f ront, o f the stage wore f ill- ties country ons the\i>
ad to transact along t h ? s outh
a nd west
»<de ed w i t h eatable*. B etween the rows of the of t hei nepubli
meotlon there- of said lune to the road lending tables wero stationed the relief corps latest
rest o w
from Betjhcl to t he Kplaoopal c hurch ready t o assist t he h ungry veterans. the it w illf behich h a
thenco westerly to tho n orth side of the The atage was t astefully arranged. I n experiment of the pe
t he
highway eBding across the south end of the rear the Jwalls were covered with
hat is n
the tpwii street to deer h ill l ane: large flags, the two post Hags in tho cen- rnent. atBut thead, a
i In the p ublic theuet) u crtherlv on the east aide of said ter. On each side of tUe. stage wero por- stand
pie. We h ave n othi
B NKWS bulld- deer hill t une w ithin t wenty rods of the traits of G en. Grant and Gen. Logan lantic rolls between
st illuminated corner carU>rly of A ndrew Beers' d well- draped in n ational colors. The chair- foe. Knowledge, re
ing h ouse; t hence westerly across said man's desk won placed in tho center and
Danbury. T he deer h ill, lane to the highway leading lx)fore it was a large Grand Army badge are free. We have a
!*•§.._„_*. tA»- * - e*ffect SOUth frdlll A lfred C,n>tmrY'a
gilt be '- *

• bus been adopt>
,a reported f rom



9 ftrsti illuminated
. in Dartbury.
K ol gilt tho efftect
ircd, but this la to
stituttug it, more
>ek w ill DO lighted

2ho$tor, N. Y.t
Mr. Morroll felt
ailed on Dr. Luinwas In tho grasp
ilon. Tho doctor
oHpital yesterday.
•esentatlvo of live
Dliama c ompany,


oeutly said of tho
ty of " Our I rish
.veil t knowit I rish
pom house was
• w i t h H l aughing
UtenUvoly t o t he
>Murmy & M nrith t ears in ( heir

oak«ri need ire

-y t heatre go*m.
»ra House T hurs-

o of V V.'W.
nu accident at
n1! M e^holomy,
ny. H o f ound
• promises, and
on t he grounfl
;>y m eans of a
ling ho poko<| a
• I hownU'rof t he
moo H ashed u p
ingoing, his wbi«il b urning h im


I for U«o c harter
rug store before
!ormiil a pplicaiKKHwary, m id
> oa n not l »< re~
50, CVIMI if t hov
ter. (Jeorpc 2 ki.
'jo Lit Dnulmry,
•*, Too dejrrvo
font Itxiev, and
3ff w ith h niotu«tuliuliou tlit'iv
i* f rom various
t tbo G orman
hurcb, Foster
it 7>W, u uulial
ii tiro-

deerhuJi Tpne: fwit&in tweirty rdrla. df thb
corner ci lerty of lAiidret^ Beers'»dwelling houst , ithfiucej westerly across said
deer biUJ ;ano to ,tho highway leading
south m 11 Alfred Gregory's dwelling
house, tw
rods south of tho corner
of tho
id Gregory's d wellIng hems
nortbofly to said
Gregory' feorner ? thence,!, n ortherly te
t .^
. .„
tho bridg

pie. We hay^ iiotl
>f (Jen. Grant anfl •Q«n,
fantio rolls toetwee
drapedj in national colors. The chair- foe.
man's desk was plaoed ijl the center and. are frt«t>. We have
before it wits alargw Gmud A rmy badge heritage t-6 hand d<
in mounted metal on crimson plush. tho sous of the sol'
At the loft o f' the speaker's desk The Sons of Vet*
was 1 tho p icture of one of Sherman's glorious heritage—
forakers. mEtia Commander Morohouso the laud of tho fit
nipyed for order £h« hall was tineoin- brave.
fortubly crowed. About t Unaisli^sattl
lie spoke of the t
lowor part of the hall and aboutthedoo Veterans in preson
v ery t hiok, Ttae Rev. M
In .184(5 tlio\logifelatu/« took a nother thiv rarowl was prayer w hontki'inombo which has been j
price, and m aintaii
bund In tbo Kfonjucl^ boundaries, a n<l
(juiet. The tables woro almost(t(
The toiist eouelud
enlarged aa is h\ro.wuh sot; forth :
to w ithstand an immediate a addrMtea bv Juo. I.
HOC. 0. * hut. i liot\H)iKli»Henof t he b orough \>o
altered, u u ttio llinti« I horeof oxloudw.l. a nd ta.ok. H eliind the veterans stood U and P. M. Barnmn
ihtit i nxujii or t ho p rwont I tmlu a nd t iuundu- iniciubors ot' tho relief oorps rt»ady to a. l>eing called u pon t
riew t ho fol owitiiT I H>, ndberaw aro o ntnt.llslu-il wist t hem i n tho a ttack w ith a munatioi temporaoeoufllv (o
as t luj i nnl M a nd t >oni(ilitn€M o f n ald b orough, to After t ho prayer b y R ev. M r. M ooi j ot-ts, " Th(< \Vomi
wit: ' Hegl i n i o n Ujo C lrtW>o»nt l ltdRO n md,
and " Tht* e itixon d u
HO e allod, t teen twin we,-*t Blae of UK- t mt n uinA. d ispatch f it>u
ufaetory o l Uoyt, T woifd.V A Co. : t hcuco f ollow- Commander A . M orohouso w olooimx
ing Huitt
ini t u i h v b rldflp tu'ivr M ild s liop; tho v i.iitiuK s oldiorn I n b ehalf o f . Taint Jenkins, e xpivssinjr
foil nvlujj t rio c eiilrt 1 ot t hft r iver I 'UHI- K. Mooro po.st, N o. i n. M r. M orehyus abstuiee w as l istomn
Huuthwiirdly t o t Uo bridtto t,n'ri>n« said i t K UVO h im fii'oiit pleasure t o i nvit Aft-er a iwit^il by
. r iver,
Uio ttlffhwav l omlhiK f rom D au
which well m critc
t)iiry t liroukh Pembroke toTs'ow P ulrflold; t honee tho visitors t o t his, t he c amp lire o gnincxl, a nd an oqt
Hotuhward y t o a p oint I n t lio i H>undary-)lnu he- iJnines K. M oon' p o^t, a nd a UhoiiK song b}- the s ame la
twoen H enry BfDediata l uurt und Thomas T. many of tho old soldiers, ho t hought ment b y I 'erry ( iatl
WhlttloHoy f« nind S ixteen r odsVaslwnrdlv f rom would n o d oubt b o g reatly d isappointec
h ind,
tidn of mid h oundiiry l ine w ith t ho {n t ho r ations, (bey h ud mot w ith m iuij closed w ith ( bt> s ing
iv pHtiMnn}' l oiidliiK t o und ditiappoiutments i n a rmy l ife,and woul! 8yne."
t h r o u g h I I nry i ieni'dlciv i iind'J n o«r t tiolwel bo a ble to o nduro t his.
M any a t i m
On ( he D epartme
Iv i n i
-•" l ine "tu » potn't I n t he n orth l ine they h ud boon obliginl t o eat t heir h uul
of t n t
iv»y l ending f rom t he M iuth e nd of of p ork a nd piece o f h ardtack. H ut l u inandor 1'iorpout w
to H othel, f our rods e uKtwnrdly o f hoped n o one w ould H ud f ault w ith t in William E . M orga
tho p oint '(i interKoctlun o f m ild n orth l ine w i t h commissary d epartment, f or U u>y h;u Fuller.
11 o o f tho h l x h w i i v c iilli-d t ho T own done thoir inll .-»haro. ] <1 ,.\pn>ssinur a do
Tho W omen's l icli
; t tioiiec H outrtwiinlly
d lreoily suv t hat tho guests enjoy IbMUMlvei a.
rmiil t o tho H oith n ltje t hereof; f u l l y a s (be post, i ntended t h«»y s hould sion o f C ity H all t h
up t hi- debris, w ashi
iilh t wenty roif?*; t hcneo WUHIIn >« H tfttlKht l ino, t o >i | ) ' i l u ; n n he I ntroduced W anlyn L. L. H oi>kius.
Mr. H opkins, o ur w arden, trrooted i nn looking fa fter ttheir i
IQ of t he h ighway e xtending t he
Mo^t o (he able
!-er H ill, t wvnty rods s outh o f tho wclcotucd ( ho g uests i n b ehalf » >f t in evening bt-longed
THOi'tlon of m ild Deer H ill road w ith ooroujih. Kuowiue t hat D unbury J iai R elief corps.
iho ronil
dlnsrto Deer l l l l l f rom t he s outh c ud a r eputation f or e ntertaining v isitors ii
ot M i n n - n eel; t hence; w oKterly d lreot+y aeross a h ospitable m anner l it- hoped ( hut t his
On tho s peaker's U
«anl rnj.l 1 Ui«' w ont H ide t hereof; t henee n o t t l i - would be n o e xception t-u ( lie genera in C ity I l n i l , l:\\ s v
t<> u ( mint I n t he s outh l ino o f rfhe rule. D iinbury d uring t ho groat t ight ert v o f J o h n lluluu
llljfll WIIT
fruni M uta^treri t o M iry l irt)ok,
tt*) wioinli
foritor o f t he l ot o f I fuu for t he p reservation o f the u nion w as soldit'r o f D anbur
lUinmn's i i'urn H lund?, i hnnre represented i n oaoh o f tho 1st, M , 5 tb presented ( <> t he n
«>u w iiU'h ' I'.U
wild ro*d to tho e orno^ of 7th, S th, U th, H t h , l -lh, 1 7th a nd -'M Croiuwell, wbo nan
we*t, directly ueros» t he n'gunont.s, a nd ( hoit» were present o ver f orty years.
i ho
w ent
« ldo o f (lu>!H> w ho wen1 w i t h t hose r ogiiuont.s
Although t he pos
tlio «'o.*l l ino of «*ld nxwl; t lienct' This g athering w ould r wull m any o f ( b«
(14 iho W CM l ine n f H nld I nsl j nen- sCeiKm e nacted n i i i u n g t ltosx" o rgnniza- food 400 and bad
h ands, t herv wore m
tile d ofth lint' o f the I itglnvn)
u i i v V M i l l , mi, e nllcd, l it t he tions ( birHig t he w ar! C nmp l ife w itl not c ut a nd p ans o
its f eatuiv.-f of pleasure und s orrow, ol Tt^ow were sent
tcrwoiitiii i >ffu%littwv n 'lWlx; U ioni'e
point of
it H ue t o U io m irtlieiiHt c orner o f Iho n uuvli, t he b attle', ( ho M liout* o f v le- Homo, ( his m orning
in i
IVt H'H d nroiiiiiii h ou>.p; i heiu'o n orth- (<>ry, n nd t ho I ncidents o f years x°no of K sclf o f D anbury
H 'H
wnnlly I n • « tr»lKlU H iw t o t h o n o r t h w e s t e onier by. The I 'tijoytneut o f tho e vening
if KH3*ol! lion's h ind o n M ill K ldit<\e
A great m any of
ifei.cht p rove some s light c ompensation
I* ^^Ulrr'^l l iurti: t heneo I n H » tn»ltrht
A r m y m en stopped
fine t o tho ,11400 o f l >o|ijlining; a n d a ll t hat p art fur t h o h ardships t hen' e ndured, b ut t he l ast e vening a n<l l e
{ t he xjvld l o w n o f p Hi|i>ury I ncludod w i t h i n t ho satisfaction o f ft d uty faithfully d one
fi»rv«o|njr l lViilw, a nd n ot w ithin t he p resent and acknowledge^, of h aying aided in All o f the visitors
llnili.iof t he l iorutiuh o f P *nl>nry, l >e a nnexed saving t he conn t ry .from d issolution w ill
!M« ( he soldier's greatest r eward. T rust- feet n rmngetncnts o
and t nadf * j inn o f >*a! j t iotxniglt of D imtniry.
ing t hat ( he e vening m ight prove »o on- courtesy a nd k ind
joyablr t hat t he guests w ould feel w ell corps.
repaid f or the d ip, M r. H opkins retired. Commander More
Only ( I e sSounto was in sossiou M on- IMorponf. a C ommander W illiam I I. a htandkerchief of 1
uffering f
ost. A
d»\ " Mo it of i ts t ime was d ovo(ed to diphthcritie ltbougb asnd h aving rom H »gohetspborder bout
a ttack
l oft a
the S w t U •ft.-u1. I n d iscussing a b ill t o rosick IHH! to couio to D anbury tuiulo an color, w ith t he fac
eonsti t ti-t Uie board of pardons, and l u- able response i n I x'half o f t he D epart- tho center w ith t he
vest it w j ll a uthority t o c ommute sent- ment of C onnecticut. A soldier he said enoo" over the po
wns n ever k nown to s hirk h is d uty o n any uro and letter* are
«.\\t l t hat more t han one-half of occasion and as he hoped his record ns hardly discernible.
tho ijiom en? of the legislature aeoom- a s oldier was passably good he w ould do Tho post last e ven
pauiod (} nenil Manager* Stevenson on his lx,**t to f ullil his d uty on t hat occa- outsiders sitting d o
that t'.xt luring e xpedkion b ut w evk. sion. I n b ehalf of t he t irand Array o f them as evieat*. T
Munv of those wbo remained at H art- (ho SUite of C onueoliout ho w ould uo- memlH»rsbip, t he
fort! "did lot go near tbo logisUitive balls cept tbo invitation a» wbolly and un- Sons of Veterans aa
t was well k nown t hat no reservedly aa it was tendered. Tho guest* of t he evenn
quorum would IK) present. Among tnbl,ea so hospitably prepared nr»w

< )f I I I ;


“Danbury Evening News - April 16, 1889 - Charter and Boundaries.” WCSU Archives, 9 July 2019. Accessed on the Web: 23 Sep. 2019.

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